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Found 7 results

  1. jaeger

    focus at infinity

    I had my camera and all lenses calibrated for back focus issue by Leica NJ 2 months ago. I thought everything was good until now I just realized the patch at infinity isn't completely aligned on my 35mm Summilux. Thanks to a newly acquired 1.4x diopter. I see double lines with tiny space in between when I point at construction grids at infinity. My 90mm APO doesn't have that. It is sort of minute, am I being too picky?
  2. I currently own the 35mm Summicron 35 asph (v1) and a Summilux 35mm asph fle. Both was recently serviced in Wetzlar, along with the camera as well (M10). All my other lenses was serviced at the same time. I am experiencing focus shift at infinity with both of my 35mm lenses. This happened before servicing, and also now after servicing, with both lenses, on the same camera body. I don't experience any focus shift at infinity with my other lenses (Lux 50 ASPH, Elmar-M 24/3.8 ASPH, Macro-Elmar-M 90/4). Summilux 35 ASPH FLE @ infinity position on the lens: f/1.4-f/2: no focus shift f/2.8-f/8: focus shift Summicron 35 ASPH @ infinity position on the lens: f/2-f/2.8: no focus shift f/4-f/8: focus shift Both lenses align perfectly with the rangefinder at infinity, but after doing some testing by focus stacking, and also using magnification and focus peaking with the EVF, I can easily detect that optimum sharpness at infinity is achieved well before the infinity stop on the lens. The exception is wide open (f/2 on summicron, f/1.4 on summilux), which focuses correctly at the infinity stop. I achieve maximum sharpness on a distant landscape scene with the affected apertures (f/2.8-f/8) at the following settings on the distance scale of the lens (see attachment of the lenses): Is this normal behavior on the 35mm Leica's? Or should I send the lenses back again? Both lenses focus correctly at other distances from what I can see. It is only at infinity that I am experiencing this issue. And if viewing an image at 100% the difference is easily seen.
  3. There are certain Leica Summilux 35 1.4 non ASPH lenses that are incompatible with the M8 or M9. I have one that is made in Canada. I looked everywhere to find clues on how to fix the issue. I found little pieces of information and I wanted to do everyone else a favor by taking a video of how I resolved the issue. First, to test if you have a problem - Set the focus to 3 feet (not to infinity). Mount the lens into your M8 or M9. Move the focus ring toward infinity GENTLY. If you feel resistance before infinity - stop. You have the issue. Now, to unmount, backup your focus ring to 3 feet again and then dismount. If you have the issue, do not try to mount the lens while focus is set to infinity. Bad. The problem - There is a shroud that sticks out (a black piece of aluminum highlighted in my video) at the back of the lens. This shroud increases in height as you move to infinity. The M8 and M9 body is preventing that shroud to further stick out while moving to infinity. I have highlighted in the video exactly which part of the shroud is hitting. I also show how I've done the job myself of shaving 1mm off the shroud to allow the focus to get to infinity without obstruction. There are illustrations that say measure 7mm from the bottom of the ring to measure exactly how much to shave, but my video shows what I've done and it works for me. I'm now a happy camper. Happy enough to share what I did. PS: I did not show it but I did tape the lens glass to protect it while I was grinding the shroud with my dremel tool. Here is the video for future adventurers: https://vimeo.com/275145377 Ronnie
  4. I love my D2, but unfortunately I found a problem in Digilux 2 manual focus @ infinity. Basically manual focus @ infinity will not focus on infinity at all. Here is my test: [1] Put camera on tripod, set aperture @ F2, set zoom @ 28 mm, and set focus distance at infinity. I took a picture, and I found both foreground and background are blur, and I don't even know where is the focus. [2] Set focus @ AF, point to infinity, and took second picture when AF indicate light is green. this picture is very sharp, both background and foreground, which is expected. It looks like this problem only occur at bigger aperture (F2, F2.8, F4), when I use F5.6 and F8, manual focus @ infinity seems work fine, I got sharp image. I think this issue will make manual "zone focus" difficult. I am not sure if this happened to me, or someone else also experienced the same issue? thanks a lot!!
  5. 忘不了

    Infinity (∞) problem

    This to Huangshan with SL 24-90 shooting, no infinite (infinity) scale night shoot the stars did not focus, hope is an infinitely distant switch next firmware with the new camera.
  6. vk2109

    M240+summilux 50 infinity

    Hello, I was shooting the other day, and noticed when i tried to focus on some towers (miles away from Brooklyn) on my M240/50 Lux ASPH at infinity the double images are ever so slightly off. even the focus peaking was not on the spot. When i tried with another lens, the double image were ok ! so i believe the lens need to be readjusted for infinity ? if so should i sent to leica or there are other reputable place in the US that can do it quicker...? Thanks for your help ! Best Vadim
  7. I have been troubled by my 35cron ASPH and Monochrom. I have discussed about the issue in another thread, but here is a related question I wonder about. Even with very fast lenses, if you - push the focus ring to the very end and focus at infinity - the subject is very far away, eg 1 km shouldn't the subject be at least reasonably focused and sharp, even though the aperture used is f2 or even f0.95, and it is the maximum aperture? Attached is a comparison, 1:1 crop, left is f2 and right is f4. Those structures are at least 1 km away. Note that (mentioned in another thread) in close focusing tests I found this 35cron frontfocuses at least by 1.5cm. I have tried to look for some answer around, reading about hyperfocal distance, infinity, and used some depth of field calculator. From one calculator, with 35mm at f2 and subject distance 1km, DoP near limit should be 20m, far limit infinity, total infinite, hyperfocal distance 20.5m, circle of confusion 0.03mm. I have yet to try to focus my N095 at infinity at f0.95. But based on all the information I have read, I would think this 35cron of mine still has issue, and infinity should really be infinity, which does not need smaller aperture to pull out more focus/sharpness. Or then can a mis-alignment with the rangefinder body affect the inifnity focusing and sharpness in this case? Or can overexposure also affect the result anyhow?