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  • Snooopy%s's Photo
    Snooopy has started Dioptre Compensation Securing for Leica Q in Leica Q.
    Hello,   now the video for the "dioptre compensation securing for Leica Q" is online  
  • jmahto%s's Photo
    jmahto has started Compelling case for CL (or not) *replacing* M in Leica CL Forum.
    I have been reading CL discussions with interest. Being digital M user (M9 and now M240) for last 5 years, I can see how CL can complement it very well. That is no-brianer.   However, what abo...
    • jmahto

      I'm that guy who swapped his M10 for a CL. I had the same thoughts, and being a proud owner of the wonderful 24 Summilux I was similarly concerned about not having a wide angle wide aperture lens.


      The 24 Summilux is AMAZING, but the number of times I used it at f/1.4 was minimal. I mainly used it for landscaping (where, being a Summilux, it is astounding in terms of clarity, sharpness and colour). Psychologically, I am going to miss a 16mm f/1.4 (24mm equivalent) wide angle wide aperture lens. However in reality the 24 lux is a massive indulgence. I know I'll be able to take the majority of the same shots (and wider) with the 11-23. 


      I think that I'll be fine with the 18mm 2.8 as an extremely compact walkaround lens. And I've also been eyeing up the 23mm (35mm equiv) f2 as an interesting piece of kit which is still pretty small.


      I imagine a 16mm f/1.4 CL lens will be a fairly substantial thing that would reduce the advantages you get from using the CL. And there's a 35mm (50mm equiv) 1.4 already that you can play with.

      Highlight mine....

      35mm on CL has to be a nocti in order to give same DOF as 50lux on FF M. Which CL lens are you referring to?

    • Tobers

      Highlight mine....

      35mm on CL has to be a nocti in order to give same DOF as 50lux on FF M. Which CL lens are you referring to?

      I was literally counting the seconds before someone came back with this reply. If you want light gathering, then 1.4 is 1.4. If you want equivalent DoF then 1.4 is approx 2.1 on the APS-C sensor. The lens I was referring to was the Summilux-TL 35mm which obviously gets you the aperture but not the equivalent DoF. Did you actually think that I was referring to an as-yet-unannounced 35 f/1.0 L-fit lens????

  • poseidon%s's Photo
    poseidon has started Hotels in Architektur.
    Hi, [attachment=423703:L125020.jpg] Gruß Horst
    • Jellyfish1945

      nein, schepp.




    • XOONS

      Kennt hier jemand The Black Noodle Project?

  • double_0_se7en%s's Photo
    double_0_se7en has started Is it possible to use a soft shutter with the Q? in Leica Q.
    I saw a soft shutter which can be attached on the shutter button with an adhesive. The company I guess is lolumina.com Anyone tried it before? Which size must be ordered?
    • HighlandK

      I had a softer shutter button on my Nikon FM many years ago when shutter buttons were small, recessed and threaded to take a cable release. It was an advantage then but I haven’t really seen the practical utility since shutter buttons bevame larger and more accessible, as in the Q. Indeed, I fear that a raised release could be triggered accidentally more easily.

      I realise that doesn’t answer your question, more wondering why folks find it necessary.

    • reynoldsyoung

      These guys work like a champ!!!



  • NEIL-D-WILLIAMS%s's Photo
    NEIL-D-WILLIAMS has started Nice skin tones in People.
    Another of my wife shot again with the S120mm
    • Mark Pope

      Nicely done.  Did you use a reflector to fill in the shadows?


      Hi Mark
      No I just made a few adjustments in PScc to brighten up my wife’s face......... the Leica S files are great for that.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

  • X_Beliebiger%s's Photo
    X_Beliebiger has started und silbern glänzt der silbermax ... in Landschaft & Reise.
    Adox Silbermax, Summicron 28   [attachment=423688:silber.jpg]   .
  • jmahto%s's Photo
    jmahto has started Yellow Warbler in Nature & Wildlife.
    Spotted this beauty on my nature walk. 180APO3.4+2XAPO is becoming my go to long lens for Sony APS-C (Nex6).   [attachment=423680:exp_sm_20171217coyote_walk-3831.jpg]
  • cujoka%s's Photo
    cujoka has started Zuckerfabrik in Architektur.
    Im Herbst beginnt die jährliche Umwandlung von Zuckerrüben zu Kristallzucker, in der Frauenfelder Zuckerfabrik. Dabei stinkt die Stadt und Umgebung eklatant nach faulen Eiern. Abgesehen davon, lief...
    • Suuumm55

      also aus dem Schornstein steigt Zuckerwatte auf........ :D










    • cujoka

      also aus dem Schornstein steigt Zuckerwatte auf........ :D












      Das währ lecker.....   :P

  • Deliberate1%s's Photo
    Deliberate1 has started Storage card questions in Leica S System.
    Friends, all the SD cards I use (16gb and 8gb) are several years old. I want to replace them with 32gb cards before my trip to Thailand next month. And as I will not bring a computer with me, I am...
    • Deliberate1

