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  1. RobertW

    WiFi problem

    I understand there are 2 methods of connecting the iPhone to the camera. I tried the "Join WLAN" first. While I could locate my home wifi, I could not input any digits/characters/letters of my password. So I tried the second method of "Creating WLAN" and no problem, I could enter a password and successfully transfer pictures from camera to iPhone. Just wondering if you were successful in "Joining WLAN" as well. Thanks!
  2. A fine collection of shots from everybody. Great to have the opportunity to see what the new M and its "new" CMOS sensor can produce. Thanks!
  3. Steve's "reviews" make for some very light reading and he's quite upfront of mentioning that it not really a review in the conventional sense. He's always very pleasant and enthusiastic, although I can't said I've read everything or near everything he's written. He has a very easy to understand writing style, but after reading it, I kind of think that he might have said what he had to say in just a few sentences. Then I wonder what did he say that I really wanted to know? But maybe I'm just missing the point.
  4. I'm very happy with the M9. We haven't seen anything from the new M that makes the M9 look like a bad tool by comparison yet. And I don't really expect to see that. Not keen on adding video functionality, but that's just me. I'm very happy with my other tools for light light-high ISO situations. Those being the Fuji XPro1 and X100:eek:. So unless there's really something amazing, I'm not really interested in this new offering. I'll likely give it a pass and see if Leica can "invent" a self cleaning sensor in the next iteration. I would have appreciated that evolution much mo
  5. The only good point is that the price hasn't gone thru the roof. Without an anti-shake sensor we're still not quite there. Can you imagine what your videos and low light stills are going to look like? The videos are going to look like crap, but I guess that doesn't matter cos I don't take videos, but for those that do.... Is it impossible to have an anti-shake technology for still photos? I guess we'll need to wait another 2 years for the new improved M? I guess the LED framelines are not in the works. I guess that leap in technology may have to wait for another couple of years
  6. How about US$8,995? And for that price, its got to have a big advancement its rather sub-optimal "low light-high ISO" performance.
  7. I've got both versions (LTM & Bayonet) of the CV. Both require Conerfix whenever your photo has light colored corners. The LTM using the M9 produces better results (less uncorrected fringing) in my experience but its not rangefinder coupled. Personally, I prefer using the coupled version just for more accurate focussing YMMV) Using either version, the left side of the frame always has more vignetting and magenta fringing than the right side. So making up profiles for the lens for the different apertures will help improve the results you get from Cornerfix. Also remember to tu
  8. I've got the tri-elmar as well. Its very convenient and good for traveling primarily for sufficient light usage. For mine, it was sticking or stuck, making it extremely difficult to switch through the various focal lengths and the frame lines would be improperly set. Sent it to Solms and it came back working extremely well. My suggestion is just send it in.... WRT your question on the Zeiss lenses, you'll find them to have more contrast. I've got the Biogon and its ok, not particularly sharp in the centre, but holds up well in the corners if that's important to you. Can't say a
  9. Nice link....it provides some sensible information on bagging your camera to protect it from the moisture! I do that already when in Canada when it gets cool to prevent condensation from occuring inside the camera or outside. Its the inside stull that you really need to prevent....
  10. I've had two non-Leica batteries since I had the M8 (many years ago). They're still going strong in the M9, and I can't tell the difference between these and the Leica ones, other then the price.
  11. Thanks Sandy, I really appreciate the advice. I'll give it a try and see how it goes!
  12. For the 15mm, I've made up my own profiles, based on trying to follow the instructions on the Cornerfix site. I seem to get a bit of deterioration in picture detail/increased noise levels at the corners of the frame (in particular the left side of the photo when in landscape). I use the non-lens coded setting and have created my profiles at various ISO and various f stops.... I can get some good results, and I can also get some fairly mediocre results depending on the subject matter and lighting conditions.
  13. I'm not sure if the picture posted has cropped out the corners? I know with the new version of the CV15mm (rangefinder coupled), I still need to use Cornerfix to remove the Cyan corners. Do you find yourself needing to use Cornerfix for your color photos taken with the CV12mm?
  14. I use a -1 diopter lens which screws into the viewfinder. Then, I don't need to wear my eye glasses. I think they are made for up to -3 diopters, but there may be stronger ones? If you are severely short-sighted (- 5 diopters), you may have to go the eye glass route, which does make it difficult to see the frame lines for the 28 mm.
  15. Yup, I agree 100%. The 21mm f/2.8 is fantastic on the M9!
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