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Found 25 results

  1. Fauxtog

    The Chinese

    The Chinese believe in recording their every family member in meticulously recorded detail. These records are kept at the family home for generations, usually tended by an elder. I was very privileged to be shown this families records and, after some persuasion, was allowed to take his picture. But he only allowed me a few seconds and I had to work with what was available for light. Hope you like it. M9 with 35mm Summicron IV. If people are interested, I can post more of these travel portraits on this thread maybe. Or each as a separate thread? Mod advice please!
  2. You are warmly invited to my new photo-diary of our just completed "2018 April From China's Shangri-La along the Lancang/Mekong river to Laos Expedition"... here in this link: http://photoart.chebucto.org/photos-folder/2018Apr_LanCang-Mekong-river_PhotoDiary.pdf There are some interesting street photography in it...
  3. Happy New Year to our Leica photographers! Attached is one of my snapshots (with a D-lux5 point/shoot), during the expedition ("Train through the Wonderlands") I was leading not long ago. In southwest China's Guizhou province, in a traditional "Dong nationality" people's village... (standing left, the Chief was looking at the table that's for our guests...) The village chief invited my travel group to his house for a unique lunch during this once a year traditional festival day... For more interesting snapshots of our "Train through the Wonderlands" expedition, welcome to my photo-diary here at: http://photoart.chebucto.org/photos-folder/2017Nov_Train_through_the_Wonderlands_PhotoDiary.pdf
  4. Greetings from Canada again! You are invited to my newly completed photo-diary of the recent expedition of “2017 By Train to Top of the World - Tibet” ... some snapshots with a Leica D-Lux5... : http://photoart.chebucto.org/photos-folder/2017_by_Train_to_Top-of-the-World_PhotoDiary.pdf Best luck
  5. I shot this in Beijing in 1998 using a Leica M6 and 50mm Summicron f2 lens. The film was Tri-X. I have just got around to scanning it as part of my efforts to digitise many years of film images. I guess these streets have disappeared now since the rebuilding for the Olympics. I have just started shooting film again with a M7!
  6. gwpics

    The Crickets

    Back in 1998 I went on a package tour to Beijing with my wife, but the images have lain pretty dormant in my filing cabinet since. I am now going through some of my older work and scanning it, and I was particularly pleased with this one which was shot on Fuji Provia using an M6 and Summicron-M f2. The exact details have been lost in the annal of time, but I think it was taken in the Forbidden City and shows a man who has brought his caged crickets out to enjoy the winter sunshine. I remember reading that Marc Ribaud )Magnum) had gone to China to photograph the Tiananmen Square 'happenings' in 1989 but had been so fascinated by people in the cafes with crickets he missed the main event. This then I guess is a sort of tribute to him.
  7. Taken back in 1998 using a Leica M6 with 50mm Summicron-M f2 and Fuji Provia film. Recently scanned and post-processed in LRCC Gerry
  8. Hi everyone! It's time to say hello. I've been lurking and learning on this forum for quite some time. I recently came back from a three week trip to Asia (mostly in China, a couple of days in Seoul) with the Q being my sole camera. I must say that it performed superbly and met all my expectations in performance, image quality, portability, and more. Here are the photos: http://portfolio.alexjiang.com/2016-Trip This is the first trip during which I did not lug around my Canon DSLR, bag full of lenses, and a tripod. It's just so... liberating. The sharpness and rendition of the lens is just top-notch, as one would expect. Handheld HDR was completely doable thanks to 10 fps and the quiet, vibration-free leaf shutter. I even did several handheld HDR multi-row panos that had no problem being stitched together in Lightroom. My only concern at this point is the threat to my wallet. Seeing the results I was getting while in Beijing, I couldn't help myself but to stop by the Leica store and checking out the M-P and them lenses... But maybe the Q is all I need. -alex
  9. I took this on a visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing in 1998 and this is a scan from the original Velvia transparency. I used a Leica M6 back then, and this was probably taken with the 50mm Summicron f2 but I have no exposure details. It forms part of a gallery of Beijing images in a gallery which I am gradually adding to and can be viewed at http://archive.gwpics.com/gallery/Beijing-1998/G00001zr0M27_Rk4 Thanks for looking. Gerry
  10. gwpics

