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Found 87 results

  1. I know this has been covered in a variety of posts, but until Leica fix the issue with a firmware update I’m looking for what different solutions users are deploying, and it might be helpful to keep this issue under a common topic. Today was my first ‘full day’ of street shooting since I acquired my CL and the wandering focus point was particularly annoying as it often defaulted to the bottom left of the screen/viewfinder; why is this? I understand that you can reposition it by tapping the LCD screen, but I prefer to use the EVF and until you view, you don’t know where the focus point is, by the time you’ve recentred it a ‘decisive moment’ can be missed. How do you guys overcome the issue?
  2. I haven't got my CL yet, but not being technically savvy, I know I will be asking: How do I do this? How do I do that? I don't think I'll be alone. I am sure that fellow CL'ers will chip in with solutions. Ask away. I hope the moderator will pin this thread.
  3. So, I got my new CL. I always buy leather cases for my cameras to protect them. It looks like Leica's case for the CL won't be available until the Spring. That sucks! I wrote to Zhou and he has no plans to make one. Does anybody know if any third party is making, or is planning to make, a case for the camera? Thanks! Marc
  4. Guten Abend, schon lange bin ich lesendes Mitglied im Forum. Ich bin 44 Jahre alt und fotografiere seit vielen Jahren Natur und Straße, vor allem Makro und Street und liebäugle seit langem mit einer Leica CL. Jetzt habe ich mich endlich durchgerungen und mich für das Sondermodell der Leica CL Bauhaus entschieden. Ich gebe zu, ich habe mich in dieses schlichte Design verliebt. Leider war ich wohl zu spät... überall ausverkauft. Kann mir aus dem Forum jemand helfen? Gibt es noch irgendwo eine Chance an ein Exemplar zu kommen? Ja ich weiß, die Edition ist nahezu gleich dem Originalmodell bis auf den Schriftzug und den Gurt... aber verliebt ist verliebt. Würde mich freuen wenn jemand etwas weiß. Vielen Dank vorab und schöne Grüße aus Bayern Nadine
  5. Looking at a preowned CL. Anybody know how to bring up the shutter count? Appreciate it.
  6. Brand new option for CL with firmware 3.1 : always ON touch focus. Such as found with the Q2. Is a total mess with the CL. The CL screen is to close to the palm. And it always registers new focus point at the far upper or lower right corners. Way worst than wandering focus point. It makes the CL almost unusable !
  7. Hello everyone, I have just now added a Leica CL to my Leica SL kit, using R, M and L lenses. I used the "Search" function of the forum, but came up empty. The CL manual states that the camera accepts UHS-2 SD cards (as it must!) but does it actually use the increased throughput of the UHS-2 cards? Thanks in advance. Guy
  8. It's been a long time since I've posted. But here's a shot from a recent trip to Turkey. For this trip —six weeks in Europe, with stops in Poland, Spain, and Turkey— I left behind my M240 and decided to only travel with the CL and the 18-56mm lens (I also brought my Voigtlander f1.1 M lens, but I never put it on the CL). While my first thought was to just travel with the M240 —I go back and forth on the idea of selling the CL and the two lenses I have for it, the 18-56mm and the 55-135mm— I decided to see if I could live with just the CL. I definitely missed my M, but I have to say that I kind of liked having autofocus. Anyway, one night, my ladyfriend and I headed over to Sirkeci station to catch the Dervish show. Over my years of travel to Turkey, I've caught a dervish show at three different venues, and Sirkeci remains my favorite. Thanks for looking, Santiago
  9. Didn't get much attention during photokina: The Leica CL has a new firmware update: » Leica CL Version 2.1 (Download) Details and installation instructions The improvements: NEW: Compatible with the new Leica FOTOS app Connect your smartphone to your Leica camera NEW: QR Code for all Leica Cameras Easy pairing of smartphone and Leica cameras. NEW: 1-Click Connection with FN-Button WLAN starts without submenus on FN-button. NEW: Fixed WLAN name and password No submenus for setting name and password. NEW: No submenus for mode settings No submenus for setting a connection mode.
  10. Is there any setting that would show what Leica CL User Profile is set to on the LCD screen rather than having to menu dive. Thank you. Cheers, Terry
  11. Hey gang - wondering if anyone else out there is having the same issue I am presently facing in trying to enable some camera's capture assistance features on my Leica CL? I'm presently using Camera Firmware Version 2.2. Here's the items within the Capture Assistants section of the menu and a rundown of the functionality I 'have/don't have' for each: Grid Setup - Working, no issues here. Clipping - Does not display. Horizon - Does not display (this is the function that I'd really like to enable) Histogram - Does not display. Troubleshooting so far: Disabled then Enabled (and vice-versa) for each function. No dice, doesn't make a difference for the display of Clipping, Horizon, or Histogram. Only the Grid Setup functions as it should. I've looked for items elsewhere in the menu that might correspond to the functions that I can't get to work. Maybe something is cancelling out their functionality? Can't see anything though that might be the culprit? Is anyone else out there having this problem? This has only arisen after I updated to the most recent firmware (2.2). I can't quite remember though if the missing horizon/level gauge immediately went away directly after the firmware's installation.
