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  1. ik habe ein leica d-lux 3 bekommen, mein problem ist welch memory ist gut für diesem camera. Bis 1 gigabite geht alles gut, aber mit grosseren drin erkannt der camera das memory nicht, ist es nötig etwas speziales zu tun, oder is die capacität nicht ausreichend.. wer kann micc weiter helfen
  2. Guten Tag, gibt es bei der D-Lux 3 irgendwo die Funktion, Bilder mit Datum im Bild aufzunehmen? Gruß Mark
  3. Taken with a Leica d-lux 3 for a personal project to take at least one image a day and to post in a blog. An Image a Day......
  4. Greetings all, I'm tempted to upgrade from my fun but noisy little D-Lux 3 to either the LX-5 or the D-Lux 5. I know that Panasonic uses a proprietary RAW format, and that some few here have written that the D-Lux 5 saves its RAW files in DNG. If that is true, it might sway me to the D-Lux 5. But where did that knowledge come from? I can find it nowhere in the Leica literature. I do find that the X1 uses DNG, but not the D-Lux 5. Can someone enlighten me? Brent
  5. With apologies for the frightful noise my tripod made while I took the picture. [ATTACH]202203[/ATTACH] Taken with a D-Lux 3. Thanks in advance for any comments which might occur to you.
  6. Mit meinem D-lux3 habe ich ein problem, wann ich ein video mache und danach die fotoos und video will beobachten, dan sind alle fotoos corrumpiert und nicht mehr moeglich zu sehen. Ich hatte keine moeglichkeit diesen files zu reparieren. Viellecht gibt es andere manieren dieses zu tun, oder is dieses ein fehler dieses aparatchen?? Leider es macht wunderschoenen fotoos.
  7. While shopping in the venerable old district of the city, my wife and I unexpectedly encountered a troupe of street artists. As the juggler threw his potatoes higher and higher and the accordeon sounded ever more excited, they had the undivided attention of old and young. D-Lux 3 at 400 ASA; thank you for your attention; comments are welcome.
  8. pop

    Street Music

    D-Lux 3 @ 400ASA Comments are welcome; thank you for looking
  9. These are from last saturday, our national holiday. After the display of the public fireworks (fired off a boat on the lake) private enthusiasts fire a serious amount of fireworks on the grounds of the nearby boat harbor. Taken with a D-Lux 3, the second one @1600 ASA with a fair bit of cropping. I rather like the impressionistic effect. Comments are welcome. [ATTACH]155127[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]155128[/ATTACH]
  10. One of the few D-Lux3 snapshots while passing through the Baltic region...
  11. It is very nice to see a healthy scene of a urban life that's missing in most of North American cities... another D-Lux3 snapshot.
  12. pop

    Sweet van Gogh

    This is the city of Basel. The Museum of Art does the long-awaited exhibition of the major landscape paintings by van Gogh. The sweetmeats shop and café at the city square boasts an edible version of one of the better known paintings by van Gogh (which falls not a bit short of the chocolate football and kicking shoes they usually exhibit for other occasions). The picture was taken using a D-Lux 3. In allusion to van Gogh's last works I have cropped it to an aspect ratio of 2:1.
  13. pop

    Interior Decorators

    Seen in Orange, France, and taken with a D-Lux 3. Thank you for looking. Comments are welcome. [ATTACH]160409[/ATTACH]
  14. D-Lux 3; thanks for looking; comments are welcome [ATTACH]161751[/ATTACH]
  15. Liebes Forum, meine Leica D-Lux 3 stellt neuerdings alle Fotos in allen Modi mit dünnen weißen, Querstreifen dar, die wie eine Jalousie darüber gezogen sind. Es werden auch nahezu keine Farbwerte dargestellt (s. angehängte Fotografie, die allerdings in der Mac-Vorschau etwas geglättet wirkt). Meine Vermutung war, dass es sich dabei evtl. um ein Chip- oder Sensor-Problem handelt. Seltsam ist allerdings, dass die Videofunktion weiterhin funktioniert. (Das Phänomen zeigt sich auch durchgängig bei verschiedenen Speicherkarten). Weiß jmd. Rat, um was für einen Defekt es sich handeln könnte? Lohnt sich eine Reperatur? Herzlichen Dank!
  16. D-Lux 3 Thank you for looking; comments are welcome [ATTACH]153547[/ATTACH] This is strange - for some reason, the forum did not accept the attachment while I created the thread. Attaching while editing the post apparently works fine.
  17. [ATTACH]175117[/ATTACH] Taken with a D-Lux 3. Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for any comments.
  18. I noticed this small spider on the leg of my trousers and just aimed the camera in its general direction and placed it here after some very slight unsharp masking and cropping, [ATTACH]175114[/ATTACH] The D-Lux3 is a remarkable beast, indeed.
  19. pop

    Hidden beauty

    City hall tower; everyone I showed this picture was surprised that there was this picture painted on the side. D-Lux 3, 16:9, wide angle, severely cropped
  20. .. which means "I will yield to no one". Comments welcome, with thanks in advance. Taken with a D-Lux 3. Somewhat cropped and contrast increased by a smallish amount.
  21. pop

    A rose, freshly cut

    The missus says that the rose is too stout for that particular vase. All comments welcome; thanks in advance for looking.
  22. For me, it was just a lazy sunday's afternoon, just ideal for a little stroll before having tea. The farmer might have felt otherwise. D-Lux 3
  23. pop

    To cast a shadow

    D-Lux 3; thanks for having a look.
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