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  1. My home made hat. I started with just a piece of fabric and dunked it in a solution of Elmers glue and water. Summicron lens.
  2. Hello hello after years of being away from this site. That looks like a delicious welcome for me. Caryl
  3. Beautiful colors. Well done. Caryl
  4. Thank you so much for all your advice. The problem is there is no way to reach them. Their contact email does not work and there is no phone or address.
  5. I made a screen shot of the whole page of my work on their site but what do I do with it?
  6. I would send a bill or a Legal Letter but there is no way to reach them. They have "contact" emails but they do not work. And no addresses. i wrote to Google and got no response.
  7. Thank you Bob, Stu and Hank. It is making quite a hit when i wear it. Caryl PS: I have not been posting because some sites have stolen lots of my work. One is even a porn site. It is very difficult and expensive to stop them so i just do not post much art. Any suggestions of how to make them remove my work ?
  8. Thank you Paul and james for commenting. I put the ted dot on it to make it a Leica. Yes, the Chinese did make it. It is not a working camera but a purse. Caryl
  9. My new Christmas present, opened early. I LOVE it! Caryl
  10. She is beautiful in all of them. Oh, to look like that!! Caryl
  11. Nice portrait of John. Good to see you again, Stu. Caryl
  12. You really captured the feeling of the weather. I like the two elderly men. Caryl
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