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Found 44 results

  1. Hate to say the SL2 video capabilities are seriously flawed at 4K recording and C4K. See the picture below. The main issues I ran into during a full day of video use (With the 50 APO SL and 35/1.2 Art): 1. 4K recording can only occur for 5 minutes or less on a full battery before error message “battery level too low for 4K recording”. (Changed batteries and encountered same issue so it’s not the battery) 2. C4K recording restricts AF usage, limited to only manual focus with the Sigma 35/1.2. 3. All AF capabilities during recording are very slow to focus, unable to switch faces during face/body detection (in the rare case it captures a face), the AF box may at times capture 2-3 bodies and choose to “average” the focus distance. 4. No compressed 4K recording at 50mbps or less. 5. Video Focus peaking’s highlighted/colored areas do not match still focus peaking highlighted areas. 6. No way to magnify the video during capture to check focus. Unfortunately the error message for battery doesn’t show up until 30 seconds after you hit record video. So it ruined a nice Xmas morning moment with the family, when I set up the tripod, hit record, then joined the wife/baby. 5 minutes later, I check the camera and only 30 seconds or less were recorded and the moment gone. Last year my A7r3 recorded 4K full width of sensor till the battery went to 0%. AF easily moved from eye to eye of subjects, focus peaking was accurate and easily seen, and it held tons of video in a UHS-1 SD Card. For a camera that touts it video recording, my iPhone did better (actually much better), and then I had to grab my xpro3 for the rest of the day. how did Leica release a camera with such terrible firmware?? ASIDE from video, just off the top of my head, I recall: terrible accuracy and reliability issues with AF-c tracking, complete lack of eye-AF all together, blurry EVF view in magnified mode for AF-s and manual focus, no AF-s abilities at all while in magnified live view, terrible reliability with tethering (can’t tether to an iPad with two SD cards in the camera due to a firmware bug), nonlinear focusing in manual focus on the Summicron SL lenses. That’s all I encountered, im sure there’s more to report. I haven’t encountered a small percentage of such obvious firmware issues with the xpro3, a7r3, A7r4, Nikon z7, or gfx50r.
  2. I downloaded and installed the firmware update for my Monochrom Typ 246. But I couldn't find on the Leica website a PDF like they issued for the previous firmware update that explained what the update fixed and/or changed. Is there one? Does anyone know what difference the new firmware makes in the camera's features or functionality? Thank you.
  3. I was trying to use a 7Artisans 28/1.4 M fit lens on my M240. I went into manual lens selection, with the expectation of being able to declare it as a 28/f1.4 Summilux, only to find that this lens was not listed, unlike on my SL and CL. On checking, I found that the latest firmware release,, dates from around 20 months ago in November 2017 and does not seem to allow for a number of the latest lenses such as the 28 Summilux. I also noticed that a number of the links on Leica's download page for the M240 are dead or inactive (take you to a blank page). It would seem that the M240 is now being written out of Leica's consciousness, even though it is still listed as a current product. It cannot be a big rewrite of the firmware to add additional lenses if the firmware was well written in the first place, as this should have been allowed for. On the basis of past experience, it is an extremely laborious process to get Leica to listen when they have made firmware errors and/or omissions and can take up to 2 years to get these corrected, after Leica have admitted that they have made an error or omission. The GPS error on the multifunction grip is a good example of this, when GPS was pretty much disabled by an FW update error and it took 2 years for Leica to correct it, in spite of many reminders from me and others. Wilson
  4. Hi fellow Leica Q users ! I've setup a poll for your most wanted Q firmware updates. While you can vote for multiple proposals, please vote for your most important ones only so a high priority list will show up after some time. You can add your own request by clicking the "Other" option. To prevent flooding and false results, you can only vote once a month. This allows you to fine tune your vote. Vote page is here: http://goo.gl/1qCToh Results are available here: http://goo.gl/eYIJOE
  5. First, DNG automatic noise reduction set or no switch. Second, SL is the 1.1 firmware in the M file to support the wireless flash, upgrade 1.2 and 2 firmware can not use the PROFOTO Wireless Flash (TTL-C Canon) and Canon ST-E3 wireless flash. 1.2 and 2 firmware Canon 600EX top flash can be used, PROFOTO wireless single point and (TTL-N Nikon) flash can be used. It seems only for the camera. 第一,DNG自动降噪设置还是没有开关。第二,SL是1.1固件在M档支持无线引闪,升级1.2和2.0固件无法使用PROFOTO无线引闪器(TTL-C佳能)和佳能ST-E3无线引闪器。1.2和2.0固件佳能600EX机顶闪光灯可以使用,PROFOTO无线单点和(TTL-N尼康)引闪器可以使用。看来只有换相机了。
