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Found 51 results

  1. The Blue Hour was promising after a couple of days with cotinuous rain and gry depressing sky. A few nice bylanes with historic buildings we have and at this hour nobody was there and I enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere. 2.0 - 1/50- ISO 800 Leica Q
  2. Bielefeld has a few nice buildings left, even if 70 percent of the city was destroyed during WWII. There are tranquilles bylanes with restaurants, pubs and when I strolled there, not a single soul could be seen. Leica Q 2.8/ 1/60 sec/ ISO 1600
  3. We are suffering here from very dull and depressive weather but for a short period of brighter moments. Therefore it is not advisable to plan trips by car. The best I can do is running down to the city, catch the next tram and stroll checking the best corners. The great high ISO performance of the Q and its fantastic sensor did support freehand shots very well. Although I carried a tripod I did not mount the camera then.
  4. In spite of crouching at the sofa or gazing at the PC it is sometimes a better therapy to go out and try to catch a few frames in the darkness. I started late afternoon just before the heavy darkness to settle in. Leica Q
  5. What can be done after sitting in the house gazing on all that depressice grey dull winter mood? I thought the light mist in the air could possibly give an interesting light effect. Leica Q
  6. As soon as there is fresh snow it is always worthwhile o look how our city looks like on top of the hill. This alley of beechtrees is marking the way to our fort. Leica Q, F 1.8/ 1/25 / 1600 ISO
  7. At least temperateratures went down last weekend and a thin layer of snow even covered the ground. The Q this time as a wideangle lens and backup In the background one can see the tower of our fort of Bielefeld
  8. This is my way back home from my office passing this building which is our local main hospital of our city. Leica Q
  9. On those days with a promising morning sky I take my camera with me on the walk to my office. A sleepy moon in front and a red morning sun in the back provided a great feeling of bliss. This is the building of our main hospital in my city and I passe there every day and enjoy a small adjacent park Leica Q
  10. Today we had a great sky before sunrise, I grabbed my camera and hasted to our window. Leica Q pano from 2 pictures
  11. These days people are dining outside. Only the rooves of the foodstalls give some flashy illusion of snow. Bielefeld, Old Maket Place, with Christmas decoration Leica Q
  12. The German word "Bratwurst" implies a food favourit in Germany. Sausage Barbecue, with Ketchup is a must for many people. I prefer gazing at those hordes munching the stuff on a paper plate along with the delicious "paper roll" slurping the sauce or mayonnaise with t toothpick sorry, not my cup of tea ... Leica Q
  13. This is showing one part of your Christmas Market in Bielefeld which is spread over the historic centre of the city. This is the view of one of two gothic churcheand its east side. The shot was handheld, ISO 10.000,f 3.2 @ 1/60 sec. These days are so dark, no chance to check out the new camera under normal daylight conditions.
  14. Iduna


    Our Christmas Market has much to offer and for me it is the chance to find out something about the low-light qualities of the Leica Q. One has to push the darks and expose to the right and then banding can be avoided, high ISO rates are up 12500 are with very low noise. This can be handled easily in LR or better in Topaz DeNoide filter.
