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Found 73 results

  1. rpoppes


    Testing a bit of the 23mm out of focus rings
  2. rpoppes


    © Rudi Poppes

  3. OK a preface it is probably me doing something wrong. Here is the problem I set the camera to manual, inside ring/button (setting wheel?). But my shutter speed won't change, stuck at 1/250, the start guide says it should be the inside (left) wheel. What am I missing? I am using manual M lenses with the M adapter. Thanks Tom
  4. Perhaps we could collect links to reviews: Jonathan Slack Ingo Cordes Andy Westlake Sarah M Lee
  5. rpoppes


    It was time for a selfie with the CL and some off camera flashes.🤣 Nobody home to help out, remote app not working with CL, Godox trigger and Voigtländer lens. Back to self timer and guessing position in front of lens.

    © Rudi Poppes

  6. jerzy

    Leica CL


    • For Sale
    • Used

    CL Gehäuse SN 1330412 mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren. Kamera überholt, alle Zeiten stimmen, Belichtungsmesser umgebaut auf Alkaline 1,5V 625 Batterien und kalibriert. Originale Bereitschaftstasche mir mitgeliefert. Versandkosten: Österreich 6€, Deutschland 10€, EU 14€ Privatverkauf, jedoch 14 Tage Rückgaberecht, Rückgabekosten trägt der Käufer Leica CL body in very good condition, slight usage signs. Fully working order, all speeds correct, lightmeter modified for 1,5V 625 batteries and adjusted. Everready case belongs to the offer. Shipping cost: EU - 14€ Selling as private person, I will accept returns within 14 days, return shipping cost will be covered by the buyer.

    290.00 EUR

  7. rpoppes


    © Rudi Poppes

  8. I took a new (and my first) Leica CL to Europe this summer and recorded some video. Playback in the camera showed skipping every 15 seconds or so. How do I figure out if this is an issue with my memory card, the settings I used for the video capture, or something else? I do not own video editing s/w and was hoping to just post the videos as is on social media, but won't do so because of the quality I got. I ended up using my iPhone instead for video on the trip . I was using a SanDisk Extreme PRO 95 Mb/s SDXC card with a little 3 inside of a U and a 10 in a circle on it.
  9. My daughter all grown up now, still having the feel and ability to be a good subject for an impromptu shoot on a beautiful beach day here in Barbados. Have a great day!
  10. Plan to get the CL as a backup for M10. Question is: How do we implement Back Button Focus function on the CL? Is it possible at all? Thanks for your help.
  11. From the album: My First ever Leica

    Picture of my mother at 77. She's worried about wrinkles (lol) at that age.
  12. After searching for a system bag for my CL outfit, The solution was right under my nose , and at a bargain price! I took a chance on a mint boxed M6 small combibag on ebay for ÂŁ45 well, the fit is perfect....CL/Protector/35 TL fits the cradle, two spare batteries and room for filters below, 18 TL and (currently) 90 Elmar/M-L adapter in the lens compartment....(soon to be 55-135 TL) Finest nappa leather, pocket on front for other bits&bobs and overall tiny !
  13. Dear all, I am thinking about changing my TL 18mm lens to get the 11-23 zoom. Iwould get versatility and better IQ from what I read. I am wondering if any of you has tried using the 16-18-21 WATE on the CL and how it compares to the 11-23 IQ wise ? The focal lengths on the WATE would be enough for me and I could also use the Lens on my M. Thanks for your comments ! Didier
  14. rpoppes

    Rent a bike

    From the album: My First ever Leica

    One of my first images with a Leica camera ever. Working it all out. Especially trying the get the "Leica look" in my photos. Feel free to comment, provide tips on how to, what to do, what NOT to do etc.
  15. Hola! In "Iguana Park" in central Guayaquil, Ecuador. Leica CL with the 55-135 zoom lens attached. S
  16. Perhaps we could try to gather wishes for firmware update in a designated thread. Such a collection of wishes & demands have turned useful for other systems, so let's have a go here as well. A few starters picked up from other threads: * Ability to use the 4-way back button for back-focussing (yes, please....) * Ability to change aperture on L-lenses when in video mode * Add 24 fps in video mode
  17. Hi I've come from m43 and apart from a short flirtation with the original T system I'm new to Leica and very new to using adapted lens so would be very grateful for some advice on using non-Leica glass on my new CL. I'm extremely keen on UWA photography and whilst I have the excellent TL 11-23mm I still yearn for a little more width. On m43 I used the Voigtlander 10.5mm f0.95 mainly for nighttime tripod work and a Samyang fisheye for all sorts of things. I'm ready now to fully transition to CL so would like to replace the capability of those two lenses on this system. So, taking each lens in turn..... The Voigt on m43 was never as wide as I wanted but I had other lenses and the rendering is lovely (non-technical term) and it gives amazing starbursts at night. I don't need f0.95 when the camera is screwed onto a tripod so I have been considering the Voigtlander Hyper Wide 10mm f5.6 mounted on the CL via the M adaptor. But by my calculation on the CL sensor it will give me only a circa 5 degree increase in the field of view compared to the 11mm end of the TL 11-23mm so maybe not enough to justify its purchase. The Samyang fisheye is an extremely sharp, capable and versatile little lens on m43 and I'm keen to add it to my camera bag for the CL. It comes in a variety of mounts for ASP-C and gives a 180 degree diagonal FoV - Canon M, Nikon, Fuji X, Sony E (NEX), etc. Full details are here https://www.samyanglensglobal.com/en/product/product-view.php?seq=335 So here are my questions: 1. The Voigt 10mm is probably hard to justify given that I’m not going to get a lot of extra width for my money though someone may like to tell me if I’ve got my maths wrong. Are there any other UWA lenses that I should be considering or that other forum members would recommend? As always it will be a trade of between quality, speed and portability. 2. For the Samyang fisheye, should I prefer one mount to another for use on the CL? Is there another fisheye I should be considering? I’d be really interested to know if anyone out there is actually using this combo. Thanks for your help, my brain is still buzzing as I move from one system to another and try to compare fields of view and what is out there to do the job. I will post this over on the TL Lens forum as well.
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