      On the S 006, you cannot write the same files to both CF and SD cards. I had hoped to do that, however, the Parallel function writes a jpg to the SD and dng to CF, if you have jpg already enabled.


      I use the WD MyPassport Wireless Pro. It works very well for SD card backup.



      Jesse, thank for yours.

      So I get that the CF takes the DNG and SD gets the jpg. But the manual says that is the case "if parallel and both file formats are selected." But if only DNG is selected in the menu, wouldn't the camera write DNG to both? I would test the theory but do not have a CF card yet.

      Your thoughts?



    • Deliberate1

      You can get a backup drive with an SD slot. The Western Digital (WD) "My Passport Wireless Pro" is the most common, but several brands offer the functionality.


      I use the same Sandisk 64GB SD cards as Matt. The S does not benefit from UHS-II SD cards (unlike the SL). Any name-brand card purchased from a reputable source should be OK.

       Bernard, obliged. Seems like there are at least a few of you who are using the 64gb cards. That is interesting. My Leica dealer strongly recommended against anything bigger than a 32 gb card, presumably because of start-up or write times. No issues for you?



  • Csacwp%s's Photo
    Csacwp has started Adobe RGB question in Digital Post Processing Forum.
    I'm looking to start printing my photographs.  I currently shoot raw and edit the raw files in Capture One on an NEC PA272W.  I save them in the sRGB color space for web viewing.  I...
    • Exodies

      If you edited the picture in Adobe RGB and exported it in Adobe RGB, printed it, and were satisfied with the result, and you then exported the same version in sRGB and viewed it in a web browser and were dissatisfied with the result, then I would say you were being a bit too pernickety.

    • Csacwp

      How do you edit in Adobe RGB?  I thought Raw files didn't exist in a color space until you choose one when they are to be exported as JPEGS or similar?

  • presbyopia%s's Photo
    presbyopia has started Speedlite setup for SL in Leica SL System.
    I am starting to explore wireless (radio) off-camera speedlite use with my SL and am running in to difficulties.  I am not sure if it is the flash equipment chosen or camera settings selected....
    • lx1713

      "Attaching the speedlite directly to camera, the flash is triggered appropriately but the speedlite controls become finicky"

      Maybe the Nikon protocols are not shut off completely even when in manual. They could be responding to the SL. I would pick a purely manual Yongnuo. It's probably a safer choice. Burning out a motherboard on the SL will be expensive.


      " Attaching the trigger to camera, the trigger is not responding to shutter release."

      Possibly the same problem experienced with the Profoto A1. The trigger pin of the flash is not in contact with the hotshoe contact. So it doesn't trigger.

    • thighslapper

      I bought either the same (or similar) TTL Nikon compatible Yongnuo speedlite and wanted to use it on camera to trigger several flashes. I could never get it to work properly and sold it. 


      I now use the YN560-Tx controller on camera which will control multiple remote flashes and alter their power remotely ... plus a handful of cheap YN560-III speedlites. Works fine. 


      I suspect the SL is somehow sensing some of the Speedlite/Controller TTL functions but as they are not fully compatible with Leica protocols it is just getting confused. 


      From reading others experiences on the forum it seems that sticking either to purely Leica TTL gear or Generic non TTL gear used manually is the safest solution. 

  • Peter E%s's Photo
    Peter E has started Looking for best lens for 360° photography in Leica SL System.
    Hi all, I'm looking for a good lens to use for 360° photography. I prefer 18 or 21mm with minimum distortion and good colors. I want to use it on my SL. I already used/tested the tri-elmar which is...
    • Ingo

      My favorite lens for 360 Panos is the TL-23mm.

