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  1. Hi Andy, for me Gnocchi alla rucola and petto di pollo alla rucola x 2
  2. Hi Andy, can you please add me to the list (+1), if not too late. Many thanks, Zoran
  3. I am happy to participate and help.
  4. Many thanks HOPPYMAN! I really appreciate your input.
  5. Many thanks for your comments and answers. As already said to some Leica friends, I have read an article where it stated that Leica plans to kill the shutter upgrade and that caused my reaction. I apologize if my article has caused any inconvenience to you. That was not my attention. However, your answers helped me lot to understand some things. As I said, if I would not love Leica, I would not have spent time on discussing about my worries.
  6. thanks for your answer. I was reading an article where it said that Leica will stop upgrading the shutter. And that was my worry. I really love Leica and would never sell my equipment.
  7. thanks for your answer. I read an article that Leica will stop the upgrade to 8.2 (shutter) and that was my concern.
  8. As ERFAHRENER USER you should allow the new ones to learn something from you. I expressed my worries as I read an article that Leica will stop upgrade to 8.2 (shutter). All of your answers gives me more understanding and I find them very useful. So there is no need to be upset. If I wouldn't care about Leica, I would not spend my time discussing about it.
  9. Since first time I have seen Leica, I was in love with it. And I was 16. Today, after 30 years I own M8, R9, Digilux 2, Digilux 3, C-Lux 3 and many lenses and accessories. What I loved with Leica was its quality, consistency and reliability! The possibility to extend my cameras with additional lenses and accessories. I always new that this company will come out with something extremely good which enriches my love for photography for another period of life. What I experience in the last period, and I am sure, it is not only me, is that Leica as a company starts to be not reliable. It is losing consistency which most probably is a lack of long term strategy. It focuses on what innovation it could offer to the market. And this is not bad. The bad thing is that Leica forgets about its promises they made when they have produced the products which exist in its portfolio. For example: Digilux 3. I still have brochures with the stories about the development of four thirds standard, extension of the range, lenses, updates, upgrades etc.etc. It was promised like Digilux would be bought accidentally and not by a real Leica fan. And where are we with Digilux 3 today? What did Leica deliver vs. promises given? I do not want to debate about the digital R10. But what about M8? Recently we found out that there will be no upgrades as it jeopardize the sale of 8.2. I cannot imagine that this was decided at Leica company. Like they did not know that before?! And what about the M8 owners? Are they anyhow respected and why are they ignored in the whole story? It is unbelievable what kind of decisions is made in this company. Instead of treating us with care, Leica decided to start losing already a very low % of its targeted market. I am afraid that this should not happen with any company with such a distinctive product portfolio. M8.2 Why would I buy M8.2 if I bought M8 just few month before 8.2 was released or why would I buy M9 if I know that Leica will launch M9.2 few months after that. To whom is Leica competing in this market. To its users, I am afraid. Otherwise it would give us their medium and long term plans regarding future development or at least it would draft them. I am, at least, disappointed or as other would say, too emotional. Do not misunderstand me as my aim is not to save money. I am rather looking for strong Leica with clear product and customer strategy. I do not think that I am asking too much. Am I?
  10. Thanks, Peter, the main point is as you said NOT INSIDE THE DCIM... I have now finally done it. I have repeatedly copied into the DCIM. Thanks for the advise.
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