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  • Tellerrand%s's Photo
    Tellerrand has started at the carwash in Landschaft & Reise.
    .       [attachment=477949:L1002007.JPG]         [attachment=477950:L1002008.JPG]       .
    • Tellerrand















    • Tellerrand

















  • rsmphoto%s's Photo
    rsmphoto has started Leica Image Shuttle with OSx 10.14 Mojave? in Leica SL System.
    Has anyone tried LIS with Mojave yet?
  • benqui%s's Photo
    benqui has started Portrait in Menschen.
    Grüße   Marc   [attachment=477943:test (1 von 1).jpg]
  • Hammer%s's Photo
    Hammer has started Thinking of Trading my Canon EcoSystem for Leica in Leica SL System.
    I am new to this forum, but I am considering the major step of switching my entire AF from Canon to Leica. While I have never shot with the SL, the simplicity and design are really making me want t...
    • LD_50

      I went from D4s as my primary camera to SL. This was likely similar to your change from 1DX II.

      The SL autofocus is much worse. Native selection is much worse. There are no reasonable AF telephoto options outside the 90-280, which is excellent but needs a teleconverter option.

      Handling is subjective but I prefer shooting the SL after years of Nikon. I enjoy shooting more and end up shooting more for myself than I ever did before.

      I think Leica lenses are better than Canon and Nikon.

      The future will bring a lot more lens options with Panasonic and Sigma.

    • Hammer

      I read various things about the AF. Some say its great. I would be using my M lenses with an adapter.


      I would be using the 24-90 mostly, but would eventually get the 90-280 and the Teleconverter in case I do a safari again.

  • Andreas_Kreuz%s's Photo
    Andreas_Kreuz has started Ektachrome Auslieferung ab 1.10. in Analog-Forum.
    Rochester, NY, Tuesday, September 25, 2018 -- Eastman Kodak Company and Kodak Alaris announced today the availability of the highly anticipated KODAK EKTACHROME Film line. KODAK PROFESSIONAL...
  • Perspektivenwechsel%s's Photo
    Perspektivenwechsel has started Strandsport in Sport & Freizeit.
    [attachment=477934:L1007874 b.jpg]   Texel   M9 / Summarit 1:2.4/50
  • e3yc%s's Photo
    e3yc has started c-lux in Leica D-Lux / Digilux / V-Lux.
                         Members 18 posts Posted Today, 20:15 hello gentlemen, I hope this week th...
  • Peter macht Pixel%s's Photo
    Peter macht Pixel has started FIRMWARE UPDATE 3.3 in Leica SL System.
    FIRMWARE UPDATE 3.3 für Leica SL heute Abend   wer hat es schon ausprobiert?
    • LeicaRene

      Häng' mich da mal, Interesse halber, rein ;)

  • abrewer%s's Photo
    abrewer has started Bold Color. Vivid Detail. Chrome is back. in Film Forum.
    Hinted at a year ago,   Promised for January;   Finally it's here:   New KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E100
    • TomB_tx

      I have mine on order.

  • mediafotografie%s's Photo
    mediafotografie has started and Sigma's Roadmap in Leica SL System.
    On their press conference this evening Sigma announced their roadmap for nativ L mount lenses - "starting 2019" - this looks much better for SL owners than the other two roadmaps   (and there...
    • FlashGordonPhotography

      Good! (except for no long lenses, that is...)



      Lens conversion might allow the 150-600 sport to be converted.....



    • Wojtek

      Good! (except for no long lenses, that is...)



      "Good"... I'm not a photography history major but I wouldn't be surprised is it was the most intense / aggressive / complete lens roadmap in the history of photography. Of course I can be wrong (probably not and if I am - not much). But it's infinitely better than "21/2, 24/2 and 28/2 for 2020". 

