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Found 86 results

  1. I have a problem to get the SF 40 flash working on the CL camera. All the settings are as per the manual and the flash setting is on TTL but the flash icon on the display is crossed out meaning the flash will not fire although the camera flash setting is on. I have tried it on manual and auto but it still does not work. The flash tests good when I press the test fire, I have also changed the batteries but have had no success. I was hoping to get information from someone who may have experienced the same problem as I have.
  2. I've notice the ISO has automatically set to 100 when the shutter dial on a red flash symbol or I think it's 1/200. My question is will the WB also automatcally dial-in to "flash" accordingly or stay at whatever before (auto or something else)? Thank you.
  3. When I mount either the SF60 or the Profoto AirTTL For Nikon transmitter on the CL, the screen does this. I should point out that the SF60 only does this if it is on Wireless Slave mode. In TTL mode, it is fine. When I half press, this 'flashing' of the screen stops and things resume to normal. I assume this is not normal behavior?
  4. In the manual it says that the SL will sync with flash at 1/250. When I use the camera with Bron Visatec strobes I can only sync with 1/160 sec or slower. Using faster shutter speeds will result in a image that is dark in the bottom due to the shutter blocking the sensor when the flash goes off. Am I wrong?
  5. I’m experimenting with a couple of the nissin-based Leica flashes and their controller. I’m also supplementing with some Nikon flashes in manual mode triggered by their SU-24 sensors. In comparison to Nikon’s TTL which works flawlessly (on a Nikon system), the Leica TTL seems a bit hit and miss. It triggers fine, for the most part, but about 10-20% of shots are grossly overexposed, for no apparent reason, at least in my experiments. Has anyone any tips for getting the best out of this setup?
  6. Hello I have recently bought a small fujifilm flash EF-X20 for M9 (its my first flash ever) and maybe it will be a stupid question but I have no idea how to check if its properly mounted because nothing happens when I try to fire it (x mode, m mode, p mode, ttl/manual). I press push button to take it strongly to the end in the hot shoe but cant hear the final click, maybe the contacts dont cover everything and there is no signal? it looks strange from the side as if it couldnt go further or maybe its sth else? The flash fires when I only press a test button.
  7. Hello, I am a longtime Leica user and a new SL owner. With my various other mirrorless systems, I have been using a Godox lighting system with their camera specific remotes. I have note been able to find a Godox companion remote for the Leica SL and wonder if any other users have had a similar experience and if they've arrived at a workable solution? Thank you in advance
  8. rpoppes


    © Rudi Poppes

  9. Hi Can anyone help please? I have recently bought a Leica D-Lux 109 with the CF D flash. I know the flash worked when I first opened the box but now I can't get it to work. In the menu the 'flash' option is greyed out. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Dear M10 Friends and Users: I am wondering if any one has tried to use the Lightpix Flash Q20 with the digital Leica M. If you are not aware, Lightpix Flash Q20 is a cheap and wireless method of using flash with cameras. Here's a video on Youtube. From the FlickR page, I found this photo but not sure if they actually used the flash with the camera! Look forward to your responses. I am not affiliated with this company in any way.
  11. Mounted my SB24 on my new Q but it only fires when the flash is in Manual or Automatic. Does not work on TTL. Does anyone know if the SB24 is meant to work on TTL. If not then has anyone had experience with any other flashes.
  12. rpoppes


    It was time for a selfie with the CL and some off camera flashes.🤣 Nobody home to help out, remote app not working with CL, Godox trigger and Voigtländer lens. Back to self timer and guessing position in front of lens.

