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Found 26 results

  1. I have 35mm, 60mm Macro & 90mm Elmarit-R's plus the 21-35mm Vario Elmar for use with my R5 and occasionally via the R Adaptor M on my M240. In considering the purchase of a CL, I wonder how practical in terms of focus, balance and handling using such lenses on the CL would be? The change in focal length in that they would become 52mm, 90mm, 135mm and 32-52mm respectively is also a factor. Obviously I would have to stack the R Adaptor M onto a M Adaptor T/L, adding weight and length to the assembly. Anyone with relevant experience?
  2. hteasley


    From the album: CL Images

    35 Summilux-TL
  3. hteasley


    From the album: CL Images

  4. rpoppes

    Rent a bike

    From the album: My First ever Leica

    One of my first images with a Leica camera ever. Working it all out. Especially trying the get the "Leica look" in my photos. Feel free to comment, provide tips on how to, what to do, what NOT to do etc.
  5. From the album: My First ever Leica

    Picture of my mother at 77. She's worried about wrinkles (lol) at that age.
  6. Nice accessory as expected. Well made, unobtrusive, the black version (not sure if there is a silver one) of the Thumb Support for digital CL has the good taste to hide the flashy "Leica Camera Wetzlar Germany" engravings of the body to replace it by the same with no white paint on it. The Thumb Support is also efficient in the first place in that the CL is significantly less slippery with it. This way the camera can be shot single hand if needed and i don't have the feeling that the camera will drop if i forget to use a strap anymore. Problem is the Thumb Support gets in the way of the right dial, which was to be expected, but it gets in the way of the left dial as well. Not to say that the left dial is impossible to use this way but the thumb reaches it less easily when the Thumb Support is attached, so much so that pressing the shutter release while turning the left dial requires too much dexterity for me. I prefer this to using a camera as slippery as a soap bar at the end of the day but well designed Thumbs Up or Thumbie will do better hopefully.
  7. Gibt es schon Erfahrungen wie die CL mit dem Summilux TL 35 funktioniert. Wenn ja - würde ich mich über einige Bilder und Berichte freuen! Danke!
  8. I got mine with 11-23 f3.5-4.5, and found - very warm color ( Yellow Skin) - Picture darker than actual (f3.5) - Cant focus in dim :f3.5 ( while my em1 mkii+ 8-18 pana leica no any problem) Take pic compare with Auto mode - Hard to focus even in day light (f3.5) - Heat Body during sync with App (Iphone) Anyone use 11-23 with CL, Would you share your experience?
  9. Dear all, I had the opportunity to handle the CL for a few minutes this week. I have been considering for some time now either : . to add a SL to my M(240) . replace my M(240) with a M10 in order to gain better high ISO IQ and easier use for my 2 favorite lenses (right) now, ie Noctilux 50 and Summilux 75 (I use the a lot to shoot pictures of my 6 week old daughter) I like the way the CL handles, and wonder if another solution would not be to buy one for use with those lenses : I don't mind the crop factor for this, compact size is nice to take it with the M, and the EVF looks pretty good (although in my view nothing beats the M OVF as a window to the world and frame as I want - but to focus difficult lenses, EVF seems nice...). Has anyone tried the Noct / CL combo, or at least the manual focus capabilities ? Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts Didier
  10. Dear all, Has anyone some real world experience using the CL + noctilux ? (handling, focusing, ...) Thanks Didier
  11. Dear all, I just received the CL I have ordered with the 18mm and M-adapter L. I was surprised to read in the M adapter L documents, that the lens list was short : no mention of the possibility to use the Summilux 75, Elmar 50, Elmar 135 (last version before 135/3.4) Can you confirm those lenses are useable on the CL + adapter ? and why did Leica not mention them as a possibilty ? thanks for your answers ! Didier
  12. Good day, Would someone inform me that if there was already some topics on the combination of the new Leica CL with a Leica M 135f3.4 APO lens? Where to find those thread if there were any? Is it a possible combination, or usable in terms of convenient, picture quality etc? How is that compared with a M135f3.4 on a SL?
