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Found 18 results

  1. I have been using my X2 with no problem for many-many years but for some reason it seems like the camera is becoming slower and slower. When I use "C" and shoot a few images in a row it takes probably two o three times more to transfer the data than what it used to be before. Also the operation of the lens is delayed: when I shut off the camera it takes a very long time to retract the lens (not because it's doing some other process)... I don't know what is happening... is it too much use and maybe the camera needs to be clean up and lubricated? It is just too old now? is it just me? Has anyone experience something similar? And if so, how did you resolve the issue? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, First, sorry for my English but it's not my mother tongue. I searched on the forum but I found no answer to my question. I study in archival science. I have to take pictures of old documents in dimly lit rooms. For my birthday, I want to buy a new leica (I have the D-Lux6). I have the opportunity to buy the d-lux 109 (new) or a leica X vario (second hand) or X2 (second hand). Unfortunately, I do not have the budget for a leica M or Q (maybe one day...). I read the reviews for these three cameras but I cannot decide. With your experience, which camera would be best suited for photo archives in low light spaces? I'm sorry if this conversation has already been addressed but I have not found it. Thanks, William
  3. I wrote an article about the Leica X-E (Typ 102), you can read it here: http://jipvankuijk.nl/leica-x-e-typ-102/
  4. jshyshka

    Spiked Shoes

    From the album: Leica X Series

    Creepy arcade down by the beach in the LA area ...
  5. Hi! Will the Sony FDA-V1K viewfinder work on Leica X2? Are there any special design jada jada jada that sony made so that it doesnt work with other cameras? (i have found a used one cheap). Thank you!
  6. Hi, I recently suffered a "familiarity breeds contempt" phase: I lost all motivation. Over the past 8 years, I've used SLR's, compacts and system cameras, used digital, 35mm and medium format, and even set up a darkroom in my 6x6 foot bathroom. What an adventure until.....I lost all interest and gave away various cameras and lenses to local charity shops. I didn't regret it then and I still don't. I needed a complete break from what was turning from a pleasure into a clinical obsession: I have chronic depression and anxiety going back to childhood. Recently, the itch came back, but in a new form: do more with less and adapt to a single device, a single lens and single viewpoint. I've just bought an X2 for under £500 from a shop London. My mission now is to use it as my one and only camera, and allow it to dictate my work, not the other way round. I used it for the first time today and found myself doing some street photography after dark: I hope that the discipline of the camera will make me focus more and think less. Maybe some hobbies are a breeding ground for insanity! All the best, Colin.
  7. Habe meine X2 am ausgefahrenen Objektiv beschädigt. Die Kamera ist hochempfindlich und hält nicht viel aus mit dieser wackligen Objektivkonstruktion. Der Kostenvoranschlag von Leica beträgt Euro 1,192.00!! Das könnte dem Verkaufspreis einer neuen Leica X2 an die Händler entsprechen. Ich denke, dieser Voranschlag ist eine Unverschämtheit. Das erinnert mich an Apple IPhone Reparaturen, die auch immer fast so viel kosten wie ein neues Gerät. Ich denke, Leica verändert sich...
  8. Hello I am new here. I am contemplating on buying the X2. I mainly take family portraits. Is the X2 a good camera for portraits? Also thinking about the M8...
  9. I now found out, that my Leica X2 works great with my Canon Speedlite 430EX II. There is no TTL but it syncs up to 1/2000 Do you have any experiences with external (non-Leica) flashes?