    • saxo

      To make it short: Super Elmar-M 3,4 21mm

  • DN%s's Photo
    DN has started Fragen zu Gossen Sixtar/Sekonic L-398A in Andere Leica Produkte.
    Passt zwar nicht ganz in diese Rubrik, aber ich bitte als normaler Hobbyfotograf um etwas Entscheidungshilfe:   Für Einzelfälle (hauptsächlich Lichtmessung) möchte ich mir einen externen (gebr...
    • DN

      @ 2 Danke für die Antwort.


      Kult muß es nicht sein, bis auf den Punkt, dass ich gerne ein Zeigerinstrument hätte.


      Den Sixtomat kenne ich, habe ihn leider vor 30 Jahren entsorgt, heute ärgert es mich,

      aber andererseit ist er doch etwas zu "gülden".

      Wenn es nur digital sein soll, dann könnte ich auch bei meinem Digisix bleiben, aber

      die ständige Stromfresserei ist nicht mehr "state of the art" und schneller ASA-Wechsel

      ist auch nicht möglich.


      Bin für jede Idee offen. Nochmal, es geht mir hauptsächlich um die Lichtmessung, alles

      andere kann die M10 wie auch X-E besser.

    • wpo

      Ich kann nichts zu dem Gossen-Gerät sagen, aber den 398er habe ich seit gefühlt 20 Jahren mit Erfolg in Betrieb. Er ist sehr sparsam, ich habe noch nie eine Batterie gebraucht ;)

      Sollte Deiner lahmen, so hätte ich dafür noch eine nagelneue originale Selen-Zelle. Ich habe seinerzeit aus einem Bastelvorhaben heraus, welches sich dann nicht realisieren ließ, die allerletzten drei Ersatz-Selen-Zellen beim technischen Service für Sekonic gekauft. Diese liegen seitdem bei mir warm, trocken und dunkel. Die aktuell vertriebenen haben keine Selenzellen mehr, folglich kann man mit dem aktuell gebräuchlichen Ersatzteil einen alten L-398A nicht ohne weiteres reparieren.

      Freundliche Grüße


  • Hans-Peter%s's Photo
    Hans-Peter has started Schlesien ... in Landschaft & Reise.
    der stolze Urgroßvater 1913 ...   [attachment=423666:hirschb.jpg]   ... in der Provence 2017.   [attachment=423667:ouvert.jpg]
  • rmueller%s's Photo
    rmueller has started Kunsthalle Mannheim in Architektur.
    Am Wochenende war Tag der offenen Tür in der Kunsthalle Mannheim. Die Eröffnung ist dann im Juni 2018 mit u.a. einer Jeff Wall Ausstellung.   [attachment=423665:L1001556.jpg]
  • Hans-Peter%s's Photo
    Hans-Peter has started l'autre facon de manger ... in Menschen.
    • monsieur nobs

      Zuerst dachte ich …



      … aber Tegtmeier hatte ja keine Brille.


  • stuny%s's Photo
    stuny has started A non-violent drive-by shooting in Landscape & Travel.
    From the back seat of a quickly moving taxi in Porto taking us to dinner  
    • photophile

      Nice pacific image,Stuart - in our fair city...no such entity "non violent drive-by" exists, alas. Best, C.

  • chriscove%s's Photo
    chriscove has started 3rd Party Leica M to C mount adaptors in Leica CL Forum.
    A quick question. Do you get focus magnification (using the right dial) with M or Voigtlander lenses when using 3rd party adaptors like Fotodiox or Novoflex?  I am planning to use uncoded M le...
    • digitalfx

      Don’t know why it wouldn’t... it’s a camera function, not part of the mount.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

    • jaapv

      My Zeiss-s and Voigtländers magnify without problem; why not?

  • sinope73%s's Photo
    sinope73 has started wenig in Landschaft & Reise.
    [attachment=423659:wenig (von allem).jpg]
    • Suuumm55

      Markus, ich mach mal ne kleine Tabelle auf.....


      #1 - die hölzerne Hand welche am Schornstein zupft.......?

      #2 - ruhig und von mir aus auch wenig.....

      #3 - nichts für mich dabei......












    • sinope73

      Ja, genau so wars gedacht, es soll immer weniger werden, am Ende eigentlich nichts(woran man sich halten könnte, denn die 'Natur meint uns nicht').



