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Found 108 results

  1. I have owned a Leica camera since the introduction of the M9, and since then, each and every iteration of the M series, excluding limited editions. In late October, I purchased the SL, along with the Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90. Initially, I shot solely with the Vario-Elmarit on the SL, but I soon got the urge to try my assortment of M lenses, and so I purchased the Leica M-Adapter T, and began using primarily the 50 Lux and the 90 Cron, on the SL. Although I have become fairly adept at rangefinder focusing, the EVF focusing experience with the SL was truly amazing. Focus magnification and focus peaking made focusing with the M lenses, especially the longer lenses, quick, easy, and accurate - or so I thought. While shooting with the SL/Ms, it seemed that I was hitting focus with amazing consistency, that is until l reviewed them on the LCD and zoomed in to check focus. It was just not right. Same thing when I viewed them in Lightroom - very much out of focus. Therefore, I started questioning my shooting skills, but knowing that as a left-eye shooter I am pretty good at shooting hand-held, I felt that something else was wrong. So, last night, I set up a quick test using the same two lenses, the 50 Lux and the 90 Cron, on the SL and M240. I stood an open book on my dining table, and then, in turn, shot with the SL and M240 rested on the table top. My suspicions were confirmed: focus is way off with both adapted M lenses on the SL, while spot on with the M240. I did not take the time to determine if the SL is back- or front-focusing, but it is definitely not focusing as indicated in the EVF. I called B&H, and they offered a replacement without explanation, even though I am considerably beyond the 30-day exchange period. Is it the camera, or the adapter? Soon to be determined. Is mine an isolated case, or has anyone else experienced this issue?
  2. Habe bislang immer nur Metz-Blitze benutzt. Aber von meinem neuen Leica-Blitz SF40 (nicht von Metz) bin ich begeistert. Der Kleine hier hat einen Metallfuß,der, wenn er aufgesteckt wird, einrastet, und super leicht mit einer Hand wieder abgenommen werden kann. Er kann TTL und Highspeed, sein Motorzoom geht von 24 - 105mm, hat ein 9-stufiges Videolicht, der Reflektor kann senkrecht gestellt werden und auch um 180 Grad gedreht werden. Und toll ist auch, ich muss nicht mit 3 Händen irgendwelche Menüs auf einem Monitor durchsuchen; hier gibt es auf der Rückseite 2 analoge Drehräder! P.S. Best.Nr. 14 624
  3. Running backwards, Drive on continuous medium, Shutter speed priority. 24/90 at 24. Some frames show vignetting, others don't. Thoughts?
  4. I would know how this particular lens behaves with the SL. Is there a profile available for correcting the geometric distortions? Thanks, Manolo
  5. Hi, picked up my new SL yesterday. Went through the manual to figure out to get the AF to work for almost an hour now. But it won't work. The focus ring on the lens has simply no effect at all, I tried all possible combinations, the lens will not focus. Pressing the shutter half way down has no effect either. Any idea? Had anybody similar issues? Firmware is 1.1
  6. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich ein zum 7. Berliner Leica Fotografentreffen am Freitag den 26.02.2016 ab 18:30 Uhr. Wir treffen uns wieder auf Grund der guten Resonanz im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://www.restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Wir bieten Euch an unseren 7. und damit ersten Treffen 2016 zwei sehr interessante Programmpunkte an: Besonders freuen wir uns darüber, das unser Ehrengast Andreas, zugesagt hat und einen Vortrag hält! - Haltbarkeit von Fotos : ein Fachvortrag von Andreas Kesberger (Fotopioniere Berlin) - Fragen und Antworten zum Vortrag von Andreas - Gemeinsames Abendessen - Alltag und Gesichter Süd - Ost Asiens: Harald Wie auch in der Vergangenheit, ist die Teilnahme kostenlos! Aus gegebenen Anlass haben wir diesmal eine begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl. Daher meldet Euch bitte ausschließlich per Email (LFB@mail.de) an, wenn Ihr teilnehmen möchtet. In der Reihenfolge der Anmeldungen erhaltet Ihr dann eine Bestätigungsmail als verbindliche Zusage. Leider ist es am 26. Februar nicht möglich, unangemeldet teil zu nehmen! Anmeldeschluss ist der 24.Februar 2016, bis 18:00 Uhr, da ich dann die verbindliche Teilnehmerzahl melden muss. Bringt Bitte wieder Eure Notebooks / Tablets mit. Wir wünschen Euch allen ein gesegnetes, frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein gesundes neues Jahr. Herzliche Grüße Klaus und Cord
