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Found 49 results

  1. ru2far2c


    M240 + 90 Summicron-M
  2. Hallo, tja, manchmal kommt es anders als man denkt. Nach Recherche, Bilder schauen etc. pp - ihr kennt das alle - bin ich heute nach der Arbeit losgezogen um entweder ein neues oder gebrauchtes 50er Summicron zu kaufen. Also verschiedene gebrauchte ausprobiert. Hmm, die einen wackeln, die anderen sind nicht 100% scharf. Bis auf ein silbernes gebrauchtes für rund 1800 Euro, alles nix wirklich tolles. Dann kann ich auch gleich ein Neues nehmen. Naja, dann aber immer noch ein wenig rumgeschaut und ein sehr schönes, hervorgend gehaltenes 2.8er 90er Elmarit gesehen - zefix, Fokus leicht und perfekt, bei Offenblende sehr, sehr scharf und prinzipiell ja nicht viel größer als mein 1.4 35 Zeiss (ein Traumoptik übrigens). Preis war auch sehr gut, also mitgenommen. Aber eigentlich wollte ich doch ein Summicron - da der Sauter die Leicapreisanpassung noch nicht gemacht hat, ab zum Sauter - das Leben ist nunmal manchmal teuer ... beim Sauter, dann aber doch noch das Zeiss Planar angesehen. Hmm, auch sehr schnuckig. Klein, leicht, sehr gut verarbeitet und statt 2040, halt nur etwas über 700 Euro. Also hin und her verglichen, Laptop aus dem Auto geholt und ... ich konnte keinen wirklichen Unterschied bei der Optik feststellen - und ich wollte wirklich einen sehen. Ach ne, eigentlich sollte doch das 50er ein Leica werden ... am Ende hat dann doch die Vernunft gesiegt und ich habe mich für das Planar entschieden. Sollte es mich irgendwann mal jucken, kann ich immer noch wechseln. Am Ende habe ich noch einen schönen Paketpreis bekommen und die Zeiss-Geli für das 50er und 35er auch noch dazugenommen. Und so kommts manchmal anders als man meint ... Das das Planar sehr gut ist, wusste ich schon, wirklich überrascht hat mich aber das alte 90mm 2.8er Elmarit (mit Ausziehblende) - das Ding ist eine Hammeroptik und extrem easy zu fokusieren. Wer nicht zwingend das Summicron braucht, kann hier bedenkenlos zuschlagen. Für Leicaverhältnisse ein echtes Schnäppchen. Anbei natürlich noch ein paar Bildchen die auf dem Heimweg und Zuhause mit den beiden Optiken entstanden sind, nichts weltbewegendes, aber halt die ersten ... Gruß Daniel
  3. hi all! I have 35 and 75, both lux. but some times I would like to get picture quality as at my 35 lux. 75 bit different. looking at 90/2.8, 90/2, 90/2AA... I shoot landscapes, portraits. not sure but maybe 180/2.8 or 180/2.8 APO as I also wanted something longer than short tele. use these at typ 240 and Sony a7II. any ideas?
  4. As quite new Leica user I have the M9 with my 50mm Summicron f/2 and my newest purchase 21mm Elmarit from 1991. Now it is time for a 90mm. Which one should I buy? Used is also fine for me.