  15. Detmold, Open Air Museum, Occasion of Advent 2nd The crowd was moving slowly. People taking out their smartphones, and small flashes. I carried my favourite Berlebah wooden tripod and I could feel people ask what does she need that tripod for such a small compact camera for. Don't you use a flash. Nope, I do not have any.....but there was no chance to get e free sight, so this guy was busy and so was I.... Leica Q
  16. Detmold, Open Air Museum, Festival of 2nd Advent. Leica Q
  17. On the second weekend in december this big open air museum is open on the occasion of advent. The main paths are being nicely illuminated with torches. The illumination of houses, trees and windmills is marvellous. I always try to reach their in time for the blue hour and then when dusk is there the sky provides a velvet veil. We were lucky it did not rain. I hoped for a clear night with the intention of capturing startrails. But this would have been too demanding. So we enjoyed a couple of hours with only very few stars.... This was the first serious shooting with the "Q"
  18. The morning light in winter can be very nice. This place is showing the architecture of our local main hospital which is on the way to my office. I go there often and here I wnted to find ho well the Leica Q can cover the whole range of light here. Very little in pp only a slight boost of the shadows was necessary. Leica Q
  19. The sky can be dramatic in winter. I know it is no comparison to spectacular landscapes but for a nice walk with a nice new camera it offers some situations to learn. We have a fort in our city, From the hilltops you get a nice view and it is a regional attraction. 800 years the history can be traced back. This fort never has been conquered and it did belong to the people not to any ruling clan or family. the picture is showing one part of the defense walls Leica Q, stitched from 3 pictures
  20. This is the very first walk with my new camera. I always go the same walk just to our fort from where there is a nice and wide view over our city. Winter offers a clear view, trees are barren (which is a thing to regret) and not disturbing the view too much. We get nice dramatic skies then. Handling is uncomplicated a fine, the new look has to be discovered and explored. Leica Q
  21. Hi, I have since quite some time an excellent Leitz Summilux 35mm 1.4 pre-ASPH. It should be a classical Canadian Mandler lens. But, the engraving states that the lens was made in Germany! I've checked all available databases and they state it is a 1987 lens from Canada. The only 35mm Summilux 1.4 pre-ASPH made in Germany were the late titanium ones. Can somebody tell me what lens I do have and if this is a collectors item? Thank you for your help, Christian
  22. I rarely clean my M9 CCD, nothing more than using a rocket blower if needed. Recently I have discovered a quite obvious scratch on my photos at F16. So I checked my CCD pixel by pixel and saw a quite big scratch. I thought it was just a hair stuck on CCD so I brought my M9 to a local Leica dealer. They told me that it's a scratch on CCD coating. I had no idea how this happen and they had no clue either. I contacted Leica Germany and told them the issue, the response was they're short in CCD, and they're moving the manufacture to a new place, which means the process of sending my M9 from Taiwan to Germany and get it fixed, then returning to me will take more than 2 months...2 months...jees.... has anyone here had the same problem? I didn't even touch my CCD and it got scratched...out of no where...and it'll take more than 2 months to get it fixed.
  23. Testing the Monochrom... with Summicron 35mm
  24. Het guys Im new here.. Not so long ago i bought an m8. And belfore i had an m6 and because I love photo journalistic, deciseive moment things like that I was wondering if: I can find people who also love street photography.. And maybe go shoot with them. So if you interesting in this topic please free to write..
  25. If you always needed a reason to visit Germany here is one. I am the organizer of the 2011 exhibition. Every year we exhibit in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and this time it's in Mainz, near Frankfurt. This is the official poster. Translation: "Digital was yesterday". http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2446/5746791154_a207d0a215_b.jpg There is a lot of music, cheap drinks, and no entrance fee. Vernissage Saturday, 4th of June, 18:00 There will be three bands, starting at 19: 'Ghost of a Chance', 'Plinio Designori' and 'Friends and Liars'. Open daily from 17:00 More music: 9th of June, 20:00: Australian singer Mijo Biscan 11th of June, 20:00. Singer Fritz Streuner Finissage on Sunday., 12th of June, 18:00 And, of course, there is a band from 19:00, named „kauzgarnitur“. The photographers: Jörg Bergs, Thomas Bethke, Franz S. Borgerding, Federica Degay, Mischa Klein, Michael Kopp, Walo Kuwa, Thomas Langmaier, Thomas Loos, Thomas Mika, Clemens Molinari, Maik Morgenstern, Gerrit Musekamp, Nadja Petranovskaja, Andreina Schoeberlein, Gerd Schreiter, André Schumann, Robert Skarka, Frank Somogyi, Robert Tyss, Stefan Voigt Show up or throw up :-)
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