      Sigma keeps doing the best job in lens market. Pretty clever btw that in those full frame mirrorless wars, sigma is a major supplier to every single side of the battle :) (Sony Nikon Canon Leica Panasonic, but Nikon/Canon via adapter right now)

  • Gibbo%s's Photo
    Gibbo has started A Very Entertaining Tour Guide! in People.
    A Yeoman Warden at the Tower of London.  
  • e3yc%s's Photo
    e3yc has started c-lux in Leica CL / TL / TL2 / T Forum.
    hello gentlemen, I hope this week the leica c-lux, I'm impatient, what do you advise me with this camera?, throw in raw no? and priority to the opening?Jesus
    • lct

      I have no experience with the C-Lux sorry but if it behaves like the D-Lux i would prefer RAW certainly. As for exposure modes i prefer auto iso in M mode personally. Aperture priority should work fine though as well. Sorry to be of so little help but you would find better answers on the D-Lux... forum i suspect.


    • e3yc

      gracias, no hablo ingles soy de Santander/españa

  • traderjoe%s's Photo
    traderjoe has started Help! ASAP! Firmware update ERR message in Leica M (Type 240 / 262).
    I'm sick.   Just tried to update the firmware of my M-D.  I've done this before with other Leica cameras with no problem but...   After placing the .FW file on my formatted SD card,...
    • ajayk

      It will have to go to service centre, it’s a problem

    • traderjoe

      Okay, thanks for your reply.


      I've calmed down a bit and had a conversation with a customer service technical guy and we couldn't get it to take the update but the camera is working properly so I dodge a bullet.  He's going to get back after discussing with another tech.

  • fotografr%s's Photo
    fotografr has started Leaving Already? in Nature & Wildlife.
    Days are shorter, nights are cooler, maybe time to think about heading south.   R8/280mm/Kodachrome scan
    • war

      Just beautiful.

    • Louis

      It may look simple for some, but what a great shot.

  • fotografr%s's Photo
    fotografr has started Wisconsin Farmer in People.
    He was shoveling grain in his corn bin and consented to stand in the doorway for a quick Kodachrome portrait in harsh light.   M6/50mm Summicron, pre-asph
    • abrewer

      American classic


      Great shot Brent

    • dkmoore

      I heard a rumor that Kodachrome was coming back, or at least a derivative of it. I can't remember where I saw/read that. '


      Anyway, nice shot!

  • SonomaBear%s's Photo
    SonomaBear has started Leica FOTOS Mobile Phione App for Q and others in Leica Q.
    "New Editing and Sharing Capabilities with Leica FOTOS Leica Camera introduces Leica FOTOS, a brand new mobile app which offers Leica photographers the tools to stay connected easily through a sing...
    • Infiniumguy

      I have no problem with the Q app - now that i've learned how to use it. Which is now:

      1.Turn on WLAN on camera.
      2. Select Control mode
      3. Select Leica wifi on iPhone (because I've used it before and only have to install it once)
      4. Press big button on Leica app to connect
      5. Er...
      6. That's about it

      I use it a lot and only have a crappy old iPhone. Works like a charm. Great for getting candids while the Q hangs round my neck.

      I envy you. My experience has been less stellar. Mine drops out repeatedly every 1-5 minutes. The lag from pushing the shutter on the app is near 1.5 seconds. I’ve used the app for several hours in total and I find it disappointing. Useful, but it could be a lot more solid.

    • SonomaBear

      Having an issue downloading the beta app in Apple's TestFlight app.  Seems the invitation from Leica needed to give me a redeem code.

      Perhaps they will resend the invite.  I'm ready to explore/test/document the FOTOS app.


      UPDATE 1:  The servers were just busy.  Do not download the "TestFlight" app UNTIL you get your invitation.  THEN you click the "View in TestFlight" button.  This causes the app store to deliver the Leica app wrapped into TestFlight for safety...


      UPDATE 2:  I've got it and am going to get my Q to start testing.  

  • Jodad%s's Photo
    Jodad has started Anyone make metal MP battery covers and Film reminder wheels? in Leica M-A / M7 / MP and Film M.
    Hey guys. Is it possible to replace the film reminder wheel to a metal one? Anyone make one of those? What about metal battery covers?
    • 250swb

      You mean the current MP? The 'film reminder wheel' is the ISO dial that has electrical contacts to the camera's meter, you can't swap it. The MP comes new with two styles of battery cover, both are metal.

