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Found 34 results

  1. flyalf

    Scooter lady 2

    Roma (where else). Great city Great people. Great scooters and Fiat 500s. Edit: taken with X1. 201510_Roma-1 by Alf Sollund, on Flickr
  2. M + 35 FLE L1002437 by Alf Sollund, on Flickr
  3. M + 35 FLE + tripod. A selfie. Great moment close to North Cape in the north of Norway. Always possible to find you own beach to camp. 201508_Finnmark_AMS-28 by Alf Sollund, on Flickr
  4. X1. the_Lone-Watcher_of_Lisboa by Alf Sollund, on Flickr
  5. aaah, yeah the tittle might be a bit off? Its a very cute cat though . Taken in the streets in Bergen, so its not much wildlife neither 20150409_Bergen-9 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  6. M + 90mm macro, 1/6s, f/16. Tripod. Oystercatchers by fotoalf, on Flickr
  7. From Hammerfest in north of Norway. L1000507 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  8. Yes, Im afraid so. Please feel free to protest and ridicule . To conclude Im happy to say that the limiting factor still remains myself! These are my subjective considerations where I might disagre with previous observations: 1) M is considerable easier to focus than M9? No, Imo no difference with any of my lenses from 16 to 135mm. Just as easy and the best MF awailable. 2) Mechanics of switches. The power on button is far to loose. During first week I drained the battery twice from accidentally turning on M. The A/shutter speed dial switch also have to little fricton. 3) Reability. Well, so far so good, no hangups. But the auto power- off is not working ? If I l:confused:eave it on "S", the battery is drained overnight (no EVF, no LV, auto power-off at max time 10min) 4) Adjustment of A compensation? I really wish for a firmware where the "m" button can be programmable Even after weeks I struggle with finding the front button for A compensation. Btw; havent found any practical use of the "m" button. Must be something without use for photography ;-) 5) Order RRS tripod mount base? Difficult one. I will continue to use in SA mount without quick release sice the dimmensions of the bottom of M (as the M9) fits, but witout the grooves securing it. 6) Colours and IQ (versus M9)? A bit work to adapt to the M in workflow, and Im not yet satisfied with my treatment in LR. Somehow I cant seem to get the "glow" and "crispness" of the M9. The dynamics are better, so burnout from the low Nordic sun (cyan sky and so on) is less of a problem. Resolution seems in practical terms similar, but I havent made any large prints. 7) Other handling.? Surprisingly easy to work with M and M9 side by side. But the M feels much heavier and slippery in hand than the M9 with Thumbie. I started with the M on a one week fishing trip on the Kola tundra. Quite tough conditions, but the M didnt complain. Some photos edited on the road can be found at: 2013_Kola - a set on Flickr
  9. From a trip to Varanger in the North of Norway. The old church in Vardø: 20140320_Vardoe-1 by fotoalf, on Flickr And next to the church the very thought-provoking monument over all the people, mostly women, that were burned as witches during 1700. A nasty part of European and Norway history: 20140320_Vardoe-2 by fotoalf, on Flickr 20140320_Vardoe-5 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  10. A peaceful holiday time to all friends at LuF. Here is a few snapshots while having a short hike around the neighborhood. Great winter weather with a little snow and minus 8. 20141224_Suburb-Christmas-9 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  11. A whale hunting for herring is raising straight up. Spectacular sight. What a day at sea here up north by Tromsø in Norway. (to bad the photo is not 100% technical ok). L1002028 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  12. Once again looking at photos from the great fishing rivers in Kola, What a scenery! Here is a selfie by tripod: 2014_Kola_SwanIsles-49 by flyalf, on Flickr The set:
  13. Not a normal scenery; reindeers taking a bath at the otherwise empty beach during a hot summer day near Hamningberg in the north of Norway. 2014_Aug_Finnmark-53 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  14. Yet another house I met the other day. They all tell different stories, although there are similarities: All houses in this region (north of Norway) was burned by retreating German forces during the second world war. A lot of samm houses was built when the people returned. Edit; M + 35 Lux ASPH FLE fully open. House_Laksefjorden_V2 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  15. I have been testing my new SH 90 Cron APO in difficult winter light up here in North of Norway. I was simply stunned about the difference in color between these shots. Yeah I knew that the winter light when sun is well below horizon is strange, but would never have guessed how different the lenses saw this. Same camera, identical LR settings (color temperature, a bit saturation enhancemnet, no adjustment in color channels): Edit: 90mm with Leica UV filter. 90 Cron APO fully open: L1004569 by fotoalf, on Flickr 35 Lux ASPH FLE fully open: L1004567 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  16. Taken with M + 35 lux FLE. I dont know if others think this a bit outside what a photo "should be"? Birch by fotoalf, on Flickr
  17. Hi, Anyone recommending a metal rigid lens hood for 90mm f/2 APO ASPH? I like the snap-on hood for 90/4 macro, perhaps something similar? The hood is mainly for protection, but also to avoid stray light.
  18. that is pulling Snats slegde this year. From Tromsø.main street, but without the snow: L1003155 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  19. ... the artwork of minerals and sea at work through millennia. M + WATE and tripod. Oldervik outside Tromsø in north Norway. Thanks for watching! L1006994 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  20. M + WATE. Full moon and a little bit of miss Aurora. The fords of Norway - 7 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  21. So why not street from rural ? From the small place Skaland north in Norway, 20140919_Kraakeslottet-13 by fotoalf, on Flickr
  22. I dint know if this vehicle is common outside Norway? Its the sparkstøtting, or simply spark as we call it. Taken with M + 35/1,4 FLE. Ridin_Sparkstøtting by fotoalf, on Flickr
  23. What a car. What a place to hang out. What a city! Bar del Fico by fotoalf, on Flickr
  24. M + 35 Lux and tripod. Thanks for watching. Kaldt by fotoalf, on Flickr
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