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  1. Some shots from the Leica R8 with DMR: All with Vario-Elmar-R 1:4/35-70 Macro
  2. Kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen, welche SD-Karten am DMR funktionieren? 2 GB lt. Handbuch. Funktionieren auch größer? Wenn ja, welche?
  3. The California Foundation for Birds of Prey held an Open House yesterday, where several non-releasable birds were on display. Among them was Cleopatra, a young female Golden Eagle who was found near death by a Sacramento-area rancher. Cleopatra had contracted West Nile virus (thus the name) and though she is now fully capable of flight, she would not survive in the wild because the virus led to neurological damage which prevents her from seeing clearly at close distances. The first several months of captivity were terrifying for Cleopatra. She paniced at any nearby movement and it was only due to the patience and persistence of her handler (a licenced falconer) that she learned to trust her captors. Unusual for a raptor, Cleopatra has bonded with her handler and even appears to enjoy his company. One of the foundation's goals for Cleopatra is to train the her to accept other handlers because she is expected to live 50 years or so, and will out-live her handler. The beaks of captive raptors don't get as much abrasion as in the wild so they must be trimmed occasionally, much like toenails are. Cleopatra's beak was trimmed to the correct length the day before the open house but there were not enough people handy to keep her still so that the beak could be shaped properly - thus the blunt, chopped off appearance. Technical stuff: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO, shoulder stock & monopod. Leica-related notes: the open house was well-attended and at least two visitors recognized the camera. Two also noted the shoulder stock/monopod rig and its highly desirable combination of stability and mobility. All comments welcome.
  4. Recently my brother, who is a bit of a "part-time model" wanted to arrange a shoot with another model, along a "country cute" theme...here is what we came up with. All shot with Profoto lights and a R8+DMR and 35mm Sumicron or 24mm Elmarit. My wife was along as stylist and it was great having her eyes along as well, as she always sees things that I overlook!
  5. Dear all I would like to hear from you on my thoughts of getting DMR. Perhaps some bground. I had experience with Nikon F5, D2H and R9. At the moment still have the R9 and 3 lenses (21-35, 35-70 and 80-200 - not fast lenses though, F4 except 21-35). I sold my D2H few years back and using P&S. Recently the feel of getting DSLR strike me again. I've been looking at Nikon D700 but since I still have the R9 (mutual sharing between me and brother) I'm thinking of getting a used DMR (no more new). So what is you opinions? Is it still worth to go? How much is normally the average price? Btw, i dont have any specific shooting but most of the time family, sometimes macro, maybe once a year for MotoGP , and family / office unofficial events. Hope to hear more from experienced users here. Thanks in advance. Rgds
  6. die es noch nicht wussten und weil ich immer wieder danach gefragt werde. Die LEICA CAMERA AG empfiehlt bei defektem DMR-Akku die Firma: Mc-Akku: preiswerte Akku Reparatur - Aufbereitung Akku - Akku sofort reparieren - Akkupack Aufarbeitung - Umweltschutz mit Akku Recycling - alten Akku aufarbeiten - defekten Akku aufbereiten - Akku Reparatur Mainz - Akku Reparatur Wiesbaden - Leica DMR 14447 Preis ca. 70,-EUR
  7. Hi, been looking for a way to make focusing quicker and easier with my R9/DMR, happened upon the the Brightscreen magnifier online, anyone used this or something similar. Its not cheep £130 Thanks Thomas
  8. I own a Leica R8 and several lenses (most are APO-). A year ago I bought a Leica DMR to go digital with my R8 equipment. The DMR was used but still with 3 months garantee. I send the DMR with the R8 to Leica that they put it professionally together and to test the R8 with DMR. I was able to work with this for 3 months,- then a message on the screen of the DMR appears when switched on "Error Code 2". I took a look in the user manual, no description of Error Code 2. I wrote an email to Leica and waited a long time, after 2 weeks I wrote another mail with some Leica people in cc. I got an answer that Leica will do its best to fit that problem until summer. Summer comes and go, autumn comes and go, winter comes - still no news to Error Code 2. A few days ago I got a mail by Leica: "Sorry but we must tell you that error code 2 means that there is a heavy error in the electronic of the DMR. This defect isn't repairable due to missing spare parts.". I couldn't believe what was to read there. I asked back if that means that my thousands of Euros for the DMR are to hell now? I got the answer that Leica will search for a solution until end of first quarter 2011. I'm a Leica customer since 25 years exactly don't to have such topics like now. Does anyone also have the "Error Code 2" topic with his DMR and how was the solution? Best Regards Hardy Bongartz - Hamburg - Germany
  9. Is anyone considering selling off his or her R8/DMR or R9/DMR for the new M and R adapter? I have to admit I'm tempted. While I love my R9/DMR, I often feel hobbled by the low light capabilities of the three R lenses I have (21-35 f3.5, 35-70 f4.0, 80-200 f4.0). There is also the DOF issue. And the batteries aren't what they used to be. I have two film Ms and many M lenses. I would love to be able to use the nocti, the luxes, and the crons digitally. But the only way I could afford/justify the acquisition of a digital M is by selling something—or some things. It's tempting to sell the R9/DMR outfit (maybe keep the 80-200), and pick up the M. Is anyone in a similar quandary? cheers, Brent
  10. I am looking for RAW files created by taking images on the Leica R8 or R9 using a Digital Modul R for a Windows codec we are working on. If anyone has a Leica R8 or R9 with the DMR please let me know and I will tell what shots I am looking for. Thanks in advance. Aaron
  11. Hallo Was meint Ihr, was ein realistischer Preis für ein DMR im Moment ist ? Kann man im Anzeigenforum komplette Ausrüstungen auf einmal einstellen oder muss jeder Artikel einzeln aufgegeben werden ? Martin
  12. The Davis (California) Wetlands is part wastewater treatment facility, part wildlife habitat... I chose to emphasize the wildlife habitat last week In order of appearance, Least Sandpiper, Western Sandpiper, and Long-billed Dowitcher x2. All photos: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO, 2x APO-Extender-R, monopod & shoulder stock. All comments welcome.
  13. Friday morning I spent a few hours at the state fish hatchery at Nimbus Dam, a few minutes from home. The hatchery's water outflow often contains small fish (or portions of fish), a fact not lost on the local birds. A portion of the outflow is let into a settling pond where it eventually makes its way through percolation and direct flow to the American River, a few meters below the hatchery. Many of the local birds consider the settling pond to be a prime feeding area so among some species, the Common Goldeneye among them, 'turf' wars are fought over the best locations. Yesterday two pairs of Goldeneyes plus one bachelor male staked claims to the pond. When a neighboring Goldeneye gets too close to your claimed area, the first level of threat is to lower the head and aim toward the interloper: Both male and female Goldeneyes use this threat posture, but if the neighbor doesn't back off the male will go to level two threat, where he tosses his head back and makes a sound that is best described as a mix of a purr and a soft growl: Note the female of this pair has maintained the level one threat posture. A physical battle often takes place underwater which is out of the range of my camera's design parameters. Once the winner is decided (home court is a big advantage) the loser makes a hasty retreat (next post, too many photos for one post)
  14. Has anyone experienced moisture ingress on their DMR? I've just sent mine off for repair; is it likely to be worth the cost?
  15. I got impatient waiting for the mythical R10 as successor for the DMR and bought a Nikon D700. I am thinking of having some of my R glass converted to Nikon with the Leitax bayonet and would appreciate feedback from users with first hand experience, pros and cons. Thanks in advance
  16. DMR came to me with a 4>6 firewire cable to connect camera (4-pin socket) directly to computer (6-pin socket). My laptop has only a 4-wire firewire socket. I would like to use the DMR with a 4>4 firewire cable. Would someone please advise if I can safely use the 4>4 firewire cable with the DMR.
  17. Hey Folks, Just started a new blog and would love for you all to check it out. So far, all the images posted were shot with my Leica R8/DMR rig. Check 'em out! Midwest Editorial Photo: Troy Freund Enjoy, Troy
  18. I brought the new year in with a few photos of ducks: Canvasback Ring-necked Duck Bufflehead Mallard All photos: R8/DMR, 560mm f/6.8 Telyt, shoulder stock & monopod. All comments welcome.
  19. leicamr