  6. Only a month after the release of the Leica M10, the German camera manufacturer has published a firmware version In addition to improvements in usability and stability Leica has also fixed some minor bugs. » Leica M10 FW v. Download Here an overview of all improvements: The color-coding of the SD-Card and battery status bars has been changed. The color of the status bar now changes from green to yellow to red as the battery is depleted or the SD card is filled. Two favorites pages allowed It is now possible to choose up to 15 menu items for the favorites menu. If more than 7 are chosen, a second favorites page will be automatically added. Quick access to the main menu and page-by-page scrolling using the menu button Pushing the menu button while in the last page of favorites will open the first page of the main menu. It is possible to scroll through the main menu page-by-page using the menu button. Auto Review Screen Target selectable In the menu item EVF/display control it is now possible to choose from “Auto”, “EVF” or “Display” to determine which screen the Auto Review function uses by default. “M-ISO" can be accessed directly from the favorites menu In “Edit Favorites” it is possible to enable a shortcut to “M-ISO” for the favorites menu Shorter blackout time after capturing in Live view The time when the Live View stream is interrupted after a picture is taken is significantly shorter now. This is most noticeable when Auto Review is turned off. » Leica M10 FW v. Download
  7. I took the Sl out for an initial spin to take some of the central London night lights. I've been shooting a Sony A7r II and an M240 with M lenses and was hoping that the SL experience would be better than either. My feelings are somewhat mixed. I tend to shoot such scenes in one of two ways: * using a table top tripod, placed on a suitable support -- London is not short of street furniture -- at ISO 100, f2.8-5.6 * hand held, auto ISO, near wide open (the fast Leica M lenses tend to suffer from bad purple fringing wide open, but improve significantly even one stop down) Starting with the shooting experience: I like to use both focus peaking and the level. This is hard to do on the SL without multiple button clicks because focus peaking is a separate viewing mode, rather than being something that you can switch on and off in any of the different viewing modes (information modes). This is a fundamental problem, because I need to fiddle with the bottom right button to switch between the level and focus peaking (without that much indication of which mode I am in). I then have to fiddle with the bottom left button and the joy stick to get me to the place I want to focus on, at the right magnification. The absence if a tilting screen makes this even more wearing. Leica are not known for changing the user interface aspects of their products in firmware revisions, but I certainly hope that they address this fundamental usability problem in future releases. As it is, the supposedly technocratic Sony, a camera not known for the ergonomics of its user interface, will be providing a more natural, intuitive one than the Leica. On the plus side, both the screen and the EVF are excellent. Even in the dark, where the Sony and M240 struggle to help you with focusing ( because of the accompanying noise) the SL excels. I was gratified to find that infinity focus was infinity focus with the M-T (not M-L, as it is referred to in the manual) adapter. (With the Sony, I tend to find myself focusing at a marked 5m or so to get infinity focus.) The exposure metering is excellent. Night pictures look like slides of yesteryear. Exposure is, if anything, a bit under, for highlight protection. I have yet to do much processing, but suspect that +1/2 or +1 would be a better compromise, as the shadow performance of the SL is not class leading. By comparison both the M240 and the Sony need about -2 night to preserve any highlight detail. The colour balance of the EVF was not completely accurate, in comparison to what I was seeing, but the results were pleasing enough. I like having GPS (as I do with the M240's multifunction grip, but don't have with the Sony). It's not hard to add GPS data with Photo Mechanic after the event, but having it removes the chore. Similarly, getting the lens spec directly into the picture metadata removes the further chore of getting the right profile correction applied by Lightroom. I have not compared lenses or resulting images with the M240 or A7r II in any systematic way, but the results are pleasing for the weight, which is what counts to me. The Batis lenses for the Sony are bulkier and heavier, but the body is lighter, so it's much of a muchness. The produce great results (clean pictures from wide open) and have AF. The absence of image / sensor stabilisation is a pity. I can get great results at 1/f shutter speeds on the Sony; the SL allows the setting of 1/2f shutter speeds in its auto ISO settings, but would probably benefit from a 1/4f setting. It would also be good to be able to set a minimum ISO to avoid drifting into ISO 50, if you don't want to. Although the camera has a touch screen (unlike the Sony or M240), it appears to be largely wasted (unless you are using the AF lens, perhaps; which I don't, because it is too heavy, bulky and expensive). Anyway, the upshot is that it's not (yet) a more pleasurable camera to use than the M240, or even the Sony, for M lenses, but the pictures look good to me. After all the rabbiting, here's a sample pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/14315820@N03/23519536246/
  8. When to return to the 1.3 firmware, can not wait
  9. I bought a T lens to use on my SL - the 23/2.0 - but when I attach it I get the message "Lens firmware not supported. Please update firmware." The firmware in my SL is up to date - 1.2. Does the lens have to be updated on a Leica T camera? I hope not. I don't have one, don't know anybody who has one, and the nearest Leica dealer is in Atlanta. Surely there has to be some way around this!
