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Found 37 results

  1. Happiness is priceless! <Shenzhen, China @ 2013> Tri-X-20130203-50S by TerenceYam, on Flickr
  2. Taken in La Defense Grande Arche, Paris Leica M9, 21mm Summilux f/1.4 ASPH 21mm, f/8, 1/125s, ISO 160
  3. these are from Union Square in front of a coffee-bar. After a long walk we neede a break. There I installed my X1 on a Gorillapod and waited for people to pass my prefocussed lens. I tried to catch different types of people.
  4. I'm interested to know what 'recipe' Leica is using to produce their 'incamera' jpgs. In other words: if I were to make my own BW jpgs in LR 4.1 from the imported DNG what BW 'curve' / mix / contrast etc. should I be using to get as close as possible to their incamera jpg. Of course I can try to achieve it by comparing (trial and error) but maybe this is known by some of you and published somewhere on this forum or elsewhere. Thanks in advance!
  5. caught a little girl lost in the vast arc patterns of the floor. taken with Leica CM, Kodak Portra 400, scanned with Epson V700 (converted to B&W)
  6. Just obtained a Monochrom yesterday. I am impressed with the details of the DNG it produced. first few photos, and behold, a huge dust! blow it off and it's perfect again! But just can't believe a camera with 100actuation of shutter have such a dirty sensor! I am blown away by the details this camera can produce. Love it!
  7. these days are rih in color and vivid sky panoramas. Our landscape here is slightly hilly, scattered houses and buildings are often spoiling the view. So we always try to find places with calm and undisturbed vantage points. Contrast were high so I tried a series in b&w Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm, polarizer, ND graded filter X1 X1
  8. Yesterday was a cold, wet and stormy day. What else can one do than looking what's up in the forest. Nobody else thought this being a good idea but I had to go, if you know what I mean. X1 Olympus OMD EM5 Leica/Panasonic Nocticron Olympus OMD EM% Leica/Panasonic Nocticron X1 X1
  9. Hi there, new to the forums here, please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section. I have been looking for a good 28mm (near 35mm equiv.) lens for both IR photography and B&W once I sell my full spectrum modified Olympus. After researching a while I have come down to these three options; Ultron 28/1.9 = Good low contrast B&W, IR?? Biogon 28/2.8 = Not so good B&W (higher contrast) but good IR Summaron 35/3.5 (Not 28mm I know) = Good B&W and apparently good for IR (due to coatings) The Ultron seems ideal for my needs except there is very little information on its use for IR. Can anyone confirm whether it is sharp in the spectrum or suffers from hotspots at certain apertures? Samples would be great to. The Biogon has IR focus marking which would probably make my life alot easier except I've heard its not the best for B&W, unless some samples convince me otherwise. For IR it doesn't suffer any hotspots according to the guys @ getdpi. If I can see more IR action (samples ofc) from the Summaron I might be sold. Although a filtering solution for this lens seems like a pain, if anyone is using this for IR how have you gone about with it? Just using the SOOGZ adapter? Any samples of the three in b&w and IR are greatly appreciated! If there are any other possible lens options apart from those 3 that I should consider, please let me know also. Thanks for the help
  10. managed to capture a quiet corridor in Palace of Versailles. Leica M9, 35mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH FLE 35mm, 1/60s, f/8, ISO160
  11. flanoizele

    Katia (2)...

    Leica Monochrom - Cron 90mm APO My first shoot with a Professional Model! More on : Flickr: Chasing Souls - Photography by F. Lanoizelé's Photostream http://www.facebook.com/chasingsoulsphotography Thanks for watching
  12. flanoizele


    Leica Monochrom - Cron 90mm APO My first shoot with a Professional Model! More on : Flickr: Chasing Souls - Photography by F. Lanoizelé's Photostream http://www.facebook.com/chasingsoulsphotography Thanks for watching
  13. Leica M + Summicron 50mm v4
  14. Dear all, First of all let me tell you that I am very new to this forum and even to photography in general. I bought my first camera in January (Fuji X-E1) and, as soon as I completely fell in love with B&W photography, decided to acquire my very first rangefinder in September. Now I just completed my first project, a documentary of the daily lives of our elderly in a retirement home. I would be so grateful if you could take a brief moment of your time to give me some feedback and share your thoughts and advise with me on how to improve my photography skills. Unfortunately I was not able to attach photographs in this message but you can find a first selection here : https://www.facebook.com/ChasingSoulsPhotography Flickr: Chasing Souls - Photography by F. Lanoizelé's Photostream Thanks a lot... Frédéric
  15. coccia

    Desmalgada (x7)

    Some photos to witness the "Desmalgada", a village festival in northern Italy (Brusago, Trentino), where several farmers join down to the valley exposing their cows and goats beautifully decorated to win the prizes. In the occasion they also sell cheese and yogurt and honey... fantastic food! Thanks for looking and c&c welcome! [ATTACH]289628[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]289629[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]289630[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]289631[/ATTACH]
  16. Rummaging through some photos, knowing that some of them need a little time to grow on me, I found this one. Getting a little better at DPP helps. M8
  17. petebw

    Café Life

    Taken today. 9-P and 35 Summicron at f2.
  18. dear all, This is probably not new to you, but I've spent some time on the web and fora searching for related infos and couldn't find it. Decided to bug your guys here again. Thanks for your patience. A little background: I have used Nikon D300 and Nikon Capture NX for many years. Being the original manufacturer's software, Capture NX gives RAW shooters the full range of settings that match in-camera JPG settings. For example, one could start from the RAW, set the file to STANDARD rendering, and work on it. This is very crucial to my landscape works as Capture NX was the only software that could produce proper greens on D300 raw files. (Nikon kept the RAW juices to themselves, just like Canon. Lightroom was never able to recreate the D300 colors from the RAW files) I believe many M9 users find the in-camera B&W JPG very pleasing at times and would like to reproduce the "looks" in Lightroom from the DNG files. But I found that there is close to no informations about this on the internet. As an engineer, I understand that the JPG engine (chip) inside M9 is entirely Leica's and would remain exclusive until Leica is willing to share the recipe with Adobe. However, many must have tried to recreate the effect by creating some presets, no? I wonder if you guys have some recommendations on this? I am willing to pay for the presets as long as they are close enough to the M9 in-camera rendering of B&W. Thank you so much Jerry knopfler dans la rue 諾弗勒在街頭
  19. Just as you thought the world had ended comes something of a solution. Michael Raso / Film Photography Project: Kodachrome in 2011 – Process as Black and White Mike
  20. Hi all My first post here, I recently purchased my first Leica and after initial disappointment have quickly grown to love it dearly. I sold my f2 28mm for a f1.5 50mm Zeiss and an f1.4 Voigt 35mm which are both smashing. I have noticed that one some shots a pronounced horizontal striation manifesting above 800ASA on the M9 - are this sensor artifacts? They appear particularly evident when graded for B&W. Please advise! Thanks very much Shane Shane Daly ========= Cinematographer Shane Daly: Home UK +44 7973 445 428 US +1 310 746 6516 skype shanejustindaly
  21. Leh, Ladakh, India Comments welcome. Thanks, Christophe
  22. samwells


    Pedestrian bridge, Richmond on Thames. R4SP, 28mm Elmarit.
  23. What are the advantages, if any, of setting the M9 menu to Black & White instead of just converting the color DNG file to B&W at the time of post-processing in Aperture, Lightroom, or Photoshop etc.?
  24. A day out with the family, as my daughter is participating in today's Cross Country race in Ramsau am Dachstein (Austria) And they're off ... (I know I missed the top of the gun, gotta watch thoses framelines)
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