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Found 25 results

  1. Don‘t know how others fell. But just saw that there is a new Firmware for the CL but nothing for the TL2 and this since a while. Communications turn primarily around CL. Is the T-series dead?
  2. Mike Johnston at TheOnlinePhotographer blog has been musing about the perfect 'simple' digital camera again, and I can't help thinking that a Leica T(L/2) fits his description perfectly - if only he (and his readers) knew it. He acknowledges that Leica is the only camera company embracing photographic simplicity, but the spectre of Leica prices keeps coming back - both in the blog posts and the comments - and the only cameras they seem to acknowledge are the M-series. To me, the menu system in the Leica T is the most intuitive and minimal interface that's possible in an advanced digital camera - especially the way that each user can choose their own subset of visible menu items: I have only 4 items in that menu, and regularly only use one of them (the metering type). Nowadays the T can be bought for less than a Fuji XE3. You can even pair it with an adapter for non-Leica manual lenses (ie: Olympus OM). Couldn't be simpler or cheaper. Incidentally, one of the points being missed in a lot of the comments on TOP's site is the scenario where the user changes a setting on a camera unintentionally. A lot of the commenters say it's easy to just ignore menus and settings they don't understand. But this was one of the problems I persistently had with my X100 - I'd pick it up after a long hiatus and somehow an exposure or other setting had been inadvertently changed, and it would first take me a while to notice, and then usually a long time to fix (hunting through tens of menus). And I'm an app developer, so used to device complexity. The T has solved all those problems perfectly.
  3. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1450274-REG/7artisans_photoelectric_a505b_55mm_f1_4_lens_for.html anyone get a chance to play around with one of these yet?
  4. Hello I currently have a Leica TL2 using a adaptor for a M mount lens . I want to get a auto focus lens that will work with the TL2, I just don’t want to spend 1,500.00+ At the moment. Do I have any options ?
  5. Because the Leica T M-adapter is an order item in Stockholm, I can’t try one before buying. I like the T, but not being certain of focus in low-light situations is occasionally irritating. And the Novoflex doesn’t have focus-zoom assistance. If you have the Leica M-adapter, how do you use it? Is it possible to zoom in, check focus, then zoom out again to compose your image? How’s the zoomed image? Sharp and detailed, or noisy and blurred? What options are available for the dials in manual mode? Right now, the left-hand dial is wasted on f-stop (which is disabled with M-lenses attached, of course). Does the Leica adapter free the dial for something useful? In general, is it much more useful than the third-party adapters? Does the camera-system adapt to it intelligently, or is it a missed opportunity? PS: I saw Jono Slack’s review of the T, where he dismisses the adapter as less than useful. I wonder if firmware updates or other factors have given anyone another perspective?
  6. Yes I proudly bought a T in 2019. This is why. What's good : IQ 16MP without AA is very very sharp. Ultra fast startup time, faster than Q or CL. Crazy. Full USB camera ! No need to remove SD card and battery. Everything through any USB cable : charging and downloading files. So nice to be able to use any external battery on the go. AF is fast in good light. OK in dim situations. But nothing like Q or CL. Face detect AF works well, do not hesitate to use it. The digital distance scale is genius. Therefore only T, TL and TL2 can use TL lenses in hyperfocal ! So no AF problem at, because no focusing is faster than any AF. Yeah ! CL has to use adapted M lenses to do so. APO-Macro-Elmarit-TL 60mm is now usable in MF mode. Good pop up flash (as good as such tiny flash can be) Totally usable, nice flash metering, no red eye (no need to activate red eye mode, nice) and no washout face. So high ISO problem mostly solved. I even like its results better than my SF-40, because T's flash is more consistent. Better handhold ability, thanks to 16MP sensor. Therefore you can choose confidently to shoot at 2x speed against focal length. Q 2x is possible but not reliable so I stick to 1/125sec. CL needs 3x Extremely good looking and wonderful build quality. Nothing is nicer. On par with Leica M10. Way better than already superb Q and CL. Best ergonomics : easy flash access, touch screen menus are excellent, double scroll wheel are very efficient. And excellent grip design. Way better than Ms, Q, CL or SL. Within dry hands it is not slippery at all. I love it. No need for stupid optional SD+battery blocking handgrip. Removable strap lugs. I can use it confidently without any strap. I also remove strap lugs for better design and ergonomics Awesome battery life for a mirrorless. No need for second battery. Double battery life than CL. Even when using flash third of the time. And battery latch is genius. Battery charger with integrated plugs is the best of all Leica external charger. Huge touch screen is nice, I didn't thought I would like it better than CL, Q or M10 menus. It is different and I love it. Easiest menus in industry. Thinner and sleeker than CL. Slips more easily in jacket pocket. Life saving internal memory. Though quite slow What's not so good : High ISO is not Q or CL level. Nice until 6400. Use flash for dimmer places. Operationally it's a mixed bag. Very fast startup and wake up time. No shutter lag. But half sec blackout. Touch operations should be faster. T is very usable, but not as fast as Q or CL. Can get quite cold when used in minus 0°C weather. Yes it is a pure block of aluminium. Video quality is very bad in low light. Video AF hunts too much. Almost useless when light is lacking. SD card is hard to remove Buffer is too small Stupid no DNG mode only Firmware bug : impossible to deactivate auto review No exposure preview. So you have to rely on auto preview to check exposure. Left it at 1 sec. T is so good, that I should have considering a TL2 instead of a CL. So far I happy to have the T as a backup for my CL. If you find one cheap, do not hesitate, it worths it. This is a rolling review in progress. So more to come.
