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  1. Guest

    Honeoye Falls NY 2009

    Thank you for looking.
  2. schafft er es noch...? M8.2 -lux 75 ISO 160 18.06.2011
  3. When I had my bag packed this morning, I remembered comments (and even outragious mails ) about my comment, that the beautifully made Artisan and Artist ACAM-7100 would be impossible, to hold a computer AND a camera. Well, as I commented earlier and seen here, this happens, just to be my daily working bag, which happens, to hold this Today: "7.4kg - closed" on flickr "7.4kg - inside" on flickr … more gritty details about exactly, what's inside my bag in Today's blog post on teknopunk.com Can you find the hidden item ? The bag has not been deliberately packed, to
  4. Dear Colleagues After several happy years shooting film with my small R kit, I have just taken the plunge and bought an M8.2 as an alternative to my Nikon DSLR. I bought the camera from a Leica dealer (with 100% feedback) through eBay. It has about 7.500 actuations. The camera appears to work flawlessly and the one or two small cosmetic marks on the silver top plate align with his advertisement. However, the LCD exhibits what I have found out to be known as a 'coffee stain'. It is not very big nor is it very dark and indeed it almost disappears from some angles. The camera has a on
  5. A Porsche Cayman GT sitting in a dark alley in Shanghai at night. … more on my website in the blog here or the gallery here. Thanks for looking ;-)
  6. These were taken during the Chinese New Year Festival in Shanghai: "dancing dragon" M8.2 | Noctilux "dancing dragon" M8.2 | Noctilux "at the bund" M8.2 | 15 Heliar-M A happy new year of the rabbit to everybody!
  7. I couldn't sleep well that night, so I played around with remote flash, to figure out some handling for using it in very dark places outside: M8.2 | 50 Summilux ASPH | Nikon SB-900 | Pocket Wizards
  8. Fiat 500 - small is beautiful [ATTACH]327782[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'lux 75, crop, ISO 160, 1/1500 sec., Aperture 3, spring 2012.
  9. Kirchenmalerei in Elva, Valle Maira, Cottische Alpen [ATTACH]326977[/ATTACH] Hier stellte sich die Schwierigkeit, den hellen Fleck, den ein Scheinwerfer auf die Bildmitte warf, im Bildbearbeitungsprogramm etwas zu verringern. M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 640, 1/60 sec., Aperture 3, 6. Juli 2012.
  10. On the way home at Valle Maira, Cottian Alps [ATTACH]326970[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'lux 75 (= crop 101mm), ISO 160, 1/180 sec., Aperture 3, 1. July 2012.
  11. This mountain calls in the Maira, Cottian Alps [ATTACH]326966[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'lux 75 (= crop 101mm), ISO 160, 1/1500 sec., Aperture 3, 30. June 2012.
  12. Hello all Following on from my 'in for repair' comments i have had more of a play with the D-Lux 4 and realise that whilst it is a decent camera it is not in the same league IQ wise as the X1. Nor is it my idea of an ideal companion. What it has made me realise, though, is that i do have a selective need for some zoom capability as well as some macro function as well So my quandry is now as follows and please bear with me on this - I will probably look to an M8.2 (not an M8 as i would always be thinking about the .2 i am missing) to compliment my X1. This is irrespective of th
  13. Caboose, German Railway Cassel [ATTACH]320812[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, Aperture 3, 16.06.2012.
  14. Camel please [ATTACH]320811[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, Aperture 3, 16. June 2012.
  15. friendly female runner [ATTACH]320586[/ATTACH] M8.2, Elmar 2.8 - 50mm 2. Vers., ISO 160, 0.022 sec., Aperture 3, 15. June 2012.
  16. The Rupture [ATTACH]317691[/ATTACH] M8.2 BW-modus, Summicron CL 2.0 - 40mm, ISO 160, 1/60 sec., Aperture 3, 26. May 2012.
  17. Old VW Beetle Cabriolet - driving home in the evening [ATTACH]317405[/ATTACH] M8.2, ELMARIT 135, ISO 160, 1/60 sec., f 2.8, Aperture 3, irfanview, 24. May 2012.
  18. My house - my shelters - my garden train... [ATTACH]316265[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, 17. May 2012.
  19. wireless telegraphy [ATTACH]316250[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'lux 75, ISO 160, Aperture 3, 17. May 2012.
  20. Porsche 133 - durch Zufall in einem ländlichen Unterstand entdeckt. Wegen der Dunkelheit musste auf ISO 1250 "gepusht" werden, damit eine 125-tel noch aus der Hand drin war. [ATTACH]316321[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, Aperture3, 17. Mai 2012.
  21. reger Schiffsverkehr auf der Nagold [ATTACH]320967[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160. 1/500 sec., Aperture 3, 16.06.2012.
  22. mnutzer


    Betontraum anno 1967 [ATTACH]341624[/ATTACH] M8.2, Elmar 2,8-50, ISO 160, 1/30 sec., Apt. 3, Gimp, 26.09.2012
  23. Hallo zusammen, nun ja ich möchte eine Kleien Vorgeschichte erzählen warum ich mich näher mit dem Thema Leica auseinander setze. Alles fin im letzten Jahr mit einer kleinen D-Lux 5 an, nun was soll ich sagen sie machte für mich einfach geniale Bilder und sie besaß auch wenn das manche Leute nicht hören wollen dieses sogenannte etwas in den Bildern, eben Leica Stil. Nach den letzten Aufnahmen mit der D-Lux 5 stellt ich mir die Frage warum kaufe ich mir keine aus der M Serie? Da ich bereits Hobby mäßig mit DSLR´s aus dem Hause Nikon und dazugehörigen Festbrennweiten geknipst habe möchte ich
  24. Zugspitze V Viewpoint 10°F 4. Jan 2010 M8.2 [ATTACH]286669[/ATTACH]
  25. Wayside shrine in snow M8.2, Nikkor PC 2.5 - 105 mm ltm, ISO 160, f 3.4, 1/350 sec., Oberstdorf, Seealpe, Germany.
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