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Found 27 results

  1. I received an email this afternoon from Lars Netopil about the newly formed Wetzlar Camera Auctions https://www.wetzlarcameraauctions.com/en-gb/home Lars is involved, as is Jo Geier, formerly of Westlicht/Leica shop in Vienna and now with his own business called 'Mint & Rare'. The first auction is planned for October 2019. At the Westlicht Auction last week, the CEO of Leica AG, which now owns the business, announced that the Westlicht Auction was moving to Wetzlar in 2019. I believe that I read somewhere that Rahn Auction in Frankfurt may also move to Wetzlar . Time will tell whether these matters are related, I suppose. William
  2. Einladung zur Fotoausstellung "Schönheit" Vernissage: 23.Aug.2018 um 19:00 Uhr GALERIE in der Raumwerkstatt Altenbergerstr.84a 35576 Wetzlar Öffnungszeiten: Do + Fr.15:00 bis 18:00 Uhr Sa. 10:00 bis 13:00 Uhr Dauer: 24.Aug. bis 29.Sept. 2018 www.HolgerDaberkow.de https://www.dieraumwerkstatt.de/galerie-in-der-raumwerkstatt/
  3. Urlaubs-Check für Leica Kameras und Objektive: Ist für 2018 noch ein Termin zu erwarten oder war der etwa schon?
  4. Hello, I recently acquired a large format camera. It has the name plate of "Leitz Wetzlar" , but other than that no markings. Its in remarkable shape. I'm guessing it's pre Leica, but can find no reference anywhere for it. Any thoughts or information??
  5. digrassi

    Leica M

    From the album: allpics

    © digrassi

  6. Bild gelöscht, da der Ursprung nicht von Holger ist, bitte fremde Bilder nur per Link ins Forum stellen
  7. Gas station in Wetzlar SL + Vario 24-90 zoomed
  8. "Wassermonster" im Leitz-Park, Wetzlar APO-Macro-Elmarit-TL 2,8/60 an SL
  9. From the album: M 10 exercises

    This is the first photo I took with the M10, in Wetzlar Leica Shop. An homage to my wife who encouraged me to buy and use it, soon!
  10. Meisterwerke bekannter Leica Fotografen Aus der Sammlung von Dr. Knut Kühn-Leitz Ausstellung vom 8. Juni bis zum 1. Juli 2017 Die Vernissage findet am 8. Juni 2017 um 19:00 Uhr statt. Galerie in der Raumwerkstatt, Altenbergerstr., 35576 Wetzlar Einführende Worte: Günter Osterloh (ehem. Leiter der Leica Akademie) Die Ausstellung zeigt Aufnahmen bekannter Leica Fotografen aus der Sammlung von Dr. Knut Kühn-Leitz.Es handelt sich ausschließlich um Schwarzweiß-Aufnahmen,von denen eine besondere künstlerische Wirkung ausgeht und die in der täglichen Bilderflut einewohltuende Wirkung auf die menschliche Wahrnehmung haben.Viele der Bilder haben den „entscheidenden Augenblick“ festgehaltenund veranschaulichen die dynamische Live Fotografie, die mit der Leica begründet wurde. www.dieraumwerkstatt.de
  11. Here is a short but interesting video look into the production process of the M10 camera:
  12. Letzte Vorbereitungen zur Vorstellung der LEICA M10 heute Abend im Leitz-Park, Wetzlar. http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/268345-live-berichterstattung-18-januar-ein-fest-der-fotografie/
  13. Im Cafe sagte die Bedienung beim Servieren von Kaffee und Kuchen: „Oh, könnten Sie ihre Kamera bitte zur Seite legen. Ich habe da schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht.“ „Keine Angst, das ist nichts dolles, das ist die günstigste Leica die es gibt.“ „Jaja, aber die ist ganz bestimmt immer noch viel zu teuer.“ Kein Witz, aber witzig. :-) Leica D-Lux 109 Sharif
  14. Heute war ich zum ersten Mal in Wetzlar. Meine M2 braucht eine Überholung (Hemmwerk, Verschluss…). Das totfotografierte Leica-Gebäude hat mich gar nicht gereizt. Direkt am Parkplatz steht diese schlichte Halle von Weller Feinwerktechnik. Das passt. Leica D-Lux 109 Sharif
  15. Im Leitz-Park, Wetzlar werden die riesigen Fototapeten für die nächste Ausstellung geklebt. Der Leica-Fotograf Ara Güler wird auch "Das Auge Istanbuls" genannt.
  16. r3dips

