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Found 59 results

  1. Mark II


    A short set of photographs of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (the MACBA, excellently described in this thread). We are lucky to live in Barcelona, which makes it easier to catch the best light for these kinds of photographs. All shots were made using the M7 and a 21mm lens with stacked filters. This was Delta 100 processed in ID-11. I have a difficult time shooting with the 21mm on the M7, as getting accurate framing with the external viewfinder is problematic. For some of these, I used the rangefinder to get the alignment as accurate as possible, but they still needed some slight rotation during scanning.
  2. I have an M-D on order, and have an upcoming project that will involve inside shots of architecture, furniture, etc. What are the leading contenders for these kinds of pictures? I took a look at the 28mm Summicron. I wasn't sure if there was another lens to get besides that one.
  3. Hi all, a brief announcement that I’ve just finished work on my second self-published book of photographs. Captured with the M Typ 262 and 28mm Elmarit-M (version IV) during a week’s travels through the North of Italy, the book presents 32 black and white photographs ranging in subject matter from people to places both natural and constructed. I’m really proud of how this project has turned out. The book is printed on thick 170gsm uncoated stock, with the covers being an even heavier 300gsm. The size is somewhere between compact to standard at A5 (210x148mm), which gives each print enough room to breathe without feeling cramped. Also exciting is that, working with a professional printer who works at reasonable prices, I’ve been able to price the book at just £15 + shipping. For those who are curious to know a little more, I’ve written a bit more on the back-story on my blog. You can also watch a trailer that I produced for the book here. Finally, if you’d like to pick up a copy, please slide on over to my online shop to do so. Thanks kindly for your interest, and happy shooting!
  4. House in Roermond, Netherlands, near the harbour House in Roermond Shot with the mighty Leica C
  5. Duisburg, Landsape Park North, This industrial park is so full of potential that one can spend there days of shooting in different light and with different lenses. This time we were drawn to its wideangle aspects. Leica Q
  6. From the album: Martin66

    Leica Q - ISO100 - f/4.0 - 1/250sec

    © www.mrtn-phtgrphr.com

  7. These historic buildings belonged to the Ruhrgebiet Industry. Now it is an industrial landscape park and very attractive for photogrpaphers. The place is in the city of Duisburg, once a stronghold of energy production. Leica Q
  8. Sailronin

    EMP 7

    A detail shot of my favorite building in Seattle, the EMP museum. A Frank Gehry design built by Paul G Allen as a rock and roll museum. M9 w/24mm Elmar
  9. The university of Breslau is a large building at the Oder river and so also a frame of the historic center. A visit is worthwhile from inside. The architecture of the staircase and halls are magnificent. Even if the pantings are not of the best artistic class it makes an impressive sight. All Leica Q handheld
  10. BM Great Court by Herr Sharif, auf Flickr Leica D-Lux 109 Sharif
  11. fcomarin69


    From the album: Leica T Shoots

    Detail of the Interior of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Taken with Leica T and Super Vario Elmar 11-23mm. ISO400, 1/25@5.6

    © Francisco Marin

  12. OLD stairway in the new Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. Recently converted to a very cool hotel on Michigan Avenue. Found this interesting stairway and floor....on the main floor. Visual and textural contrasts. Hand held at 1/15th! 35mm Summicron/Leica M (Type 240) ISO 2000
  13. Few months ago I purchased Leica Monochrom after shooting with M240 for more than a year and all I can say is that I'm really liking this camera and lens combo (50mm APO). MM's CCD sensor result is very similar to my Hasselblad H4D-50 which I mainly use in studio for fashion and beauty.
  14. Hello all, I'm new to this forum but not to Leica. I've used a few digital M's over the last few years including the M8, M9 and recently an MM. I enjoy the system hugely and have used it for mainly street and travel photography. I use a 28mm summicron, and 50mm lux. Occasionally I do architectural photography for which I get paid. In the past I have used a combination of nikon and canon dslrs usually with 17/24mm tilt shift lenses or Zeiss primes with a nikon 800 or 5D. In the past I haven't really done enough commercial work to justify buying into a full system. Sometimes I buy lenses as I need them and sometimes I hire. When I am not doing paid work I always prefer to use a Leica. I have used an M9 in the past for architectural work but its not ideal. Recently I have been offered a large architectural job to photograph a number of completed projects for an architect. I need to choose a system for the job and wondered whether a M10 with a canon adaptor would be a good choice. The live view would be a big help and i think the DR is good enough. I've been thinking of replacing the MM with an M240 anyway but I am a little nervous of using it commercially for this type of work. I don't really want to buy into a dslr system again unless I have to but they do have their uses. If I need to then I would get a Nikon 810 although the nikon tilt shift are not that good in my opinion. Any advice on the use of tilt shifts with the M240 for commercial work would be appreciated and please be frank about any shortfalls with the combination. Many thanks in advance. Paul
  15. M8 super Elmar 18mm Thanks for your comments Jean-Luc
  16. once the, a few decades ago, this architecture was being praised for its advanced and ambitious view of the future. now after 50 years it is crumbling, rotting, full of asbestos. They started tearing down the sections. The wreckage is being replaced by the same kind of cheap material and rudwe architecture. Where the buildings do not get finished in time, containers are the home of scientists and their teams. Can you believe this? Summicron R 50 mm on Canon 5DMKII abandoned building abandoned building abandoned building a container as an example of being a home for one of many homeless departments. A nice sample of parkdeck-architecture.
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