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  • Reini%s's Photo
    Reini has started Der rasende Reporter in Menschen.
    Heute beim Motorradfahren ein bisserl gespielt....fotografieren lassen. Wenn jemand die Effektspielerei nicht mag, auch gut.   [attachment=453469:Der-rasende-Reporter-1-klein.jpg]  ...
    • Gobert

      Die Erste is super.

    • Reini

      Danke Euch!


      Mit einer Leica II (am unteren Bild zu sehen) haben wir auch was probiert. Der SW Film ist aber noch länger drin.

      Elmar 50mm, 1/125 bei Blende 9 gibts vielleicht einen Wischeffekt?

      Sofern ich überhaupt im Bild bin. :ph34r: Der kleine Sucher ist für sie sinnlos. Die ausgestreckte Handhaltung sowieso ein Zufallsbild.  :D


      Die Grösste Sorge war sowieso, daß der rasante Fahrtwind meiner Frau das Mate 9 oder die Leica entreisst. :o

  • joachimw%s's Photo
    joachimw has started Im Weinberg in Landschaft & Reise.
  • bejersey%s's Photo
    bejersey has started Auto Review in Leica X.
    My TYP 113 still auto reviews for a second even though Auto Review is set to NONE Any work around? Thanks  Rick
  • bejersey%s's Photo
    bejersey has started X TYP 113 image review question in Leica X.
    Even when I go to image review in the menu and turn it OFF...there still is a short image review. This there a workaround? Thanks Rick
  • albert%s's Photo
    albert has started 1840 Row Houses in Landscape & Travel.
    Portland, Maine   The residents got together and purchased the large green grass area in the foreground.  Before my V- Lux was repaired. DCM LX 100. One block later there was another whit...
    • habe

      Portland, Maine


      The residents got together and purchased the large green grass area in the foreground. 

      Before my V- Lux was repaired. DCM LX 100.

      One block later there was another white haired man with a DCM LX 100. We had a nice chat.


      Burano coloured like Portland - LX 100 / D-Lux 109 super -   

  • dkCambridgeshire%s's Photo
    dkCambridgeshire has started The Window Cleaner in Street Photography.
    Yesterday evening, for the second time, I attempted photographing the Alan Sly FRBS, bronze sculpture 'THE WINDOW CLEANER' which stands outside Capitol House, adjacent to Edgware Road Tube Station,...
    • dkCambridgeshire










      Photos taken by TLF member John Dodkins … also showing wet plate specialist Tony Lovell using his Rolleiflex and looking after my 1979 vintage Billingham bag … we'd been to Photographica where we met up with Leica Forum member Paul Kay.



    • Michael Hiles










      Photos taken by TLF member John Dodkins … also showing wet plate specialist Tony Lovell using his Rolleiflex … we'd been to Photographica where we met up with Leica Forum member Paul Kay.




      Nice shots. I also like your signature reference to Mandy Rice-Davies. A terrific and useful quote.

  • robgo2%s's Photo
    robgo2 has started IR photography and the Q in Leica Q.
    I have been following the IR image thread, and I wonder how this type of photography is possible on the Q simply by placing an IR-cut filter in front of the lens. The camera's sensor is covered by...
  • hmarkweidman%s's Photo
    hmarkweidman has started SL - focusing on moving subject in Leica SL System.
    I am curious to learn if anyone else is having problems with the Leica SL when shooting moving subjects.  When shooting a moving subject, like a dog coming towards the camera, the Focus Point...
    • sillbeers15

      The selection of AF size should depends on the background you are shooting against. If it were plain and no distraction, you can select 'field' or 'zone' to increase your scope of focusing (but increasing can also reduce the accuracy of focus). If the background is complicated, you're better off selscting 'point' focus.

      Avoid shooting your moving subject against strong back light as the Contrast Detect AF mechanism is at it's weakest. The stronger the lighting on your subject improves the AF accuracy. Select your shutter speed to sufficient to avoid motion blur even though you have stabalizon on.

      Another note is if you're set on AFC than AFS, at times just jam your shutter release button can yield some suprising focus sharp results even your EVF does not necessary show that the subject is fully focused (the AF will continue to focus while you continue to shoot on continuous drive mode). If you're using the 90-280mm zoom which the focus zone is fairly large, it makes sense to prefocus at a certain point in similar range of distance you wish to start shooting your moving subject. I found it increases the chances of getting the moving subject visible in the EVF good enough for me to start fixing the green box on my moving subject and start shooting.

      Hope that helps,...happy shooting.