    Few lenses

    Hello MF I have few lenses with are siting in my storage locker... I don't know what to day with them. I have Nikon D7100 and I guess I can't make this lenses to use it in Nikon, or maybe am I wrong ? My lenses : - Pentacon electric 2.8 / 135 mm - Leitz Elmarit-R 2.8 / 135 mm - Contax Leitz Wetzlar 2 / 35 mm - Leitz Telyt-R 4 / 250 mm - Beroflex auto 3x converter I don't know if the all of them are good... How can I test it ? Best regards Patrick
  17. I have just spent almost an entire day at the Leitz-Park in Wetlzar, and thought I would share some thoughts and observations.... I made an request for an appointment well in advance, and explained which products I use (M + various lenses; S + various lenses), and that I would love to have a short tour if possible. My appointment was 8am today. It seems like a rather early start, doesn't it? But in actual fact the workshop staff begin work at 6am and finish between 1pm and 3pm. I was looked after by Mrs. Olga Brunda, a customer care staff member who is a great credit to Leica. She is knowledgeable, passionate about Leica, very courteous and thoughtful. As we began the tour and were chatting she was working out as we went where to spend time and where to skim. She said that she diverted some of our time away from historical matters (because I had read a lot on the subject - Mr. Puts excellent books and so on), and focused instead on technical ones - things we were seeing. In other words, my tour was tailored. She later said that an hour had been allocated, but we spent more than that, and it was absolutely fascinating. First of all the Leitz-Park is a superb super modern design (as you'd expect), that sits up on a plateau above the old town of Wetzlar. Nearby are other optical-technical companies that sprang out of the Leitz business, either directly, or in association. Part of my tour took me past some windows into manufacturing and repair areas that anyone visiting can see. A clever interactive projected touch-and-play screen sits superimposed over the window into an area where glass elements were being lacquered. By touching the window on the projected menu you can watch a series of videos on lens manufacture. But Mrs. Brunda also took me past other windows where aspherical elements were being ground, various lens assembly bays, repair bays for M, and S cameras and lenses. Of course some windows were shuttered to protect prying eyes from you-know-what! Meanwhile, prior to the tour, Mrs. Brunda offered if I would like an Leica cameras or lenses attended to. I gave her my MP-240, which was checked, sensor cleaned, and a 35mm Summicron ASPH which was checked and re-calibrated. I also gave her my S-E, 24, 45 and 100mm S lenses which I had with me and these were all checked, and the sensor cleaned. While waiting for all that work to be done, a specialist in the Leica S showed me how to change the focusing screen (I purchased the matt screen while I was there), and then another gentleman from the Leica Akademie spent a few minutes with me giving me a few tips on technique. I then spent time in the Leica shop. This deserves special mention because not only were the staff very helpful, but you can try any and every product Leica make - every camera, every lens, accessories, binoculars. They have the lot. Most Leica boutiques have a few items you can try at any one time, but how often do you find they don't have what you want, or moreover, don't have two items you might want to compare? Today, for example, I took the 4/90 Marco-Elmar-M and the 2/90 APO-Summicron-M ASPH ,together with the Leica Macro adaptor M, and took various photographs both indoors, and outdoors, at different distances and apertures, so I now have a pile of files I can compare. This will help me decide if and when I buy another 90mm. But equally, should I have wanted to, I could have gone through the entire S lens range, etc. There is also the staff canteen, which you have access to (I had lunch in there for a very reasonable price) as well as a Leitz-Park Cafe for coffee and cake (I didn't go in). Also on display is a great collection of cameras, lenses, binoculars, and all sorts of Leitz stuff on display going back to the beginning. Have you ever seen the back of the S1 for instance? In all the photographs I have seen of this only the front is shown. There were a lot of items there I had ever seen before and it was very interesting (for me!). There are, as you would expect, many photographs on display, including exhibitions from the Barnack competition, and various historic photographs taken by 20th and 21st century Leica users. I spent probably half a day there. That's probably more than most would want or need, but I didn't feel any time was wasted. Even without an appointment I would recommend a visit - the exhibitions, displays, video/window peeping (one window) is there for visitors to see, and the flagship store there is great for trying items out. But I would recommend making an appointment if you can.
  18. Here is an interesting article on Leica's new (in 2014) headquarters in Wetzlar. Since it is an article from 2014, I'm not sure if this has been previously posted or not; if so, apologies for the duplication. http://untappedcities.com/2014/06/04/behind-the-scenes-inside-the-new-leica-camera-factory-and-headquarters/
  19. Hi, my rather new MP is suffering from the "underexposed frame syndrome" (and also a lot of software failures). My reasearch here indicates that at least the shutter has to be replaced. My research also indicated that Leica service is rather slow. What can I do to speed things up? Any advise? I have to time this carefully, as I have no replacement camera. There exisits or existed an express service, but asking google I can not find any current information. Has this service be discontinued? Any other hints that worked for you for speeding up things? Thank you, Bernd
  20. Hi, I recently visited Wetzlar, on a four day trip organised by the Leica Store Manchester (David; son Ben, and Richard). There were 23 of us all together, and we had an opportunity to try different lenses/bodies. We had a great time, touring the old town with a guide, and visiting Haus Friedwart, where Dr Knut Kühn-Leitz showed us around. Also the new museum collection in this building was worth the trip! This is a 5 section pan taken with my Monochrom and a borrowed 50 Apo Summicron. Thanks for looking, John
  21. I just want to draw your attention to two articles about todays ground-breaking ceremony at Wetzlar Leitz Park: Lokal Newspaper: Wetzlar: Leica: Spatenstich f Forum thread (with pics) from Holger1 http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-kundenforum/235802-leica-spatenstich-wetzlar.html#post2050214
  22. vermeldet Photoscala Neuer Leica-Firmensitz im Leitz-Park: Baubeginn 2012 | photoscala wie immer bei PS und dem Stichwort Leica/ Leitz wird es "lustige Diskussionen" geben Viel Spass dabei
  23. Holger 1 posted this link to an article of the local Wetzlar journal Wetzlar/Solms: 11-J in the german part of the forum. The best is to use an online translator. I´ll only summarize the important facts: _ Leica will move in spring 2013 to the Wetzlar´"Leica Park" _ in autumn Leica will present their detailed plans about to the public. _ Leica increased the lens production from 63 lenses to 120 lenses /day. It is planned to increase it to 240 lenses /day.
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