  7. I am interested I purchasing my first Leica and have my eye on a T body which I can get for a reasonable price. The lenses are rather expensive and currently out of my budget. Would you be able to recommend alternative lenses or ways to use lenses on the T for someone on a budget? Thanks
  8. I am considering a macro lens for my Leica TL2. The L mount Macro is 60mm and while yielding 1:1 macro, the focus distance to an animate subject is really too close to be useful.It would tend to make the little critters a bit jumpy. There are other alternatives such as a FF 100mm or 105mm Nikon F mount Tokina or Nikkor with a NIK to L mount lens adapter. That would allow me to stay back from the subject. So, I am considering a used Leica Macro-Elmar R 100mm lens which, with the macro adapter, results in a 1:1.6 image with a full frame 35mm Leica R camera. So, it seems to me that this lens combination ( lens + Leica R macro adapter) used with an R to L mount lens adapter should yield an image closer to !:1 macro when taking into account the 1.5 sensor ratio between FFG and APSC. Am I thinking straight, or should I reconsider?
  9. I am sure that there are questions and answers for this camera type too. Post them here, T-TL-TL2 owners.
  10. I am finding my TL2 is repeatedly overexposing, only at 6400 iso? I have tried 2 lenses, all exposure modes, neutral contrast and variable contrast subjects and it’s repeatable. Firmware version is 1.4. If I put the iso at any other setting I get a good exposure. Can anyone else replicate this?
  11. I just noticed that the "eyelets" or the small pins to be inserted into the camera when a strap is not in used have gone into hiding. Not a major issue at all, but does anyone know if these can easily be reordered?
  12. I recently bought a NOS TL. I'm still figuring out the best way to use it - but nevertheless, so far, it's hard not to like the camera. One issue that I have with the TL does not seem to be normal however: when I remove the battery for charging, and the camera is without battery for eg one night, I loose all settings: date and time, and the settings in which I was working before I removed the battery. Saved profiles are still there. Just a problem with the internal battery, or… normal for a TL? Marc
  13. ... has an almost Instagram quality , as if a filter was applied .
  14. I have just purchased a used TL2 which I immedaitedly upgraded to the latest firmware version - v1.4. When attempting to use the TL2 with my Visioflex EVF I am finding that if I let the camera auto power off when the camera is in EVF or Extended EVF mode, the EVF fails to wake when I wake the camera by half pressing the shutter release. When this occurs the camera will take photographs but the EVF (and LCD) remains blank / off. Removing the EVF and powering the camera off then on again, then re-attaching the EVF usually resolves things. As I occasionally use the Visioflex on my M10 I tried replicating the issue by letting the M10 auto power off after being left in LV mode with the Visioflex attached. Before auto power off everything was working as normal when I put my eye up the the EVF. After waiting for the M10 to auto power off, then waking the M10 using the shutter release button, Live View reappeared on the LCD but on putting my eye up the the EVF or palm of my hand over the EVF the EVF again failed to operate. Does this look as if my Visioflex might be at faulty? Has anyone else had a similar problem / been able to resolve it?
