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  1. LLT

    The missing generation

    Sorry for my late reply. Thank you again for your encouraging words. I notice you're both actually London based. Are you planning on going to the Sony world photography festival starting tomorrow?
  2. LLT

    The missing generation

    Wow. Kirk, in the chinese language, we say 'bu gan dang' which means 'I cannot even pretend'. Thank you for taking the time to look at the series. And thank you for your beautiful feedback.
  3. LLT

    The missing generation

    Hey Virgil, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the LFI writeup. Check out the series on www.lltphotography.com/hbi
  4. LLT

    The missing generation

    Stuart thanks. I've ordered it on Amazon!
  5. LLT

    The missing generation

    It certainly was a sobering experience for me. I'm glad it had that effect on you
  6. LLT

    Street Shadows

    As Larry said, simple elements, but nicely composed.
  7. LLT

    The missing generation

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you enjoyed that, which again is encouraging for me, because I was starting to think that I need to vary my vision a bit, which I will still experiment on. I have since posted the series on my website. For details on the project: liz loh-taylor | hinguguay beliuwa ilomni Slideshow: liz loh-taylor Liz
  8. LLT

    The missing generation

    Hey Ben, Thank you for your wonderful feedback. That part of Ethiopia is comprised mainly of Catholics or Orthodox. There are some Muslims but not high in numbers in this region. Nearly every family I'd visited as a picture of Christ, Mary, or the cross on their walls. It is a faith they hold on to strongly and perhaps the only thing that keeps them going. There is a group of catholic sisters who are based there who offers education and some food to the children.
  9. LLT

    The missing generation

    Cheers Stuart. This is a project on HIV/AIDS. As I walked through the village, all I saw were children and ailing grandmothers. It seemed as though an entire generation has dissipated into thin air.
  10. Hi there, sorry I haven't been around lately. Hope you've all been well. I've just returned from a project and thought I'd share one of my favourite images with you.
  11. Love the idea Ben. I like the fact that you have placed much less attention on the pedestrians. I would even experiment with just capturing their heads and not anything else... just to see what it would look like?
  12. LLT


    A wonderful portrait Bill. Was there anything to the right of the image?
  13. You've captured a nice moment andrekeli.
  14. Beautifully photographed Prem. Would love to see more of this series too.
  15. LLT

    Time to pay

    Yes I agree with Kirk, I think all it needs is a slight crop of the highlights in the right, well or if you're able to darken those?
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