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  1. I have a very similar problem. I was travelling in Mozambique and Namibia in October/November when I realised that all my M9 images suffered from what look like a mosaic cracking. It was a tiny fragmented pattern that destroyed skies and anything that had a simple clear colour. On returning - thankfully I was also carrying a Canon whilst travelling - I took the camera to Leica Mayfair who immediately saw the problem. The M9 was returned to Leica and I am now told that the entire covering of the sensor has come broken away. Again, no particularly rough or dumb usage on my part - simply a failure. I am waiting for the repaired camera but have lost confidence in the M9 and am now wondering about selling the set, lens, monochrome etc and going for a more reliable machine. Will keep you posted. It feels like the end of a love affair.
  2. So I got it. I took it out for the weekend. Got some lovely stuff, had to start to think in a different way about what I was looking at, what I was 'seeing'. Very interesting, occasionally frustrating, but overall a lovely camera to be lucky enough to own. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Well, after all that I bought the Monochrom. It is still in the box and I will unpack it later. Thank you for all the comments. I will report how I get on with it.
  4. Thank you all. Always great to hear views. I always find some responders so alpha that it leaves one wondering, but the other, more sensible, thoughts have convinced me not to buy.I think. Probably.
  5. Friends Advise me. I am hovering about buying the Monochrom. I shoot on an M9 and have a good collection of Leica glass. I can afford to buy the Monochrom but am hesitating. Why? 1. I shoot on the M9 and tend to process into monochrome anyway. Do I really want a monochrome only camera? Is the qualative difference that worthwhile? 2. I am concerned with the M coming that I will end up with two cameras while actually needing the M. 3. Do other people hate having too many cameras in their bag? It seems to make the choices always harder. I love Leica because of its purity and don't want to clutter that. Why would I buy it? 1. Love the shots I have seen. 2. carpe diem. Your advice would be helpful.
  6. Is it me or is this camera very expensive in the UK. Here it is selling at £6,100.00 States: $7995.00 Europe €6880.00 Whatever the rate of exchange we Brits are paying a lot more. Any thoughts?
  7. Does anyone know a good way of removing duplicates from Aperture 2? I have a large library and have noticed that some images are repeated. Any help would be gratefully received. Paul;)
  8. I keep hearing that Aperture 3 is full of problems! Thanks Paul
  9. Thank you for these very helpful replies. I am getting a computer wizard to come and rebuild the Aperture library as I find the process a little scary. Paul
  10. I am having a very difficult time with Aperture, and I wonder if anyone can help. The problems are in two stages: 1. When I load my images (shot on my M9 DNG compressed) I have discovered that some files - more and more - end up claiming that it is an UNSUPPORTED IMAGE FORMAT. I discovered a adequate work around for this to do with selecting quick view. It is a pain and bizarre as I can discern nothing that has changed. 2. Now, today, I loading from an SD card 74 images taken yesterday. they are now only presenting as tiny pixel files (256*172) even if I try and load the DNG direct from a folder that I have created. It is as though either Aperture or the Camera has decided to offer only the preview image. On the UNSUPPORTED IMAGE FORMAT I have searched the web and discovered this is quite a common Aperture issue. The small pixel files is brand new. Any help would be gratefully received. My email is p.unwin@btinternet.com Kind regards Paul
  11. Can anyone help me? I am looking for effective software and a site to upload and send on photos... in other words move on from the attach to email and then jam up my email. What are you folk finding effective. I am using my M9> Aperture on a Mac Book Pro. help we be gratefully received. Paul Flickr: Paul Unwin's Photostream
  12. I am keeping my M8 but am a bit mystified as to what to do with my IR filters from the M8. I obviously need them but to keep putting them on lens when I use M8 as opposed to M9. Seems fiddly. Any bright ideas?
  13. Paulu

    My M9

    I am shooting DNG and JPEG into Aperture. I will post some images in the next few days. My sense with the M8 was that colour was slightly chancy - and yes could be fixed in Aperture. My impression with the M9 is much less fixing required.
  14. Paulu

    My M9

    Got my M9 on Friday. First impressions are that it really is remarkable. Colour on a few shots is in another league from the M8. It also is much more practical camera to use. Will report in after a week or two but so far this seems so much more than the hype...
  15. Could could someone do the following test for me: take an M8 and take three photographs in low light with three different lens. Could they then do the same with the M9. I would love to see, simply, the quality improvement in the image. Thank you Paul
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