  5. A less than ideal for a trip up the Shard. M9, Elmarit-M 90mm, SEfexPro2.
  6. Hi, I am in the market for a used 90mm M. What are your experiences with those two lenses - which one would you recommend and why? Used price are somewhat similar... And what about 75mm 2.5 Summarit. I read about some people saying 75 Summarit is brilliant, but at the same time they didn't like 90mm 2.5 Summarit that much. Any help is welcome. Thanks / Alex
  7. Dear Leica community, relatively new to the Leica M world I am thinking about adding a 90mm to my yet small set of glass (50mm Summarit, 35mm Summicron Asph.), especially to take on a 3 months South America trip. I use an M9-P (and a D-Lux 5 as back-up). I read a lot in this forum, blogs, Ken Rockwell/Steve Huff (I know!) etc and my thoughts are as follows: (1) Tele Elmarit (thin) is the smallest and lightest and, therefore, prone to serve as a travel companion. (2) Tele Elmarit is (i) wide open a little bit inferior in terms of optics and (ii) stopped down to f4 equal to the Elmarit M and Summicron but as a relative beginner I will hardly ever notice the difference. (That said, I must say I did see a big difference between a Summaron 35mm/f2.8 and my Summicron 35mm/f2 asph, for whatever that's worth.) (3) The price for a Tele Elmarit in a good condition ranges between EUR 700-1000. My impression is that the price as gone up since 2009. (4) Most reviews say the Elmarit M is better than the Summicron and much smaller and lighter and if the f2.0 isn't absolutely necessary the Elmarit is the better option. We see similar used prices for both. I am not 100% sure how I would use the 90mm but my plan is to not only use it for portraits but also for landscape and street photography (why not). Now, my questions are: (1) Are my thoughts correct? (2) What would you recommend? (3) I have an offer for a Summicron M in good condition and an Elmarit-M (haven't held it in hands but allegedly good condition as well) both for EUR 850. Reasonable? Many thanks. Greetings from Munich Daniel
  8. Film arrived from Amazon. M3 arrived from eBay. Looks clean and great. Collapsible vintage 90 arrived. I mount it on the camera. Extend it. Aperture clicks smoothly. But focus is stuck. I know that this lens locks focus until lit is extended and twisted clockwise. I've done that. And tried pressing the button on the lens, bout that seems only to permit it to collapse. Am I missing a key step or did I get suckered on eBay? I'm guessing its user error but can't find anything on Ken Rockwell or here to suggest what that might be. Thanks in advance!
  9. Can someone tell me if this is truly a triplet? From what I know the knurled focus ring and 39mm thread suggest this is of Walter Mandler designed triplet. It is also bayonet mount But all Serial number lists suggest its made in 1962: 1 913 001-1 967 100: 1962 According to Erwin Puts it is made in 1964: 4/90mm, Elmar , 3-element lens, 1964. This lens is a Canadian design and with only three single elements, a case-study of optical simplicity. Its full aperture performance is better than that of the predecessor with the classical 3 group/4 element construction. Overall contrast is a bit higher, the definition of fine detail has improved edge contrast and especially the performance in the field is much better. Vignetting is .7 stops. At 1:4 the contrast gets visibly higher and now very fine detail is recorded over the whole image area with good clarity. The Elmarit 1:2.8/90mm at 1: 4 cannot equal the 3-element Elmar here. Stopping down further brings in finer detail and at 1:11 we find image quality of a thoroughly modern level. This lens has been introduced at the same time as the Tele-Elmarit 1:2.8/90mm, which replaced the Elmarit 1:2.8/90mm. As the Tele-Elmarit could not be used with the bellows attachment and had not the best performance at closer distances, Leitz offered the Elmar as a lens for these applications. Close up performance is quite good. Distortion is negligible. It does show the intriguing strategy of fine tuning the lens performance for a specified set of tasks. It was not possible in those days to create one general purpose lens and so Leitz optimised the designs in different directions. A luxury that could not be extended indefinitely as it was a costly strategy. With modern glasses, this lens would deliver a very interesting performance. Any insight would be appreciated? I hope I am not violating any rules by quoting Puts? If it truly is, What is the value of this lens in decent condition, not mint but pretty nice? Thanks in advance.
  10. While on a walk about I came upon a tree in San Juan which had about 10 of these fellows on it. This caterpillar is the larval stage of a pretty large but undistinguished moth. The caterpillar however is amazing... this one was about 6 inches long... they look very fierce but apparently only filled with toxin to taste poorly to birds. They had stripped the tree bare. Thanks for looking.