  7. Finally winter has come to Stockholm after an exceptionally warm christmas and new year. The sun was shining and I took the SL for a walk. With thermo-glowed there was no problem operating the SL. I now appreciate the placement and heft of the on-off lever being an on-offer. The other buttons were also workable. Thankful for their size. And my hands kept warm. I did not take any precautions with the battery. It was not fully charged and I did not hold the hand-grip to keep it warm. The camera hung on the strap around my neck. And the SL did function as usual. No temperature related problems during 90 minutes in the cold. (As the M does at these temperatures apart from thermo-glove usability issue.) /Eric
  8. I bought a T lens to use on my SL - the 23/2.0 - but when I attach it I get the message "Lens firmware not supported. Please update firmware." The firmware in my SL is up to date - 1.2. Does the lens have to be updated on a Leica T camera? I hope not. I don't have one, don't know anybody who has one, and the nearest Leica dealer is in Atlanta. Surely there has to be some way around this!
  9. Hi, I came across this blog post about the SL in cold conditions and I thought it was a nice read, very encouraging indeed. http://scenictraverse.com/blog/2016/1/26/review-how-does-the-leica-sl-like-the-cold
  10. Hi everyone, First post so pls allow me to say Hi! I have been reading this form on and off for over a year and have learned lots from it. My photography history is film OM10 thru range of Nikons to F5. Then kids came along and downsized to small easy to carry compacts. Back to proper cameras with Fujis: X100 - slow so switched to X100s; XPro1 (too slow for me); and XT1 with 5 or 6 Fuji lenses. The Fuji kit has been good and has delivered some good images but although well made they feel a bit toy-like. My Leica interest has been there for years. I used to long for an M6 in the days when I couldn't afford one! I nearly bought an M240 last year but - with the greatest respect to range finder lovers - I found that RF is not for me. I need to see the image I am taking. Looked closely at the Q but don't want a compact and don't want to be limited to 28mm. I went to the UK Photography Show at the NEC last wk end and played with Ms, Q and .....the SL. I had played with all of them previously at the Leica boutique in Mayfair. My impressions were that the M is a beautiful design but not for me. The Q....despite attending a demo class....still the same - too limiting for me. I had written off the SL due to size but I tried one with an M lens......WOW!! Size and weight were fine = the perfect easy carry when needed. So so I came home last wk end decided to buy the SL. I have since read lots on here which has helped inform me. Would like some help pls: 1. To get the most from the SL, I think I need to get the 24-90..... My last big camera was the Nikon F5 with an 80-200 f2.8 and that was a weight so SL and lens are fine. Any feedback from those that have carried it all day? 2. Been looking at which 50mm M lens to add for when I want the smaller size and lower weight. Am reading lots on here between the lux, APO and Noctilux. I can see that the lux and APO will both be smaller than the noc. Wondering if anyone else been in same situation? Thanks all John
  11. PROFIFOTO 3/16 wird am 24.2.16 eine 20 seitige Sonderbeilage zum SL-System im Heft haben.
  12. Hallo liebe Leica Freunde, mich interessiert ganz besonders, wie sich M-Objektive an der SL machen, ganz besonders natürlich Weitwinkel Linsen bei offener Blende. Ich denke über die Anschaffung einer SL nach und würde gerne meine vorhanden Objektive daran benutzen. Wie sind also Eure Erfahrungen? Viele Grüße an das Forum, Holger
  13. We have many very helpful technical discussions and information on this site, I will only post some of my photos, I hope this will help your guys.....