    The Opera Singer

    When I was in Beijing in 1998 one of the things which struck me most was the friendliness of the people, and their openness – and remember this was 18 years ago, long before today’s leaders were in place. I felt very able to walk around the streets and photograph with no problem at all, and was often invited to sit and talk to people (especially older people) who seemed desperate to practice English with me. On one such occasion I sat with a group of elderly men playing traditional instruments and singing Chinese opera just for the fun of it in one of Beijing’s many parks. This gentleman had a particularly strong voice, and talked to me for some time in broken English about the state of the world, which is always a favourite topic of older men. This image was taken on my trusty Leica, and scanned from a colour transparency. Taken on a Leica M6 and scanned from transparency. Gerry
  11. I am continuing to scan and catalogue some of my transparencies from the days when I shot with a Leica M6, and this was taken on that camera in Beijing in 1998. I can tell you it was shot on Fuji Velvia but I have no lens/aperture details although I suspect it was the 50mm Summicron. Gerry
  12. I took this on a trip to Beijing in 1998 using my M6, and I have just scanned it to give it a new life. I am sorry but I have no details stored with the original, but can say that it was taken on Fuji RDP 100iso film. I hope you like it! Gerry
  13. I was all set to purchase the Leica Q on Monday. I had sold my Canon gear in the previous weeks and couldn't wait to get the Leica. I live in Changchun city, China and the closest Leica store to me is in Beijing, about a 7 hour train ride. So I travelled down for one night and got a really bad reception at the store. I was not allowed to try the camera, let alone hold it. I had travelled this far and thought, well, I have read all the reviews I should get it anyway. The price was 32,000 RMB which is 5,153 US or 4,725 euro. Much higher than other places around the world. Still, it's the only Leica store and with all the warranty's and after sales care, I decided I would pull the trigger. When I was ready to buy, even though I couldn't try it, even though it's more expensive, the sales person wouldn't sell it to me unless I purchased 9,000RMB worth of accessories! That's 1,448 US, 1,328 euro. Cases, straps, things I didn't want. I decided not to purchase and walked away feeling like they didn't even want my custom. (almost like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ;-)) I travelled 14 hours, was exhausted and came back with nothing. What I'm wondering is, is this a representation of Leica or just China? Has anyone else experienced this? I would normally hold Leica very high but I've had better care in a sweet shop. Almost turn me off investing in their products.
  14. this iris trio was unfolding its beauty on an overcast afternoon in our Botanical Garden. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 60 mm macro
  15. Saw this family sitting with their baby on the street, with an "umbrella boat". Sometimes, it's not about the luxurious dinner or an expensive trip to other countries, it's about the time with our family and the love that matter. Trying to post more photos here this year, in order to learn more from you guys' comments. Thanks for your support as always. Happy new year and wish you have a great 2015 ahead! Cheers, Terence from Hong Kong 20130810-L1002472 by TerenceYam, on Flickr <Leica M9, 35mm Summilux ASPH> old shot in 2013 though...
  16. Recently did a spin around the Tibetan Autonomous Zone of west Sichuan Province. Took an M9 and a few VC and Zeiss lenses. Didn't have much time to shoot as the guys I was with just wanted to drive like madmen. We were above 4000 meters for 12 days. I got a back and had a little problem with my card reader in the M9, took for service and they told me I will get it back in eight months. I like the M9, but at the end of the day it's a toy and not something for serious work. As I can't figure out how to add images to the gallery I created, I will just post a few here instead. Can check out more here. VC 50/1.5 VC 75/1.8 VC 75/1.8
  17. to whom it may concern: arte strahlt an den Sonntagen 10.11/17.11.13 anlässlich des Photosalons Paris seine 4teiligen Serie "Zoom auf China" aus. Sonntag, 10. November um 17:30 Uhr (27 Min.) Wiederholung am Samstag, 16.11. um 5:05 Uhr Folge 2 (HIN ZUR SCHÖNHEIT) im Anschluss, Die Folgen 3+4 (SOZIALKRITIK, AUF DER SUCHE NACH SICH SELBST ) am Sonntag 17.11.2013 ab 17:35.