    • Jodad

      You mean the current MP? The 'film reminder wheel' is the ISO dial that has electrical contacts to the camera's meter, you can't swap it. The MP comes new with two styles of battery cover, both are metal.


      Ah, i didnt realise it was connected to electronics...

      Thanks 250.

  • vbehrens%s's Photo
    vbehrens has started Das Leben ist... in Street Fotografie.
    Cl, 21mm, Kritik, Lob und Tadel gerne gesehen (das die Farben nicht "echt" sind ist mir bekannt, muss ja nicht gefallen..).   Gruß Volker
    • Alf60

      Jetzt sei mal nicht so bescheiden.Die Aufteilung find ich gut und an der Farbe scheiden sich sowieso die Geister.

      Cl, 21mm, Kritik, Lob und Tadel gerne gesehen (das die Farben nicht "echt" sind ist mir bekannt, muss ja nicht gefallen..).

    • Alf60

      Jetzt sei mal nicht so bescheiden.Die Raumaufteilung finde ich gut und an der Farbe scheiden sich sowieso die Geister.

  • HELM%s's Photo
    HELM has started Leica Fotos app - supports android - finally in Leica M10.
    Leica just announced Leica FOTOS: http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-Fotos/Leica-Fotos   supposedly supports Android (FINALLY!) I singed up to be a beta tester   I had wres...
    • dunos

      Looks like it requires the new firmware: 



      Date: 09/25/2018


      That's quite the version number jump for what, on the surface, looks like a relatively minor change. 

    • UliWer

      I can only recommend to think twice before upgrading to the new firmware for the M10. 


      It is good that Leica explicitely says that you won't be able to use the old "Leica M App" after upgrading to


      I am on now and also have three weeks experience with "interior"beta-tests of the "Leica Fotos App". I am not sure whether there is also a new version for the app, but what I know yet from the version which was made available for the "interior" beta-test, I must say that the new app is a serious setback compared to the former one. My assessment is based on the following:


      • You can only connect your mobile device to a WLAN created by the camera. It is not possible to connect camera and device to another existing WLAN - which was possible with the old app. This seems to cause even more strain on the battery than before. With a fully loaded battery I was only able to make a handfull of test photos and try some functions - than the battery was empty. I think this makes the App practically unusable together with the M10. (Battery consumption for other camera models seems to be accepatable).
      • It is not possible to zoom into the view displayed on your device or change the position of the focus point. Both was possible with the old app. Using the app and watching the scene you want to take your picture off is now ways below the standard you can achieve when you use the camera's display. The comfort you may achieve with the touch screen of the M10-P is fully lost if you use the app.
      • The app is fixed in vertical mode on your device's display. So if you want to take a photo in horizontal mode, the display is only used on its narrow side. If you use a "slender" device this gets unaccaptable.


      As long as these restriction are not overcome by new versions of the app, I do not think it was a good decision from Leica's side to release the app now (even in beta version). I am very unsure if the main restriction, i.e huge energy consumption - can be solved at all with the M10.


      So I'd recommend to upgarde to the new firmware and trying the new app only for people who want to try a remote function with their android device - which was not possible with the old app. Though they'll need a lot of spare batteries fully loaded. Another reason for using the new app may be it's functions to download photo files directly to the device. Though the files are very large - even in jpg -  and limited possibilities for postproduction on a mobile device don't seem to me very convincing in this respect.


      Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade to the former firmware after you upgraded to During the "interior" beta tests multiple questions for a way to downgrade remained unanswered.

  • leoskkang%s's Photo
    leoskkang has started M10 repair - ISO dial in Leica M10.
    ISO dial for my M10 does not work anymore. Having done some googling I have found out that the camera needs to be sent for repair.  I bought the camera from reddotcamera and I still have warra...
    • pedaes

      E-mail Customer Care in Wetzlar amd they will e-mail a shipping label for you to either arrange collection or take to depot. Follow the 'rules' on the webpage exactly - especially do not send battery or you will not get it back.