  14. Firmware 2.0 for SL arrived! http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-SL/Firmware-Update-2.0
  15. adli


    From Teddys Softbar in Oslo, this guy suddenly sat down at the table right in front of me with his headset on, seemed to be in his own world Leica SL / 80 Lux-R
  16. Headed on safari in a few weeks. Has anyone gone on one With the SL and the 90-280? Did you find that it was enough for you or did you have other lenses/bodies that you used more? I am worried that the 280 isn't enough and that the 24mp isn't enough for landscape/safari photos. Thank you in advance for your comments!
  17. Liebe L F B - Freunde, hiermit laden wir Euch recht herzlich ein zum 10. Berliner Leica Fotografentreffen am Donnerstag den 06.10.2016 ab 18:30 Uhr. Wir treffen uns wieder im: Restaurant Berliner Hof Hildegardstr. 14 10715 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) http://restaurant-berliner-hof.de/ Wir bieten Euch an unseren 10. Treffen 2016 wieder zwei sehr interessante Programmpunkte an: 1. Frank Richsteig : Panorama mit und ohne HDR u.a. Rom und Vatikan 2. Holger Fehsenfeld : Bildbesprechnung an Hand seiner Fotos der Indochina Reise 2016 Wie auch in der Vergangenheit, ist die Teilnahme kostenlos! Aus gegebenen Anlass haben wir diesmal eine begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl. Daher meldet Euch bitte ausschließlich per Email (LFB@mail.de) an, wenn Ihr teilnehmen möchtet. In der Reihenfolge der Anmeldungen erhaltet Ihr dann eine Bestätigungsmail als verbindliche Zusage. Wir benötigen einen Beamer und bitten um Info wer bereit wäre einen mit zu bringen. Anmeldeschluss ist der 04.Oktober 2016, bis 18:00 Uhr, da ich dann die verbindliche Teilnehmerzahl melden muss.
  18. Werte Forumsmitglieder, Da ich im Internet keine detailreichen Landschaftsbilder in voller Auflösung oder gar DNG Format finde, wende ich mich an euch, und zwar an alle welche eventuell die D800 und SL besitzen. Ich bin Landschaftsfotograf und als solcher sehr interessiert an feiner Detailauflösung meiner Motive, welches mir eine D800 (24-70mm) annähernd bieten kann. Bei der SL mit weniger Auflösung, aber besserer Optik (24-90mm) bin ich mir nicht sicher ob das eine Steigerung der Bildqualität wäre, da mich die Kamera auf Grund der Möglichkeit M-Objektive zu verwenden aber doch reizen würde. Hat hier jemand im Landschaftsbereich Erfahrung mit D800 und SL ? Grüße Andi
  19. I just updated my SL yesterday to the new firmware 2.1 with no issues during the installation. Looks like I sold my house and am going to sell some furniture so I grabbed the SL w/24-90 lens and a pw to use with my sb900 flashes. The camera I normally leave in AFC, Static, field for focusing unless I'm walking around downtown and sometimes change to face recognition which is like a dynamic focusing. When trying to focus yesterday, I had sufficient ambient light and used the flash for fill, the camera would hunt like crazy trying to get a lock. It is also locking focus but nearby objects are in the viewfinder are wobbly. The lens would also make odd noises like the vibration reduction is Turing on and off. This only appears to happen in AFC, if I select AFS it's fine. I don't remember this happening prior to the f/2.1 upgrade, can anyone elaborate on this? If reacher freaky, makes me appear a little quisy in the stomachs if you look at it too long.