  • Learner%s's Photo
    Learner has started CL FAQ ... "How do I do such and such?" in Leica CL Forum.
    I haven't got my CL yet, but not being technically savvy, I know I will be asking: How do I do this? How do I do that?   I don't think I'll be alone.   I am sure that fellow CL'ers will c...
    • jaapv

      This thread is meant for questions and answers by our members only. It is not meant for discussion. Such posts will either be deleted without notice or moved elsewhere.

    • Louis

      Q. How do I trigger image magnification with manual focus?
      (This has come up several times already)
      A. With TL/SL lenses image magnification is automatically triggered by moving the focus ring. With manual focus lenses, the RH dial by default triggers image magnification.

      I have been struggling with this issue ever since I have the camera since I love using my old and good MF Nikkor lenses. I have even been to a Leica store for help, but without any success.

      Although the right top wheel shows that magnification is “ON”, I still can’t function it with the wheel like some other folks are doing. But I found a very weird, bizarre and unpractical way of triggering the magnification; pushing the up arrow on the right side of the screen!..... This is not practical at all and I hope a firmware could correct that.

  • X_Beliebiger%s's Photo
    X_Beliebiger has started am abschied in Sonstiges.
    times has passed ...   [attachment=423656:abschied.jpg]   .
    • mein Lieblingsfotograf


    • cujoka

      ich nehme die mp, linse kannste behalten.



      Die Linse macht sie aber erst erwachsen.......

  • Tobers%s's Photo
    Tobers has started Impressed with the 55-135 in Leica CL Forum.
    I bought a 55-135 TL lens when I got my CL. The long end is a focal range I've been missing with my M10 so I was particularly keen to get hold of this lens, but somewhat concerned that image qualit...
    • Learner

      Well worth digging into the "take a look here" link at the end of the third para in the top post.

    • scott kirkpatrick

      I bought a 55-135 TL lens when I got my CL. The long end is a focal range I've been missing with my M10 so I was particularly keen to get hold of this lens, but somewhat concerned that image quality would be a bit of a let down. It is after all a fairly pedestrian sounding APS-C slowish variable aperture zoom.


      I really enjoy landscape photography, so I wanted to put my mind to rest and see how it would perform in comparison with my benchmark 50 Summilux-M ASPH and 90 Summicon-M AA lenses. Surely this variable aperture lens couldn't be as good as those two little gems? Obviously I'm not comparing apples with apples from a wide open aperture perspective, but for landscaping I'm normally around f/11 anyway so the fact that the 50 lux gives me f/1.4 is largely immaterial in this case.


      A brief but controlled test was required. Tripod, daylight white balance, similar apertures, same scene. If you want to see full res,100% crops and some more pics at wider apertures, take a look here.



      Leica CL + 90mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f-11 1-15th ISO100 by Tobers, on Flickr



      LEICA CL + APO-Vario-Elmar-TL at 90mm f-11 1-15 ISO100 by Tobers, on Flickr



      Leica CL + 50mm Summilux-M ASPH f-11 1-25th ISO100 by Tobers, on Flickr



      Leica CL + APO-Vario-Elmar-TL at 55mm f-11 1-25th ISO100 by Tobers, on Flickr


      I have to say I'm impressed by the results. The variable aperture, relatively slow 55-135 puts out some very sharp, contrasty images. Aside from a very slight colour difference which you could correct if you wanted to, the pictures are amazingly similar. 


      This gives me a lot of confidence in the 55-135 for landscape work. When I'm hiking up a big mountain in Scotland next month I'll leave the 50 and 90 M lenses behind and take the 55-135.


      I'm also now pondering the 11-23 as an additional short zoom (I'll get the 18mm prime as soon as one is in stock somewhere). If the 55-135 is this good I think the 11-23 should be pretty amazing as well.

      You are gonna like the 11-23 just as much.  I've shot video with both on my SL (as well as some stills) and am very impressed.  Others say the same.

  • mein Lieblingsfotograf%s's Photo
    mein Lieblingsfotograf has started am alog in Landschaft & Reise.
    santa eulalia, 2017 mp, 35 asph, teemacks fearhundert
    • michaelott

      ich kann dir derzeit einen umstieg auf die digitalfotografie sehr empfehlen.


      dann könntest du nämlich auch durch das loch durchfotografieren.


      das geht auch analog mit einer LEICAFLEX. ich weiss aber nicht, ob es die auch in schwarzlack gab.