  12. Hi, I'm interesting in new Ricoh GR III recently, and I just know that it has a so called "Snap Focus" mode, I wonder is there a way to let CL do that? I've tried setting the Right Wheel Button to Focus Mode and it's fine, but when I switched to AF and focus to shoot, then switched back to MF, I had to refocus the manual focus ring to the focus distance I was set. Is there a way to let CL remember my pre-setted focus distance when switch between AF and MF?
  13. Hi all, I am retiring in two months from my long career as a nuclear engineer, and treated myself to some quality equipment to reconnect to my old love of photography. I bought my first camera, a Minolta XGM after I graduated from college in 1982. Used the heck out of that thing, but ultimately replaced it with the Minolta Maxim 7000. I loved the whole auto focus and auto film advance, lol, and even started a weekend wedding business and developed the film myself. Shooting weddings ultimately paid for all my gear, yee ha! But then I had kids, and I set my cameras down except for family photos. Fast forward to the digital age and I picked up a Nikon D7000, 2010 I think it was, and really enjoyed the whole world of 16 mp digital pictures, but I never really got the bug again like I had in the 80s. But now, faced with the eternal question of what the heck should I do in retirement, I decided to come back to pictures. So, in the past three weeks I bought the CL kit bundle with the TL 18mm lens (27mm equivalent), the TL 35 (52mm) and the TL 60mm macro (90mm equivalent). I am done buying lenses, at least for this year! I have used the 18mm the most, think DC cherry blossoms, its just so handy. I got the 60mm macro last week and have enjoyed the macro mode shooting spring flowers and the like with it, also did some portraits of family members that came out nicely. Just today I got the 35mm from the Leica store here in DC. So have not used it yet other than a couple of test shots in the store to be sure it was working. Why did I buy Leica? I thought about a lot of cameras, and nearly pulled the trigger on the Fuji GFX system. But the more I thought about it, I really wanted a small system I could carry everywhere. Even with all 3 lenses and the body, my bag contents only weigh 4 pounds. And if I decide to just roll with the 18mm, then I don't even need a bag... that is amazing! I plan to travel extensively in my retirement, so I valued light weight and image quality above everything else. I wanted auto focus and a good lens selection to boot. I thought about all the major APSC cameras out there, for the smaller size benefits, and compared many review sites and user comments in various forums. I held all the cameras in consideration in my hands before I plunked down my cash. For me, in my situation, the CL was the winning camera. I didn't care it wasn't the newest. I didn't care it wasn't the cheapest (LOL). I didn't care that video was rudimentary. All I cared about were the aesthetics of the Lecia CL system and the images I saw being generated with the CL on this forum and others. I have had no buyers remorse, except for some troublesome thoughts that I may need a video oriented camera to supplement the CL at some point, but that is a worry for another day. Take care all.
  14. Has anyone used Auto-ISO enough to note whether the CL exhibits a stock preference to either shutter speed or ISO speed, or is it so damn smart it automagically knows which you would wish to be quicker? For example, when moving from indoor to strong sunlight and back again, setting at ISO max 6400, with a shutter minimum of 1/60s in AP mode you might expect sharp images with manageable noise all the time, but is it truly pot luck shot to shot which variable the camera changes to correct exposure? Is it true to say the function produces consistent results with only a "short range" set, if so what have you found to be acceptable? Three question marks in one post, sorry about that.
  15. Help! I changed the SD card in my CL. It felt a bit solid as I pushed, so tried to take it out again. No luck. It’s stuck. On the plus side, it is working. But that’s not really the point! Has this happened to anyone else? Easy solution possible?
  16. To minimize the changing of lenses, thinking of a "second CL body"... although from reading many other reviews and user comments, the CL could have some improvements... Thinking how long before Leica may come out with a new "CL-2" ... (somewhat like the "Q2" now replaced the "Q") ?
  17. Has anyone experimented with mounting the 28PC R lens on the CL with the R adapter? While the crop makes it say 42mm equivalent, would it also have extended shift due to the smaller sensor? I think it shifts some 12mm, and that might be pretty interesting.
