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Found 133 results

  1. Case in point. The first shot was my test shot to fix exposure and focus for the second shot of a pair of lovely twins enjoying Sushi in downtown Manhattan. Had no idea or care what I was doing in the first test shot. BUT I ACTUALLY LIKE IT BETTER. Nothing earth shattering, of course. But the layers of people remind me of a random stream of consciousness. The second shot is ok, but I ruin it. MM/50mm lux asph
  2. I've found a good deal on a pre-asph 50 lux 1.4 (43). From what I understand, the 46 is optically the same as well. I was looking for some examples to evaluate sharpness wide open. I know the ASPH is where the sharp end is, but it's not in the budget, sadly. I'm just curious as to how sharp (or not sharp) the 43 version of the 50 lux is. I have the 50 Planar f/2 which I like, but I'm looking for something with a bit more low-light flexibility. I know the 50 lux won't compete wide-open in the sharpness department, I'm just curious how far off it is. I've searched through flickr, but it's a crapshoot with all the differently coded lenses, so if anyone has some example shots I could look at (bonus points for higher resolution, so I can peep a bit) I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  3. Hello fellow forum members, I've written a article about the Summilux-R 80mm lens, and how it performs on the R8, and on the M (Typ 240) with R-M adapter, and EVF2. You can read it here: Summilux-R 80 on the Leica R8 and M (Typ 240) | Jip van Kuijk Here are two preview shots but there is plenty more in the article itself:
  4. I wrote another article on my website about the Summilux-M 50mm ASPH. on the Leica M (Typ 240) A day with Summilux-M 50mm ASPH. on Leica M (Typ 240) - Jip van Kuijk Here are some preview pictures:
  5. OK SO i'm new to Leica and also Leica glass. I've tried a few CV lenses, but always felt that they lacked something that the only other lens i had 28mm Elmarit, seemed to deliver. I've just taken a few frames with this 50mm lens on my M8 and its filled me with a lovely warm feeling. now the lens came with a UVa 13206 filter fitted which is in perfect condition. Question: Do i find an IR filter e43 for this lens or is the feeling that i can resolve colour shifts in LR? again i'm new to Leica, so if the best solution is to replace the UVa or indeed, keep the IVa and resolve colours in PP. your help and advice would be gratefully received. andy
  6. Wie ich heute mitbekommen habe, ist am vergangenen Freitag das Update Nr. 57 von set.a.light erschienen. Mit dieser Software kann Photographie im allgemeinen und Lichtführung im Besonderen virtuell ausprobiert werden. Eine wirkliche Überraschung ist aber seit Freitag die erweiterte Auswahl der Blendeneinstellung. Jetzt wird auch die Blende 0,95 (!) unterstützt. Ich kenne nur das Noctilux mit dieser Blende. Es ist schon interessant, welche Unterschiede Blenden gerade mit großer und sehr großer Öffnung in dieser Simulation zeigen. Zwischen 2,8, 2,0, 1,4, 1,2 und 0,95 liegen offenbar Welten. Es macht einen Unterschied, ob man später auf das fertige Photo schaut oder gleich die Unterschiede im Portrait sieht. Dass jetzt auch das Noctilux mit seiner einmaligen Blende ausprobiert werden kann, finde ich schon erstaunlich. Eine 15 Tage Testversion http://www.elixxier.com/de/downloads/index.php kann die Zeit zwischen den Jahren ausfüllen. Da man Belichtungssets untereinander austauschen kann, wäre ich an anderen Erfahrungen interessiert. So könnte man wirklich objektiv über Belichtung diskutieren und vor allem andere Vorschläge ausprobieren. Das wäre mal ein Fortschritt. Wer ein Noctilux besitzt, kann ja mal Auskunft geben, ob die Simulation der Wirklichkeit entspricht. Die armen Summichron-Anwender (wie ich) sehen jedenfalls auch den Abstand in den Möglichkeiten der Bildgestaltung zum Summilux. (Bitte nicht vergessen, Brennweite 50mm einzustellen.) Ergänzung: Man kann die Simulation auch auf Schwarz-Weiß einstellen. Das ist für MM-Fans ein interessantes Feature.
  7. Im currently shooting the M (typ 240) with the 50mm Summilux ASPH and love it but im also wanting a Leica 35 to replace my voigtlander 35mm 2.5 I have been looking at the latest Summicron and Summilux 35's but unsure which to go with!.. any advice? (Id be using it for both my personal work; street shooting + portraits and also for commercially shooting weddings) Dan
  8. Greeting Folks, Thought to share this image which I rather like; the oldest wine bar in London, photographed with a 1959 50mm Summilux on an M 240: Gordon's wine bar | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Cheers, Edmond :-)
  9. Hi guys, I own an M9 and a 28 cron and I absolutely love the images I am getting from this combo. However lately, I came across a 50 Pre-ASPH Lux on one of the websites for £1300 so I am very tempted to swap my Cron for the pre-asph lux to have a try particularly the focal length. (50 lux asph would be ideal but thats out of budget!) So, I have been searching around the forums and obviously cant find any direct comparison since they are not the same focal length to start with anyway. So I was wondering, how much sharper the Cron will be compared to the 50mm Pre-ASPH.( I am assuming it is sharper) Is it noticeable in daily photography?? If all I shoot is street and portraits normally viewed on iPad, MacbookPro and the max size I develop is around 5R. When I look back at photos that I deemed as 'keepers' when I was using Cron, most of them were taken at f2 or max f2.8. I feel as if that aperture gives me that magical image with perfect seperation but due to 28mm, Im always forced to take a more environmental approach. I am here to look for some advice and opinions and thank you all for your precious time. p.s. the online dealer is willing to make a direct swap for a 28Cron (very good cond) to a 50pre-asph lux (near mint). Is that an okay deal? how would you view the deal? Many thanks
  10. Laki