  • thowi%s's Photo
    thowi has started Mariahilfer Kirche, Wien in Menschen.
    [attachment=453416:201211_18_Mariahilfer_Kirche_Wien.jpg]   Leica R-E, Summilux R 1:1,4/ 50mm, Agfa Precisa 100   Gruß Thomas
  • Lux%s's Photo
    Lux has started Friendly invasion in Landscape & Travel.
    Friendly invasion    
  • Lux%s's Photo
    Lux has started Freundliche Invasion in Landschaft & Reise.
    Freundliche Invasion    
    • Lux

      passt ! 


      Freut mich sehr, danke!



    • joachimw

      Gefällt mir gut. Eins schöne Stimmung. 

  • tranquilo67%s's Photo
    tranquilo67 has started Introduction in New to Leica and Leica Forum.
    Good afternoon,   Sorry for not introducing myself earlier but I wasn't aware of this area.   I have been reading you for quite a long time and now it has been the moment for start partic...
    • Gibbo

      Welcome  :)

    • Jeffry Abt

      Yes indeed...welcome 

  • jimleicam3%s's Photo
    jimleicam3 has started Filter Use in Leica M Lenses.
    I have been using the 21 mm f/3.4 for the past 10 months, and after a recent trip, I am really enjoying this lens.  I would now like to try some landscape shots with a ND filter.  What po...
    • spydrxx

      I've used a 3 stop ND, but only when the camera is loaded with 400 film to give me flexibility when shooting in daylight conditions.

    • albertknappmd

      It is best to use one ND at a time and avoid stacking as diffraction becomes a problem. 

      I use the 3 and 9 stop ND by B+W. Live View is paramount along with sturdy tripod.


      Albert  :D  :D  :D

  • stuny%s's Photo
    stuny has started Rather typical of Danny AMeyers' employees in People.
    Danny Meyers is an exceptionally successful restaurateur.  A hallmark of his restaurants is his staff - Always well selected and trained.  this is one of the staff members we met on Satur...
  • antigallican%s's Photo
    antigallican has started Summaron 35 2.8 rocking iris ring in Leica M Lenses.
    The headline says it all. My summaron 35 f2.8 iris ring has a bit of movement in it. The lens works perfectly. Anyone had this issue before? Is it worth a service to cure (is it possible to cure!)?...
    • spydrxx

      Do you mean forward and aft rocking, or lateral rocking between indents?

  • gwpics%s's Photo
    gwpics has started Stairwell, Studio 144 in Architecture.
    The main stairwell at Studio 144 which is a recently-opened art complex in the centre of Southampton, England The space features a number of new galleries, workshops and video studios. The intentio...
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • Suuumm55%s's Photo
    Suuumm55 has started Steinhuder Meer...... in Landschaft & Reise.
    • Suuumm55


    • Suuumm55


  • Tessar.%s's Photo
    Tessar. has started 50mm lens with similar look to 24mm Elmar in Leica M (Type 240 / 262).
    Hello,    I'm really enjoying using my new 24mm Elmar on my M-P and especially liking the way it renders images.  The colour, contrast and sharpness of the images is amazing.  I...
    • a.noctilux



      I agree with Mr. Puts but I'll refer to my Elmar-M own experiences to go further.


      I do use old Elmar 3.5/50 in screw mount and like the rendering very much, so when the Elmar-M 2.8/50 was offered I bought one in silver.

      Enjoy the Elmar-M 50mm for a while and many things bother me.

      The silver chrome weight, the collapse lens that I rarely collapsed for compactness, the six-blade iris in contre-jour with "ugly hexagonal blobs".

      Old Elmar 3.5/50 has lovely round iris.


      I sold it, and found a lighter black Elmar-M 50mm, used it for a while.


      Now the black Elmar-M exchanged for a Summarit-M 2.5/50 and I'm happy with this light/compact lens when I don't need the Summilux/Noctilux speed.

      This 2.5/50 is really my favorite 50mm lens with it's nine-blade iris and no-flare-prone [my Summicron(s) 50 may flare in contre-jour], and so compact/no need to collapse.



      Summarit-M 50mm so good/light/small that now in 35mm (I own f/1.4/2/2.8/4 lenses already in 35mm), I tend to use the Summarit-M 2.5/35 when I need 35mm.

    • Gregm61

      The 24mm f3.8 Elmar is, just an outstanding lens. I have it semi-permanently mounted on an M262 and use it in tandem with an M-P240 that has a 35mm f1.4 FLE. Those are my two primary lenses, with a 75mm f2.4 Summarit and 18mm f3.8 Super Elmar in the bag as third and forth (wider and longer) lens options.


