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  • pascal_meheut%s's Photo
    pascal_meheut has started Strange focusing problem in Leica M10.
    Hi, My almost brand new M10 is spot-on with my brand-new 28mm/2, the 35mm FLE & the 50mm/1.4 ASPH. So far, this is what I had with the M9 & the M240 except the M10 seems even better.   But the...
  • M Kenya%s's Photo
    M Kenya has started Pool in People.
    Ethiopia   Leica Q   http://www.signsofafrica.com/latest.html
  • fede_frisco%s's Photo
    fede_frisco has started Strange Blue line in the middle of my picture. in Leica M9 / M-E.
    Hello guys, Does anyone know why this blue line has appeared from the sun through my image? Thanks to all.   Federico
    • pop

      There is a very bright part of the image that lies exactly on the edge of the sensor, i.e. the image of the sun. This confuses the sensor, causing it to produce that line. 


      The image can not be recovered.


      The effect does not damage the sensor. Try framing the image a bit differently, moving the sun completely outside of the frame or within the frame at some distance from the edge of the image.

  • robert blu%s's Photo
    robert blu has started Old building, La Spezia in Architecture.
    Sunset light in La Spezia, Italy M10, cron 35,    
  • tanuki71%s's Photo
    tanuki71 has started Leica Q und Affinity in Leica Q.
    Wer hat Erfahrung mit Apples Affinity und der Leica Q? Kann die neueste Version von Affinity die DNGs der Q so gut bearbeiten wie LR?
  • gwpics%s's Photo
    gwpics has started Watching the Artist in Street Photography.
    Taken in the Soho area of London in 1999 and just discovered whilst trawling through my negatives. It would have been Leica M6 and is Tri-X.   Gerry
    • stuny

      Very nice

  • gwpics%s's Photo
    gwpics has started Montepulciano in Street Photography.
    This is from my first visit to Italy in March 1999. Leica M6 with Tri-X film but I have no other details recorded. Looking at the image I would assume 50mm Summicron f2.   Hope you enjoy,...
    • stuny


  • low.jason%s's Photo
    low.jason has started advice with postal delivery in Netherlands in Customer Forum.
    hi   I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question. However, I am at my wits end. I am based in Singapore. I have purchased a Leica lens from eBay and the seller is located in...
    • jaapv

      Which shop? If Foto Professional, your best hope is ebay.

    • low.jason

      Jaapv, I will pm you

  • bozu_shutterbugger%s's Photo
    bozu_shutterbugger has started How long have you had Leica? in Leica M (Typ 240 / 262).
    I recently join the Leica family and I am thinking I won't move ever to anything else. I am curious to know who has the most amount of years with Leica in this group. Please be honest So I'll sta...
    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Um weiviel Uhr hast du angefangen mit dem Zählen? Das muss schließlich auch berücksichtigt sein, wo käme man da hin?

      Ja, das ist richtig.

      Um 9:00 hat der Fotoladen aufgemacht, um 9:01 hatte ich die Leica.

    • Lmax

      1976  :-o

  • Q116 - M10%s's Photo
    Q116 - M10 has started New to Leica (film) M-P / M-A, M6 or M7? in Leica M-A / M7 / MP and Film M.
    Hit me up with pros and cons? What shall I get? I have 3 Summilux lenses 21/35/50. I predominantly just want to shoot film for fun, but also to teach my son who is about to tur 14. I had a Konica a...
    • Ko.Fe.

      If you have money to spend, buy what you want for Luxes to be on pair and something easy for kid. Like serviced M2, Color Skopar, TwinMate lightmeter and bulk of bw film with developer and else to let kid to learn at his own and ask questions. And not always from you. They ask, learn on-line.

    • ShivaYash

      I'd recommend a twin body set up, nice to shoot two types of film at the same time. The MP is charming and very similar to the M6. As others have said, price doesn't seem to be an issue so go new.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

  • jdlaing%s's Photo
    jdlaing has started Street Repair in Technology & Industry.
    The old way.
    • mikemgb

      I have those same tires on my truck. :) Great photo!