  13. Hi, I am very interested to know if there is any mount adapter (with electronic pins if its posible) for using Fujifilm or Sony alpha lenses. I want to buy the Leica CL but their lens offer is quite expensive and Fujifilm has a wider lens offer and pretty much afordable.
  14. Is anyone making holsters for the CL, or will it fit one made for a different camera? btw holsters need some sort of retention strap. Once when bushwalking I bent over too far and the camera fell out onto some scratchy sandstone. Cosmetic damage only, but kills the resale value.
  15. Perhaps we could try to gather wishes for firmware update in a designated thread. Such a collection of wishes & demands have turned useful for other systems, so let's have a go here as well. A few starters picked up from other threads: * Ability to use the 4-way back button for back-focussing (yes, please....) * Ability to change aperture on L-lenses when in video mode * Add 24 fps in video mode
  16. As inevitable as threads discussing pouches, bags, straps, grips, to use filter or no filter, to use display protection or not, to peel or not to peel, to tape or not to tape, etc. - and as a service to those waiting for the CL to arrive: Please chime in where and when bodies show up...
  17. With the launch of the TL2 and the CL this year, Leica has boldly put its weight behind its APSC systems. The cameras look and feel great, though they would undoubtedly benefit from a richer selection of fast lenses to partner with. Personally, I see the TL / CL cameras filling an important void for M shooters. With rangefinders, lengths between 24-50mm tend to hit the sweet spot, and while the fast telephoto lenses render beautifully, manual focusing a 90mm Summicron on a rangefinder for candid street or action is borderline masochistic. In this respect, it would be great to see TL Summicron or Summarit prime equivalents of either the 75, 90, or 135 focal lengths, all with fast auto focus. I know we have the 55mm - 135mm zoom, but F 4.5 is not workable in low light, and the 60mm F2.8 Macro, while gorgeous, is a little too slow to auto focus. I would love to know what other people want to see on the TL lens roadmap. Let us build a little public pressure to ensure that these smart systems get the lenses they deserve.
  18. Perhaps we could collect links to reviews: Jonathan Slack Ingo Cordes Andy Westlake Sarah M Lee
  19. Hi I've come from m43 and apart from a short flirtation with the original T system I'm new to Leica and very new to using adapted lens so would be very grateful for some advice on using non-Leica glass on my new CL. I'm extremely keen on UWA photography and whilst I have the excellent TL 11-23mm I still yearn for a little more width. On m43 I used the Voigtlander 10.5mm f0.95 mainly for nighttime tripod work and a Samyang fisheye for all sorts of things. I'm ready now to fully transition to CL so would like to replace the capability of those two lenses on this system. So, taking each lens in turn..... The Voigt on m43 was never as wide as I wanted but I had other lenses and the rendering is lovely (non-technical term) and it gives amazing starbursts at night. I don't need f0.95 when the camera is screwed onto a tripod so I have been considering the Voigtlander Hyper Wide 10mm f5.6 mounted on the CL via the M adaptor. But by my calculation on the CL sensor it will give me only a circa 5 degree increase in the field of view compared to the 11mm end of the TL 11-23mm so maybe not enough to justify its purchase. The Samyang fisheye is an extremely sharp, capable and versatile little lens on m43 and I'm keen to add it to my camera bag for the CL. It comes in a variety of mounts for ASP-C and gives a 180 degree diagonal FoV - Canon M, Nikon, Fuji X, Sony E (NEX), etc. Full details are here https://www.samyanglensglobal.com/en/product/product-view.php?seq=335 So here are my questions: 1. The Voigt 10mm is probably hard to justify given that I’m not going to get a lot of extra width for my money though someone may like to tell me if I’ve got my maths wrong. Are there any other UWA lenses that I should be considering or that other forum members would recommend? As always it will be a trade of between quality, speed and portability. 2. For the Samyang fisheye, should I prefer one mount to another for use on the CL? Is there another fisheye I should be considering? I’d be really interested to know if anyone out there is actually using this combo. Thanks for your help, my brain is still buzzing as I move from one system to another and try to compare fields of view and what is out there to do the job. I will post this over on the TL Lens forum as well.
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