      24mm Elmar..






      35mm Summilux FLE..





  • hanskb%s's Photo
    hanskb has started Elmar-M 3,8/24mm in Leica M Objektive.
    Eingangsbereich der Stiftskirche in Aschaffenburg   Mir gefällt die sehr geringe Verzeichnung des  Elmar-M 3.8/24mm
  • gwpics%s's Photo
    gwpics has started 4900 Farben in Other.
    German artist Gerhard Richters' work '4900 Farben' on display in the John Hansard Gallery at Studio 144 in Southampton, England. In total the work consists of 196 panels, a part of which is shown h...
  • Vieri%s's Photo
    Vieri has started Majestic Vestrahorn at dusk, Iceland. Leica SL in Landscape & Travel.
    Vestrahorn at dusk, a long exposure taken just before one of my Workshops One-on-One in Iceland last February. Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm v. III and filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra.  ...
    • stuny

      Beautiful, magical, like a Hollywood CGI world.

  • Marek%s's Photo
    Marek has started flowers in People.
    Alessia m240+Noktilux 0.95     [attachment=453314:unbenannt-1-26.JPG]   [attachment=453315:unbenannt-1-27.JPG]
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • yst%s's Photo
    yst has started my new D-Lux (typ109) questions in Leica D-Lux / Digilux / V-Lux.
    Greetings!       I just received a D-Lux (tape 109), and have the following questions:   1.  does a new memory card needs (or best) to be formatted when first insert to the...
    • yst



      2. I usually use the Grid as Ir assists composure


      For the D-Lux (109), how do you set the function to have only the grid, but has no other data or figures on the screen??

    • Andreas Braun

      For the D-Lux (109), how do you set the function to have only the grid, but has no other data or figures on the screen??

      Hello yst,


      fortunately both are independent from each other.


      1. With DISP-button (rear side, bottom right) you can choose "display layout" (p. 62 of the manual). One of the choices is "without information".


      2. With "MENU---Custom---Guide Line" (p. 65 of the manual) you have the desired choice.


      Hope it helps



  • dkCambridgeshire%s's Photo
    dkCambridgeshire has started Eyes Right ... in Street Photography.
    [attachment=453296:Whosoever-etc-shall-be-saved-rslf.jpg]     Speakers Corner     Visited Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London, Sunday 20 May, where preachers of various persuasio...
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • jay968%s's Photo
    jay968 has started New CL -- Images look awful in Leica CL Forum.
    Not sure if there is something I am missing or what but is there something that needs to be set to get the most out of using M lenses on the CL? I have researched this camera for weeks, and looked...
    • jay968

      I use SL's for work but bought a CL as a more compact every day camera. Results with TL, M & R lenses are shockingly good. It's made me re-assess APSC as in many cases I struggle to see a difference between the CL files and the SL. Have you tried it with a TL lens? Not sure why the Fuji 'dances rings around the CL' when you say that it's not good with adapted Leica M lenses?

      I meant with native Fuji lenses.

    • jay968

      I can only say that sometimes it's simply a matter of personal taste.


      I had the same reaction to the Q that you have to the CL:  I was very disappointed by the RAWs and couldn't fathom why people loved the Q's output (not showing any disrespect to those people, that's just my opinion). I got myself a CL and thought the image rendering was wonderful, very close to if not the equal of my M10's. Further, I couldn't fathom why reviewers trashed that camera.


      Maybe something is defective, maybe not, but life's too short to worry about it. Return the camera (as you did) and move on.

      The problem with the Q the way I see it is that it has a tendency to produce moire an awful lot. Otherwise, have always felt that its output is superb.

  • NicCouryPhoto%s's Photo
    NicCouryPhoto has started Leica M-E in 2018? in Leica M9 / M-E.
    I know I'll get a mix of answers here, but is a great condition M-E still a good purchase in 2018? It has the sensor replaced. I have an M240 I love, but needs an RF adjustment. I rarely shoot it o...
    • Rus

      I think an M-E in 2018, for many, is as going to be as good as it has been in 2017, 2016, 2015... you get the idea :P

      The question is whether or not you personally like the files it produces, either OOC or after PP. 


      When choosing digital cameras I tend to look at three aspects: 

      1) What sort of image quality, colour rendition, etc. its sensor is technically/theoretically capable of achieving? 

      2) What I could possibly achieve with this sensor through my own current photo-taking and post-processing skills? 

