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Found 86 results

  1. Here is my second and final installment from our 90 minutes yesterday morning. It was maximum fun with Stuart and Sharookh. Any and all criticisms are welcome. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
  2. It was wonderful meeting up and spending an hour or so with them in lower-midtown. Here is my first installment - of (mostly) just animals; people will be featured in the next installment MM/28 cron/SF-24D #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  3. Okay I'm feeling very overwhelmed by the idea of flash on my m2. There so much to take into account but I feel that here is the best place to get a simple answer and a few suggestions. I have an M2 which obviously doesn't have a hotshoe, it has a cold shoe. So a flash sync lead is needed I assume. I like the way the Leica SF24D worked on an m8 I tried. On aperture priority it seemed very usable. I set the ISO and aperture and it determines the power based on subject distance!! Perfect! But I can't use that on my m2 due to lack of sync lead. So please help me out with a few suggestions of flashes similar to the sf24d's shape and size and function for my m2. Sorry if I haven't given enough information but I'm very confused and I just want some nice atmospherics shots for cold shoe mounted flash shooting! Thanks for you patience. Louis
  4. Sharing a few more from various areas of NYC (noted below) for your C&C... Thanks for looking and I'm looking forward to PART IV.... MM/28mm/SF-24D flash #1 Staten Island Ferry Station #2 Lower Broadway (just north of the Bull) #3 John Street in Lower Manhattan #4 The Path Train Station (where commuters arrive en mass from NJ) #5 The famed 42nd and 5th (yes, Stuart, this was the day we almost met up) #6 Times Square
  5. Does anyone use wireless flash system with the Leica M9 such as PocketWizard of other? If yes, what brand and type of flash do you use with it? Are there any limitations? For me, TTL is not so much a limitation as manual mode is ok (using light meter). Any other things to think about?
  6. Hey, is the SF20 flash that I use with my (fully mechanical) M4-P safe to use with the Mamiya 7ii (with electronic shutter)? Any danger from trigger voltage of the SF20 (fried circuits)? I have no experience with this. Has anybody tried it or can give advice? Thank you very much.
  7. Hello everybody. This is my first post. I own a leica m6 ttl since 2011 and I want to shoot some night scenes. Any suggestion for a flash with a swivel head? I have a nikon sb 28 but i believe it is not the apropiate solution thanks, I need some input. Armando armandosalazar.weebly.com
  8. Any suggestion for a flash with a swivel head? I need some input. thanks Armando armandosalazar.weebly.com
  9. I now found out, that my Leica X2 works great with my Canon Speedlite 430EX II. There is no TTL but it syncs up to 1/2000 Do you have any experiences with external (non-Leica) flashes?
  10. I am having trouble with using the flash unit on my V-Lux 4. In my latest "test" I set the flash to "Forced Flash On" and then rotated through all the program modes and the flash only works on "Snapshot" and "C2" mode. Seems very random and can't understand why it doesn't work in the modes I normally use (e.g. Program Mode". Suspect I'm missing something simple? Prue
  11. Our local Botanical Garden is a fine after work recreation area. I tried out something when sun was very low and most flower beds were already veiled by summer's dusk. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 60 mm macro plus Leica APO converter 2x, tripod, reflector and free external flash. It is a matter of patience and time to manipulate flash power and angle plus distance to reflector. flash bounced against reflector from slightly left flash bounced against reflector from above left without flash, only with reflector, longtime exposure approx. 1/2 - 1 sec.
  12. All, I have a vintage Rokinon 26A flash that was used with a Pentax K1000. It's light and would be about perfect on my M9. Does anyone know if it is safe to use? I've been told that older flashes can put out too much voltage and can damage newer digital cameras. Cheers! Ben Photographs by Ben
  13. Hi, I read the camera's manual and searched online but couldn't understand how to use a flash with the M9 - in particular what aperture are you supposed to set? I have a metz 36 AF-5 ttl flash. Anyone knows a good tutorial for using flash with Leica? Thanks, -Dan
  14. Hi I just got a flash for my M6 classic (the sf24d). I got it from a friend, because he thought it was broken. I sent it to Leica and got a new one in return! But: I dont know how to use it with tri-x in semi-sunny daylight (sunny-16 dont work with 1/50th shutterspeed and f/8:)). Do any of you have a few tips to a novice in flash photography? Thank you. Regards Øystein
  15. I have my MP for 10 years and for the first time I am need to use flash. I don't even know where to start. :confused: What is the best recommended flash for LEICA MP? What other accessories I may need?