  20. Hallo Zusammen, Kann sich jemand vorstellen die SL „vorerst“ ausschließlich mit M-Objektiven zu verwenden ? Ich schätze diese Optiken über alles, komme aber mit den Eigenheiten der Messucherkamera (M9-P/M246) nicht allzu gut zurecht. (Exaktes Festlegen des Ausschnitts, Aufstecksucher für Weitwinkel, Beurteilung der Tiefenschärfe,…) Gruß Andi
  21. Watching these conversations about the Leica SL have been instructive and entertaining. How a product launch can release so much passion is beyond me. It's a product. It might succeed. It might fail. The company made its bet and now will see how it fairs in the market. Being a brand new product, the company owes no allegiance to existing customers of any of their other product ranges. So there's no need for the passion. You either like it or you don't. A lot of the discussions seem to revolve around one Question: who are the target customers for this new range? Answer: Me. And, hopefully, a few others... Why me? Foremost, I have always enjoyed quality. It inspires me. Outside of family and work, I only have two passions: photography and scuba diving (and the combination of the two). I've worked hard all my life and achieved some level of success. So, spending some money on quality products to support my passion does not seem unreasonable. For the last 25 years, I have been a Hasselblad user, but, in that whole time, I have only ever used two of their cameras and five lenses. I believe in buying a system and using it for years so that I become familiar with its every nuance and can know how it'll respond in every circumstance. (I realise that in today's world that's not so easy anymore, as product cycles are significantly shorter). But, recently two things changed as I become older. I struggle to carry a huge backpack of camera gear. And my eyes do not focus as well as they used to, taking longer to determine if an image in the viewfinder is sharp or not. For a couple of years, I left the Hasselblad in the dehumidifier and I used the Leica M9 but never did get comfortable with RF focusing - nothing wrong with the system - just took me too long to find the focus. I recently tried the Sony A7Rii. I was very excited at first. Almost there! Light weight, AF, EVF, 42 Mp, almost as many as the 'blad. But the Sony zoom lenses do not match that sensor. Possibly some good prime lenses coming - if Zeiss ever sort out their production issues. But, the Sony cameras just feel wrong. Too much clutter. Too many useless functions (e.g. detect a smile then automatically take a photo). Scene modes, yuk! Buttons all over the place. Symbols that flashes at you in the viewfinder for no good reason. Seems like they are trying to be all things to all people. Yes, you can try to ignore the clutter but that does not appeal to my love of quality and simple design. The Sony A7Rii is not a bad camera and I have taken some great images with it - but it's not a camera you could ever fall in love with - it feels like the camera you own for a year or two until the Sony A7Riii comes along. Then, just as I was stocking-up on Sony lenses and accessories, I heard about the SL. Sounded like it fit most of my criteria. Quality, AF, Weight1, Size2, Lenses3,... 1Yes, you read it right, weight. For me, its weight is a positive. Anyone who has schlepped a backpack with a Hasselblad and 3 lenses around all day will see the SL weight as "reasonable", even with the initial SL lens on-board. 850 grams for a camera body is about right. 2kg for a whole camera system is fine. Solid enough to be stable. Light enough to carry all day. 2The size is right. The Hasselblad was big, really big. But, as it was well designed, I could walk for hours with it in my hand - although it did get a bit heavy with one of the larger lenses on. For me, the Sony A7Rii is too small. My little finger slips off the bottom. The SL is a comfortable size. 3And, what a lens, for 95% of my photographs, that one lens will fit the bill. One body, one lens, one extra battery - total of 2kg - lovely - and light (by comparison to my equipment of the last 25 years). Will I hanker for some primes, especially for portraits? Maybe. Time will tell. So, last week, I went into Leica Store Singapore and touched a Leica SL. That touch was the tipping point. The minute I had it in my hands, I knew that I had to have this camera. Not optional. Slapped down the card and got myself onto the pre-order list. Will this be my main camera for the next few years? I hope so. But, if not, I can always sell it and try something else. I am not all starry-eyed about the SL. But I am excited about the next few months of using this new Leica product to see if will become my new camera system for the next few years. I'll let you know how it works out. Final thought: My advice to anyone who wants to stay angry at Leica for not producing the camera that they wanted, is this: Do not touch one of these SLs. You'll be sorely tempted to ignore all the grumbling, forget about its affordability and slap down your plastic too. Regards Peter http://www.peterwalker.com Quote MultiQuote Edit
  22. Andreas has a great summary of the SL lenses, but the dimensions/weight section of the table is blank. Does anyone know these figures, particularly the 90-280? I'm wondering how it compares to my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII. Apologies if this info is available. I have had a quick look through the Leica site and here, to no avail.