  10. Firmware 2.0 for SL arrived! http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-SL/Firmware-Update-2.0
  11. 大家好2个月不能使用户外灯,谁知道发布的固件,我崩溃了。
  12. I just updated my SL yesterday to the new firmware 2.1 with no issues during the installation. Looks like I sold my house and am going to sell some furniture so I grabbed the SL w/24-90 lens and a pw to use with my sb900 flashes. The camera I normally leave in AFC, Static, field for focusing unless I'm walking around downtown and sometimes change to face recognition which is like a dynamic focusing. When trying to focus yesterday, I had sufficient ambient light and used the flash for fill, the camera would hunt like crazy trying to get a lock. It is also locking focus but nearby objects are in the viewfinder are wobbly. The lens would also make odd noises like the vibration reduction is Turing on and off. This only appears to happen in AFC, if I select AFS it's fine. I don't remember this happening prior to the f/2.1 upgrade, can anyone elaborate on this? If reacher freaky, makes me appear a little quisy in the stomachs if you look at it too long.
  13. Hallo zusammen, da ich heute Abend etwas Zeit hatte, habe ich mir die Zeit genommen und die aktuell von LC zur Verfügung gestellte Firmware Version auf meine M9 zu installieren. Es handelt sich um die M9/-P/M-E FW-Versionen 1.210 und 1.216. Firmware Version 1.210 (Release Notes) Soweit so gut. Doch dann wollte ich mal schauen, ob man das Profil auch "manuell" auswählen kann. - Ich hatte keinen Eintrag in der Liste. Selbes Spiel mit der 1.216er FW, obwohl die Installation und der Neustart ohne Schwierigkeiten durchgeführt werden konnten. Firmware Version 1.216 (Release Notes) U.a. sind auch das neuere Noctilux 0,95/50mm ASPH nicht in der Liste auffindbar. Geht wohl nur bei Obj.typ-Erkennung "Automatisch", die ich nicht nutze. Finde ich jedoch schon etwas seltsam. Ist irgendwie nur die halbe Miete auch wenn es sehr löblich ist, dass LC für so ein "betagtes" Stück Technik noch FW-Updates ausgibt. Geht das mit der manuellen Auswahl im Menüpunkt "Obj.typ-Erkennung" nur mir so oder hat das noch jemand anderes beobachtet? Gruß, Stephan
  14. I am experiencing a problem with the 3.2 firmware update. It is showing up in both of my bodies that I have updated to 3.2. There is an automatic freeze-frame auto review after EVERY shot. It is the equivalent of shutter blackout as I can't see my subject for a split second while the auto review flashes in the EVF (and on the LCD) and I shoot action so this is a real problem. Is anyone experiencing this? I don't (and have never had) Auto Review on. It is OFF. I can't re-install the update because camera sees it as already installed. Please advise. Leica: if this is a bug, please correct ASAP, I am a working professional and am severely handicapped because of this. Many thanks.
  15. http://gmpphoto.blogspot.com/2017/07/leica-fixes-tl2-evf-issue-with-firmware.html And the link for downloading: https://en.leica-camera.com/Service-Support/Support/Downloads?category=135943&subcategory=&type=108942&language=all Ad astra per aspera.
  16. In the Firmware 3.0 thread I mentioned that my camera does occasionally freeze. After it locked up a couple of times over the last weekend I spent some time today trying to see whether I can reproduce the problem. As it turns out, I can, however it looks like it is a temporary freeze since if I wait for what feels like 10 seconds the SL does recover and starts working again. Here are the steps to reproduce the (temporary) freeze: 1. Set drive mode to medium speed 2. Turn off auto review 3. Hold down the shutter to take ~10 shots 4. While the red light is blinking 4.1. Hit the play button (TR) 4.2. Double tap the display (to zoom in) 4.3. Swipe on the display At that point the display freezes and the camera no longer reacts to any buttons or switches -- including the off-switch. The red light keeps blinking for a while. After another 5 seconds or so the camera starts responding again. I am sure there are other series of steps that would give the same result. Before I try to narrow this down further (try different cards, different battery, different steps) I would be grateful if some of you could try out the above steps and let me know whether you can reproduce this with your cameras.
