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Found 20 results

  1. The vintage "character" look is exploding heavily on the silver screen... Dune 2 and Poor Things both used Petzval 57 lenses for brutal bokeh swirl, the former movie used IronGlass (Soviet rehoused MIR, Jupiter, Tair and Helios lenses) and the latter movie even did a full on circular fisheye in many scenes. Grain, smeared edges of de-tuned anamorphs (like those custom built by ARRI for Grieg Fraser's The Batman), Zack Snyder rehoused the Canon 50mm f0.95 “Dream Lens“ which was - used ONLY WIDE OPEN - the heart and soul of his set on Army of the Dead... Flaws and imperfections of lens characters are hitting Hollywood DoP's hearts big time. Time for that swirly bokeh of Summarit 50/1.5's wide open look... What is your favorite ultra character Leica M or LTM mount lens? Mine must be this one.
  2. Well, soap bubble bokeh lovers, this big blac... this grand sombre monolith made of aviation grade aluminium is for you - for 210$ plus shipping in glorious Leica M mount.
  3. I really love taking random street photography like this. Camera: Leica M-P (typ 240) Lens: Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH. Location: Dubai - Jumeirah Beach Residence Welcome 2016
  4. Who's tried the Leica Summilux 50 PRE-ASPH Version II on an M240 ? Would you kindly share your experience (and maybe even some images)? I would sure like to know how this lens does with the new Leica M. I know Summilux 50 ASPH 1.4 is amazing - I've seen the pictures! And while I'm sure that the pre-asph ver 2 is not "as sharp" and perhaps doesn't have the contrast of the ASPH model ... there's just something about how the pre-asph lenses "draw" that is so compelling ... that and the painterly character of the bokeh they produce. I imagine the pre-asph lenses at 1.4 are less sharp in the corners but wondering if that their reduced resolution might create an interesting transition effect moving from blur to sharpness? If you've been shooting with this lens on the m240, what are your thoughts? Anyways, love to hear what you guys think who've tried this combo.
  5. andrewtansj

    King of Pop

    not the actual person himself unfortunately. taken in Madame Tussauds, Tokyo Leica M9, 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux ASPH
  6. The following review of the Canon 50mm f/1.0 lens brands it as "wholly impractical" which is a label I would expect the reviewer to also hang on any of the Leica Noctilux M lenses; but is this an accurate assessment of the 50mm f/1.0 lens as a whole - regardless of who makes it? I suppose that depends on how one defines the term "wholly impractical." If that definition hinges on price, there are a lot of lenses and cameras out there that the reviewer would also brand as "wholly impractical." A 50/1.0 lens is capable of more than shooting at maximum aperture. A lens that offers f/1.0 or f/0.95 is a specialized lens; it offers the image maker choices that are not available with slower 50 mm lenses. Yes, any 50/1.0 (or 0.95) lens is big, heavy and costly; that's a given. But specialized is not tantamount to impractical IMHO. Thoughts?
  7. Taken only in candle light with no tripod. No crop, no editing... Camera: Leica M-P (typ 240) Lens: Noctilux-M 50mm 1:0.95/50 ASPH.
  8. Someone asked about this in the review thread, but I thought it might be of more general interest. Images shot on a tripod with focusing via EVF, Camera was M10-R. In each group there is 35 summilux at f1.4, at f2 and then APO at f2 followed by a screenshot of 100% magnification of the focused area from Lightroom (f2 shots) All shot DNG, with minimal exposure adjustment where necessary. FLE at f1.4 FLE at f2 APO at f2 Finally a 100% screenshot of the comparison both at f2 FLE at f1.4 FLE at f2 APO at f2 Finally a 100% screenshot of the comparison both at f2 FLE at f1.4 FLE at f2 APO at f2 Finally a 100% screenshot of the comparison both at f2 FLE at f1.4 FLE at f2 APO at f2 Finally a 100% screenshot of the comparison both at f2
  9. I just had a Leica 35mm summilux pre-a lens and notice a weird thing in the bokeh. As you can see, the bokeh circled are not smooth, instead there are nets connected by light spot inside. Is this supposed to be a lens issue? I shot on M6 with Fuji xtra400, F1.4 and scanned with epson V750 Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! (Also I don’t know what’s that yellowish thing behind the green plant..)
  10. From the album: Mix