    comments and critiques are always welcome reutlingen - germany august 2011
  11. Who's tried the Leica Summilux 50 PRE-ASPH Version II on an M240 ? Would you kindly share your experience (and maybe even some images)? I would sure like to know how this lens does with the new Leica M. I know Summilux 50 ASPH 1.4 is amazing - I've seen the pictures! And while I'm sure that the pre-asph ver 2 is not "as sharp" and perhaps doesn't have the contrast of the ASPH model ... there's just something about how the pre-asph lenses "draw" that is so compelling ... that and the painterly character of the bokeh they produce. I imagine the pre-asph lenses at 1.4 are less sharp in the corners but wondering if that their reduced resolution might create an interesting transition effect moving from blur to sharpness? If you've been shooting with this lens on the m240, what are your thoughts? Anyways, love to hear what you guys think who've tried this combo.
  12. Hi All, I'm looking at investing in an R setup to supplement my M gear and am after a couple of opinions. I am looking at purchasing an Elmarit 180mm (second version) and Summilux 80mm and considering mounting them on an R5. Ideally I would like someone to post some pictures here if they have either of these lenses on an R5 as I am struggling to find any on the internet. Having not seen the R5 or either lens in person I need some information on whether the lenses mentioned balance well on it or am I better to look at an R8? Any help would be much appreciated. Sam
  13. taken with Leica M9, 21mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH with Lee 0.6 ND Filter
  14. taken on a ferris wheel on top of a shopping centre in Osaka, Japan HEP FIVE/ヘップファイブー大阪・梅田・赤い観覧車のファッションビル handheld shot with Leica M9, 21mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH
  15. Hello everyone, this is my first posting here and hope its placed correctly. I just recently purchased a Leica SUMMILUX-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens and the first thing that I became aware of is the potential damage to the built in lens hood... my 35mm lux has rub marks on the hood and knowing a ding or two is inevitable, makes sense to keep a hood on...but I know that it can be replaced easily.. for any of you tenured users out there...any advice? anyone out there obsessive and rather opt to use a screw on hood instead? I really like to take care of my lenses and well, not every day that I spend this much cash on a single lens. thanks in advance!
  16. Hello Forum members, My recently acquired 50mm Summilux, with which I felt so happy, sometimes refuses to open to its widest aperture... when I for example turn from f4 to f1.4 quickly it all works fine. when I turn from f1.8 to f1.4 there appears to be some resistance ... Just like, it doesn't feel like going to 1.4. back to f2 and then to f1.4 sometimes helps, but not always... My local Leica dealer sent the lens back to Solms. After four weeks, today I got it back. It was checked and guess what... Still the same problem. Is there anyone who has the same issues with this lens? And what is your advise, sent it back so Solms again? I thank you for your advice:)
  17. Hallo Gemeinde, ich habe mir das neue Lux bei meinem Lieblingshändler vorbestellt. Leica liefert wohl zum Ende des Monats aus. Gibt es equivalente Aussagen von anderen Händlern? Oder überhaupt... wer hat es bereits geordert und es vielleicht sogar schon in den Händen? Kaue schon auf den Nägeln vor Aufregung ;-) Roland
  18. duncanwong