      3) Does the production of photos that are aesthetically pleasing to me require any of the "boundary-pushing" capabilities of a sensor in the first place? 


      What I've often ended up finding is that my own skills usually fall short of extracting all the capacities of the sensor. So I'm often quite content with using "older" generation technology.


      Oh I might also add that, after testing out the M240 loaned to me by a friend for a while, I realised that I shoot the M240 and M9 in different ways, which I have written about in a different post: 




      I shot an image in low light with the M9 and Lux 50 Asph, underexposing at ISO640 and pushing 4 stops in PP.

      Personally I find the result still more than usable, but different people certainly have different aesthetic preferences. 

      You can find the rather mundane shot here: 


    • Adam Bonn

      Personally I’d serach the net for some sample m9 dngs to download (there are many) then run them theough your workflow and see what you think

      The ccd/m9 isn’t some magic wand that always makes a lovely file, but it certainly can make a lovely file

  • StS%s's Photo
    StS has started Seagulls prefer softtops in Other.
    Larus Occidentails on a Pontiac Calalina.   Contrary to the text of a childhood song it does occasionally rain in Southern California (but it does not pour, man).   Thank you for your int...
    • stuny

      Very nice. 

  • albert%s's Photo
    albert has started Lilac (SMELLS SO GOOD) in Nature & Wildlife.
    Got my VLux back from the shop today.  
    • stuny

      Al -


      Lovely, and I prefer the 1st one.  Now, if you could post its wonderful fragrance....

    • albert

      Thanks fellows. It’s a wonderful time of the year although a bit late.

  • leitna%s's Photo
    leitna has started Auf der Alm in Landschaft & Reise.
    mit der M7, Tri-X und D76 Ob der Tri-X im KB Format mein Film ist, bin ich mir noch nicht sicher     
    • leitna

      Ich denke, schon. Dazu muss dann halt ins Spiel kommen, was für klassisches S/W fast unabdingbar ist und heute von vielen S/W-Fotografen vehement ignoriert wird(das meine ich jetzt ganz allgemein) - das richtige Licht.


      volle Zustimmung, aber das gilt für Farbe genauso wie für SW, für digital genauso wie für analog, ... 

    • leitna



  • Timothy D%s's Photo
    Timothy D has started Pfingstsonntag an der pommerschen Küste in Landschaft & Reise.
    • Signor Rossi

      Zwischen 11 und 3 hat der Fotograf mal frei. ;)

  • leitna%s's Photo
    leitna has started Panorama in Landschaft & Reise.
    mit der M7    Kodak Tri-X - D76  
    • leitna

      in der Mitte im Nebel verhüllt der Dachstein



  • photophile%s's Photo
    photophile has started Sikh Day - Washington, D.C in People.
    I was privileged to be invited for a meal after the event and learn of this religious heritage. M10. 35 cron circa 1977. Shot at f2. All comments welcome.   www.focophoto.com    
    • stuny


    • photophile

      Stuart, thank you.

  • Lux%s's Photo
    Lux has started Leica M2 Okular-Umfassung in Analog-Forum.
    Hallo zusammen,   ich hatte gerade  die Freude, eine wunderbare M2 + Elmar 50 + Summaron in Sammlerzustand erwerben zu können (allerdings sammle ich sie nicht, sondern fotografiere...)....
  • lutronjim%s's Photo
    lutronjim has started Kugellager IIIc question in Leica Collectors & Historica.
    New member question   I have a Leica Kugellager IIIc camera my father bought in the early 50's. I was told it has the wrong base plate. The plate looks to be stainless and the top of the camer...
    • Anbaric

      Those I've seen pictured have matching base plates, but especially for a camera made and used in wartime, all sorts of things are possible. The original may have been lost or damaged and simply replaced with the most readily available version, which would have been chrome once Leitz had the supplies to begin plating again. Maybe it even started out as one of those rare cameras that had a MOOLY winder painted to match, which was then replaced with a conventional base plate at some point.

    • willeica

      Sometimes, people messed around with base plates and the simplest thing to do was just to replace the base plate with one that was to hand. Below are my two grey IIIcs, one a K and other not. The one that is not a K, which I got for a very good price, has some type of flash synchronisation device on the base plate which now prevents wind on. I just replace it with a base plate that works if I want to use the camera. I suspect that spare grey base plates are difficult to get and I have never gone looking for one.


