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Found 45 results

  1. Detmold, Open Air Museum, Occasion of Advent 2nd The crowd was moving slowly. People taking out their smartphones, and small flashes. I carried my favourite Berlebah wooden tripod and I could feel people ask what does she need that tripod for such a small compact camera for. Don't you use a flash. Nope, I do not have any.....but there was no chance to get e free sight, so this guy was busy and so was I.... Leica Q
  2. Detmold, Open Air Museum, Festival of 2nd Advent. Leica Q
  3. This is a park which belongs to an attraction of a rock formation from the ice age moraine. It is an hour's drive from my home so one can be there at 7 a.m. very easliy. But recently I found myself not being the only photographer there. Somebody else enjoyed this early morning bliss as well. Olympus EM 5 + Nocticron
  4. That day in early october started promising with a cold temperatures, clear air and a golden light. I decided to roam ina nearby park on a hill in my hometown. Light was gorgeous so I could not make up my mind and processed a bw series from those pictures which were being planned as such. Olympus EM 5 with Summilux
  5. Here are now somes samples of golden autumn colors. The trees have only started now turning into yellow. I wonder whether there will be really strong colors his year. I think one has to wait a bit more. Still, deep in the forest there is much green. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm
  6. This is part 2 of my bw series. Sometimes bw is "color" enough. The rich shade of monochrome tones is amnifold and exciting enough. Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron 43 mm
  7. Coming of spring is keeping us in suspense this year. But due to cold temperatures we have clear air and chsnging light provides interesting situations. Thus we went to a nice location from which one has a good view. It was saturday before Easter and if you look closely a few bonfires and namely their smoke can be seen. After this shot sun went don wuickly and the whole area was pestered with biting smoke. Canon 5D MKII with R Elmarit 28 mm - pano stitched out of 3 pictures
  8. The A316; M240/75mm Summarit
  9. Late september I was in Hong Kong for a fortnight and we could explore many locations. Stanley is a place with an English tradition in the south of HK-Island. After a hot and exciting day it was a welcome place to relax,have dinner and then going back to our hotel on Kowloon. This picture was taken just after sunset, a rising moon here is vanishing behind a hill. Pano out of 2 pictures, Olympus OM EM 5 with Elmarit R 60 mm.
  10. there is no winter here. We have mild temperatures and you can hear already birds chirping. So I can only post what is left by autumn here and a low light is being smooth and gentle to the faded plants. Olympus OMD-EM5 with R Summarit 50 mm
  11. this Chinese grass is in our Botanical Garden placed between stones from the different periods of the earth ages. It was being lit up by the last sunbeams of the day. Leica X1
  12. one sideglance and one can discover so much even when sun is almost gone and there is only one beam left almost fading. Canon 5D MKII, Elmarit macro R 60 mm and a reflector to light the cherries from below.
  13. Gütersloh is a small city in our neighbourhood but an attractive place for a few big companies. This is the new building which is during daytime looking like a shopping mall but at night when being illuminated it is showing its purpose: it is the home of a new theatre and concert hall. The X1 one with 800 ISO was handheld and open lens and 1/30 sec. It is a snapshot just before rushing in for a concert.
  14. These days there are still leaves on the beech trees and the light can give a moment of magic. One has to be quick because the magic vanishes soon. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit 60 mm macro + polarisation filter [ATTACH]347446[/ATTACH] I am afraid the macro lost very much while scaling it down for the forum size. Nevertheless one can have a glimpse of the impression of the original. I used the 2xApo converter, and stacked 2 versions of different shutterspeed. [ATTACH]347448[/ATTACH]
  15. Hi I've recently purchased an R4 fully aware of the electronic issues with them, the R4 I bought was in mint condition and rarely used. I've finally got round to loading some film and doing a shoot, it was working fine nothing out of the ordinary until the light meter suddenly stoped functioning completely, no lights or anything. I put it down to perhaps needing new batterys so I replaced them today but still nothing. If I look through the viewfinder whilst placing the batterys in theres a slight blip of light but nothing at all after that. If I press the button in to change the iso there is a red light on the top so obviously somethings working in. I'm fully aware this is probably just a fault and I'm going to have to give up but I just wondered if there was perhaps a fix and if not what does everyone suggest? Thanks
  16. M8 + Summarit 2.5/50 Capture One 6 #1 [ATTACH]303643[/ATTACH] #2 [ATTACH]303644[/ATTACH] #3 [ATTACH]303645[/ATTACH]
  17. M8 + Distagon 4/18 Capture One 6 [ATTACH]296607[/ATTACH]
  18. tommm

    Light metering

    Can anyone with an X1 in hand help with Q about the light metering? There's spot, centre weighted and 'intelligent', 'multiple' - what are these last two and how do they perform? Are there any visual displays of the metering area in the LCD display options? And can you fix the meter reading with a shutter half press?
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