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Found 15 results

  1. I received a copy of the summilux 35mm pre-asph lens and noticed that it lacked a shroud or any metal rim to protect the rear element. While a "overly" protruding shroud may prevent proper function on some cameras, the lack of any protective shroud makes me concerned that the rear element will eventually be damaged. Looking at the back of the lens, I would not risk setting it down on a flat surface, but this may occur at some point. I am concerned that there was a shroud present at some point, but it was removed. If the shroud was removed it would be difficult to replace assuming that Leica does not stock parts for these vintage lenses. Having the part made would be challenging without the detailed specs and without knowing whether it threads into the space around the rear element. I'd just hate to start using this lens without adequate protection of the glass surface. Does anyone know if some of the summilux 35mm pre-aspherics were manufactured without any shroud or protective rim? I have not found any examples of this in my research, so I suspect its a missing part. Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a type II Summilux 35mm and when I shine a light through the front I can see very clearly a large grouping of tiny bubbles and what looks like a streak of some kind opposite of it inside the lens. The coating on the front and rear are clean and the aperture blades are clean, and I can only see these when I tilt the lens in the light. When I shine a light through the lens it is very apparent. Can anyone explain what I'm seeing here? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I just found (yet another...) 'Made in Germany' 35/1.4 v2 (11870). S/N is 3433XXX, which indicates that its birth date was sometime in 1987 if I'm not mistaken. It comes in its original box, with matching serial on the sticker. Interestingly, however, the writing on the box says 'Made in Canada'. I know it was some kind of a transition period for Leica, with parts from Canada being sent back to Germany, but it's the first time I see such a lens/box mismatch. Out of curiosity, a quick question for the experts here: have you seen this before?
  4. Hey Everyone! This is my first post here but I've been shooting Leica for the better part of a decade, now. I've just acquired a 35mm Summilux Pre-ASPH but I cant seem to get a concrete answer to what it is, exactly, that I have. The lens is SPOTLESS and came from an estate. It takes series VII filter BUT it has a chrome infinity lock. I was under the impression that only the version 1 on this lens had the infinity lock but the serial number, from what i've read, would mean its a v2 (#234+). It's a beautiful lens that came with the box and hood for almost "nothing". I really just want to know what it is that i've got and if it's anything special.
  5. Hi Guys, Am fairly new to Leica (6 months in) and I would like to seek your advice on which 35mm lens to get. I currently use a M240 body with a 60mm F1.2 Konica Hexanon and a 50mm Summicron APO. I am looking to add a 35mm lens to compliment my existing collection (and will be looking at add a 28mm Elmarit when the new one releases end of the month). I am considering the follow: 35 Summilux Pre-ASPH 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 1 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 4 35 Summicron ASPH (2016 edition) After doing some extensive research, I feel like the 3 Pre-ASPH lens may be a better compliment as it is softer / has more of a leica glow (since my 50mm APO and the 28mm Elmarit are both bitingly sharp)? I was originally going to just get a 28 and 50 and NOT the 35 since it seems to be too close to the other 2 focal lengths, so I am now thinking maybe getting something with more of a unique characteristic). Just wondering what all your thoughts are and why you think so? Your kind assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards, J
  6. I've found a good deal on a pre-asph 50 lux 1.4 (43). From what I understand, the 46 is optically the same as well. I was looking for some examples to evaluate sharpness wide open. I know the ASPH is where the sharp end is, but it's not in the budget, sadly. I'm just curious as to how sharp (or not sharp) the 43 version of the 50 lux is. I have the 50 Planar f/2 which I like, but I'm looking for something with a bit more low-light flexibility. I know the 50 lux won't compete wide-open in the sharpness department, I'm just curious how far off it is. I've searched through flickr, but it's a crapshoot with all the differently coded lenses, so if anyone has some example shots I could look at (bonus points for higher resolution, so I can peep a bit) I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I have searched the forum for information on the V2 Summilux 50 that was sold with the M6 Traveler Series set. I have read elsewhere the lenses started with the serial numbers 34952xx, but I wondered if anyone here might know just what the first serial number was for this series. 3495200 perhaps? This is the chrome-plated brass 50/1.4 with the ridged, not knurled, focusing ring, and with external hood 12586. Thank you for any information you are willing to provide. -k
  8. Hi guys, I own an M9 and a 28 cron and I absolutely love the images I am getting from this combo. However lately, I came across a 50 Pre-ASPH Lux on one of the websites for £1300 so I am very tempted to swap my Cron for the pre-asph lux to have a try particularly the focal length. (50 lux asph would be ideal but thats out of budget!) So, I have been searching around the forums and obviously cant find any direct comparison since they are not the same focal length to start with anyway. So I was wondering, how much sharper the Cron will be compared to the 50mm Pre-ASPH.( I am assuming it is sharper) Is it noticeable in daily photography?? If all I shoot is street and portraits normally viewed on iPad, MacbookPro and the max size I develop is around 5R. When I look back at photos that I deemed as 'keepers' when I was using Cron, most of them were taken at f2 or max f2.8. I feel as if that aperture gives me that magical image with perfect seperation but due to 28mm, Im always forced to take a more environmental approach. I am here to look for some advice and opinions and thank you all for your precious time. p.s. the online dealer is willing to make a direct swap for a 28Cron (very good cond) to a 50pre-asph lux (near mint). Is that an okay deal? how would you view the deal? Many thanks
  9. Who's tried the Leica Summilux 50 PRE-ASPH Version II on an M240 ? Would you kindly share your experience (and maybe even some images)? I would sure like to know how this lens does with the new Leica M. I know Summilux 50 ASPH 1.4 is amazing - I've seen the pictures! And while I'm sure that the pre-asph ver 2 is not "as sharp" and perhaps doesn't have the contrast of the ASPH model ... there's just something about how the pre-asph lenses "draw" that is so compelling ... that and the painterly character of the bokeh they produce. I imagine the pre-asph lenses at 1.4 are less sharp in the corners but wondering if that their reduced resolution might create an interesting transition effect moving from blur to sharpness? If you've been shooting with this lens on the m240, what are your thoughts? Anyways, love to hear what you guys think who've tried this combo.
  10. duncanwong