    • lucerne

      E-mail Customer Care in Wetzlar amd they will e-mail a shipping label for you to either arrange collection or take to depot. Follow the 'rules' on the webpage exactly - especially do not send battery or you will not get it back.

      Actually, the dealer (red dot) generates the official return labels and emails them to the customer. The customer then contacts the courier to collect the package. No need for you to go to any depot. All risks remain with Leica and the courier.
      It’s a smooth arrangement and you will have a UK phone contact if you need to chase the repair. The supplier is obligated to ensure a repair under warranty. Don’t cut them out of the process.

      As I advised in my first post.
      Why introduce further complications?

  • J-T%s's Photo
    J-T has started Macro for Visoflex and M9 in Leica M Lenses.
    Hi   I've been procrastinating for a very long time over getting something to work with my M9P for macro work - specifically taking shots of antique/vintage fountain pens I've restored for sal...
    • otto.f

      “for my application use case.” Don’t know what you mean by that but I do not think there’s anything handier and at the same time high IQ than the 135 head on Visoflex iii adapters and/or bellows. This is it, you’ve reached the maximum if the M9P is your departure. Forget the 65, it’s too soft, also the most recent versions. The 135 is astoundingly good at close distance but also stopped down even to 32

    • J-T

      Hi Otto, what I mean by my application use case is for taking shots of antique/vintage fountain pens I've restored for sale or show vs. Staring into the eyeballs of spiders though that would be pretty cool.

      I used to own a Canon 180/2.8 macro a few years back so I think the 135 will work well without too much foreshortening.

      Thanks for the reply, from the 65 samples I’ve seen it does seem to render a little on the fuzzy side; I think those were the words Erwin Putts used in his lens compendium for that lens.

  • EdwardM%s's Photo
    EdwardM has started Russia FIFA 2018 World Cup- One day in Moscow in Leica M (Type 240 / 262).
    LEICA M-P240+Summilux35                
    • mikemgb

      Very nice! The Police didn't seem happy about being photographed!  :lol:

    • Exodies

      I’m intrigued by the word “loyal” that man has sewn on his flag. Love to know how he chose that out of the million other words he could have used.

  • Suuumm55%s's Photo
    Suuumm55 has started Stadthafen..... in Technik & Industrie.
    • blackjag

      Bild # 2 gefällt mir am besten. So eine schöne verdichtete, lautlose Stimmung inmitten eines Industriegeländes. Irgendwie nostalgisch.

    • Suuumm55

      Bild # 2 gefällt mir am besten. So eine schöne verdichtete, lautlose Stimmung inmitten eines Industriegeländes. Irgendwie nostalgisch.


        ja  Du kommst meinen Gedanken schon sehr nahe...... freut mich sehr  :)

  • Deliberate1%s's Photo
    Deliberate1 has started Firmware update in Leica S System.
    I read through the description of updates with the new firmware. Bit mystified as to: New Feature: Center Marking for Live View Autofocus field. Thoughts? David
    • John McMaster

      Mine updated, took a while and my lenses do not seem to be looking for any firmware updates....



    • mgrayson3

      Same here.

  • Keith (M)%s's Photo
    Keith (M) has started Breaking Away (Cloudscape) in Landscape & Travel.
    Leica C.  
    • abrewer


  • stuny%s's Photo
    stuny has started The library and fountain at the New York Botanical Gardens in Landscape & Travel.
    The NY Botanical Gardens has a special exhibit of 20 paintings by Georgia O'Keefe that she made in 1939 when spending three months in Hawaii under contract with a company to produce illustrations f...
    • pedaes

      Nice light on statue.

  • frame-it%s's Photo
    frame-it has started firmware update 3.3 in Leica SL System.
    update 3.3 is online already   http://us.leica-camera.com/content/download/152534/2707590/version/1/file/601__33_.lfu    
    • Chuck Albertson

      I just downloaded and installed 3.3, and it re-set the counter to L100.

    • erudolph

      Thank you, Chuck.