  18. Perhaps this topic had been addressed beforehand. I would like to know if these batteries can be used for CL: The battery is branded as DiviPower made by iCm Photography (China) - sold as compatible Panasonic DMW-BLC12PP rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for Panasonic Lumix cameras. They are rated at 7.4V 2500mAh, higher than Leica's battery BP-DC12 rated at 7.2V 1200mAh. They are priced at 20% of the original. But I am not sure if the extra 0.2V will be OK for the CL circuitry? Thanks for your advice and thoughts. Benedict.
  19. Can anyone advise of a wide angle for the cl ? Via adapters?
  20. Hi All, My first post here, I've only been lurking since I don't have a Leica, yet. I've been contemplating a Leica, hoping to get some friendly advises whether a used CL is a good buy, or a used M 262, and a couple of prime lenses for them. A bit of background. My first real camera was a Yashica rangefinder with a 41mm lens, a gift from my aunt when I was going overseas to study. I shot thousands of slides with it, well, that was my only camera. Looking back, I like the 41mm focal length, and to this day, I still don't shoot at 50mm. I shot for a while with a Nikon D300 and the generic 18-200mm zoom while working and traveling in Europe and Asia, an 85mm for portraits, that's pretty much all I shoot, very little landscape or macro or anything else. Occasionally, I rent the Nikon 14-24mm to do some interior work. For wide,the 28mm is not satisfactory for me, I would go 21mm or wider. I moved to the D810 for full-frame and only own 2 lenses, 35mm/2 and 85mm/1.4. So I want to get something more compact and don't mind APS-C to travel with, a Japan trip is coming up. I seriously considered the Fuji x100F/T but crossed that out after trying a friend's X-E2, something about the Fuji tone that I do not get excited about. I considered the Nikon Df but it's not much smaller. Then I started reading this forum. The M10 is out of my budget, and wonder if the M 262 is still a good buy, I will probably look for a 40mm first before considering a 35mm/2. Along the way I considered and ruled out the Q, excellent as it is, don't mind a fixed-lens but I think I would not be happy at 28mm. Yes, I know you can crop to 35mm and 50mm, but it's not the same, if you get my drift., So the other thought is a used CL, APS-C is fine. I understand the CL goes well with the 23mm Summincron for 35mm equivalent, the Nokton 40mm sounds good, but that'll be 60mm equivalent. So would anyone suggest a 28mm to give me a 42mm crop? Sorry for the long-winded post. Thanks All.
  21. I've had my CL for a year now. That's a long time for me to keep a camera. It's been all over the place with me, and I've put together a nice little kit with the 23, 18-56 and 55-135 which work very nicely together indeed. I've written up my thoughts, plus also the pros and cons versus the M10 (which I sold after I bought the CL). Enjoy - lots of pics if you don't like reading 🙂 http://tobinators.com/blog/2018/11/gear-and-kit/leica-cl-lenses-1-year-on/
  22. Presently I own the Leica M262, Q and CL. I've been wondering if I should pull the trigger and get an M10. But I'm not sure if there will be a significant difference with image quality, when comparing it against the Q and/or CL. I absolutely love the Q and haven't put much time into the CL - other than the lack of battery life I like. When I look at photos from others, I have to remember they are posting their very best images and most include some post work. I'm not a professional and I am new to the Leica family. Just hopeful to get a variety of feedback from those who might have different levels of experience and knowledge. Thank you
  23. I used to use an M240 and an M9 before that, however I was finding that when on holiday with family and young children I just couldn't manual focus fast enough and kept missing moments, or missing focus, so I decided to switch to an SL with the 24-90mm to get the benefits of autofocus (and to save some lens swapping). I love the SL. The 24-90mm is so versatile that I've found to my surprise I don't even really use my old M lenses any more. In fact I think I'll be selling my M lenses. However, after a year with the SL, and taking it on holiday over the summer, I have one misgiving which is the weight. I switched from a shoulder strap to a hand strap which helped a lot, but even so I can't say I relish the thought of carrying it around all day when heading out on a trip. I was thinking that a CL might be a great compromise. I'd probably get the 18-56mm and the 35mm f/1.4 to start with, but only take one of those out with me. I'd have to sell the SL as I'd find it hard to justify having both, but I might keep the 24-90mm to try on the CL and just in case I regret the change in the future. The CL photos posted on this forum look fantastic, somewhat alleviating my worries about going down to an APS-C sensor. I'll miss being able to back-button focus, but I think I'll adapt. However I've read the forum posts saying that the SL (and the Q) really are a step up in quality compared to the CL, which makes me nervous. Has anyone else here downsized from the SL? Any regrets?
  24. I am personally not there yet but I was wondering whether anyone is using the Leica CL as their only or main camera and what they were shooting before. Also, whether you are missing anything from your previous platform. Or the areas in which you feel the CL is still severely lacking.
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