    © Rudi Poppes

  13. vedran

    HSS and SF40

    Does anyone know how to set M10 and SF40 for HSS. Does one just set shutter speed and e.g. 1/1000 and flash to TTL or something else needs to be done Thanks
  14. Hi All SL-users! I have had my SL for some months and used mostly M-R lenses with the adapers and the 24-90 Zoom which covers most situations. The system is heavy, but once you get used to it, -you start wondering why not use lenses of your 645 cameras:)? I have the Contax 645 lenses and wonder if anyone has found suitable adapter to use these on the SL - even if the AF and some other functions might be lost? Some time back there were still companies which made tailor-made adapters, but I have learned that we are maybe past those times?;) However, there are individuals who are keen to solve problems and I remember someone making an AF-unit of Nikon's 16A-teleconverter, which was not that difficult after all... Even the Photokina exhibition might have revealed something on this front? So, -please, share any of your experience and of this topic? if there are any:)? br Hans
  15. Picked up a mint 24D flash but no manual, leica site has everything BUT that one! doh !...any quick link to the manual appreciated. cheers folks
  16. Will all the Leica SF units ie 20/24/26/40 etc work in TTL with the CL?? thanks
  17. I am trying to get my head around flash on the Leica Q, I own the SF-40. It's a good match for the Q no doubt about it and pretty straight forward, but I came across some issues. Setup: on-camera flash SF-40 for fill, Aperture priority mode, Auto ISO disabled for flash photography, Aperture usually between f1.7 and f2.8 1. On the Q there is regular flash mode and long exposure mode (I am ignoring the Auto-Flash Option). The latter does not fire at faster speeds than 1/60th. Normal mode on the other hand won't let me go slower than 1/60th. I find this a little cumbersome, it would be good to have the flash fire from 1/2000th up to lets say 1 sec without changing the mode, is there a way to achieve this? 2. Is 1/2000th (still very nice to have compared to other cameras) the Qs max shutter speed that the SF-40 can sync with? HSS, which the SF-40 is capable of, usually goes higher. 3. The TTL flash compensation dial seems to override the Q settings, but it only allows -2/+2 max compensation. Any way to get the -3/+3 the Q has to offer? 4. The SF-40s zoom is set automatically when mounted on the Q. I can't change it manually. It clearly doesn't fully cover the 28mm frame though. I can get around this by using the plastic cap and/or wide angle diffusion screen but still... 5. What are the off-camera options? I think with a Nikon TTL-cable 1/2000th of a second and TTL should work? All in all I am looking for an easy and predictable workflow for direct fill flash or indoor bounce with this setup, that works in most shooting scenarios. Thank you very much.
  18. Today I finally got around to testing the SF-64 that I purchased 3 weeks ago. In summary: it's great! Seems to deal with every test I tried. A tad large. Caveat: I did not test every possible combination of settings and usage. I only tested the scenarios that I am likely to use: Fill-flash just to pop an almost indiscernible amount of light into shadows on a face - must not look like a flash has been used Indoor shots when there's not enough ambient light to hand-hold safely and there's something to bounce the light from (white ceiling or wall, reflector, umbrella) The SL and this SF64 (and FW 2.0) lets me do these two things easily. I mainly tested Aperture priority but I did test some Manual and Program. Mainly, I was playing with the Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) to get the right balance of ambient and flash. The SF64 is big but not out of place on the SL / 24-90mm combination. The handling balance is still comfortable. The controls on the back of the SF64 are mainly touch-screen but nice and easy to see and press. It's great that it displays the camera's aperture setting and also the distance range (min to max) that the flash can cover in the current setting. A nice feature is the ability to adjust the FEC on either the flash or in the SL menu. With the FEC now assignable to the favourites menu and a button shortcut, it's easy to change the FEC on either device. If you change it on one, it updates on the other. If you have saved an FEC in your profiles, that becomes the starting point for the FEC whenever you switch the flash on. This Hacienda photo has just a tiny bit of fill flash (FEC = -2). Similar images shot with the flash turned off are somewhat darker inside the funnel of the flower. Sunny afternoon but the flower is mainly lit from behind. 