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  1. Excusing myself for the lack of participation, I am attaching again the photo of the relevant lens. nocti_70th.pdf
  2. You have fired my curiosity. Now it becomes absolutely essential to think to compare them. Thanks again Mark
  3. So the first Canadian prototype may have a rough positioning of the elements with an inevitable lesser sharpness, and in any case a different performance from the model produced in Solms. Is this true? Thanks
  4. Thanks, Andy. I agree that the amount indicated by Puts is excessive especially if Ciccarella says properly about the grinding of aspheric lenses. Hi Mark
  5. They are Summicron 90 Apo produced in Midland in Canada so engraved at the bottom of the lens: "DESIGNED BY LEICA CAMERA MFD. IN CANADA". WestLicht shows it an auction last November 2015. Here is the description: Apo-Summicron-M 2 / 90mm ASPH. ELC *: one of only 12 lenses produced as samples by ELC, engraved 'DESIGNED BY LEICA CANADA MFD. CANADA 11884 ', before the production of the lens moved to Germany. Serial No.:3815641 Another from WestLicht in 2006: Apo-Summicron-M 2 / 90mm ASPH. 11884: pre-series lens very rare Canadian production, the standard lenses were manufactured in Solms Significantly later, engraved: DESIGNED BY LEICA CAMERA MFD. CANADA 11884 Serial No .: 3856424 All I know is from ERWIN PUTS me that refers to 500 pieces made in 1998 by n. the number 3856300 to 3856799. And from GIUSEPPE Ciccarella that, talking about Leitz Midland writes "... even Leica Camera AG in Solms in late 1998, when it ran into production problems, resorted to the former Leitz Canada. The APO-Summicron-M 90 f / 2 aspherical was recomputed and produced initially in Midland with aspherical lenses grinded by sophisticated CNC machinery. " I thank those who will give me more information. Hi Mark
  6. Likely, dear Luigi, because I refer to the Italian edition published by Garzanti in 1990 (commissioned by Romolo Rappaini and translated by Maurizio Capobussi). The original edition of 1983 certainly did not have the eighth chapter: "Further development of the M and R models, 1983-90". Hi Mark
  7. I am referring to Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck in "Leica. A History Illustrating Every Model and Accessory" on page 329 of the Italian version: "... The following objectives with the engraving "Leica 1913-1983 " were available: Elmarit 28 - Summicron 35 -Summicron 50 - Summilux 50 - Tele-Elmarit 90. The commemorative models were offered with a branded bag in 3 different configurations: Kit 1 = M4-P + 50 + Summicron leicameter MR + winder M4-2. Kit 2 = M4-P + Summilux 50 + 28 Elmarit + leicameter MR + winder M4-2. kit 3 = M4-P + Summicron 35 + Tele-Elmarit 90 + winder M4-2. Only for the Italian market were produced nr. 150 Summilux 35 and nr. 150 Summilux 75. Leica gave the dealer of Berlin 5 pieces of NOCTILUX belonging to the batch "3151xxxx" but are not sequential numbers." I am attaching picture of my NOCTILUX that, as you can see, has sr. nr "29xxxxx". This suggests that there are at least 6 of the 70th anniversary lenses. I wish you an happy new year Mark nocti_70th.psd
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