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  1. Ever thought of asking Leica?
  2. Yes, but I think the thread opener is not interested in such comments. He has something in his head that no Leica M user would ever think of Greetings George
  3. ...and in your camera? Good luck!
  4. I don't use SD cards larger than 64 GB in my M10. I find 1TB overkill even in an M11. Apart from that, they slow down the system when the appropriate level is reached. I can store over 2000 DNG shots of my M10 on a 64 GB card, which is more than enough in my opinion. 1 TB cards are recommended for very high-resolution video recordings. Regards George
  5. Sorry, but this is a 1TB microSD and you use it with adapter. Use a native 1TB SD card (SDHC, SDXC) and it will work probably.
  6. What happens when you format the card in the camera? This is allways the best method
  7. Sind Sie auf Missionarstour?
  8. Das ist doch gut so. Hoffentlich ertappen uns die GRÜNEN nicht, bei unseren maßlosen Ausgaben für Leica-Produkte. Dann ist Schluß mit Lustig.
  9. ...und das ist auch gut so!
  10. I can't see enough beautiful photos of my wife, kids and friends.
  11. Genau das ist das Problem bzw. der Grund, warum es nicht funktioniert. 😀
  12. Hast du überhaupt eine Ahnung was Querdenker sind? Scheinbar nicht!
  13. Grauslige Bearbeitung, so schlecht ist dieses Objektiv nicht! Gruß Georg
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