    Nostalgic Party

    Nostalgic Party taken by Leica M4 Black Paint, Summilux 35mm F/1.4 Pre-A
  11. I'm going on a hiking and want to shoot some velvia. I picked up my first Leica (M3) and I love it. I've shot about 18 rolls but only B+W. The only lens I have is a 50mm pre-asph Cron. Does anyone have any pictures posted with this combo? I want to get an idea of what I can expect. Any help is appreciated.
  12. I have a dear friend who is ailing and selling his Leica kit. Among the goodies is a pre ASPH 35mm titanium, German-made, 1.4 lens. I want to purchase the lens and want to offer him a fare market value. I've done a bit of searching and see the going rate to be around $1500. I'm just wondering if anyone can share any insight. The lens is in good shape. (I currently have a 35mm ASPH 'lux, but like the vintage aspect to this lens, as well as it's compact size.) Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. For what it's worth, the lens will be used on my MP for largely black and white work. Thanks in advance
  13. Hey Guys. I'm wondering what the physical differences between the two. And if anybody can provide me with the information on how to tell the two apart by looking at the serial numbers, that would be much appreciated, thanks!
  14. Hallo, ich stehe kurz davor, mir eine M8 zuzulegen. Nach nunmehr zwei Wochen Rundschau durchs Netz und unter Berücksichtigung meiner bisherigen Erfahrungen und Gewohnheiten steht eigentlich als Hauptobjektiv das 2/35 Summicron fest. Bei allem Respekt vor der Leistung und dem Preis des Summarits schreckt mich aber dessen Anfangsöffnung f2.5 ab. Nun denke ich als zweites Objektiv zuerst über ein 50mm nach. (Ein 24 oder 28er wird irgendwann sicher auch folgen, das Summarit 75 kitzelt mich auch, aber ich muss nicht alles auf einmal machen.) Um auf den Punkt zu kommen: Ich könnte mir aktuell noch ein 2/50 Summicron dazu leisten, Kostenpunkt 1200 Euro unter Abzug der aktuellen 300 €-Aktion von Leica. Dafür bekomme ich aber auch ein gut erhaltenes Summilux pre-Asph der letzten Generation. Und ich bin ein Lichtfreak, eine Anfangsöffnung von f1.4 find ich schon sehr reizvoll. Das 50er soll universell ähnlich dem 35er genutzt werden, aber eben bei wenig Licht eine Option sein und meistens werden Menschen portraitorientiert auf den Bildern sein. Da mir mittlerweile vom Hinundherüberlegen und meinen Nächten im Netz zu dem Thema der Kopf raucht, wäre ich dankbar für aktuelle Stimmen, Anregungen und Antworten hierzu: - Kann ich das Lux 1.4/50 pre-Asph bedenkenlos bei f1.4 nutzen oder kaufe ich einen Weichzeichner? Ich bin kein Pixelpeeper, Gegenlicht-/Streulichtempfindlichkeit ist für mich nicht besonders wichtig. Ich möchte nur nicht das Summilux auf f2 abblenden müssen, damit was vernünftiges bei rumkommt. - Das Objektiv hat eine ausziehbare Sonnenblende, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe. Was passiert mit dem IR-Filter? Passt der drunter, so dass die Blende über den Filter geschoben werden kann? Oder muss ich die Blende versenkt lassen, den Filter vorschrauben und eine zusätzliche Sonnenblende an den Filter schrauben? - Ich habe zum 1.4/35 Summilux gelesen, dass es konstruktionsbedingt zum Focusshift und Backfocus kommen kann und man ein passendes Exemplar erwischen muss. Ist das eine Weblegende und wenn nicht, gilt das auch für das 1.4/50 Lux?
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