    • mein Lieblingsfotograf


  • Csacwp%s's Photo
    Csacwp has started Help picking lenses for travel in Leica M Lenses.
    I will be in Italy and Spain for two months and am considering the following combinations of lenses to bring. I’ll be shooting travel photos, the odd portrait here or there, and some landscapes. 2...
    • Csacwp

      I assume it is for Leica FF camera, maybe even RF? Just 28mm lens then. Here is absolutely no problem to take portraits with 28 RF lens, it doesn't distorts as SLR lens on (d)SLR or mobile phone lens (most used 28mm lens).


      Travel is about to explore by getting close. 28 is perfect for it. 90 is if you are afraid to get close or need to take passport photo :)


      Well, I like using the 90mm for landscapes.  I'm wondering if I would miss it if I brought the 75 lux instead.  As for the 50mm, it's such a nice lens... but I'm not sure if I'd use it.  Maybe it's better to be safe than sorry though.


      As for portraits with the 28mm... it works fine for trip photos, but my wife doesn't find it very flattering.  

    • cp995

      With your lenses, I'd take 28 + 75.

      But I'd prefer 28+50mm too!

  • LUF Admin%s's Photo
    LUF Admin has started Umfrage: Nutzt du für deine Fotos Cloud-Dienste? in Leica Kundenforum.
    Die Nutzung von Clouds wird immer alltäglicher, auch für die Speicherung von Fotos: Adobe treibt das Thema über die neueste Lightroom-Version voran, die großen Player wie Google, Apple, Amazon...
    • Trennhüpfer

      Ich nutze Dropbox, um Fotos mit anderen zu teilen, Apple iCloud fürs gemeinsame Betrachten und und Bluewin-cloud als zusätzliche die Datensicherung.

    • justru49

      Die Dropbox nutze ich sehr selten, um Bilder zu Freunden zu transportieren, oder zurück.

      Den Datensicherungsaspekt einer zusätzlichen Cloud-Speicherung sehe ich ein, mache es bisher trotzdem nicht.

      Meine halbwegs aktuellen Bilder habe ich auf meinem Notebook "immer dabei" und auch lokal gesichert. damit fühle ich mich wohl.

  • X_Beliebiger%s's Photo
    X_Beliebiger has started am knopf in Architektur.
    Nach wie vor bin ich begeistert von den Möglichkeiten, die mir der Umstieg auf die Digitalfotografie eröffnet!   [attachment=423646:amknopf.jpg]   .
    • X_Beliebiger

      Gibt es denn hier evtl. sowas, wie einen Murks-Thread?



    • B. Lichter

      Gibt es denn hier evtl. sowas, wie einen Murks-Thread?




      Ja, da war mal was.


      Allerdings konnte man den Eindruck gewinnen, dass es... wie soll ich sagen... doch etwas an der nötigen Souveränität der Forenten mangelte ihre Werke als „Murks“ einzuordnen. Oder vielleicht war`s auch nur Selbstüberschätzung.

  • horosu%s's Photo
    horosu has started Fraudulent ebay item in Leica M Lenses.
    Hello all,   I just want to point out a fraudulent ebay scam involving my ad, here, in the "Buy & Sell" section: to my utter disgust I've just found today a semi-complete duplication of my ad...
    • jaapv

      It is still there. I reported it as a fraud.

    • horosu

      The seller did the same with two more ads from RFF (Items 152832614821 and 152831297582).....

  • joergel%s's Photo
    joergel has started ...ins unendliche... in Landschaft & Reise.
  • Byciclefreak%s's Photo
    Byciclefreak has started SL Stammtisch in Leica SL System.
    Hallo, gibt es in der Nähe von Neustadt an der Weinstraße einen Stammtisch oder gelegentliche Treffen von SL Fotografen. Habe seit kurzem eine SL. Erfahrungsaustausch oder Tipps wären willkommen. V...
    • X2_Neuling

      Hallo Lothar,

      schau mal unter *Veranstaltungen und Forumstreffen* nach Stuttgart. Da finden monatlich Treffen statt.

    • Ingo

      Wir können ja auch einen SL-Stammtisch ins Leben rufen. 

      Zum Beispiel Speyer oder Mannheim.

      Wenn du magst, kommst du zur Gründungssitzung bei mir in Reilingen vorbei. 

  • Ron Weissman%s's Photo
    Ron Weissman has started CL and Profoto A1 in Leica CL Forum.
    I've had great results with the new Profoto A1, which is an event shooter's dream flash, beautiful light, massive capacity, and instantaneous flash recycling. I realize there are many Profoto hater...
    • Ingo

      Which version do you use (Canon, Nikon?)