  • mikeodial%s's Photo
    mikeodial has started Filter Thread for Leitz Macrotar / Elpro Close Up Lenses VIa 16531E & VIb 16532F in Leica X.
    Just purchased these close up lenses for my X Vario. Can anyone tell me if an adapter is required for them, and if so what size and brand suggestions you might have.    Thanks,   Mik...
  • HeinzX%s's Photo
    HeinzX has started Full rotation and slow rotation in Other.
    Full rotation and slow rotation - the same thing - children seem to like it - atleast for a while ...
    • stuny

      Very nice

  • HeinzX%s's Photo
    HeinzX has started Multicolor top and derivatives in Architecture.
    A multicolor top and surrealistic derivatives.
    • stuny

      Very nice

    • HeinzX

      Thanks all for looking and comment.

  • jpreisch%s's Photo
    jpreisch has started Circle of life in Nature & Wildlife.
    Type 109
    • stuny

      Quite lovely.

  • stuny%s's Photo
    stuny has started A piscou shrike butcher bird in Nature & Wildlife.
    in the Cedarburg Mountains of South Africa.  
    • Tom Barry

      Great capture of this colorful bird.

    • fotografr


  • enboe%s's Photo
    enboe has started Any courtesy 6-bit comings on NOS lenses? in Leica M Lenses.
    Has anyone had Leica provide a courtesy 6-but coding on a new stock, pre-6-bit lens? I know where there's a new lens at a Leica dealer that I am considering, but wonder if I should budget for the...
    • lct

      You will have to budget for the 6-bit conversion i'm afraid but your dealer is selling this new old stock lens at a lesser price than a current one i guess. Otherwise i would look for another dealer.

    • enboe

      Alas, the point was moot.  The dealer has discontinued handling Leica altogether.  I guess I just saved some money.



  • jmschuh%s's Photo
    jmschuh has started Für Leica mittelfristig eine Gefahr? in Digitalforum.
    Nicht morgen, aber mittelfristig ist es für Leica vielleicht keine gute Entwicklung, wenn man zum Fotografieren keine Optiken mehr braucht. Denn Leica ist ein Hersteller, der seine gute Reputation...
  • lambda%s's Photo
    lambda has started aufsicht.... in Street Fotografie.
    [attachment=389357:L9996040.jpg] (m8/35cron)   lambda.
    • Ratzfatz

      Na sieht eher nach Wärter aus ... :)

    • lambda

      ...der wärter hält aufsicht  ;)



  • MSV%s's Photo
    MSV has started Beautiful catastrophe #042 in Street Photography.
    https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/beautiful-catastrophe-042/ 2017 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo​ M240, 35'cron
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • Oliver Hecht%s's Photo
    Oliver Hecht has started Zeiss Biogon 35mm 2.0 oder 2.8 in Leica M Objektive.
    Guten Tag,   ich möchte mir demnächst ein neues 35mm Objektiv kaufen. Zeiss steht außer Frage. Nun schwanke ich zwischen diesen beiden Objektiven. Der Preis und die Lichtstärke sind für mich e...
    • Brabu

      Hallo Oliver,

      meiner Meinung nach kannst Du unbesorgt das C-Biogon kaufen....also das 2,8er...ich benutze es fast ausschließlich analog, es ist auf meiner M4 angewachsen...ich kann analog keine unscharfen Ecken entdeckten und wenn, kommen die vielleicht dann eher vom Film...und gehören dann auch irgendwie dazu....ich habe allerdings das 2,0er nicht...ich habe digital meist das Distagon (1,4/35) auf der Kamera, auf der M4 nutze ich sonst noch das Planar (2/50) ...alle drei sind sehr gute Objektive, das Distagon ist vielleicht eine Spur zu groß und zu schwer....


  • X1_recharged%s's Photo
    X1_recharged has started il primo mattino ... in Street Fotografie.
    .   [attachment=389348:Venezia_morning_1.jpg]   NOCTILUX AUF DELTA 100   .
    • X2_Neuling



      Sieht gut aus.

    • X1_recharged

      Was macht Ilford XP2? 

      Der einzige Film, den ich auf's Klicken nicht ausstehen kann, leider.

  • Peter H%s's Photo
    Peter H has started Seriously Worried about my M10 in Leica M10.
    You may or may not know that I had an unpleasant accident with my 2-month old M10 which I managed to crash to the hard and unforgiving ground a few weeks ago. I blame no one but myself for that....
    • anickpick

      Peter currently owns a piece of non-functional scrap.

