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  1. The rains have returned to the Pacific NW and I've revisited a small park next to I-5 that is the location of a former beer factory. I've watched the water here where it is a trickle during the summer to raging during the winter. I've added a few images to my Flickr folder "Moving Water"
  2. this time of year again... dark sky with a burst of late afternoon light
  3. a blast of late afternoon light as we are well on our way into the fall season, the leaves are beginning to change, etc
  4. do you have an image in the viewfinder, or is it black there as well? i have my screen turned off for general use. i use the screen to check battery usage and change settings, and only occasionally chimp, so my screen is dark most of the time.
  5. Chicago view from the south loop looking north
  6. If it is corrosion, Leica may offer a discounted price toward a new camera. In the past you could upgrade to the M10 or Q2, or others. On the other hand you might find someone who would want to buy, knowing the issues, and have the sensor glass replaced. My M9 had the original sensor and logic board replaced as part of the goodwill program, but replaced before the newer sensor was available. I shoot mainly wide open, so it wasn’t until later when I was shooting stopped down that I noticed some unwanted blemishes. This was after sensors were unavailable. It was frustrating. Now I’m sh
  7. I seem to recall you used to be able to have this done... I had DAG put an MP flare free finder in my M6 years ago. I imagine it might have to do with availability. I have a chrome MP w .85 finder. I always thought it approximated the view of the M3 finder,
  8. I don't think cptpez was presenting this as a finished work, or a crop beyond anything other than the enthusiasm of showing how much one can find in this sensor.
  9. I prefer not to crop, but in this case it was necessary. And while it isn't my usual type of picture, I just had to
  10. I wonder if OIS is on or off, and if that might have anything to do with the behaviour- not that it should. Look forward to dealer response.
  11. I continue to be amazed at the how the Q2 provides excellent 28 and 35 choices. I don't quite understand the suggestions for different focal lengths for some future Q-variant. Is the desire for a different focal length with auto-focus? Or is the desire to have one camera to do everything? It seems to me that there are already many good choices for different focal lengths, apertures, that can be used on different sensors.
  12. I haven't been able to see it in LR either. Works very well in Capture One for the occasional time it might be needed.
  13. I've only been able to use this in Capture One. Thorsten says you can use the cropping tool in Lightroom to get the 24mm gain (https://www.overgaard.dk/Leica-Q2-digital-rangefinder-Page-2.html)
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