      I have no issues with the Nikon A1 on the SL and will check it with the CL later.


      Edit: To my knowledge the Canon version does not work, you need a Nikon version. 


      The Nikon version works on the CL. I've tested it right now. 

    • Ron Weissman

      Thanks, everyone, for your commentary.  That was exactly my fear, that the Profoto pin on the Canon version wasn't long enough.  Glad to hear that other models work. At least I know now what the problem is. 



  • fsb%s's Photo
    fsb has started Gigabitfilm in Analog-Forum.
    ​gibt es noch den Gigabitfilm? Was ist das genau, welcher Hersteller steckt dahinter?   Insgesamt finde ich, bricht das Filmangebot derzeit geradezu zusammen.   Nur noch Foma und Ilford b...
    • fsb

      ich dachte, die " Analoge Fotografie erlebt eine große Wiederbelebung" gelesen zu haben !?
      Wie sollte das ohne Filme gehen? Ales nur Gerede und Geschreibsel?


      Alles nur Gerede! Der Markt ist heftig umkämpft und nach Adox sind die Margen sind (zu) niedrig. Entwicklungskosten werden auf 20 (!) Jahre umgelegt. Dazu ist das Angebot rückläufig und unberechenbarer. Kodak BW400CN vermisse ich sehr, war zum Schluss nur noch al KB lieferbar, Rollfilm war schon vorher ausgelaufen.

      Insbesondere kommen die "Neuen" nicht richtig voran: Ferrania, Adox und Kodak-Dia.

      Fuji, Ilford und Kodak leben von der Substanz und streichen mal immer wieder einen Film.

      Film ist derzeit einfach zu billig.

    • Talker

      Dann nehme ich die Batterien auch wieder aus meinen Kameras raus.......schade ist's schon. Aber meine Digi-Knipsen würde ich nicht so gern wieder abgeben.

      Unterwegs mal eben 5 Bilder machen machen, noch eines hinterher mit ASA 6400, danach wieder mit 200 weiter noch drei Bilder und in 1 Minute, wenn der iMac warm ist.... sind die Bilder auf dem Schirm oder schon in der Tonne. kein Filmabschneiden im Wechselsack, , keine Panscherei, keine halbe Nacht im Labor..... keine anständigen Baryt-Abzüge....ist doch egal!!... Es ist eine Neue Zeit.

  • Csacwp%s's Photo
    Csacwp has started Filter question in Leica M Lenses.
    I’m extremely anal about dust getting on (and into) my lenses, so I put B+W MRC nano filters on my lenses (UV or clear depending on the lens). The problem is I also like to do long exposures and u...
    • michaelwj

      1st point: Dust does not get into the lens from the front, it gets in from where the lens expands on focusing and other mechanical places. A filter will not change the amount of dust you get in a lens.


      2nd point: I just remove the clear filter and replace with a different filter is required. It's not that hard or time consuming. Especially with long exposures, the moment hardly passes quickly! I only stack filters when I need the effect of two filters.

    • pgk

      Firstly, there is virtually no discernible difference between a photograph taken using a good 'protective' filter or without (believe me I've tested this to my own satisfaction ;)).


      Secondly, the only practical exception is when a filter can cause reflection - shooting against the light or with strong light sources within the image or close to its edges. Then unwanted 'reflection' or 'flare' patches can be exacerbated as light is reflected internally from the filter's rear surface or rear of its front surface (or a mix) into the lens itself. In such situations its advisable to remove the filter. (Again this is my own experience)


      Thirdly, stacking filters is in my experience a bad idea because of the second point (even more reflections) AND because shooting through multiple layers of glass causes multiple refractions, especially evident as the glass is placed further away from the front of the lens, and this can lead to image degradation. This is more obvious with wide angle lenses where corners can soften discernibly (polarisers on wides can cause this problem too).


      So I personally always use a protective filter, except in conditions where it can cause problems, and I never stack filters. Just my way of working though.