    Lilly & Grandma

    My Niece and her Grandma. Leica DMR @ 400 ISO, 50 Summilux @ f 1.4
  20. Any sources for a decent profile for the DMR? Or, am I missing something already in LR 2.6 Thanks.
  21. And, do you now regret doing so? Or, you're glad to be done with it, and move on to [insert name here]. I ask because I'm about to take the plunge on (I believe) the last new DMR available in North America. I need longer focal length and more reliable focus on those long lenses than I can get with a 90 on the M8. Thanks. Dean
  22. A tiny bit of fluff, more voice than flesh & bone: This bird was one of hundreds in the Yolo Bypass wildlife area between Sacramento and Davis. The song is the bird's territorial defense; a highly variable song, a neighboring wren will often repeat specific riffs of his neighbor's song. technical stuff: Leica R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO + 2x APO-Extender-R, shoulder stock & monopod. All comments welcome.
  23. Not sure if the background is too distracting. I think either 35 Summilux or 60 Macro Elmarit?
  24. The outer back of the DMR has a number of white labels. On the left are button labels: Play, Delete, Protect, Info. In about three years of DMR use I managed to obliterate most of these four labels. I suspect it is caused by oils (maybe acids?) or other secretions from the skin of my fingers (mainly, thumb). Now that the entire back plate has been replaced by a new one, I want to avoid the trouble described above. I propose regular cleanings. Please advise the acceptable fluid to use in cleaning.
  25. troyfreund


    Shot for a local theatre company--my wife is the "waitress" and the "annoying customer" is the artistic director for the theatre (who incidentally also conducted my wife's and my wedding!). Shot with R8/DMR and 35mm Sumicron, ProFoto Lights. Troy
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