  23. (Can I ask the moderators to please PIN this thread so it can stay active for a few months). I thought I'd start a thread of firmware improvement suggestions for the Leica SL. When we have sufficient content, we can send the list to Leica who might consider them for a future update. With a little bit of self-imposed discipline, we might get a useful thread that can influence future firmware updates. So, some ground rules for this thread: 1. Only firmware improvement suggestions please 2. Please don't debate each suggestion, filling the thread up with pros and cons (start a separate thread to debate a suggestion) 3. Explain the purpose or rationale behind the suggestion; why is it important 4. Please don't add little posts like "yes, I want that too". Just click like if you agree with a suggestion Regards Peter
  24. I went to pick up my order at dealership and to my dismay noticed a dust spec inside EVF;IDealer plan to send it back to leica as a defective item. I thought leica has now a grip on QC.
  25. I had the chance to look at the new SL today and here are my thoughts, if anyone is interested! The first impression - even for someone who uses a DSLR - is that the body and lens are big, the lens particularly so. It's a very hefty lump of metal and glass. I think the 'thinness' of the body (compared to a DSLR) actually makes it feel bigger, due to the body/lens balance. The focus/zoom rings on the lens have a nice weighty and smooth feel to them. Very Leica-like. I do wonder though, why Leica couldn't make a lens with a constant f2.8 aperture at the size it is. I have said before that the grip looks like it might not be so comfortable as a more ergonomically designed body, and some others have said they have found it uncomfortable in prolonged use. Well shortly before looking at the SL I had looked at an R8 body. The R8 is often criticised for being too big and bulky, but actually it fits the hands very well indeed due to its shape - it was clearly designed to do so, hence the 'bulk'. It's a pity, IMHO, that Leica didn't follow some of the design cues of the R8/9 with the new camera. That said, the body is very well made and everything has a nice quality feel about it, as you would expect. I quite liked the lack of writing and symbols although it does mean that if you pick up the camera for the first time - as I did - you can't easily find your way as you can with say a Canon or Nikon. Users will need to spend a lot of quality time getting to know their camera to the point where using the controls becomes like touch typing! I was particularly keen to see how the EVF looked. I'm no fan of EVF's, they have always seemed very laggy and I find it uncomfortable viewing a small TV screen through a small hole! With a compact I actually prefer the LCD screen on the back of the camera as a viewfinder. I have read comments from some that they have found the SL's EVF so good that it is difficult to tell that it's not an optical finder. Well, sorry to say, I don't agree. It still is very much an EVF, albeit the best one yet. It's big and clear, a huge improvement over any others I've seen/tried. When you press the shutter there is a momentary blackout which feels very much like using DSLR. So, the SL is impressive as EVF's go, but….it's still an EVF! I accept that will be a big tick for some users though. Focus on AF seemed comparable to my Canon's as far as speed (on single point AF inside) but certainly didn't feel any faster. No question the SL is an impressive camera, and it's great to see Leica produce something truly new and market leading. I wasn't able to take any photos but from what we've seen so far the lens/sensor both perform well. Would I buy it? I can see the appeal of the SL, and it would be fun to try it out properly, but even if the cost weren't an issue for me, I wouldn't choose it. For my purposes, I still prefer the DSLR. I have a film M and some lenses and if I wanted to go digital with those I'd choose an M, for the more compact size and rangefinder focussing. I don't think the SL does anything better than a DSLR or an M, but obviously it offers the versatility of accepting pretty much any lens on one body, which will be a big benefit for some.
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