  • escimo%s's Photo
    escimo has started COP 11 with more Leica lens profiles in Darkroom.
    Hi there. Don't know if this was already stated but Capture One Pro 11 is out and supports more Leica M-mount lenses (profiles) Leica Lens Profiles Leica Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21mm f/4 ASPH Leica Super...
  • Donzo98%s's Photo
    Donzo98 has started Leica Warranty on SL stuff bought on Asia?? in Leica SL System.
    I am thinking of buying the SL 50 from a Hong Kong Ebay seller...   They are just so much cheaper than buying USA. Do you guys/girls know the situation for warranty/service should it be necess...
    • Einst_Stein

      Leica has a service center in New Jersey. I believe they can take care T/TL/SL/M stuffs. I had my M9 (Sony Sensor corrosion) and T (main board burnt by 3rd party USB to body charger).

      On warranty, if you can register your lens on Leica official web site, it is as good as any purchased in any Leica authorized dealer. This is according to the advise from New Jersey service center.


      On the Hong Kong dealer. I have no experience with the one you mentioned, but I have dealt with FourPo. This is one of the most regarded grey market dealer in Hong Kong. The price is usually better than other grey market dealers that I can find. I bought 24-90mm and 90-280mm zooms from them. Whjile the lenses work very well, the box of 24-90mm looks very old, no at all like a new product. I suspect it might not be really brand new, but since it is treated like new by Leica service, I accept it what-you-pay-what-you-get. The 90-280mm box is really like new.


      So, while Hong Kong has really really good price compared to, say, B&H, better to be prepared that you might get a used but really clean item. If the price match this assumption, go for it.


      Oh, by the way, the Ebay price is usually 15-20% higher than direct from Hong Kong dealer, mainly due to  Ebay's free (10% at least and paypal fee (forgot how much, should be around 3~6%, if not more).   

    • ramarren

      I've bought a couple of things from Breuget, no problems. However, for most expensive items like this, I prefer to stick with a dealer whom I've built a relationship with over many years and whom I can call and converse with if there are problems. A premium for that service is worth it, to me, in most cases. 


      The "global" vs "regional" warranty business used to be the way that manufacturers supported repairs at their regional distributors. It makes some sense: For instance, Nikon has their US distributor, Nikon USA. Nikon USA will do warranty work for free on any Nikon sold as part of their distribution channel ... it's the profit from their channel sales that funds this warranty work. Nikons bought elsewhere are covered under the international warranty, which is funded direct from Nikon HQ and requires you use the Nikon International Service Centers. 


      Leica being a much smaller volume global manufacturer chooses to fund warranty work at their regional distributors from HQ, which costs a bit more and can run into time delays as the regional repair center has to interact with HQ to authorize repairs, also some repairs have to be sent back to HQ since the regional service centers don't always have the authorization/equipment to do all repairs. 


      The "one warranty everywhere" program is the easiest for users to work with, but the regional warranty program can be more responsive and quicker. Pick your poison... :D

  • NEIL-D-WILLIAMS%s's Photo
    NEIL-D-WILLIAMS has started A couple of my beautiful wife Nuk in People.
    Both shot with Leica S007 and S120mm Lens   Playing with my Chamonix 4x5 [attachment=423592:Neils-Photography-181117-Putrajaya-L1001471.jpg]   Day Dreaming [attachment=423593:Neils-Photog...
    • ropo54

      Ha!  At the moment, I don't need any more temptation!  (I'm still trying to figure out how to use what I have :D ).

      Happy holidays to you and family.


    • stuny

      I especially like #2 for the light.

  • fotografr%s's Photo
    fotografr has started Embers in Landscape & Travel.
    Embers from a too large bonfire.   D109
    • stuny

      Very nice.

    • Bill W

      Very nice but scary. It is so dry in parts of the US and these get out of control so quick. Makes one think of the folks in California.

  • reynoldsyoung%s's Photo
    reynoldsyoung has started The SF 26 on my Q in Leica Q.
    My SF 26 fails to flash at all.  All the functions of the flash seem to be alive and well...TTL, power, etc.  Batteries are hot.  But, no flash.  Wondering if the hot shoe is de...
    • Infiniumguy

      Many thanks....bracketing is not set. Arg! Was hopeful!! Will run by the Leica Store today and try another flash.

      Double arg!! I have not tried other modes to see what does not allow the flash to operate. Are you in PASM? Flash mode ON.

      I just worked through the entire menu. I don’t see anything obvious that should disable flash. Hopefully the Leica store expert will find something simple.

      FYI, I had a SF-26, but sold it and upgraded to the SF-40. The 40 is a better overall flash and uses AA batteries which I prefer.

      Good luck!