      Paying 60% of the retail price to restore it to the level of a new M10 seems viable to me. If Peter authorises the repair at the quoted £3000 and doesn't subsequently feel comfortable with the camera I'll happily pay him £3050 for it with every confidence it will work perfectly.

      Cameras get broken all the time and manufacturers fix them.



      I increase the bid: £3075


      Seriously: Peter, I also would authorize the repair.

    • Peter H

      Thanks again for all the nice messages.

      But the offers to buy the camera sort of illustrate the problem. Before the accident I could have sold the camera for around £4000 say, probably a fair bit more. Now, I can pay £3000 to have it repaired and sell it for £3,075. ( A smiley face would feel appropriate at this point.) So I'd still be down over £5,000:  £8600 (purchase plus repair) - £3075 = £5,525.  


      Even if I recover £3000 from the insurance company I'd be £2,500 down, with no camera and an increase in insurance premiums to look forward to.

      So I'd better authorise the repair and keep the camera. It's the only sensible thing to do. And I don't mean to throw your generosity back at you!

      Thanks everyone for clarifying things for me!




      PS: The attached lens only needs a new filter-holder ring and with labour costs will amount to another £300. Quite an expensive little trip to Dundee, but I did get to hear UB40 for free as they were playing live in an open venue directly next to out hotel room, so we just opened the window and enjoyed the post-accident evening. And my broken rib is repairing itself free-of-charge.

  • HeinzX%s's Photo
    HeinzX has started In the golden mall in Architecture.
    In the golden mall:
  • tom0511%s's Photo
    tom0511 has started problems with 60m macro on T in Leica T System.
    Even with firmware 1.6.1 I get occasional freeze and occasional message "lens problem" when using the TL60mm lens. Any other users of this lens here who can share their experience? thanks, Tom
  • GAART%s's Photo
    GAART has started Münchner Forumstreffen im Juli ? in Veranstaltungen & Forumstreffen.
    Hallo allerseits,   wie siehts aus im Juli ?   Servus Artur  
    • Talker


    • LightExperience

      Ist schon ein Termin anvisiert?

  • Hkavatar%s's Photo
    Hkavatar has started Send lens to Leica Germany for repair in Leica M Lenses.
    I sent the Leica Tri-Elmar lens to Leica Germany for repair. But the lens held in Germany customs over 7 days. I try to send email to Leica customer services but no one reply me. What can i do?
    • LeicaR10

      Hkavatar,  JAAPV is correct.  I just sent my Monochrom to Germany for the sensor to be replaced.  My package was in German Customs for 9 Business days.  Leica Customer Care sent me an email informing me the camera arrived.  r/ Mark

    • Hkavatar

      Thanks for advice. Let me wait for more few days.

  • hartgraef%s's Photo
    hartgraef has started Neuer Challenge #49 "Meine Bildpostkarte" in Leica D-Lux / Digilux / V-Lux Forum.
    Wir haben einen neuen D-Lux- & Digi-Lux-Challenge # 49 mit dem Thema "Meine Bildpostkarte" eröffnet.   Ärgert Ihr Euch auch über die Postkarten in den Ständern der Souvenirläden?  Machen...
  • hartgraef%s's Photo
    hartgraef has started New Challenge #49 "My Postcard" in Leica D-Lux / Digilux / V-Lux.
    We opened a new D-Lux- & Digi-Lux-Challenge # 49 "My Postcard" .   Are you annoyed like me about the picture cards that we find in souvenir shops? Let's make it better. Take a photo or search...
  • hartgraef%s's Photo
    hartgraef has started D-Lux- & Digi-Lux-Challenge # 49 "Meine Bildpostkarte - My Postcard" in Meine Bildpostkarte - My Postcard.
    Meine Bildpostkarte - my postcard   Ärgert Ihr Euch auch über die Postkarten in den Ständern der Souvenirläden?  Machen wir es besser. Fotografiert oder sucht in Eurem Archiv ein Motiv fü...
    • hartgraef


      Bild A: Im Hafen von Honfleur (D-Lux 109)

  • sodark1828%s's Photo
    sodark1828 has started Shoot Jakarta in Street Photography.
    Been years I've been wanting to shoot around Jakarta (Indonesia) and its satellite cities. Started around 5 years ago with a self-project called shoot Jakarta, and its basically a street photograph...
    • david strachan

      Good pics. Keep it up with the M8...pics are better than the monochrome, they are too contrasty with those cameras, and you get the best from the centre of the lens with M8..

      all best...

