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Found 47 results

  1. As the saying goes "Birds of a feather flock together". I spotted these gulls taking advantage of a pontoon to have a rest after a hard rainstorm. I found it fascinating that they were all facing exactly the same way. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5. Shot as .dng and converted to black and white in Lightroom Classic. Hope you like it Gerry
  2. Thank you to everyone who took part in last month's 128th Barnack's Monthly theme, which was filled with nearly 700 pictures, excellent ideas and interpretations of the theme. Also, thank you to everyone who helped to make it another successful month by generously posting their pictures and in particular to those people who posted for the first time - I hope you found it an interesting and rewarding experience and I hope it encourages you to share more of your pictures with us! The Barnack's Monthly theme for June 2019 is: Water. This month's theme is any pictures containing water in any of its forms such as steam, snow, rain, hail, fog, mist, ice, or Perrier - OR containing the word "water". It could be a relaxing lakeside scene, a raging seascape, a waterspout, a swimming race, yachting, a torrential downpour, a ski slope, water droplets on a car windscreen, ice inside a freezer compartment, the local Water Authority headquarters, umbrellas in the rain, a cold miserable saturated child, a puddle, a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day, mist rising from a frozen lake, a foggy landscape, a child dumping a bucket of water on their sunbathing dad, ice in a glass of whisky, water-buffalo in paddy fields, a cat lapping water from a bowl, the (niffy) Liffey River in Dublin, a mountain brook, a polar ice cap, a glacier, an ice cube in the shape of an ice cube, a cloud inversion layer, figure skating, a toboggan run, condensation trickling down a window pane, a popsicle, a slick street on a rainy night, snow drifts, a fountain, canoeing, a water bomb, a snowball, icicles hanging from the eaves, a frozen lake, an ice sculpture, raindrops on roses, wet whiskers on kittens, but no cofeves please! 😇 - it's entirely your choice so let your imagination run free but please keep to the topic! It would be a help if you give your picture a title so to help us understand your point of view. Members have asked if we'd very kindly name the camera and lens used - if you can remember - because it's interesting to know but, again, it's just helpful. The rules are deliberately loose so go out and shoot with this month's theme in mind or start searching back through those pictures you took oh-so long ago that you'd forgotten about and start posting! It doesn't have to be your best ever shot and it's not a competition so you might surprise the rest of us and yourself - it's just about sharing some pictures, seeing others' take on the topic, and enjoying it! Everybody's welcome to contribute, any interpretation, any number of posts, pictures that have been posted on the forum before, any equipment as long as it and the photo complies with the forum's rules of either camera or lens or both made by Leica. Please post freely - especially newcomers and please remember there's no judging or criticism (good or bad) in this thread. So, if you'd like to show your acknowledgement or appreciation that someone has posted their picture then instead of posting a comment please use the "Thanks" button that you can find at the bottom right of every post. Please post away and I look forward to seeing your interesting interpretations of this month's theme. Note: Moderator Pop has very kindly assembled links to all of the past Barnack's Monthly threads as a single archive that can be found here: Barnack's Monthly Index. Thank you, Pop! Pete.
  3. These rocks are an attraction because of their atmosphere. They are a relict of the ice age and people come here for enjoying, meditation etc. The light situation is most difficult because the light always comes from the "wrong" side. so one can try to capture a backlight situation. Here it is the last light of the sinking sun beore it settles down behind a hill. Sky and water are always too bright, so I used 2 ND grad filters plus a polarizer and 6 shots for the panorama. It is an 16 MB file and I am afraid this compression does not at all show the fine IQ of the Q Leica Q
  4. Prague, Ultava Embankment Charles Bridge Olympus EM5 with Nocticron
  5. In the range of my hometown you can find a few small protected areas where migrater waterbirds find food and shelter for the breading season. It is early and one cannot expect many birds now. The Q always goes with me for landscaping. The sun came out for a moment to cast a nice warm light on the scenery. Just enough time to shot 2 panoramas.
  6. Taken with M (T240) and Zeiss 25/2.8 Biogon
  7. These days are wonderful: still summer temperatures. The days are a bit shorter now but the light we get here is lovely for the time being. So I started out for a big peat bog because there were promising clouds. But not so at that place. It was tranquille, warm, calm and frogs could be heard, geese on their evening strife. Altogether a lovely sunset atmopshere. I tried out my new Olympus Em 5 MKII with Summilux 15 mm and Nocticron 43 mm
  8. Tis pond belongs to our local "Stonehenge" a formation or strange rocks being the rest of an ice age moraine. For many people it is a place for centemplation and all sort of meditation. This morning was one of theos e extremely mild late october/early november days. No breeze, no rain, the foliage was in full color. I always imagine the sound of Richard Wagner's Lohengrin and I am waiting then for a while to see him appear with his swan. Olmypus EM 5 + Nocticron 43 mm/ 1.2
  9. San Francisco, Baker Beach Olympus EM 5 + Nocticron
  10. This sunny and cool october day was dedicated to discover autumnal impression in my city of Bielefeld. We have many parks and one of them belongs to our art museum (architect Philipp Johnson). This park has a pond, old trees and scultptures. Olympues EM 5 with Summilux 15 mm and infrared filter
  11. This beach belonged to a lighthouse where we stayed overnight. So it was a priviledged private place. I took my breakfast there on that lovely morning. I left my heavy bulk in the room and had only my X1. I am still very happy with the results of this little camera. panorama being stitched from 4 vertical pictures
  12. here are juxtapositions. I was fascinated by the silky texture of the petals and the charming blossoms. All with Olympus OMD EM 5 + Nocticron
  13. These days are cool and wet. sometimes in the evening there is a short moment of lovely light between two rainshowers. Olympus OMD EM 5 with Nocticron
  14. White River near Enumclaw, WA. M9 w/50mm Summicron processed in Capture One 8
  15. We are back from our California trip to the West Coast. We started in San Francisco and went by car along the famous Pacific Highway No 1 where our first location was a stopover in Half Moon Bay. There we began to scan what will be waiting for us and prepared ourselves for landscapes,seascapes,vegetation, rocks,cliffs,seal,birds and: the rhythm of the mist. This phenomenon is dominating all the vegeation and life there, including our own feelings and surprises when it lifted and sank in again, veiled sunshine, unveiled it and so on. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm + filters from polarizer, graded and full big stopper ND filter. Leica X1 Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron Canon 5 D MKII with Emarit R 28 mm + ND filter
  16. ]Last weekend we did the tour to that atomic reactor Hamm-Uentrop/ North-Rhein-Westfalia which can always be seen from the highway. We planned for a couple of hours for searching a position at the canal. This plant is in the phase of being shut down which will be finished in a further couple of years. We tried to capture the strange situation with thepeaceful landscape, people enjoying their leisure time at the bottom of this uncontrollable doom of the danger of contamination. I'll show these in a further thread. We had a strong mix of aprillic weather with sunshine,rainy strom and peaceful night illumination. My usual combo Canon/Yashica ML 50 mm/1.4 I cannot show here but I did a series with my Olympus EM 5 + Nocticron. All then handheld, because my tripod was occupied wih the heavy gear.
  17. Victorian water feature, York House Gardens, Twickenham M240, 28mm Elmarit
  18. From the album: Landscape

    Creek through Pennypack Ecologic Trust, a major conservancy located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. Leica R8 with a Vario-elmar 35-70mm f4 lens.

    © Gary Hudes

  19. From the album: My Leica Images

    SL + APO 50mm

    © 2017 - Tommy Domingue

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