  15. I love the latest update. TL2 is more customisable. Works better with MF lenses. I guess AF is also a little bit better? Not sure though. AF was waaaay behind today's era, or even 2-years-ago era, but I hope it got better. The only too-easy-to-dismiss thing missing - ability to switch off exposure preview, so you could work with additional flashes / in the studio. Shooting in a studio with a TL2 is still impossible. I know this camera is more targeted toward instagram bloggers, but come on, when you give lenses of such a quality, such a sensor, why handicap a camera this way? What do you think TL2 misses and where do you thing it's absolutely flawless as it is? For my type of photography I'd only ask for ability to turn off exposure preview in LCD so I could work in a studio with it or with additional flashes which aren't only light fill flashes (it's an easy fix via software, come on Leica! You already figured it out in every other camera of yours) and a great portrait lens (Summilux-TL 60mm sounds like heaven, 50mm Lux sounds great as well). Besides that - we get a beautiful camera, incredibly built, with great sensor, great IQ, incredible (but sometimes large) lenses, acceptable AF, great fast shutter speeds via electronic shutter and great menus and handling. Of course there's also surely a very popular need for a universal zoom (around 17-50mm) f2.8, although I could live without it. Just some random thoughts of 90% appreciation and 10% anger
  16. I can't find the setting for cleaning the TL2 sensor.... .can someone help please Neil
  17. Just updated to firmware 1.4, and am noticing that my EVF now fails to auto switch from the monitor on the back of the camera to the EVF when I put my eye up to the camera. I had been using the function button to switch modes with the old firmware, so not sure if this was a pre-existing fault. Any suggestions?
  18. Hello, I recently acquired a TL2 to back up my CL. I am using an Hartblei double shifter adapter in L-Eos mount for my architectural work. While on the CL I can get manual focus enlarged view, I can not figure out if there is a way to get it on the TL2. Thank you, Giulio
  19. I'm a Q owner and love my camera. My plan is to slowly transition to all Leica equipment. I have a lot of heritage (aperture ring) Nikon glass, and I'm thinking of buying a used T in good condition (they cost ~500-800) and use my Nikon lenses in manual mode with an adapter. Eventually buying a new Leica body and probably some Leica auto focus glass (as my eyes are aging). I haven't really handled a Leica T nor do I have an adapter yet to try non-Leica lenses on it. My assumption is that a T without the Visoflex would frustrating to focus manually. Is that a fair assumption? Is there anything else I should know? many thanks.
  20. I have a couple questions for those who have owned or had experience with the T and TL bodies. I realize this has been discussed in other threads, but I’m hoping for a little more insight. Even when auto review is turned off on my T body, the captured image lingers on the screen for a second (the equivalent of "blackout" on other cameras), prohibiting me from immediately composing my next shot. I admit that's not a lot of time, but it can have an impact on my shooting workflow. So my questions are 1) do the TL and TL2 also have this issue, and 2) does using a faster memory card decrease the time it takes for the monitor to become live again? For reference, I'm using a Panasonic SDHC Class 10 UHS-3 card with a 45 MB/s write time, and I'm shooting RAW (DNG) with 1.8 MB jpeg files. The T has no option for shooting DNG only, unfortunately.
  21. I noticed many other sections of the forum have a 'show your' thread but there wasn't one in the T forum.. so as my first thread, I thought I'd start one. Obviously the T is unique in design and therefore a stunning piece of kit, we all know what our Ts look like but we don't know what yours looks like or what adapted lenses you have on your cameras - got vintage glass or a massive zoom on your T? Then lets see that baby So show us your T TL or TL2 and a description of your lens/case/straps etc.. might help give people ideas on new lenses/accessories they can chase on that auction forum we all know. I don't have an adapter for my Voigt Nokton yet - as soon as I get one I'll add a new pic. Leica T by mmanda withers, on Flickr
  22. Hi, I just purchased a NOS Leica T that came with firmware version 1.1. This topic may have been covered before, but I thought I'd save anyone buying a NOS T or someone wanting to update older (pre-1.5) firmware from pulling their hair out. Leica no longer lists the pre-1.51 firmware on the website. If you have T that is not up to that release, you cannot install the newer (1.61) firmware. I tried several SD cards with no luck, then contacted the Leica store in Wash, DC. Olivia there was able to send me the old updates - I installed them serially and all is well now (up to the current firmware). Thanks Olivia! I plan on saving the firmware in case someone down the road runs into this. I love the T by the way - got the 18-56 and 11-23 lenses as well and the Visoflex. I've never been fortunate enough to own a digital M, but have had all the X bodies and like the T much better. Chuck
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