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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all, Are there any Leica photographers in Prague who would like to meet up and go for a photo walk and/or a coffee sometime? It would be great to organize something and get to know some new people
  2. Prague, Ultava Embankment Charles Bridge Olympus EM5 with Nocticron
  3. Prague, Ultava Embankment Alongside the river Ultava many new leisure time activities are inviting. Above all these changing business ideas the lovely historic sight provides the true feeling of a happy moment. Olympus EM5 with Nocticron
  4. There is entertainment everywhere for the crowd. Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron
  5. Prague, View from the Strahov Monastry Leica Q, pano stitched from 7 pictures
  6. This guy was shooting the thousandth picture of the day of the Hradschin with the Charles Bridge. The evening sun makes this difficult because of the front light. One can watch people with smartphones,compactcameras,tripods and DSLRs with and without filters and even flashlight against the huge enlightened sky...
  7. We had 5 days in Prague and lovely summerly weather. The evenings were lovely when the major part of the daily crowd had left. Then a wonderful dreamy tranquility could be enjoyed. Olympus EM 5 and Summilux 15 mm
  8. From the album: Leica T Shoots

    LeicaT Summicron 23mm ISO400 1/80@F5.6

    © Francisco Marin

  9. no comment - everybody knows - be honest who else has a Zeiss lens for his smartphone? Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron
  10. When visiting Prague one should not miss the church of St. Niklas on the Mala Strana, below the Hradcin. The church is a jewel in terms of interior decaration. All the interior is being designed by I. Dientzenhofer, one of the most famous artists of his craft. One has to pay a small entry fee but what you get to see is beyond imagination. The viewer may enjoy the illumination. For the photographer this is an advantage because there is more light but it is a difficulty because the quality of light is bad in terms of color cast and front light. To avoid this you have to turn but then have to face a bright light from the windows. Tripods are generally being banned so all shots are handheld. The tower is worthwhile being climbed. It is very narrow but the view from aove is very recommendable and really lovely. Olympus EM 5 with Summilux 15 mm. The first one is a panorama being stitched out of 4 pictures
  11. Prague is famous for its hundreds of towers. We already know some of them. The tower of St.Niklas Church on the Mala Strana is worth climbing. It is also a museum because it shows the room and working place of a man watching the city and giving alarm when a fire is being detected. Then the bdell had to give a warning sound. when climbing the narrow wooden staircase I was reminded of those scenes from Friedrich Murnau's movie "Faust". A kind of time machine is working its magic. It was quite dark and so the pictures have also this grainy impact of a historic film atmopshere. Olympus EM 5 with Summilux 15 mm
  12. Visiting Prague means a great variety of cultural input. You can spend every night there in jazzclub, blues bar, etc. Usually you get to hear high quality stuff. We were lucky and enjoyed a night listening to a piano trio. The acoustics down in that cellar from a building of the middle ages were breathtaking. Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron the pianist
  13. This was in Prague on an evening on the Mala Strana Quarter (Kleinseite) when we strolled through the lanes. The ladies had fun when those little fish were nibbling off the small particles of the skin. Next time we'll also try this. Olympus EM5 + Nocticron
  14. Prague is beautiful at every hour. It was a bit cold in April. But this provided us with an interesting dramatic light. Olympus OMD EM 5 with Summilux, 3 photos stitched
  15. When being in Prague, the synagogues and the central Jewish Cemetery are well worth being payed a visit. Interesting and full of emotions these places are. I saw this man sitting there and a moment of thoughtful meditation was felt being spread over the place. Olympus EM5 with Nocticron
  16. Also in Prague there are a few churches where you have to pay entry fees. This is a nuisance but usually it is worthwhile to pay this small amount. Often you can enjoy breathtaking interiors and historic places of great interest and importance. While waiting while my husband was in the queue I had time enough for a few shots from under the cashier box. Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron 43 mm/ 1.2
  17. We spent some time in the shopping mall near our hotel in the quarter of Andel in Prague. Waiting for our room to check in when we arrived early in the morning we strolled, bought a coffee to go and some stuff from a bakery. I tdid not need much time and I grabbed for my camera: Prague is a city with many interesting people and you can spend hours with only this. Olympus EM 5 with Summilux 15 mm
  18. sometimes it is fun to watch other photographers at work. It is a pleasure also because in such a city you won't feel uneasy as an outsider because people are so busy with taking pictures themselves. This is the series of the European type of species, where as the Asian type I'll post later on. all with Olympus EM5 + Nocticron all at Charles' Bridge
  19. photography was allowed inside with a permit but no tripod. Since I cannot post my MKII + Zeiss Distagon 18 mm lens mounted on a Gorillapod, I can show what Olympus EM5 + Summilux 15 mm can do at ISO 800 handheld This cathedral is one of the most beautiful one I hae seen. It is bright inside and the light has a golden touch. It was not crowded inside which doubled this tranquil atmosphere. One felt floating.
  20. this sight from the Charle's Bridge fascinated us every evening and we could not get enough of this special tranquil and relaxed feeling. X1
  21. our days were long in Prague but still, mostly we went home to our hotel walking alongside the Ultava river bank: a gorgeous velvet summer night was inivitng for a stopover. Olympus EM5 with Summilux 15 mm
  22. a few exercises on the subjet red. The streets of Prague are rich in subjects for street. I am not an expert because it needs a lot of practice. But here are a few samples, all with Olympus EM5 + Nocticron this is a detail from an Oldtimer Car that can be hired for tours through the city this guy was busy with his group from south East Asia he was waiting for his group there is his mini group another group needing help?
  23. recently we visited the city of Prague for a few days. Now I am sitting over hundreds of files to be processed. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is an amazing place for its hundreds of historic buildings, many of the Juvenile style and Art Deco or middle ages, renaissance and whatsoever. Light was gorgeous there being reflected by bright painted buildings which gave the light a soft golden quality. - But here for a start some morning and nightscapes. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit 28 mm view from Malá Strana over the Ultava river Olympus EM5 with Nocticron Charles' Bridge view from Malà Strana at 6:00 a.m. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit 28 mm view from Malá Strana with Charles' Briges on the left Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit 28 mm view from Malà Strana X1, view to Hracin with Cathedral and palace
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