  • Thump660%s's Photo
    Thump660 has started The Moon over Forest of the Finns, in Landscape & Travel.
    Late evening in the Forest of the Finns   M9p + Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1        
    • stuny


  • Ray Vonn%s's Photo
    Ray Vonn has started Anyone use their Summicron 35mm as their only lens? in Leica M Lenses.
    And is anyone of the view that this lens is all that's needed, whether it be street, landscape, portrait and low light photography photography?  Would be interested to get any views.  ...
  • Leon_B.%s's Photo
    Leon_B. has started Neu: Leica CL in Silber in Leica CL / TL / TL2 / T Forum .
    Die Leica CL wird bald in Silber erhältlich sein.   [attachment=477845:leicacl_silver.jpg]
  • Leon_B.%s's Photo
    Leon_B. has started Leica CL in silver anodized finish in Leica CL / TL / TL2 / T Forum.
    The Leica CL will be available in silver anodized finish soon.   [attachment=477844:leicacl_silver.jpg]
    • Wojtek

      Finally it looks beautiful!

      (I wasn't a fan of how black CL looked, sorry)

    • ramarren


      All my Leicas but one have been black body. It's what I prefer. Silver looks gaudy to my eye.

  • Leon_B.%s's Photo
    Leon_B. has started Leica Fotos: An App for ALL Leica Cameras - Open Beta Test in Leica News.
    Leica announced the new Leica Photos App at photokina 2018. With the software it is possible to remotely control all Leica cameras with WiFi and to load pictures from the camera directly onto the s...
    • erudolph

      The problem with the sign-up page seems resolved, at least for me.

    • SonomaBear

      Be patient with the "TestFlight" download. the servers seem very busy.  Keep trying.

      I'm downloading the app now -- updates as they occur...

  • Leon_B.%s's Photo
    Leon_B. has started Leica Fotos: Eine App für ALLE Leica Kameras - Open Betatest in Leica Neuigkeiten.
    Leica hat auf der photokina 2018 die neue Leica Fotos App vorgestellt. Mit ihr ist es möglich, alle Leica Kameras per WLAN fernzusteuern und Bilder von der Kamera auf das Smartphone zu laden....
    • MikeN

      Mit ihr ist es möglich, alle Leica Kameras per WLAN fernzusteuern und Bilder von der Kamera auf das Smartphone zu laden.

      Brauch ich da für meine M7 wlan-fähigen Film oder geht's auch mit TriX?  :D

    • XOONS

      Weihnachtsmann, Osterhase, Zahnfee, Beta-Test ...

  • Leon_B.%s's Photo
    Leon_B. has started Neu Leica SL Objektiv Roadmap in Leica SL System.
    Auf der photokina 2018 hat Leica die neue Objektiv-Roadmap vorgestellt. Wir werden bis 2018 fünf neue SL-Objektive bekommen! APO-Summicron-SL 1:2/35 ASPH. (2019) APO-Summicron-SL 1:2/50 ASPH. (2019...
    • StevenMz

      und das ist die SIGMA Roadmap (aus dem int. Forum kopiert)

    • horlogere

      Wenn man den langen Tubus bei den meisten Sigma Objektiven sieht, sind das vermutlich nur die normalen ART Objektive die man mit einem L Mount versieht. Das muss nicht schlecht sein, aber eben von der Größe her nicht optimal für spiegellose Kameras ausgenutzt. Da scheint Panasonic wirklich neue Objektive zu entwickeln. 

  • Leon_B.%s's Photo
    Leon_B. has started New Leica SL Lens Roadmap in Leica SL System.
    On the photokina 2018 Leica has announced the new Leica SL-System lens roadmap. We will get five new lenses until 2020.   APO-Summicron-SL 35 f/2 ASPH. (2019) APO-Summicron-SL 50 f/2 ASPH. (20...
    • FlashGordonPhotography

      To me some of this discussion is just plain strange. The future of the SL mount is: 


      1. Improved co-operation between Leica and two large players in the camera industry. Regardless of previous stuff things are going to the next level.