  18. Hi everyone, I am a Chinese guy who show my pictures here first time. A German photographer friend recommend me to communicate with other photographers here. So, you'd better leave words in English, and I can understand the meaning. n_n Thank you
  19. I have just returned from a week's photography trip up into northwest China. Just took the M9 with 35, 21 and 75 lens and a small Gitzo tripod. The M9 performed perfectly. Firstly and foremost, it achieved my goal of portability. Some days I walked non-stop for 4 or 5 hours, twice a day and, on one day, walked a very mountainous trail. Never once did I find the camera bag / tripod to be a burden. I could not have done that if I had taken my Hasselblad in its backpack. Secondly, the M9 took some excellent photos. I was able to get it into action quickly and capture the image fast and accurately. I am almost at the place when I can call the focal distance, the shutter speed and f-stop first time, every time. Sometimes I manually bracketed with the shutter speed but that was more of an insurance than a necessity. About the only thing that I screwed up was two or three times I forgot to switch the camera on* and once I forgot to take off the lens cap and missed a great shot of the train curving around a mountain. Doh! * I only had 2 batteries with me because Leica seems to now have a supply problem with batteries. On a couple of days I was shooting from early morning to late evening without an opportunity to recharge the battery. On the 2 days with overnight train journeys there was no chance to charge the battery. So, to preserve the battery, I was turning the camera off every time i put it back in my bag. With a 3rd battery I would have left the camera in sleep mode while out and about. The M9 captured some great people images. Sometimes I was able to employ stealth mode* so as not to disturb or distract the subject from whatever they were doing that I found interesting, often taking 3 or 4 photos without the subject being aware that I was photographing them. I also did some "handheld overhead shots" in crowds that would be impossible with a larger camera. No other camera that I know of could have captured those type of images so effectively. * Stealth mode is useful when you know that a subject is going to stop what they are doing or change their facial expression if they know they are being photographed. In stealth mode I: - face my body at 90 degrees to the subject so they don't feel me looking at them, - watch the subject in my peripheral vision, - hold the camera at wasit level and look down at it as if I am trying to change a setting or solve a technical problem, - frown at the camera as if the camera is absorbing my attention, not the subject, - judge the distance and set the focal length, - use a larger f-stop to compensate for any errors is distance estimation (e.g. 35mm lens at f8), - point the camera sideways so that the lens points at the subject, - press the shutter with my thumb. Would I have been happier with a new 39 megapixel Hasselblad CFV? For a couple of the shots, yes. I am sure that the larger sensor of the 'blad would capture finer detail. But, for many of the people shots, the size and presence of the 'blad would have freaked out the subject, whereas the M9 is almost invisible. And, there is no way I could have walked the distances that I did with that kind of weight. Just getting the camera out of the backpack and getting ready to shoot adds a delay that can make you miss "the moment". The M9, in its easily opened Billingham-Leica shoulder bag can be out and shooting in seconds. The quality of the images is great. I can zoom into them and see very sharp details. I have not printed any yet but I am sure they'll hold up well to at least 30x40cm (A3) which the largest that I ever print. So, yep, quite happy with the M9. Now just gotta figure out how to take it underwater... Regards Peter
  20. It is very nice to see a healthy scene of a urban life that's missing in most of North American cities... another D-Lux3 snapshot.
  21. another D-Lux3 snapshot... :
  22. Scan vom Negativ. MfG Hermann
  23. grhe6715


    Gesehen im Tempel des Generals Yue Fei in Hangzhou / VR China (Scan vom Negativ). MfG Hermann
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