  11. This is a long exposure 90 sec... made looking down on a small pier by the San Juan Gate. Many thanks for looking and for your comments.
  12. I need a little help here, I inherited my fathers Pentak and Leica camera - M8 (used) and M6 (never used) with lenses and accessories. I am thinking of keeping one of the cameras to take pictures of my kids, ie. Sports, vacations and general pictures. My limited experience with cameras are my Iphone 4 and $100 Nikon, Kodak, and Sony pocket cameras. What would make the best camera for my needs and abilities - please consider I am willing to learn how to use the camera! Any help would be appreciated. Leica Summaron 1:2.8/35 Leitz Wetzlar Lens Leica M8 Leica Summicron – M 1:2/35 ASPH E39 Lens Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 1:4/135 Leica 1:2.8/28 mm ASPH Leica 1:2/75 mm ASPH Leica 1:4/90 mm Leica macro-adapter-M Leica SF 24D Flash Leica Elmar-M 1:2.8/50 Leitz Camera tripod Leica M6 Green Pentax K20D No lenses Pentax K10D No lenses Doug Cain
  13. Hi everybody! First of all, if this is the wrong forum for a repair-type question, please forgive a newbie and point me in the right direction... So: I just got my first Leica this past weekend - a 1956 M3, DS converted to SS. Seems to work fine so far. Anyway, the seller included an extra lens for free because it's not fully functional... It's a screw-mount Elmar 9cm 1:4 (90mm f/4), non-collapsable. It seems to be in mostly decent shape except that the aperture ring doesn't adjust the aperture. It's stuck most of the way open, and the ring just rotates without changing the opening. I see two screw holes on the aperture ring, but no screws. I'm guessing there are supposed to be set screws that make the ring adjust the aperture. My question: Are the screws tough to find for this? If so, I'm hoping that's all it takes to fix the aperture. It would be nice to turn a freebie into a usable portrait lens. I don't think it would be worth the money to send it in for repair based on what these go for on eBay or KEH. Any thoughts?
  14. comments and critiques are always welcome hockenheim - germany adac gt masters m8.2, 90mm summcron @ f8, 1/250s, iso 160
  15. Das 35+90 wird oft als die klassische Weltreiseausstattung bezeichnet. Ein 35 mm auszuwählen ist kein Problem. Das neue Summilux scheint schon ein vielversprechender Kandidat zu sein:) Aber jetzt wird es kniffelig: Welche leichtgewichtige (!) 90 mm überzeugt an der M9? Summicron 90: leicht? Wohl nicht direkt. Tele-Elmarit-M (4 Linsen)? 225 gr. Das ist mal leicht für 90mm! Aber als ich den Händler gefragt habe, hat er mir davon an der M9 abgeraten. Es soll vergleichsweise weich sein. Für Protraits bestimmt ganz okay. Aber vermutlich nicht ganz passend an der M9. Summarit 90: 360 gr. Gewicht okay. Aber ist die Performance an der M9 gut genug? Vielleicht könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen? Habt ihr vielleicht sogar Fotos von typischen Reisemotiven mit 90 mm an der M9? Vielen Dank für euren Rat! (Suchfunktion habe ich schon benutzt)
  16. Guten Tag, ich habe ein summicron M 90mm Gekauft. Seriennr. 2813709 Leitz Canada mit Auszieblende. Ausgehend von Leica-Wiki habe ich Filter E55 gekauft - passen aber nicht. Warum? Und was kann ich machen? Gibt es Adabter? Vielen Dank schon mal für hilfreiche Antworten.