90mm 1/90s f4.0 ISO100 I did a quick comparison with the SF40. While the SF40 functions well for some settings, it tends to over-expose shots where the main subject is close to the flash. And, the FEC range of +2 to -2 is a bit limited for fill-flash. As others have noted, one thing that's not quite working as expected is using Flash with Auto-ISO. As soon as the flash is turned on, the ISO locks in to the lowest number in the Auto-ISO range, in my case ISO100. I guess that the complexity of having the ISO change is too much for the flash TTL algorithm to handle. Others are concerned about this but I prefer setting the ISO to a fixed number for most images, especially when flash is involved as my brain struggles to calculate the probable results of too many changing variables... Regards Peter
  19. I can't get the FlashQ to work with my Leica Q and Metz 36AF-5. They power on and pair/sync ok. They both blink red when I take a picture but the flash doesn't fire. Any help much appreciated.
  20. Hello everyone: my name is Maurizio and I'm Italian. This is my first post here although I registered years ago. I'm writing because I have a problem with a flash on my Leica M9, which I can not solve. I have a nikon SB-900 flash that works in manual regularly on the M9. Now I have bought a Debao SU-800 remote commander but the signal does not reach the flash. (Debao work normally with my nikon camera). (I know it's shameful to apply a Debao in a leica m9). Naturally I set the same "communication channel" and "group name" in commander and remote flash. When I shoot the remote flash does not turn on One more thing: When the test lamp, in the SU-800, is red, I press the test button, and the flash turns on but after a couple of seconds. Can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you very much for helping. (I apologize for my bad english)
  21. After an experiment with the SF58 (which I thought had a crackpot interface) I use a 'Nikon' Nissan Di700a and wireless 'air commander' with my Q and my SL. I use it completely manually - which isn't too bad if you spent the earlier part of your life with a Vivitar 283, plus modern digital cameras give us the chance to take a test shot and see how we are doing. I wouldn't mind the opportunity to use a flash TTL and of course high speed synch on the SL would be nice - though that's not such a problem with a Q of course. Have we formed the impression the new C1/SF60 will allow this? I feel so bruised by my experience with the SF 58 (which I could only ever operate manually) that I was wary about the Leica 64 and sf40 flashes. Anyone have advice to offer for a TTL solution including wireless control? Has anyone actually set eyes on a C1 wireless commander? Of course it would be lovely if I could buy one of those and continue using my di700a but nothing in life works like that. Thanks
  22. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone else is having a problemi with the new flash and wireless controller. My Leica CL doesn't fire the flash. It doesn't work it TTL more neither in manual. The SC1 has the same issue. What is your experience with the flash? Thanks for the help.
  23. Hello everyone, has anyone of you tried to use a SF 64 flash on a non Leica Camera? I bought it to use on M10, but I'd like to use it also on Fuji or DSRL cameras. Is it safe to use it this way? Are there voltage issues? Is it risky? I know that is a rebranded and adapted Metz flash. Of course I understand that TTL mode won't work on a non Leica camera... but automatic mode will do? Thanks Simone
  24. As spring rolls around and hearts turns to flowers, I'm hoping to get back to macro with my Q. I have to admit that I've rarely used add-on flash (my Fuji x100 has built-in), so I'm blissfully unaware of the complications. I know that some enjoy this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1030212-REG/canon_9389b002_mr_14ex_ii_macro_ring.html?sts=pi But it's quite expensive and wondering if less expensive versions will work also, such as below. And, what exactly do I mean by "work"? Thanks so much. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1125848-REG/yongnuo_yn_14ex_c_ttl_led_macro_ring.html?
  25. I have a Leica SL and CL and use the CL generally as a light weight back up. The SL works very well with a Nikon compatible Profoto Air TTL trigger but when I put the trigger on the CL, which seems to have exactly the same pin configuration, the flash will not fire. The link between trigger and flash works fine; it's the connectivity between the CL and the trigger that seems to be the problem. Any ideas or suggestions welcome. Thanks David
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