      2. Access to a native camera that gives IBIS, 47MP and possibly no mandatory LENR. This with the SL lenses will be epic.

      3. A sigma L to EF adaptor (announced) as well as the Current Novoflex.

      4. SL mount added to a wide range of fine Sigma lenses to allow native functionality (like the 12-24, 85 1.4, 105 1.4, 135 1.8 and possibly 150-600S) PLUS the option to convert existing Canon lenses etc.... These are really really good lenses people.  Access to a 70-200 via Panasonic. Probable access to a native 150-600, 12-24 and a whole bunch of very fast primes.

      5. A 24x36 format Foevon camera that can take Leica SL optics. :)

      6. Potentially access to the m4/3 flash systems via the Panasonic camera and if they adopt the Leica standard it'll almost guarantee Profoto/Godox will get on board.

      7. By end 2019 there will be 3 to 5 cameras and 20+ lenses available.

      8. Most importantly... A guaranteed future for the SL cameras and lenses we all own now and a change from a bit player to a major competitor in the mirrorless space.


      And yet here we are bitching about a 21mm coming in 2020, instead of the dozen lenses coming in the next year. I get the Leica optics are special. But the others are very good as well. Many are spectacular.


      Strange indeed.



    • FlashGordonPhotography

      Sigh, time to switch.


      To what? What other mirrorless system even comes close????



  • jaapv%s's Photo
    jaapv has started Hi There! in People.
    CL, 18-56       [attachment=477838:hi.jpg]
    • fotografr

      Superb. A perfect moment.

    • abrewer


  • jaapv%s's Photo
    jaapv has started No new TL lenses annouced at Photokina in Leica CL / TL / TL2 / T Forum.
      I am waiting for a REAL TL O.I.S tele-zoom..  The SL 90-280 is too big, too heavy, too expensive. And an 10 mm Super-Elmar would be nice as well.
    • ruskkyle

      +1 on this. For high quality high portability camera systems Leica & Fuji seemingly have no competition.

      I’m not really impressed by this trend for ever increasingly large lenses and camera bodies with SL, R, Z etc.
      Even micro 4/3 was trending to massively complex large lenses.
      Nothing I see today moves me towards becoming unhappy with M and TL.

    • mdroe

      +1 CL plus M or TL lenses is the way to go for me, with maybe an M body one day too.

  • MSV%s's Photo
    MSV has started Beautiful catastrophe #079 in Street Photography.
    https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2018/09/24/beautiful-catastrophe-079/ 2017 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo​  
  • LUF Admin%s's Photo
    LUF Admin has started Leica S3 angekündigt in Leica S System.
    Leica S3 angekündigt, mehr Informationen folgen später heute!
    • halo

      Nein, das verstehst Du falsch.


      Einfach genau lesen und Du weißt, dass das Sensorformat (selbstverständlich) gleich geblieben ist und 56% mehr Fläche im Bezug zum Kleinbildformat aufweist. Seit 10 Jahren schon.

    • jmschuh

      24.000 Euro? Gut, dass ich nur Hobbyfotograf bin.

      Und mir wären die 4500 Euro für die neue 50MP-Mittelformat schon zu teuer...

      Da muss man ja gut im Geschäft sein, dass sich das rechnet. Ich hoffe, die Anzahl der Bestandskunden reicht, die bereit sind ein Upgrade zu machen.

      Denn wenn man neu einsteigt und man die freie Wahl hat und man bald 100MP für knapp unter 10.000 Euro bekommt, dann noch mit IBIS, gutem Sucher und noch einigermaßen bezahlbaren Optiken, warum sollte man sich dann neu für Leica entscheiden?


      Aus meiner bescheidenen Sicht von unten herauf geschaut, halte ich das Produkt nicht für wettbewerbsfähig, dafür hat sich der Mittelformatmarkt in den letzten 2 Jahren zu sehr geändert.

  • LUF Admin%s's Photo
    LUF Admin has started Leica S3 announced @ photokina in Leica S System.
    Leica S3 announced, information will follow later...
    • geetee1972

      Yep, sloppy reading on my part.


      No sloppy quoting on my part!

    • albireo_double

      So Fujifilm announces a lower priced 50mpx @$4,500 and a yet to be released 100mpx @$10,000 with IBIS plus Capture One support today.  Leica counters with 64mpx @$24,000??????  Same basic body just new sensor, low R&D - makes no sense to me.