  10. Just a note of thanks to forum members for your invaluable help in deciding which camera to purchase. I have been researching for the past few months and must admit this decision was not near as easy as I thought it would be. Let me explain: In order not to suffer severe buyer’s remorse I have to do my home work on any major purchase (also called anal retentive by some….). I don’t care about name brands. I never felt bad about buying Chevy trucks instead of Escalade counterparts because I knew after research that the differences were not worth the extra layout. With due diligence in those decisions it’s easy to tell those that critize your choice to “Bugger Off”. I am at best a novice photographer enthusiast not close to the level of you semi-pro and pro’s here in the forum. Thru the years I have tried to have a decent camera to record life with. I usually purchased the best I could afford which was not much as raising a family took precedence. I drove my kids crazy snapping pictures of them first with Yashica rangefinders then Canon AE’s before moving into the wonderful world of the original Sony video cameras. I came back to film and moved into digital with a series of Canons, usually upgrading every 4 or 5 years. Technology didn’t move as fast back then so decisions seemed much more simple. I’ve stuck to the Canon DSLRs and was satisfied until I tired of hauling my kit around. I travel a lot and noticed that the pleasure gained by capturing good images of locations around the world was diminished; first by standing out as tourist receiving hard looks from the locals as I framed a shot, then by the physical hassle of carrying around a brick. I like to travel light with a decent jacket to hold anything I need. I would just carry my camera on a shoulder strap with a lens or two and battery in a pocket. It changes the mood when you find that perfect small restaurant in Portofino and place a huge camera and lenses on the table next to the breadsticks. I found myself leaving my camera in the room at times because I just tired of hassling with it. To fix my problem I did some research and bought a Dlux 5. It was more expensive then the Panny equivalent, but I liked the color rendering much better and needed LR anyway. What a difference! It went with me everywhere and took decent pictures. My only problem was my big hands. I missed shots because I couldn’t get the camera up on target quickly without inadvertently hitting a button and fumbling with it while the shot disappeared. Thus started my new quest. I have been lurking at the Leica User site, DP review and others for weeks. If you worked at B & H and were looking at my cart you would have thought me some kind of half baked idiot. Every day I had something different in my cart ready to push the checkout button. First it was the X1 which mostly the review and images from S Huff’s site sold me on. As I was saving up for the X1 the X2 was released and in my cart. Then it was the Fuji X100s which had all I needed, but I still preferred the image colors from the X1/X2. The more I read the more confused I became. People were flaming the X1/X2 mostly because of the bells and whistles on other brands available for less. However when I looked at the end result the images produced and posted were not better and in most cases quality was noticeably less than what was coming out of the X1/X2 IMHO. The only one close (to me) was the Sony RX1 and X Vario which I simply could not afford. My cart then had the Oly M5 and various MFT lenses in it for a few weeks, followed by the new Oly M1 then by the Sony A7 with one of the new lenses. When I compared the physical sizes to my current DSLR I was surprised to see they were not pocket-able by the time you put a lens on. So I figured what the hell I’ll just get one anyway since they are smaller and lighter. Then I saw a deal on the Canon 6D now at B&H for $2k (after rebate) with a good L zoom lens and photo printer and that went in my cart. My finger was on the checkout trigger when I realized I had lost sight of my goal. I was suffering a bad case of GAS. After a few deep breaths and a shot or 2 of JD my vision cleared. I again reviewed user postings on the attributes and images of the X2 and I put one (again) in my cart along with the Oly VF and pushed the button. Thanks for taking the time to post your user experiences, images and opinions on this Leica users site. It is not an easy thing to sift thru the many reviews, fan sites and marketing data on something that is as subjective as an artist’s tool as I see a camera. Cold hard data vs color palettes vs ergonomics vs varying degrees of expectations. For me the bottom line is the final image quality produced by a pocket-able, reliable, sturdy camera. For those that disagree that the X2 meets that criteria then just don’t buy one. I am looking forward to using mine. Thanks again!
  11. Hi, I'm new here. Thanks in advance for your comments! I'm thinking about buying a Leica X2 a la carte (it might take around 1 or 2 months to receive it). Will Leica update this model soon or if they will release a new one (x3?)? Would you advise me to go for it or should wait for the next model? Thank you very much for your advices!
  12. I finally got around to buying the X2 last week after going through several brands of contacts. My overall impression is fairly good, but I have a number of nit-piks about the ergonomics. For one, you cannot access any functions until you take the lens cap off the camera. Then there is no RAW only setting on the camera. This means I waste card space with the added jpg I didn't want in the first place. There is a lot more of course, you can read about it on my blog: Foto Gizmo
  13. Even after the release of the X-Vario, I wouldn’t change my X2! I'm very happy with the great results I'm getting plus the convenience of being able to always have it in my pocket... but there's always room for improvement... so here is a wish list I would love to see in a future firmware update. And you? What do you think? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Hopefully someone from Leica reads this and takes it into consideration! So this is my wish list: 1. Would love to have the option to take double exposures. This is to be able to shoot more than once over the same frame. 2. In the Auto ISO Settings would love to have more options for the Slowest Speed like 1/60, 1/125 and for the Max ISO to be able to go to 12500. 3. Would be fantastic if they could remove the "red framed" screen that comes out when recovering from Auto Power Off. The camera would probably be ready to shoot faster without this unnecessary "Auto Power Off Cancel" notice. 4. On the "Self Timer" option would be great to have the possibility to make the camera shoot more than just ONE SINGLE frame. It could shoot 3, 5, 10 at intervals of 1 second or more/less as the hardware limitations allow.
