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  1. Glasfoyer im rechten Winkel M8.2, 'lux 35 preasph., ISO 2500, Würzburg, 20. Nov. 2013.
  2. Rectangular Glass Foyer at Night M8.2, 'lux 35 preasph., ISO 2500, Wuerzburg, 20. Nov. 2013.
  3. Lamps in a Puddle M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 640, Fortress Marienberg Wuerzburg, 13. Nov. 2013.
  4. Peasants' War Memorial at Fortress Marienberg Wuerzburg Inscription To commemorate to the Peasants' War of 1525 * In May 1525 the storm of the farmers to the Fortress Marienberg failed with great losses. This failure led to the crushing defeats of the hordes of peasants in the following weeks. In criminal courts the sovereigns took bloody revenge and oppressed their in 12 articles summarized demands for individual freedom and moderation in the manorial control of taxes and duties of deliverables. M8.2, 'cron 28, Nov. 2013.
  5. Bauernkriegs-Denkmal Würzburg Festung Marienberg M8.2, 'cron 28, Nov. 2013. Bauernkriegs-Denkmal – WürzburgWiki
  6. Hello, this is my first post - so here it goes. I've got an M8.2 and just received it back from Solms after one month of repair for the dead-pixel problem. It used to have a nasty red-line at high ISOs, but I had detected it all the way down to ISO 160. I've just now done some tests shots and see the problem is now a green line - mostly at high ISOs only. Of course, I have all the nice documentation from Solms saying "fixed and tested". The camera was set to JPG when the problem has only shown up in DNG. Methodical they are not. So far, I've had some incredibly wonderful photos f
  7. I have mainly shot a Nikon D3 + 300 2.8 VR at last weekends F1 GP, but had a Leica M with me at all times with a shorter lens. For the ones, who are curious, I have uploaded some shots from the weekend on my website in the galleries here. More, more, more on my site ;-) What really strikes me, is how detailed the crops from the M8.2 are. Thanks for looking!
  8. So I have this set up but only 2 coded lens so far. my lens is 18mm f/3.8 ASPH (Leica coded) and 35mm 1.4 ASPH (code with Sharpie but recognized by the camera; as far as I can tell, when I push the info button, the diagram showed up). my problem On the camera I set Lens detection ON + UV/IR, 1st curtain, lend dependent auto slow sync; on the SF-58, TTL, pointing forward, F4 (manually set). in all modes (TTL, A, M) I cannot change the MZoom 18 to AZoom. According to the manual, I should be able to do that by pushing the Set button till MZoom or AZoom show up and then change it.... How
  9. As I am processing tons of photos from the M8.2 over this weekend now, I still didn't put my jaw from the ground, as I am still amazed by the big difference, the new Lightroom 3 makes to high ISO Leica files. Leica really seems to have worked closely with Adobe, to come to better image quality during raw conversion. These samples are all straight out of camera + BW converted DNG files without further processing. You see 1:1 screen captures from my Macbook Pro 15" jpg without any processing or converting. The crops in the side by side comparison are 1:1 crops within Lightroom 3. Left side
  10. I really like, to have a print for a few weeks in my office, that, distracts me from work from time to time. I will have this one for the next days or weeks, to remind me of some moments in France, this summer:
  11. So I have recently upgraded myself from M8.2 to MP and have several questions about filters. I have decided to keep all my Leica lens (18-f3.8, 28-f2.8, 35-f1.4, 50-f2, 75-f2, 90-f2 &f4) and they are all great Leica lens. The problems is that I only have the UV/IR filters that were supposed to be used for the M8.2. Question is 1. is there any problem using the UV/IR filters on the lens with MP? will there be any color casting? 2. to shoot wide open I often find 1/1000 not fast enough. So ND filters can help. How many Leica filters (not the thinnest in the world) can I stack before I g
  12. comments and critiques are always welcome hockenheim - germany adac gt masters m8.2, 90mm summcron @ f8, 1/250s, iso 160
  13. comments and critiques are always welcome hockenheim - germany adac gt masters m8.2, 90mm summcron @ f8, 1/250s, iso 160
  14. Liebe Foristen/Dear Forum members, folgende Kamera mit Objektiv wurde gestern entwendet und von mir gestern der Polizeidienststelle in Bad Homburg als gestohlen gemeldet: the following camera and lens was stolen yesterday and I reported it the same day to the police office in Bad Homburg/Germany: LEICA M8.2 silber verchromt/silver chromed Seriennummer/Serial number: 3558651 LEICA SUMMILUX-M 1:1,4/35 mm ASPH. Seriennumme/Serial number: 4074699 Von einem Leica-Händler erhielt ich heute die Information, dass zwei junge, offenbar unerfahrene Männer im Frankfurter Raum ver
  15. Any word on whether we can trade in the M8.2 (along with some cash) to get the M9? Or will we have to pay full price and start over?
  16. So as you could probably discern from the title, I don't own anything Leica; unfortunately. However, I am hoping to jump into this wonderful "little" company sometime soon; however, I have a question or two. I have researched quite intensely for the past few months about rangefinders, their advantages and disadvantages, and the M8 and M8.2. I can't decide though which model would be better suited for me. Myself being a self proclaimed Leica virgin, I don't know if I could justify the additional price premium of the M8.2 over the M8. Do you guys think that the advantages in the M8.2 wou
  17. Interesting read on H2H - they give the Leica due credit in most areas, though the perspective is skewed slightly towards the dslr: Head-2-Head Reviews
  18. Wer meckert, wird nassgespritzt Freudenstadt, Schwarzwald, M8.2, Summilux 75
  19. Kräne am Weißenhof, M8.2, SW-Modus, Infrarotfilter Ob sich die neue Archtiektur mit derjenigen von 1927 messen kann?
  20. Dom 4545m. Wallis, M8.2, Telyt 4,8 - 280mm, Visoflex III. kein Stativ
  21. Laki

    his music...

    ...is really fascinating. comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, 50mm summilux @ f1.4, 1/2000s, iso 160 m8.2, 50mm summilux @ f1.4, 1/750s, iso 160 both shot in tuebingen - germany august 2009
  22. comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, 50mm summilux tuebingen - germany august 2009
  23. comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, summilux 50mm asph.
  24. Diagonale, M8.2, Summlux 75, datendeduziert
  25. Laki


    comments and critiques are always welcome m8.2, summilux 50mm asph. tuebingen - germany july 2009
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