      [attachment=453356:TLS Auctions and Collecting 2 Grey IIIc and IIIcK (1 of 1).jpg]



  • Kamyar%s's Photo
    Kamyar has started what is new firmware 109? in Leica D-Lux / Digilux / V-Lux.
    hi guys. my body is is ver.1.0 . this is last version? 
    • BrianH8er

      It is indeed. Relax and enjoy

  • Daniel303%s's Photo
    Daniel303 has started Monochrom-compatible lenses in Leica M Monochrom.
    Still in love with my M3 but processing film feels more and more taxing as the years pass. I have been unable to find clean and clear answers to my question: can I use my old Summilux 50/f1.4, Summ...
  • abrewer%s's Photo
    abrewer has started King Strut in Sports & Leisure Time.
    M10 35mmf2ASPH   [attachment=453216:L1000061.jpg]
    • stuny

      Very funny, well done.

  • robgo2%s's Photo
    robgo2 has started Cannot remove Thumbs Up grip from my Q in Leica Q.
    I have the v1 attached to my Q, and it is so tightly fitted that I cannot get it to budge. Are there any tricks to doing this?   Thanks, Rob
    • lct

      Did you try WD-40?

  • HeinzX%s's Photo
    HeinzX has started Dance of the witches in Other.
    Dance of the witches - processed picture in 2 variations. Original one made withSL and 24/90.
    • stuny

      Very nice.  I too prefer the color version

    • HeinzX


      thank you for your kind comment.

  • HeinzX%s's Photo
    HeinzX has started Pollen on sill in Nature & Wildlife.
    Pollen on sill - a lot of them this year. Looks a little bit abstract in mymind.
  • abrewer%s's Photo
    abrewer has started Engineer Think, Monkey Steer in Sports & Leisure Time.
    Indy 500 driver Charlie Kimball looks on as technicians evaluate data from his car   M10 35f2ASPH   [attachment=453203:L1000031.jpg]
    • Bill W

      Great caption Allan.

    • stuny

      Very nice, and I love the titme.

  • Gregm61%s's Photo
    Gregm61 has started Lakeside Monochromes... in Landscape & Travel.
    Using M262 and MP240 bodies, and 35mm f1.4 FLE and 24mm f3.8 M lenses..            
    • blackjag

      You got it. Very nice Black&White Pictures. To me Number 1 and  Number 5 are the best.





      Always, i read of Dallas / Texas, it reminds me at Johnny Winter  ;)

    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • graeme_hutton%s's Photo
    graeme_hutton has started Look in People.
    Leica D-LUX (Typ109)   G   [attachment=453201:DaisyH.jpg]
    • stuny


    • graeme_hutton

      Thanks very much. I was pleased to hear this from LFI Gallery today too:

      Dear graeme_hutton

      we are very pleased to let you know that your photograph has been favourited by the editors of the LFI Gallery! Your image Look is a

      Upward and onward!


  • Lux%s's Photo
    Lux has started Seebrücke Bournemouth in Landschaft & Reise.
    Seebrücke Bournemouth    
    • Commander




    • Signor Rossi

      Sehr schön. Allein die seitlichen Nachbelichtungen sind mir zu aufdringlich.

  • wlaidlaw%s's Photo
    wlaidlaw has started M4-2 Winder - Users Manual PDF or Scans? in Leica Collectors & Historica.
    Has anyone got a users' manual for an M4-2 Winder (Motor Drive) that they could scan for me please. I don't mind if the scans are sent to me as a series of images, as I have Adobe Acrobat Professio...
    • pgk

      ..... at which point the winder becomes very noisy and clunky.


      I had one in the early '80s. It was noisy back then. If they get worse with age they can probably replace football rattles. Unfortunately not one of Leica's best accessories.

    • wlaidlaw

      I had one in the early '80s. It was noisy back then. If they get worse with age they can probably replace football rattles. Unfortunately not one of Leica's best accessories.


      I have also got the later and better Motor-M which works on the M4-P but I rather like the M4-2 winder's clunkiness. Compared with my Combat Graphic it is quiet and smooth. 



  • leitna%s's Photo
    leitna has started Nik Software in Photoshop - Dateiarten in Digitale Nachbearbeitung.
    Hallo,   ich habe bei meinem Photoshop 5 - Nik Software als Plugin und nehme es ganz gerne zum schärfen. Die Dateien aus der Digitalkamera funktionieren fast alle. Wenn ich Bilder scanne ist d...
    • leitna

      danke, das muss der Grund sein - waren allesamt SW Negative

    • joergel

      Du kannst das problemlos umstellen. Ich meine unter Bild -> Korrekturen, bin aber z. Zt, nicht am Rechner.

      Gruß Jörg