    Nostalgic Party

    Nostalgic Party taken by Leica M4 Black Paint, Summilux 35mm F/1.4 Pre-A
  19. Hallo Zusammen, ich bin noch recht neu in der Leica-Welt und wollte mal eure Meinung zum angehängten Foto (f1.4, Fokus auf den Blättern im Vordergrund) hören. Ist dieses Verhalten in extremen Gegenlichtsituationen für das 50mm Summilux ASPH normal? Der helle Streifen der aus der Sonne läuft ist vermutlich eher ein Problem des Sensors. Gibt es hierzu Erfahrungen eurerseits? Viele Grüße, Oliver
  20. Laki

    the reader

    comments and critiques are always welcome [ATTACH]268545[/ATTACH] tuebingen - germany july 2011
  21. comments and critiques are always welcome [ATTACH]268316[/ATTACH] tuebingen - germany nov 2010 leica m8.2 with summilux 35mm @ 1/350, f4.8, iso 640
  22. Thunderstorm approaching at Fortress Marienberg Würzburg Germany 2010 M6.85 Summilux 75 Kodachrome 64 Scan Fuji SLP800 reduced for LUF
  23. Hallo zusammen, ich würde gerne ein Summilux 50 oder 35 ASPH kaufen (neu oder. MwSt ausweisbar) - weiß zufällig jemand wo eines verfügbar ist? Ich weiß - die normalen Lieferzeiten sind lange - aber vielleicht hab ich so Glück Danke und sonnige Grüße aus dem Süden der Republik! Manfred
  24. Hi guys, I've bought a 35mm Lux Asph on ebay and it arrived last friday. The good news is that it is in Like New condition and there is no detectable focus shift across de aperture range!! The somewhat bad news is that the focusing ring is a little stiff as compared to my other lenses (none of the Leica lenses). For instance, when I turn the focusing ring in a continuous motion (for a long turns), it moves smoothly (but not super smoothly like my other lens). However, when I am fine tuning the RF patch (small turns), the focusing ring seems to move on "little steps" rather than continuously, requiring some extra pressure on my side and thus going further then I needed. Is this normal with this lens? Is there a way to fix that on my own? Does a little lub could solve it or it would damage the lens? Thanks, Carlos
  25. I was away on assignment to Norway in November, to a place called Haugesund, and after work, managed to take a couple of photographs. The afternoon light in Norway is simply... breathtaking, especially when compared to London. I scanned this with my newly arrived Epson V700, using the supplied Silverfast software, and am pleased with the results so far, for web use, it is more than adequate i think. Leica M6, 35lux pre-asph and Portra 400VC. Thanks for looking.
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