  16. I'm a new digi-5 owner and cannot figure out how to get the built-in flash to work in the snapshot mode. I've gone through the manual to make sure the appropriate settings are correct (no burst, no multi-film, etc.) i still get the Xed out flash symbol in the snapshot mode. thoughts on how to get the flash working in the snapshot mode? thanks!
  17. Hallo ich bin auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Blitz für die M4-P. Gerne würde ich ihn auch jenseits des Blitzschuhs z.B. aus der Hand etc. Blitzen lassen Hat jmd. einen Tip für mich worauf ich da beim Kauf Achten muss, TTL etc??? Gruss Jay
  18. What flash to buy for on my M8.2? I see there are SF 20's SF 22's SF-24D's and more... I'd like it small but fully compatible with the camera! Thanks guys!
  19. Hello, I have an M9 and a SF58 flash. I admit to being pretty thick at following technical instructions / manuals. I have looked at flash threads on this site and gleaned some information, but am still unable to join the dots. I'm looking for some BASIC advice and tips to get started... Do's and don'ts, which mode to use (TTL, Automatic, or Manual), how to set the camera and flash for that mode. I assume that TTL is the best mode for the novice to try... Could be wrong. ================ Like many others I am put off by the SF58's heft... It is somewhat of a beast. I have read Sean Reid's articles on flash in general and the SF58 in particular. I am intrigued by his suggestion to use the flash off camera and use the Nikon SC-28 coiled cable. Would that I could make the wrist strap that Sean created to dangle the flash. Also, I wonder if Sean supports the camera hand with the flash hand in order to avoid shudder.
  20. I know this has been answered before, but I'm having a little trouble. I have M8, with Metz flash MZ-3 and a SCA 3502 M4 adaptor. The flash will not fire when set into manual mode, I have seen that this has worked for other users. When the flash is slid off the adaptor it fires, but does not fire when the shutter release is depressed. So far I turn the camera on first, turn on the metz flash on manual and dial in the relevant values, but when I press the shutter, nothing. The shutter speed is set to below flash sync speed. I am beginning to worry that there is something wrong with my leica! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi all, I am looking for advice. I used the M9 with studio flash and had no problems, then subsequently gave my hot shoe to my daughter. Bought myself another, connected up the lights, fitted the shoe and the cable, and NO FLASH! Test button on hot shoe fires the flash, but the camera doesn't Bought myself yet another hot shoe (simple, old fashioned) and tried again but still no flash. Unless anybody knows different I can only assume that a connection within the camera has failed. Rather inconvenient for my studio work! Does anybody have any suggestions? Regards Mike
  22. Quantum T5D-R, Adapter D23w-r, Lecia M9 all seem to be talking. OK it seems the D23w-r adapter for the canon mounts on my Leica M9 and fire the QFlash remotely with no problem when I hook up the freewire receiver and transmitters. SO why not try TTL mode on the strobe head SO it works...(I am not through with my testing because the Turbo battery is charging now) I have to do a few more shots but I am amazed that it communicates with the camera to some extent!
  23. I am looking for a suitable flash unit to use with my M7. I know most Leica users don't use flash but I quite like and I like experimenting so I thought I would try it out. Im just not sure what flash unit to use, I want to use it for fill flash but I think I need to get a flash that will allow faster sync speeds. If anyone has some experience using flash on the M7 then I would much appreciate your input. Thanks.
  24. Hello, I have just bought an SF 20 flash for my M7. I'm still trying to figure it out, but do I have it right when I say that the range (throw) of the flash is in proportion to the size of the aperture "dialled" on the camera itself, that the larger the aperture, the further the range? Also, how far beyond the furthest target (subject) should the flash extend? Let's say one is taking a picture of a table of 6 people ... The person nearest the flash is 2 metres from the flash and the person furthest person is 4 metres away... How far should the range (throw) of the flash be? How far, if at all, beyond the furthest person should the range extend? Also is the width of flash produced controlled by the focal length of the lens? In other words is the flash from a 24mm lens wider than the flash from a 35mm lens? Is it so that that the wider the flash the less the range? Maybe I'm barking up the wrong trees?
  25. Trying to run the Metz Flash Mecablitz model 54MZ-3 with SCA3502 on my M9. Flash does not fire. Have tried Metz in TTL and Auto modes, M9 in A and manual modes, no success so far. Any ideas appreciated.
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