    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • bouic49%s's Photo
    bouic49 has started Autumn Calm and light Buttermere in Landscape & Travel.
    [attachment=389302:L1000370-Edit-2-Edit.jpg] Taken on a Leica M8, 7 years ago.
    • samwells

      Beautiful…love the format, and the way the light falls off to the right.

    • stuny


  • graeme_clarke%s's Photo
    graeme_clarke has started More Bee Orchids (Ophrys apifera) in Nature & Wildlife.
    Leica SL 24-90, both at 90mm, f16.  Tripod.  IS off.   Taken on 19th June 2017. Cropped from full frame to 1200px on long side.  Found on the floor of a disused Magnesian Limest...
    • Tom Barry

      Excellent, with fine bokeh.

    • dkCambridgeshire




  • stevieboy%s's Photo
    stevieboy has started "swollen" battery in Leica M9 / M-E.
    Hi.   I've been using my Q almost exclusively for a few months, abandoned my Ms, though I always knew I'd be back.   So I got out my Monochrom (I know this is the M9/M-E section, I have t...
    • Rus

      I've indeed noticed some mild bulging up of one of the M9 batteries that I have. 

    • tobey bilek

      one Nikon battery around 10 years old.  


      Recycle yours

  • Her Berger%s's Photo
    Her Berger has started slow turning in Sonstiges.
  • Her Berger%s's Photo
    Her Berger has started top of the billy in Sonstiges.
  • Suuumm55%s's Photo
    Suuumm55 has started ohne Titel in Landschaft & Reise.
  • yst%s's Photo
    yst has started 135/f3.4 APO M lens 6-bit code question in Leica M Lenses.
    Greetings!   This question might have been mentioned before, though I have not been into here for a while...  , It about the current model of 135/f3.4 APO lens.  Mine was a new one...
  • ferdinand%s's Photo
    ferdinand has started Gründerpreis für Dr. Andreas Kaufmann in Leica Neuigkeiten.
    • ferdinand

      Apropos Fertigungstiefe bei Leica, ich war bass erstaunt wie hoch sie ist, als ich das Werk bei Porto besichtigte. Dort sieht es nicht so aus als ob ein Großteil der Teile und Baugruppen aus Asien käme

    • elmars

      Die M240 wurde komplett in Europa hergestellt, bis auf den Prozessor.

  • utopia%s's Photo
    utopia has started fokussiert in Menschen.
    [attachment=389265:L1250227.jpg] Grüße, thomas
    • lookbook

      .. eine schöne klare aufnahme,

      aber ich schließe mich den vorschreibern an.


      vielleicht würde auch eine vignettierung reichen,
      um das foto mehr zusammen zu halten ..


      irgendwas wurde noch mit den lippen gemacht oder?

    • X1_recharged

      Ich würde das mal so versuchen:






      Schöne Pose, schöner Blick! Die Lippen sind aber in der Tat komisch.

  • Keith (M)%s's Photo
    Keith (M) has started Exposure on the High-Seas in Technology & Industry.
    In this case, crossing the Bay of Biscay en-route to Spain aboard Brittany Ferries 'Cap Finistere'.  (Leica C, SEP2).  
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • Keith (M)%s's Photo
    Keith (M) has started Big-Boys Beach Toy in Other.
    Or how to cheat at the sand-castle building contest...  (Q)    
    • stuny

      Very nice, and :D

  • nunnzzzz%s's Photo
    nunnzzzz has started New S 008 in Leica S System.
    What does everyone give the odds of getting a new Higher pixel S this year? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • JorisV

      Announced this year with a demo version available next year at Photokina  ;)

    • basse

      It's time to cover money: 100%

  • jpreisch%s's Photo
    jpreisch has started Pensee in Nature & Wildlife.
    Type 109
    • Tom Barry

      Beautiful result, taking advantage of available light.

    • stuny


  • sl2frank%s's Photo
    sl2frank has started 8 x O in Landschaft & Reise.
    ::   [attachment=389237:8x.jpg] M   ::
    • joachimw

      Schön, dieses etwas andere Landschaftsbild.

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