  17. Even after the release of the X-Vario, I wouldn’t change my X2! I'm very happy with the great results I'm getting plus the convenience of being able to always have it in my pocket... but there's always room for improvement... so here is a wish list I would love to see in a future firmware update. And you? What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Hopefully someone from Leica reads this and takes it into consideration! So this is my wish list: 1. Would love to have the option to take double exposures. This is to be able to shoot more than once over the same frame. 2. In the Auto ISO Settings would love to have more options for the Slowest Speed like 1/60, 1/125 and for the Max ISO to be able to go to 12500. 3. Would be fantastic if they could remove the "red framed" screen that comes out when recovering from Auto Power Off. The camera would probably be ready to shoot faster without this unnecessary "Auto Power Off Cancel" notice. 4. On the "Self Timer" option would be great to have the possibility to make the camera shoot more than just ONE SINGLE frame. It could shoot 3, 5, 10 at intervals of 1 second or more/less as the hardware limitations allow.
  18. Need help !! I am getting a black band ( from top left tp bpttom right ) in all my pics. I use a Leica M8 with Voigtlander Nokton 40 f/1.4 and Ultron 28mm f/2.0. I have upgraded the latest firmware 2.014 recently.. Any advise !!!
  19. Hi everyone, Can anyone guide me how to revert back to the original D-Lux 5 firmware? I recently re-purchased a D-Lux 5. My first one, a 2012 build was a sensational camera. I sold it to update to a D-lux 6 but immediately found the 6 didn't match the image quality of the 5 in many areas so I sought out another DL5. I eventually found a brand new "old stock" D-lux 5 and was rapt. It is a July 2011 build and straight out of the box it was the old Leica DL5, with beautiful clear natural 3 dimensional shots straight out of the camera every time. I then updated the firmware to version 2.0 and took it out for a day of picture taking. The results were disastrous, and very similar to the losses of the DL6. Pictures were now flat, 2 dimensional with clearly reduced clarity and even the colours were now false and pasty looking. Has anyone else had this and can anyone guide me how to revert back to the original firmware? I desperately want to return to the original firmware. I usually shoot in standard colour aperture priority mode, or AP mode B&W. Thanks in advance, *I noticed someone in DPreview forum posted exactly the same findings 11months ago with their DL5. He also shot Standard colour Aperature priority mode. roger anthony
  20. Last night at our local M240 launch, got to play with the M240. Question for Leica and a potential firmware change....... With Liveview enabled, would it be possible to provide some visual "focus confirmation" in the optical viewfinder ? Eg maybe have the frameline switch to the alternating colour "Red to White" or "White to Red" at the moment of focus ?
  21. Hallo Genossen, hat einer von euch die Firmware Datei (Version 1.196) zum Download? Die offizielle Leica Website hat ein neues Design bekommen und es gibt keinen funktionierenden Download Link mehr. Könnt Ihr mir da helfen? Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße, Michael
  22. Hallo M-Gemeinde! Habe auf meiner wunderbaren M die neue Firmware installiert. Es gibt einige gute Neuerungen. Leider ist meine Wasswerwaage verschwunden. Wasswerwaage "An" oder "Aus" ergibt keinen Untershied. Hätte jemand einenTipp? Leica Kundenservice gibt leider keine Antwort. Danke!
  23. I like to have a -1/3 exposure compensation dialed in at all times. I find that it now displays "-0.3" in the viewfinder before it will show the shutter speed when in aperture priority or showing the metering arrows when in manual exposure mode. I absolutely hate this. I want to immediately see the meter reading, not my exposure compensation setting. How do I make it so that it doesn't display the exposure compensation in the viewfinder? Thanks!
  24. Hi, apologies if this is already covered but I could not find anything searching the forums. I just purchased a Monochrome to add to an M9 I've loved for 4 years. Only 40 shots in and it is definitely living up to my expectations and going where the M9 could not in low light/indoor. Just registered it on Leica website and went to check for firmware upgrades. 1.002 is the latest I can find on Leica and mentioned in forums but mine is claiming to be on 1.006 firmware. The test date in the warranty pack is 31st July 2014. Is this a released firmware? Anyone know what might be different? thanks, Mike
  25. Leica recently released firmware with the additional changes: Support of the new lenses: Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.4 ASPH. Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.4 Leica Summarit-M 75mm f/2.4 Leica Summarit-M 90mm f/2.4 Downloads // Support // Service & Support - Leica Camera AG --- Just updated my M240 from My settings and profiles was left intact. Will be interesting to see or hear if there are some undocumented changes and/or improvements as well.
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