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Found 21 results

  1. rpoppes


    © Rudi Poppes

  2. rpoppes


    Melbourne Sunset

    © Rudi Poppes

  3. Hi folks, I see all sorts of exotic places in this forum. Here are some pics I have taken in my neck of the woods. I live in Gordon (a southern suburb) in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia....
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good place to service my leica in malboune. preferably in the CBD area
  5. Take this as advance notice of the Australasian One Challenge to be contested in Melbourne on April 8, 2017. The usual rules of competition will apply and all and sundry are cordially invited to make a sacrifice, similar to the Maya Indians, and make peace with your Bank Manager and book flights to Tullamarine (Melbourne International Airport). From there you will be regaled with confusing directions and compasses that work upside down, not to mention State Governor's who conduct business on their ear! Attendees at the Lisbon One Challenge will be further regaled with incentives and coercion's to make the 'short' trek south in April next year. A promo DVD has been prepared for handout to serious wannabees to illustrate what you will miss if you don't come. Any serious thoughts on preferred activities are invited, but I have several photo excursions planned out, well nearly. Of course, Melbourne is the centre of world cuisine so good nosh is a given all round. The formal dinner, post competition shoot, is tentatively planned to be catered for in a private 'gallery' where some familiar work may be found.
  6. Kaneda

    OJ and a fag

    A cool morning along Brunswick St. Leica M (T240) and Lux 50. All comments are welcome.
  7. Guest

    Waverley Cemetery

    Hardster, MarkP and myself did a bit of a late afternoon photowalk around Waverley Cemetery back in May. Here's a thread to share some images from what proved a nice opportunity to meet some forum members and to enjoy a glorious still Winter sunset. A little bit on Waverley Cemetery itself... It's located on cliffs just South of Bronte beach in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs looking East across the Pacific Ocean. The Cemetery has always been a 'private' self-funded one raising income from burial/maintenance fees, so tends to have some grander gravestones, statues, crypts etc. dating right back to its 1877 opening. It's in a real million billion dollar spot overlooking some of Sydney's most celebrated beaches, including Bondi's golden crescent. However the cemetery itself is in a constant need of repair/in fundraising mode as it doesn't generate any excess income. I'm not aware of any celebrated photographers buried here (yet ), author Henry Lawson is probably the most well known resident. MP, Portra 160 MP, Portra 400
  8. Kaneda

    Chilled Gertrude

    Gertrude Street. Leica M (T240) and Lux 50. All comments welcome.
  9. Taken with M (T240) and Zeiss 25/2.8 Biogon
  10. Finally had a night off for Australia day (2nd time in 7 years) and took the family down to watch the fireworks. took the M240, Sirui T-025X tripod (with centre column removed) cable release and my lenses. wound up shooting these with the 28mm Olympus f2.8 on a OM-M adapter and live view, trying to get the city into the shot too. the tiny Sirui tripod is perfect for an M - it packs up to be a little larger than a tube of pringles, and weighs about 800g. its great on concrete or sand, but with an M on top it is still to light for grass, and "floats" - attaching your camera bag to the hook underneath holds it down properly though.
  11. From the album: Snaps

    Western suburbs of Sydney, hot summer's day. December 2014. D-Lux

    © Simon Bedak

  12. From the album: Snaps

    Western suburbs of Sydney, hot summer's day. December 2014. D-Lux
  13. From the album: Snaps

    Western suburbs of Sydney, hot summer's day. December 2014. D-Lux

    © Simon Bedak

  14. New to the Leica world. This is from my first outing with my new M9 + 50Lux. Many thanks to my wonderfully patient model, Roxanne. All I've done to them is cut the highlights back. Thoughts?
  15. This place in remote Australia is often called the Devil's Marbles. But local Aboriginal people call it Karlu Karlu and connect it with the journey of the ancestral Rainbow Serpent which left its eggs scattered here as huge boulders. M9-P and 50mm Summilux.Of course the good thing about photographing rocks is that they don't move!
  16. Yellow Waters Billabong, Kakadu National Park. Kakadu, in northern Australia, is a vast area of wetlands, wildlife, ancient rock art, rare plants, stunning rock formations and more… M9-P and 50mm Summilux (at f16)
  17. The natural landscape in the region north of Coober Pedy in Australia is truly extraordinary (some scenes of the movie Mad Max were shot here). M9-P with 50mm Summilux.
  18. Hi guys, I recently picked up a nice classic M6 with a voigtlander nokton 35mm 1.4 I'm really enjoying the setup. I live on a cattle station in western Queensland, Australia and usually take a camera with me when mustering (herding cattle). As it can get quite dusty, I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on protecting the camera/lens from said dust apart from the usual. I won't be changing lenses as I only have the one at the moment but would expect to pick some dust up when loading film etc. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Butch
  19. My name is Jerry Bei and I am a fellow Australian Photographer, here are some captures I took on Aussie streets: Street Photography — JERRY BEI GALLERY
  20. jerrybay

    Faces of Sydney

    Hi everyone, here is a collection of Street Portraits of Interesting People in Sydney I took over the course: Interesting Portraits — JERRY BEI GALLERY
  21. I'm a returnee to Leica (had an M3 and a IIIg many years ago) and have come back (new M9, M6 & a swag of lenses) after many years. I still love my Nikon gear though... I'm looking for a reliable repairer/maintenance provider in Australia - I live in Alice Springs in central Australia but travel to the east coast fairly regularly - any suggestions? And I'm also looking for someone who a put 6-bit codes on my lenses so that i don't have to muck about with manual entry every time I change lenses. Any suggestions welcomed!
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