    • reynoldsyoung

      I am in PASM, Flash mode ON.  On my way to the Leica Store today.  Thanks so much for all that effort.  Probably a bad SF 26.  It did fire once this morning...totally over exposed the image.  Sick puppy I think.

  • spacecad3t%s's Photo
    spacecad3t has started Thumb grip in Leica CL Forum.
    How much would you pay for a "knock off" thumb support, made of machined Acetal?   From what I can tell without seeing one in real life yet- it appears to be made of a high density plastic lik...
    • jaapv

      No objection at all, personally I really like the Thumbie, produced by a Forum member, others prefer the Thumbs Up. However, if you want to sell through this forum you must contact the owner (LUF Admin) first.

  • Volbeat%s's Photo
    Volbeat has started The Pantheon, Paris in Architecture.
    One of the most beautiful building I've ever seen.   The Dome of the Pantheon, Paris 
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • Volbeat%s's Photo
    Volbeat has started Such Ernest Chess Playing in Street Photography.
    Intellectuals, Shakespeare & Co. Paris 
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • docdave%s's Photo
    docdave has started The Silver Q......almost perfect in Leica Q.
    I recently bought the silver annodized Q from BH. It is, without question, a gorgeous camera and a complete joy to use. The simplicity of the menus is a welcome change from the normal excessive com...
    • ajmarton1

      I don't know.  I love the Q and like the simplicity of it.  No barriers to just letting your creativity come through like the old film Leicas.  It's typically the camera I will pick up when in a hurry and I have the M10, Monochrom and SL.  Andrew

    • docdave

      My point is that if you have to do repeated menu diving in order to change basic settings then the camera starts to get in the way of a smooth shooting experience. If a person constantly shoots with one set of preferred parameters, then that would never become an issue. I understand that. However, I like to change things up depending on circumstances.

      Even if Leica implemented a separate page where one could save favorite 4-5 settings, then I would be very happy with that. Doesn't the new Cl have that very feature.

      I have hopes for a few more important additions with a new firmware update. This camera is so well loved by its owners that it would be a pity if Leica abandoned its ongoing improvement. Use all those unused buttons for something vital. For example, the prevailing common wisdom has always been to never delete individual images from a card for fear of compromising the file structure and integrity of the sd card. I do not know any photographer who uses the DELETE button on their camera for that purpose. Instead, have that button take you directly to a FAVORITES menu. Easy. What a wonderful change that would make to operational smoothness.

      Thank you.

  • steve kessel%s's Photo
    steve kessel has started Just a pure caffeine shot in Street Photography.
  • HighlandK%s's Photo
    HighlandK has started 240 Blackfriars Road in Architecture.
    London - in late afternoon winter light. Leica Q 1/60, f5.6, ISO 200  
    • war

      Nice composition and lighting. 

    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • colorflow%s's Photo
    colorflow has started Just got my M10 - question about focusing patch in Leica M10.
    Finally decided to upgrade from the 240. Received the M10 two days ago. The focusing patch seems to be acting strange. Sometimes it is out of vertical alignment by quite a bit, sometimes a little,...
    • Jeff S

      No new feature, but some have noted the apparent greater need to keep one's eye centered as compared to the M240.


    • colorflow

      That was it. Thanks

  • jpreisch%s's Photo
    jpreisch has started Elysium in Nature & Wildlife.
    Type 109
    • stuny

      Quite lovely.

  • TM1ka%s's Photo
    TM1ka has started christmas shopping in Street Fotografie.
    M240 35 2.0 ZM
  • Holger1%s's Photo
    Holger1 has started M2 im All in Leica Sammler & Historica.
    aus "objektiv" 1965, Nr. 49
    • Holger1

      Welche ? Die da, oder die da? oder ist es die da?, meine waren alle markant unzuverlässig unausgereiftes Zeug,

      4 mal getauscht, M9 war deutlich besser , sonst war sie okay ;-)

      Die hätte ich auf den Mond geschossen.

    • romanus53

      Welche ? Die da, oder die da? oder ist es die da?, meine waren alle markant unzuverlässig unausgereiftes Zeug,

      4 mal getauscht, M9 war deutlich besser , sonst war sie okay ;-)

      Mein Beileid :(, da hatte/habe ich mit meinen beiden wohl mehr Glück gehabt. Die M9 war auch OK, vor allem Vollformat, zum Glück habe ich auf die M240 gewechselt, bevor die Sensorprobleme public wurden.