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Found 48 results

  1. Ein kleiner Nachtspaziergang durch WF....
  2. Wondering if other 28 Lux owners have come across this problem: play in the focusing ring that results in a 'dead spot' when switching focus direction. My copy of the lens currently has about 3mm play where I can move the focusing ring left-right, in the focusing directions, but it does not result in any change of focus (doesn't engage the helicoid). The ring feels entirely disconnected before it pushes against something underneath it. If I keep turning the ring once it 'engages' it then changes the focus as it should. It also moves freely in the north-south directions (if focusing is east-west). Recently I noticed a faint rattling sound of something like a loose small screw or ball bearing when changing the orientation of the lens. This happened all within the span of about a day a little while ago and have kept using the lens, in part due to reluctance to be without it for up to two months for servicing. Initially it was a very slight wobble that was annoying enough on its own, but quickly got much worse with the much greater and more annoying dead spot, as mentioned, of about 3mm. While I'm not the gentlest with my gear, I don't recall any specific incident that may have damaged the lens. I'm the second owner of this copy, received in nearly mint condition back in June 2016, and have used it fairly regularly since then. I thought it might be bad luck but this has now also happened to a friend's copy (that I have not touched ), which seems too coincidental...
  3. I just love the 28mm Elmarit ASPH II. Can't find an image thread for this wonderful lens, hence this thread. Feel free to post
  4. I'm using a Leica Monochrom with an Elmarit M lens, 28 mm, Made in Canada. It's f 2.8, ser 2978547 When I go into the camera's menu to tell the camera what lens I'm using I don't see this lens as an option in the list of usable lenses. What lens should I set the camera for ? Thanks A. David W.
  5. Hi Folks, I have been disappointed with residual uncorrected color shifts in the corners of shots with my M9P and 28mm Elmarit ASPH and 24mm Elmar ASPH lenses (particularly snow scenes). The built in profiles of my camera don’t seem adequate for my samples of these lenses. Has anyone with the new Leica M worked with these lenses? If so, could you please post samples? Thanks, Steve K
  6. I am a new Leica M9 user and I bought my camera with a 50mm Summicron f/2. Doing a lot of travelling I felt last week in Chicago that I really need to go wide when shooting skylines, architecture and interiors (it was the art museum). In two weeks I will go to India and I really want something before that trip. I have been thinking of both the Super Elmar M 21mm and the Elmarit M 28mm ASPH and I am going back and forth between them. I am quite well aware of the positives and negatives of them but cannot make up my mind! What would be the recommendation from you using these lenses today in your daily photography and when traveling?
  7. Hi guys, I own an M9 and a 28 cron and I absolutely love the images I am getting from this combo. However lately, I came across a 50 Pre-ASPH Lux on one of the websites for £1300 so I am very tempted to swap my Cron for the pre-asph lux to have a try particularly the focal length. (50 lux asph would be ideal but thats out of budget!) So, I have been searching around the forums and obviously cant find any direct comparison since they are not the same focal length to start with anyway. So I was wondering, how much sharper the Cron will be compared to the 50mm Pre-ASPH.( I am assuming it is sharper) Is it noticeable in daily photography?? If all I shoot is street and portraits normally viewed on iPad, MacbookPro and the max size I develop is around 5R. When I look back at photos that I deemed as 'keepers' when I was using Cron, most of them were taken at f2 or max f2.8. I feel as if that aperture gives me that magical image with perfect seperation but due to 28mm, Im always forced to take a more environmental approach. I am here to look for some advice and opinions and thank you all for your precious time. p.s. the online dealer is willing to make a direct swap for a 28Cron (very good cond) to a 50pre-asph lux (near mint). Is that an okay deal? how would you view the deal? Many thanks
  8. Hallo, ich überlege schon eine ganze Weile hin und her, ob ich den Schritt zur Leica mache. Wäre die M9 nicht so teuer, hätte ich mich schon entschieden, aber auch die M8 reizt mich. Das einzige Problem liegt dabei für mich allerdings darin, das passende Objektiv zur M8 zu finden. Ich möchte eigentlich unbedingt ein ungefähres 35er KB-Äquivalent, also ein 24er, 25er oder 28er und das alles nicht so teuer. Am liebsten wäre mir das 24 Summilux, aber nicht zu dem Preis. In Frage kommen würde für mich z.B. auch das Voigtländer 28/2, was sich an der M8 wohl ganz vernünftig macht, oder wie sind eure Erfahrungen? Eine kleinere Offenblende als f/2 möchte ich eigentlich nicht haben und das 28 Summicron ist mir auch zu teuer. Gibt es denn noch andere Objektive, die ich in eine Auswahl mit aufnehmen sollte? Gibt es außer dem 24 Summilux noch andere M-Objektive, mit einer größeren Offenblende als f/2? Und wie macht sich die M8 + Voigtländer 28/2 im Gegensatz zur Fuji X100 mit der ich momentan zum großen Teil fotografiere? Ich würde mich über Antworten sehr freuen! Danke und viele Grüße
  9. XOONS


    [ATTACH]313474[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]313475[/ATTACH] (Hektor 28mm f/6,3, Nex-7, ARW)
  10. I can't choose between Elmar 24 3.8 or Elmarit 28mm 2.8 Who has used both and know what lens is better, I know this is a dull question since it depends on what I'll be doing with it... but just in regular which do you think is a better companion for my M8?