  14. Hi all, A few months ago, I started a thread inquiring how well suited the X2 was for taking star-scape photographs. I'd like to contribute to the answer to my own question with a few examples of images I made last weekend in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Star Stare (a star party held at about 7600 ft. elevation). Under nice dark skies, the little X2 can really perform. The first two photographs were made at f2.8 and 15 seconds at 3200 ISO. At 15 sec. stars are beginning to trail due to the rotation of the earth. The third photo (same subject as the first) was made at 8 sec. Trailing is not an issue at this shutter speed. There is a higher noise to image ratio at 8 sec., but it is easily controllable, and the final result is no less realistic. (For those who don't mind stars that look like short sausages, 30 sec. can be pretty amazing.) I desaturated the second and third image somewhat for better verisimilitude—although, really, the eye cannot see even that much color in the Milky Way, but a little color looks nice, I think. All photos were processed (quickly and dirtily) in Lightroom and exported for email. I hope they work well with your monitors. All in all, I'm very happy with the performance of the little Leica for making star-scape images. Brent
  15. Diesjähriges Afro-Pfingsten in Winterthur (CH) mit der X2 eingefangen. In den engen Gassen und für Tausende von Besuchern waren viele Attraktionen zur Schau gestellt. Fotografieren war nicht immer einfach, in Sekundenbruchteilen haben sich Motive ergeben und wieder verworfen. Nach der Betrachtung am Monitor hat sich s/w aufgedrängt. Hoffe die Umwandlung mit Silver Efex gefällt.
  16. Hallo liebe Fotofreunde, Habe jetzt seit ca. 3 Monaten die X2 in Gebrauch und bin erfreut über die technischen und gestalterischen Möglichkeiten. Einstellmöglichkeiten im Menue z.B. die Parameter: Film-voreinstellungen,Schärfen,Sättigung, Kontrast etc. bereiten mir jedoch einiges Kopfzerbrechen bzw.eine gewisse Verunsicherung. Deshalb mal die Frage an die erfahhrenen und ambitionierten Nutzer der X2 : gibt es da Empfehlungen bzw. Richtwerte, wonach ich dann die Kamera kalibrieren sollte für hiesige Licht und Lebensverhältnisse. Euren Tips sehe ich mit Freude entgegen und Grüße herzlich aus Münster.
  17. Newbie needing advice here.. :-) I'm trying to choose something to jump in with... X1 demo w/full warranty - $1500 X2 - $2000 Ricoh GXR + M-Mount + lens - $2500+ Used M8 + lens - $3500+ Any/all advice welcome! (BTW, Leaning towards the X1 for some reason)
  18. One of the things I cannot buy is the Perfect Camera for my needs/wants. I know of the old saying that there is not a perfect airplane, perfect boat, perfect car, etc. But a lot of them come close. For me, the X1 is about good as it gets, but I still want more. I had an M9 for about two Months and sold it. It was too heavy and I like auto focus. I have the Canon 5D Mk ll. Its a great Camera, but I only use it around the house. Its too big to take on a walk around town. I want an X1 with interchangeable lens and 5-7 exposure AEB. I can do without the zoom lens and EVF, because my main interest is size, size, size. I shoot a lot of HDR's and that is the reason for large AEB. I know the argument, with a 35mm lens, you can walk closer or back up. But, if you are shooting interiors, you cannot back thru a wall. I read a thread somewhere the other day that said, Why don't Leica have a camera with a price point between the X1 and M9. It only makes common sense. If Leica announce an X2 with the above features, for $5,000, I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough. Glenn
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