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Found 49 results

  1. This sunny and cool october day was dedicated to discover autumnal impression in my city of Bielefeld. We have many parks and one of them belongs to our art museum (architect Philipp Johnson). This park has a pond, old trees and scultptures. Olympues EM 5 with Summilux 15 mm and infrared filter
  2. We are back from our California trip to the West Coast. We started in San Francisco and went by car along the famous Pacific Highway No 1 where our first location was a stopover in Half Moon Bay. There we began to scan what will be waiting for us and prepared ourselves for landscapes,seascapes,vegetation, rocks,cliffs,seal,birds and: the rhythm of the mist. This phenomenon is dominating all the vegeation and life there, including our own feelings and surprises when it lifted and sank in again, veiled sunshine, unveiled it and so on. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm + filters from polarizer, graded and full big stopper ND filter. Leica X1 Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron Canon 5 D MKII with Emarit R 28 mm + ND filter
  3. This beach belonged to a lighthouse where we stayed overnight. So it was a priviledged private place. I took my breakfast there on that lovely morning. I left my heavy bulk in the room and had only my X1. I am still very happy with the results of this little camera. panorama being stitched from 4 vertical pictures
  4. White River near Enumclaw, WA. M9 w/50mm Summicron processed in Capture One 8
  5. here are juxtapositions. I was fascinated by the silky texture of the petals and the charming blossoms. All with Olympus OMD EM 5 + Nocticron
  6. These days are cool and wet. sometimes in the evening there is a short moment of lovely light between two rainshowers. Olympus OMD EM 5 with Nocticron
  7. ]Last weekend we did the tour to that atomic reactor Hamm-Uentrop/ North-Rhein-Westfalia which can always be seen from the highway. We planned for a couple of hours for searching a position at the canal. This plant is in the phase of being shut down which will be finished in a further couple of years. We tried to capture the strange situation with thepeaceful landscape, people enjoying their leisure time at the bottom of this uncontrollable doom of the danger of contamination. I'll show these in a further thread. We had a strong mix of aprillic weather with sunshine,rainy strom and peaceful night illumination. My usual combo Canon/Yashica ML 50 mm/1.4 I cannot show here but I did a series with my Olympus EM 5 + Nocticron. All then handheld, because my tripod was occupied wih the heavy gear.
  8. Victorian water feature, York House Gardens, Twickenham M240, 28mm Elmarit
  9. Freezing temperatures were rare this winter although it is not over but... So being out on an early sunday morning I started off for my favourite location where one can find different aspects of nature. Ther is also a very small boggy part, more or less a puddle but at least enough for some typical plants and differenttypes of grass. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 90 mm
  10. Our Botanical Garden offers an endless variety of target. This time I went there during a break of rainshowers in the evening. Olympus OMD EM5 with Pana Leica Nocticron 42.5/ 1.2 Canon 5D MKII with R Summicron 50 mm + achromat lens
  11. This pond I pass every day on my walk to my office. The red color is the reflection of a part of a characteristic building of our city: the main hospital. Light was nice and a very thin fragile layer of ice was there. Very often if morning light is promising my Olympus EM5 joins me and more and more the Leica R lenses are becoming my favourites here. This time it was the 60 mm macro Elmarit.
  12. Weather was fine on 31. Dec. 2013 so I thought it would be nice to try out the R Elmarit 180 on my Oly OMD + monopod. I was surprised to see the place was crowded by that time. But the animals were nice and thought they should be patient to wait for a second to let me have a few shots. Here is an active fellow which certainly got amused seeing people to be pleased seeing a beaver. People claimed that these beavers are so cute but when being told that these are rats they thought they took it as an offence even. Sometimes you have to be a bit nasty then.. .
  13. what else can one do on a rainy sunday but cover the camera with a protectionate foil and look for something. Over a fence most of the ivy was cut down but a few twigs and branches left. It was very dark, so then normally I do several shots with different exposure. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R-60mm on tripod. here I used an LED pocket lamp for illumination
  14. last sunday was a sunny day and we scanned a little local creek for something to shoot. We found many things as soon as we got focussed on the small things alongside the water Canon MKII with Elmarit R 90 mm + Leica APO converter2x
  15. exploring a small local creek we were attracted of the variety of water state: frozen,falling,flowing, Light was light blue in the shadows reflecting the blue from the sky. Since I decided to leave my R Elmarit 90 mm mounted on MKII plus Leica Apo 2x converter for this distance and so the lens told were to search for motives.
  16. this pond, a small water reservoir, is the destination for my daily breaktime walk. These days my X1 is my perfect companion when there is no time for big equipment. In front one can see the underwater dam. Thanks for stopping by.
  17. on one of those rainy days of the past weeks we went to a village where people have most attractive gardens in front of their houses. Since it was rainy I could not mount the camera on a tripod while strolling through the village. The Elmarit R 60 mm macro was mounted on the Canon 5DMKII protected by an umbrella. Altogether 400 ISO and an aperture of 4f and 160 shutterspeed, handheld. If somebody will be feeling of stopping by, I'll be glad.
  18. in this summer there is plenty of waterdrops falling on flowers that one cannot resist taking pictures. This rose is in our garden and was taken with 90mm Elmarit mounted on my MKII. Also beauties are touched by the mark of passing time. I could have photophopped the gras on the left side but decided for leaving it as it is. Come along and have a look for which I thank everybody very much in advance for taking time.
  19. Since we have a lot of rain these days I used a break between two rainshowers in the evening and tried out a new tripod and Elmarit 90 mm & 180 mm on MKII. I hope somebody will come along into our garden and have a look. Many thanks in advance. [ATTACH]323020[/ATTACH] with 180 mm [ATTACH]323021[/ATTACH] with 90 mm [ATTACH]323022[/ATTACH] with 90 mm + extension tube
  20. hello everyone! i read a lot about leica users being worried about their cameras getting wet and stuff...so here is a little field report: i am now back from a 3 day assignment covering a traditional mountain crossing in austria...first day was perfect weather so no problems...2nd day was not quite as good...it poured down the whole day...and we had to walk down from 2200m to 600m above sea level for about 7 hours...to make it short: everything was completely soaked...i for myself, my backpack and my lowe carrying case (which is of very good quality, but you guys know that...they arent the sexiest bags out there but worth the money)...since i was on an assignment i had to take photos...and my m9-p got really really wet...and not just that...since it was so cold and humid outside, once we entered huts on the way the camera steamed up real bad...it looked like there were 2mm of water around the camera...that left me a bit worried so i wiped it as good as i could until it got warm enough...then out again, then in again and so on...that whole story went on for 7 hours and i tell you again, everything was soaked and i was worried as hell so the good news: the camera was and still works perfect! no worries at all...crystal clear and sharp images! so to make it short for real this time: it might not be weather sealed, but it can take a lot, that little m9-p fella i love this little thing!
  21. I do a lot of sailing along with some snorkeling and scuba. Has anyone found an underwater case or bag to take the X1 swimming yet?
  22. M7, 35mm 'cron
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