      Importantly, the 100MP Fuji model is supposed to feature phase detection AF covering the entire sensor. This will be godsend in combination with the face recognition / automatic eye focus that already exists on the GFX50S (where it however works only in good light and does not track well, due to the contrast detection only AF system). Imagine using the new version with the 110/f2 fully open (and then compare the S007 experience with the S100/f2 - which is a beautiful lens but such a hit and miss focus proposition fully open - at least has been for me).

      Capture One full support for Fuji GFX, including for tethering, is BIG news! Last but not least, the Elinchrom Sky plus trigger for Fuji has just hit stores, allowing HiSync at up to 1/8000s without major loss of flash power. Assuming this works as advertised (plan to test soon), and used with e.g the ELB1200 battery strobe, it may pretty much eliminate the need for CS lenses for me going forward.  Sorry to sound like a Fuji fanboy - I own and use an S007 with 7 lenses and may continue with that, but the very practical advances made elsewhere, at a significantly lower cost, are not easy to overlook. 

  • johntobias%s's Photo
    johntobias has started Quick (as a ) Flash Question in Leica CL / TL / TL2 / T Forum.
    Will all the Leica SF units ie 20/24/26/40 etc work in TTL with the CL??  thanks
    • jaapv

      If you mean in TTL mode?  All of them except the SF20. The SF40 is, IMO, the most compatible one in terms of size/power/price  and features,

  • Giulio Zanni%s's Photo
    Giulio Zanni has started Tibetan horns in People.
    Monks playing Tibetan horns at Tergar monastery, Bodh Gaya - India. Leica CL + 18-56
    • stuny

      Very nice.

  • pico%s's Photo
    pico has started Challenging Competion - is it real? in Leica News.
    Leica has serious challenges in the 2018/19 market. It is too early to dissect each company's claims because their products have not yet been in the real world for a significant time, but that mean...
    • helged

      Leica has serious challenges in the 2018/19 market. It is too early to dissect each company's claims because their products have not yet been in the real world for a significant time, but that means nothing to keyboard impressionists. At this time we simply have marketing claims.


      Pre-consumer claims are unreal. Why read accolades from wanna-be and speculative purchasers who are not likely purchase but are satisfied being published/posted for their fantasy life?


      Let's wait for evidence in terms of real full-sized image files.



      Nicely put  :)  

  • richardlipow%s's Photo
    richardlipow has started Canon EF to M10 converter in Leica M10.
    I use a number of different Canon lenses with my 1dxmkii and 5dsr...I'm trying out an EF lens to Leica M mount converter and am surprised with the results.  There is no aperture adjustment how...
    • a.noctilux

      So what aperture do you get? Largest, smallest what?


      I would like to know so I can use my Canon lenses on the M


      As is, only full open use with EF lens.




      As experimentation ...


      Don't tell people that for years, I could use at "prepared aperture" EF lenses on M.

      How to do that.

      Use an EOS body to "close down at the needed F Stop" at aperture priority,

      ... then unmount the lens.

      The EF lens is closed to that only F Stop "forever" ;).


      But I don't do that anymore, Leica or 3d parties "M mount lenses" are much more practical and as bonus are "better IQ" and usable at every aperture :).

    • richardlipow

      So what aperture do you get? Largest, smallest what?


      I would like to know so I can use my Canon lenses on the M


      I believe the smallest

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    mich has started Leica SL and the new Voigtländer Nokton 1,2/50 mm in Leica SL System.
    The new Voigtländer Nokton 1,2/50mm arrived on monday and after some initial indoor tests I finally took it outdoors with the Leica SL.   I have to say that I really like this lens. Wide open...
    • Joeri

      Can you post a picture how the lens looks when attached to the SL?

    • mich

      Can you post a picture how the lens looks when attached to the SL?

      No problem. But by doing this I have to out myself as a 'taper' :)


      While some Leica lenses seem rather tiny on the SL, the size of the Nokton fits perfectly.