  11. Hey guys I wrote a short article about the Leica Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH. You can read it here: Review: Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 ASPH. - Jip van Kuijk Please leave your thoughts here or in the comment section on my website.
  12. So here is my story: I bought me an M6 and 50 Cron last winter, and i frigging love it. It is small, rugged and precise, everything i want in a camera. This summer i bought me a 28mm 2.0 Ultron to explore the wider aspects of RF photography and i really like it, BUT it is optically inferior to M-glass, has a bigger filter dimension, and it blocks too much of my finder. Also, i simply do not trust it. It seems unpredictable and mechanically inferior to my other Leica lens. Also, I am wearing glasses, which keeps me from seeing the entire 28 frame-lines. As part of my future plans i will do some extensive travelling, and so i am trying to figure out weather to get me an 28mm Elmarit ASPH + external viewfinder OR a 35mm Cron ASPH. I MIGHT get me an M4 or M6 as backup in the future, but as of now i shoot one body only. Most of my work is environmental portraits and landscapes, and i enjoy having my subject wide, but up close. I realize the 35mm is a somewhat of a middle-ground between 28 and 50, but i am not quite ready to give up on my wide® angle photography just yet. How is working with an external finder on a main-lens? 28(VF)+50mm or 35mm solo? All thoughts and experiences are appreciated. I know these are impossible questions to "answer", as it totally depends on each individual photographer, but what are YOUR experiences surrounding these lenses and/or working with an external viewfinder and glasses etc? Thanks!
  13. I will be taking a trip to Europe again early next year which will be my first trip there with my M9 (instead of my 5DMII). I have all my bases covered above 50mm, so I am looking for a good, wider angle architecture lens that will not break the bank. I have read several reviews, each with their own merit (steve huff, reid reviews, etc..), but I have yet to find one that answers all my questions, so I am posing to this forum to get information on experiences with the following lenses Zeiss 35mm Biogon f/2 (is the gain of speed worth the $200 extra over the 2.8) Zeiss 35mm Biogon f/2.8 (can anyone validate rumors that this lens is sharper than the f/2 from 2.8 on) CV 35mm Nokton f/1.2 (I like CV, but most of their Nokton stuff is portrait material, not architecture. Does this lens follow that mode) Zeiss 28mm f/2.8 (not much out there on this one, but with a 28 frameline, this would be wider) CV 28mm f/2 ultron (most of the reviews are of the older 1.9, I think this one is too new for good assessment...but I am fishing) I do plan to do some cathedral and indoor architecture, so I will place a value on the f/2 and below lenses...however, as with the Zeiss, I understand that the 2.8 might actually be the better lens between it and the f/2 for sharpness and contrast. TIA.
  14. I'm new to the forum. I've been shooting Leica for just under a year now and I'm loving it! I wanted to share a few images and get some feedback. I was assisting on a wedding in the Bahamas and had a bit of a break to shoot some personal work. We ran across this guy taking the horses for a swim to cool off after riding. The way these horses were playing in the water you would swear they were dogs. Here are a few from that afternoon. Leica M6 | 28mm Voigtländer | Illford HP5
  15. Hey I just purchased a 28mm Elmarit for my M8 but it did not come with a hood. I know the filter size is bigger on this one (49mm) so I am having a bit of a problem locating a rect. hood. Does anyone have a good location to get such a item? It is this one: 11804 - 2.8/28mm Elmarit-M - 1979-1992 M49x0.75 12536 <-- This is the Product ID of the hood. - 14001 E49 Also, if someone has experience with this lens, is the hood necessary? - I purchased a 49mm leica cap on ebay so that the front element is protected (as it looks like the original lens has a rect. cap on the lens shade.
