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Found 133 results

  1. I couldn't sleep well that night, so I played around with remote flash, to figure out some handling for using it in very dark places outside: M8.2 | 50 Summilux ASPH | Nikon SB-900 | Pocket Wizards
  2. I've been searching on the web, which are differences between lux and cron, here's my conclusion. Please correct if you see any errors. 35mm summicron pros Smaller than lux, compact Distortion, max.-0.8% 39mm filters, and those can fit inside the hood? "Cheaper" 35mm summicron cons Is there any? Slower than lux 35mm summilux (2010-) pros f/1.4 Slightly better MTF at f/5.6 3D like, when shooting close distances? Better contrast? Better saturation? Overall better "character" ? 35mm summilux (2010-) cons Bigger than cron, heavier Distortion, max. -1.5% Slightly worse falloff at all apertures Most 46mm filters won't fit under the hood Expensive Slight focus problem on middle-middle distances, central section will be slightly out of focus, when the rest of the frame is in focus 35mm lux & cron equals Sharpness, no real world difference Handling, don't see any noticeable difference, because the new lux hood won't block viewfinder anymore? Out of focus rendition (bokeh), equal when shooting at f/2.0 ?
  3. 1. Which ND filter(s) I could use on 35mm Summilux when screw-mount hood is attached, is there any limitations with this or could I use every 46mm filters out there (Hoya, B+H, Heliopan etc.) ? 2. Is there noticeable difference between these filter brands? Official Leica technical data says only this... Filter mount/Lens hood: Internal thread for screw-on filters size E46, non-rotating / Snap-on type (supplied)
  4. if the price for a mint 50mm Noctilux f/1 is the same as a mint/new 50mm Summilux ASPH were the same, which one is your choice? There is not much head on comparison or opinion on this. thanks for your input.
  5. Reds

    21mm Summilux Shots

    Here's some shots I took yesterday - out with the new 21mm 'Lux in the (unusual) London sunshine Getting to know my lens day - very pleased with it so far. London Bridge Steps [ATTACH]204452[/ATTACH] Near City Hall [ATTACH]204453[/ATTACH] City Hall [ATTACH]204454[/ATTACH]
  6. I'm having quite a dilemma. I currently shoot with a Leica M8 and an M7 with a 35cron ASPH and a couple of screw mount lenses (pretty bad ones). I'm thinking of purchasing a lens/lenses for the summer. These are my options: Option 1 Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 and Voightlander Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Option 2 Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4 (pre-asph/some older model) Its the two lenses v.s. one dilemma. Does anyone have experiences with any of the lenses? and would it be wise to purchase 2 non-Leica lenses rather than one? I just have this feeling that using non-Leica lenses are just not right and defeats the purpose of using a Leica.. What do people think?
  7. Hello ! There are quite a lot of threads in this forum dealing with a possible (aperture dependent) focus shift when using the Summilux 1.4/35 asp. lens. Does anybody know whether this issue does also concern the aspheric Summicron ? Do the older (non-aspheric) versions of these lenses have this problem, too ? Many thanks for any answer.
  8. Thought that those lucky ones who have gotten their Lux 50 lenses would give some hope to those still on the wait. So please update your delivery details in same style as the M9 delivery registry thread.
  9. Anyone knows what are the Leica production statistics for the different cameras and lenses? i.e. How long does it take Leica to manufacture an M9? a summilux 50mm ASPH? summicron 35mm? How many do they produce daily, monthly? What are the estimates for demand from Europe, US etc.?
  10. 2324699