  17. Hallo zusammen, im Leica-Taschenbuch von Laney/Puts* wird bei der Beschreibung des Tele-Elmarit M 2,8/90mm , 2. Version erwähnt, dass das Objektiv für einen Extender vorbereitet sei, der zur Brennweitenverlängerung auf 135mm dient. Wurde so ein Teil jemals hergestellt? Grüße, Jo *2003?, S. 155 , 7. Auflage
  18. Just a curiosity really... saw this item for sale on ebay: a Leitz 7.5cm f/0.85 lens? Never heard of it in the books before so I was wondering if anyone else knows about it. Maybe it was for some military application or other? I've only heard of a 90mm f/1 lens up until now... boy Leica has made some amazing stuff. ~ Mike
  19. Guten Tag zusammen. Ich habe mal wieder meine alte Leica m6 ausgepackt und zurück ins Leben geholt. Alles funktioniert soweit noch einwandfrei, bis auf den Bildfeldwähler. Ich habe ein Summicron 50mm Objektiv drauf und der Bildausschnitt von 50 + 75 mm wird auch im Sucher angezeigt. Der Ausschnitt 35 + 135 mm wird beim zur Seite bewegen des Hebels auch sichtbar. Nur der Ausschnitt 28 + 90mm zeigt sich beim nach innen bewegen des Hebels nicht. Es bleibt der 50 + 75 mm Ausschnitt zu sehen. Hat jemand schonmal von diesem Problem gehört und weiß was die Ursache dafür sein könnte. Dr Google konnte mir bis hierhin leider nicht weiterhelfen... liebe Grüße und danke im Voraus!
  20. A few friends of mine and I went photographing together at a local track meet. Quite a challenge to shoot with a manual-focus SLR. All the same, I got some results I was quite happy with. Leica R8/DMR + 90mm lens (circa 1968) and 180mm lens (circa 1984). More photos at Midwest Editorial Photo: Troy Freund
  21. Had a shoot yesterday with the fellow who runs "TeeCycle"--a website that sells used t-shirts online ( http://teecycle.org ). Had a real hoot--photographed 66 shirts on 13 different friends in less than 90 minutes! More photos at Midwest Editorial Photo: Troy Freund R8/DMR and a 1970s 50mm 'Cron and 90mm Elmarit. Troy
  22. Guest

    Compact 90mm

    The forum has recently run some threads about compact lenses. In one of the posts, I believe I read that the 90mm f4 macro collapsible cannot be collapsed fully when mounted on the M8. Is this correct, and if so, what interferes? And if so, can it be safely mounted and carried in a semi-collapsed condition? Second part to question: Among the current 90mm Leica lenses, which one is most compact on M8, regardless of aperature, and what opinions are there about quality?
  23. Some friends and I met out to try our hands at photographing indoor soccer--wowza--that was tough. Still though, I managed to get a few images I was happy with. More photos at: for the fun of it-indoor soccer Midwest Editorial Photo: Troy Freund Troy
  24. hi Leica folks, I'm after my third M-mount lens. I have the newest version of the 50 'cron & the hexanon 50 f2 -- both are wonderful. I'm looking to buy either a hex 90 f2.8, or a 90 cron pre asph ($500 - $700 range). my question is: does the bokeh on the 90 cron clear up by 2.8? In my experience no lens gives good bokeh wide open -- and trolling flickr reveals -- of course -- some pretty ugly bokeh with this lens wide open. what interests me is how many stops down a lens requires before the bokeh clears up. my 50 1.4 nikkor (f mount) needs to be set two stops down to 2.8 before it becomes usable. on the other hand, my nikkor 85 1.8 is good by 2.8 (1 & a halfish stops), and my M-mount f2 50s clear up after one stop at 2.8 as well. yeah, so is the 90 cron usable by 2.8? if not, I'll probably just go with the 90 hex, because I'm sure it's fine by f4. (I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect that generally lenses with huge amounts of glass require more stopping down then lenses that are built more comfortably within physical limits). similarly, if you've had experience with many of these lenses, is the nikkor f mount 85 1.4 ais usable by f2, or does it need to be stopped down to 2.8? Cheers, Raphe
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