  16. Hi everyone, Got a question about filter sizes and such. Here is a picture of my Elmarit-M 2,8/28mm lens in question, s/n 2977899: After purchasing this lens, I ordered a "series 7" filter for it from B&H Photo. This was the size the seller recommended. Well the filter arrived and there's no threads on it to screw it onto the lens! So that was weird, I've never seen a filter without threads. That one went back the next day obviously. Next, I carefully measured the front element's diameter and selected a 49mm slim B&W UV filter instead. So this new filter arrived yesterday and I took off the rectangular hood (#12536) and screwed the filter in place-- yeah it fit! But uh oh, now the hood won't go on. It was either / or, but not both. Eventually I figured out that if I attached the hood first and forced the filter through the front of it, I could carefully screw it on. Shouldn't there be a better way though? What am I missing? Thanks, Mike
  17. Just wanted to share my first impressions of the mini 28mm f5.6 summaron lens: I wanted to get this lens for street photography ever since it came out and finally pulled the trigger. I was a little skeptical of its output having seen both good and bad shots on reviews with the lens, but wanted first hand experience and to finally scratch that 28mm daido moriyama itch. After the opening a nice black box and admiring this silver jewel for a moment in my hand, I quickly attached it to M10 and went searching for some test shots on a clear but cloudy day. I shoot my film M/A at f5.6 on bright sunny days so wasn’t worried by its lack of low light capabilities. The reverse position of the focusing tab takes some getting used to, really not very hard, and for closer subjects you need to take a step back than what is normal for other lenses, as you need more distance to bring things in focus. But from the moment I started snapping away I felt the same wonder and joy that you do with other Leica lenses. After an hour or so of taking photos this is what I noticed most: the center of this lens is very sharp but not in a clinical way; there is a smoothness to images; some shots do not produce vignetting but some do which, gives it the “classical” feel and really sets off objects in a cool way; its kind of an unpredictable lens which i like and comes down to personal preference; color accuracy was very good and no different than my 50mm summilux & 35mm summicron; the size of the lens is perfect for adding a 3rd lens to my small leather street bag. Overall, I’m very pleased with my decision to get this lens. Not only imbued with a piece of Leica history but also very capable of producing cool images in daylight conditions. I personally think this is one of those special lenses to own that captures unique qualities rather than the clinical kind you find everywhere else. Unlike, with other leica lenses where i expected images to be great, i was expecting this one to be less so, but was proven wrong. It really is a great little lens and has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Leica for making this!
  18. The Royal Palace in Aranjuez, Spain. M240, 28mm Elmarit-M ASPH.
  19. Guten Tag zusammen. Ich habe mal wieder meine alte Leica m6 ausgepackt und zurück ins Leben geholt. Alles funktioniert soweit noch einwandfrei, bis auf den Bildfeldwähler. Ich habe ein Summicron 50mm Objektiv drauf und der Bildausschnitt von 50 + 75 mm wird auch im Sucher angezeigt. Der Ausschnitt 35 + 135 mm wird beim zur Seite bewegen des Hebels auch sichtbar. Nur der Ausschnitt 28 + 90mm zeigt sich beim nach innen bewegen des Hebels nicht. Es bleibt der 50 + 75 mm Ausschnitt zu sehen. Hat jemand schonmal von diesem Problem gehört und weiß was die Ursache dafür sein könnte. Dr Google konnte mir bis hierhin leider nicht weiterhelfen... liebe Grüße und danke im Voraus!
  20. Anasco Bay on Puerto Rico's rural and less well traveled west coast is reputed to be the point of discovery of the Isla by Columbus on his second voyage. A couple of nights ago the moon was full and rising low and early in the evening. On a lark I quickly set up my tripod and with M8 and 28mm elmerit made a long exposure. Thanks for looking.
  21. At PMA I had a chance to chat for a while with the Zeiss guys, and fondle a bunch of ZM lenses... nice stuff really. I have been bemoaning the poor fit of the lens-hood to the 1.3 crop factor image when using the M8. (naturally the lens-hood is perfect on my M6) And mentioned that it would be nice to have a line of more aggressive lens-hoods for M8 users. after thinking for a moment the Zeiss guy pulled out a 50mm and popped the hood on my 28mm... we did a couple of test shots and it fits perfectly. Well, the hood arrived, and yesterday I shot a few quick exposures, each with and without the 50mm hood on the 28mm biogon. Result, while not entirely scientific, is pretty clear, the 28mm 2.8 Biogon does vignette on the M8, however there is no difference with or without the cs50 lenshood. as this hood is far more agressive than the normal lens hood for this lens designed for full-frame use, the cs50 hood will do a significant better job a reducing flare and protecting contrast when the lens is used on a M8 (or a epson RD for that matter) In other words if you own a 28mm biogon - you should order a cs50 lenshood for it. BoPhoto.com: Zeiss 28mm 2.8 Biogon - M8 lenshood .
  22. I recently 'traded' a Zeiss 25mm f2.8 for a mint- leica 28mm ASPH cron. The 28mm has been a great disappointment (compared with the 25mm). The only other lens I have to make comparison tests is a Zeiss 50mm Planar, and these (informal) tests have suggested that the two lens show almost identical performance (resolution) at f2.0. (Newspaper broadsheet at a distance which allows a page to fill the frame). My overall (real world) impression is that the 28mm ( compared with the 25mm) is soft, low contrast and is subject to flare (I always use a UV/IR filter) -but not dramatically so. It simply lacks the impact of the 25mm. So I hesitate to refer it under guarantee to my dealer, mainly because I do not know what to expect from the 28mm. Two 100% centre crops, first the Planar then the Cron All opinions welcome Thank-you
  23. Columbus, on his second voyage touched somewhere on Puerto Rico's western coast in 1493. The exact location, perhaps, will never be known. The fun part is that towns along the coast all vie for the honor of being "discovered" first by Columbus. I made this photograph this morning looking down Corcega Beach at the makeshift Columbus Monument which is Rincon's claim to being first. The beaches are largely empty this time of year and the town breaths a collective sigh, recovers from the waves of winter visitors and looks ahead to July for our summer visitors. M8, 28 2.8 Thanks for looking.
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