    ... ohne Rauch gehts einfach nicht. (M3, Summilux 50mm pre-asph, Portra160nc unterbelichtet, SW in PS) LG Walter Flickr: photo.riccio's Photostream
  11. Hallo liebes Leica Forum, nachdem ich längere Zeit immer wieder die diversen Foren durchgestöbert habe und schon einige offene Fragen klären konnte, habe ich mich jetzt hier angemeldet, damit ich eine konkrete Frage an euch erfahrene Leica Fotografen stellen kann. Obwohl ich im Mode-Bereich fast ausschließlich digital mit Canon und Hasselblad arbeite, fällt mir im Kunstbereich immer wieder auf, dass ich mich zu meinen analogen Fotos deutlich mehr hingezogen fühle als zu den digitalen und für Ausstellungen nur analoge Fotos auswähle. Deshalb habe ich mich entschlossen der Leica M eine Chance zu geben. Ich hatte eine Woche lang die Gelegenheit eine M6 + 35 Summarit auszuleihen und die Ergebnisse sind WOW. Als Kamera werde ich ziemlich sicher ein Demomodel einer M7 nehmen, aber die Objektive, die Objektive.... Der Plan: Ein bis zwei Objektive zum Anfang. Möglichkeiten: 1) 50 Summilux oder 2) 35 Summicron oder 3) 35 Summarit & 50 Summarit Die Logik sagt mir 35 + 50, aber ich habe in der Fotografie immer wieder die Erfahrung gemacht, mit einem günstigeren Teil anzufangen, nur um es dann wieder auf ebay zu verkaufen, weil es eben doch nicht gereicht hat. Ich möchte die Leica eigentlich aussschließlich für Available Light Fotografie einsetzen, habe aber kein Problem einen 400 TRI-X auf 1600 zu pushen. Was sagt Eure Erfahrung??? Danke und viele Grüße Oliver
  12. Anybody here who went from the 24/2.8 to the Lux and tell me the experience? What can you do what you could not do before getting the 24? Do you use f1.4 and f2 often so that you would say the move made sense? Would you do it again? Can you post some images? Thanks a lot
  13. "Light On The South Side" Had the rare chance to meet a talented Photographer who somewhat unsolicitedly has recently published a Book of Plates from the mid 70's shot with an M3, and Flash. A PBS intro was done some time ago, subsequent to a Chicago Tribune Magazine Article. The Presentation at the Chicago Cultural Center was proctored by an old friend. When the Q & A wrapped the Interview, and slide show, I asked the Photographer what gear he used to get the very candid shots, Called "Light on the South Side", and he lamented that he had used an M3 exclusively with Tri-X, and a special Process he recalls fondly. The book is comprised of 100 candids, of a collection of about 5000. He sadly and regrettably told me the story of how he just sold off all of his Leica Film gear -- A transaction he regrets greatly. He is a Pro Photographer, who likely would not have got close to these shots with the Huge Nikon D3x he lugs around. He mentioned he may get back into Leica with an M9. In any case... I thought everyone may like to check out his Book, Article, and PBS blurb. The book is published with a double LP Vinyl Set of Music which would have lined the Juke Box of this Proto-Disco Nightclub. This is my first post so please let me know if I did this wrong, or if this was not appropriate. Cheers Max Chicago Tonight - Email Video - WTTW Numero Group Light On the South Side - Time Out Chicago
  14. Hallo, ich überlege mir nun ernsthaft die M9, hab auch diesen wunderbaren Katalog hier und bin etwas verliebt Objektive. Ich frage Euch nach Erfahrungen, weniger technisch. Hab im Forum gesucht, aber keinen vergleichbaren Thread gefunden, sorry, wenn übersehen. Zu was greift Ihr am häufigsten? Was sind die Renner? 1. nur 50mm: Zuerst dachte ich ein Summilux 50mm als einziges wäre toll. 2. 35mm + 75mm: Dann sagte mir ein Verkäufer, dass er eine Kombi aus 35mm + 75mm empfiehlt, das 50er weglassen würde. OK, vielleicht tatsächlich nicht blöd. Beim 75mm würde ich zum Summicron greifen, aber beim 35er? Lux oder Cron? Ist das "mehr" an € und Gewicht die eine Blende wert? Kann man auch freistellen mit dem Objektiv oder ist es eher eine available Light Frage? 3. 28mm + 75mm: Ist das 35mm nicht zu nah an dem 50mm? (sollte das mal als drittes dazu kommen) Sprich, sollte man sich die Kombi aus Summicron 28mm und Summicron 75mm überlegen? Eure Empfehlung zwischen 1, 2 und 3? Mir ist aufgefallen, dass (fast) der komplette M9 Katalog mit 35mm Lux und 75mm Cron fotografiert ist. Sind dies Leicas Lieblinge? Ich bin Euch dankbar für Input!
  15. Hello everyone This is my first thread in the forum, but unfortunately it might be my last! Last Saturday was the Thames festival in London, and I took out my M6 to photograph the event. In the evening, my camera bag with all my Leica equipments was stolen near Earls Court station. In it contained a M6 TTL and two lenses. Fortunately, we have a good CCTV footage of the thief showing his face clearly. I have reported the theft to the police who said there is a chance of catching him from the footage. But I'm afraid that when they do it would be too late. Can anyone suggest what else I can do in the mean time? I have heard that it is possible to report the serial number to Leica where they kept a database of stolen equipments, but I haven't had much luck looking for this online. The serial numbers are: Leica M6 TTL 2756569 50 Summilux 3783157 24 Elmarit ASPH 3964779 Please, please be careful with your bags. It only took me half a minute from it, with table full of people I know.
  16. Could somebody please tell me why this lens seems to be unavailable? E.g. at Red Dot Cameras in London it is currently listed as: 'Not available at the moment' followed by 'Expected delivery end of December' ?? Thanks a lot! 'HP'
  17. Laki

    his music...

    ...is really fascinating. comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, 50mm summilux @ f1.4, 1/2000s, iso 160 m8.2, 50mm summilux @ f1.4, 1/750s, iso 160 both shot in tuebingen - germany august 2009
  18. comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, 50mm summilux tuebingen - germany august 2009
  19. comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, summilux 50mm asph.
  20. Laki


    comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, summilux 50mm asph. tuebingen - germany july 2009
  21. I guess there have been numerous threads on pre-asph and asph Summilux 50mm f1.4 but I would like to know what people prefer between the second version and the "third version" (pre-asph but with built-in hood and shorter minimum focus distance). I personally think that the "third version" is sharper and the 70cm minimum focus distance vs. 1m is nice but with the same brand B+W UV/IR filter attached, the "third version" seems to have more of the magenta cast. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Laki

    fishermans work

    comments and critiques are always welcome fishermans work kaval - greece may 2009 leica m8.2 summilux 50mm changed tonal contrasts in ps
  23. Guest

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Just back from a weekend in Kuala Lumpur for the F1. Took my M8, M6 and R5. Fantastic place for street/people photography. Here are my first few images; all, apart from the first, taken with the Leica M8 and 35mm f/2 Summicron ASPH. The first images was taken with the 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH. I hope you enjoy them.
  24. Hi. I own a Leica M8 with a Summilux 50mm f1.4 version 2 and a Summicron 35mm f2 pre-asph. My Summilux seems to have a minimum focal length of 1m and my Cron seems to have a minimum focal length of 70cm. Is there a lens (or what is the lens) with a lower minimum focal length? In addition, I have read that Pre-ASPH Lux and ASPH Lux have a decreased minimum focal length of 70cm. I would be interested in hearing people's views on whether 1m minimum focal length and 70cm minimum focal length have material differences and whehter it results in the newer lenses being better. Thank you.
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