    Very first try with a rangefinder - the MP 240 + 35 summilux
  11. Here's a marginally interesting read about the Noctilux. I can't agree with much of what he has to say about the Noctilux being hard to work with, but he did hit one nail on the head when he observes that "...the best things in life are rarely rational." Noctilux lenses are maligned by some, as is the bokeh they produce. I suspect it is not out of a distaste for bokeh or a misunderstanding of how to effectively use it as a composition tool. I suspect that it is based on a hatred of the Noctilux lenses based on the price, as is the case for some who hate all M cameras and lenses because of their price tags, which is an utterly childish and self-centered outlook IMHO. The author is using the 0.95 Noctilux, which may be harder to work ith than the older f/1.0 Noctilux, which I have. I'm wondering if those who have used both the 0.95 and the 1.0 if the newer f/0.95 version is harder to work with than its older sibling? A link to the article: https://www.35mmc.com/18/08/2019/bokeh-worship-the-leica-noctilux-m-50mm-f-0-95-asph-by-steven-bleistein/ Thoughts?
  12. Russia. Moscow. Kolomenskoe Gardens. Leica M9, Noctilux 50/1.0, f/1.4
  13. I'm a former Canon user, and the 85mm f/1.2L II was practically my standard lens, because I love bokeh :-) Has anyone here owned both this lens and the Noctilux f/0.95? The 85mm has longer focal length, but the Noctilux is faster. Do you think the extra light can be a substitute for the shorter focal length in regards to bokeh? Which one do you prefer (maybe a stupid question in this forum)? I find the 50mm angle more versatile than 85mm, so I think the Noctilux could be the perfect lens for me … if I ever can afford it!
  14. hi Leica folks, I'm after my third M-mount lens. I have the newest version of the 50 'cron & the hexanon 50 f2 -- both are wonderful. I'm looking to buy either a hex 90 f2.8, or a 90 cron pre asph ($500 - $700 range). my question is: does the bokeh on the 90 cron clear up by 2.8? In my experience no lens gives good bokeh wide open -- and trolling flickr reveals -- of course -- some pretty ugly bokeh with this lens wide open. what interests me is how many stops down a lens requires before the bokeh clears up. my 50 1.4 nikkor (f mount) needs to be set two stops down to 2.8 before it becomes usable. on the other hand, my nikkor 85 1.8 is good by 2.8 (1 & a halfish stops), and my M-mount f2 50s clear up after one stop at 2.8 as well. yeah, so is the 90 cron usable by 2.8? if not, I'll probably just go with the 90 hex, because I'm sure it's fine by f4. (I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect that generally lenses with huge amounts of glass require more stopping down then lenses that are built more comfortably within physical limits). similarly, if you've had experience with many of these lenses, is the nikkor f mount 85 1.4 ais usable by f2, or does it need to be stopped down to 2.8? Cheers, Raphe
  15. Leica lenses produce beautiful bokeh -- so much so that often the blurred backgrounds are what makes a photograph. I've most recently been thrilled with the 90-APO-R with Fuji 400x slide film, and the 50-summilux-M ASPH on Delta HP5, and the 135-Elmarit-R on anything! In addition to my Leica set-up I sometimes shoot a Mamiya 7; the 65mm and 150mm lenses produce the most pleasing blur. What about 645 systems? In particular, I recently acquired a Fuji GA645 (a MF point-and-shoot). Very harsh bokeh. What about the Pentax 645AF system? Thanks for sharing your experience. Dean Seattle, WA
  16. Hey all! I just finished writing a review of the 35mm Summicron Pre-ASPH that I have been shooting with. I've been really happy with this lens. Leica M Summicron 7-Element Pre-ASPH 35mm Lens Review - Daniel Valente Photography Check it out. Thanks!
  17. Es ist immer schön nachzusehen was man in Schwaben so macht . Die No 35 der CLN ist heraus. Interessant m.E Herrn Nasses Aufsatz über Schärfentiefe und Bokeh: http://www.zeiss.de/C12567A8003B8B6F/EmbedTitelIntern/CLN_35_Bokeh_DE/$File/CLN35_Bokeh_de.pdf
  18. M8 + (Fill in the blank) Critiques are especially welcome!
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