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  1. meerec

    50 APO vs 50 // can’t see any difference

    by the way, according to Peter Karbe 50 lux ASPH is an APO lens, it is just not named so
  2. meerec

    SL SVE 16-35 hood

    Hi @IkarusJohn ... bare lens looks naked, missing something in my opinion ... needs some finishing touch, that's why I'm looking for a hood solution. Like on my 90-280 I have a very handsome looking Sensei Pro metal hood. I shall evaluate it again once I get the 16-35 lens. It's in planning, I haven't bought it yet 😂
  3. meerec

    SL SVE 16-35 hood

    yes me too @Bill W, but it's on the top of my shopping list now and I'm buying it very soon 😂
  4. meerec

    SL SVE 16-35 hood

    Not just for flare, as I said in my post, I care more to protect the front element of the lens from a physical abuse ... I find the supplied hoods "ugly" and large for that purpose I quoted alone @AndreaP75 but of course everyone will think differently about aesthetics. I'm still looking for a replacement hood for the SVE 16-35, and may not find anything suitable so may have to live with the Leica one.
  5. meerec

    Leica CL - the image thread

    And what to think about? 🙃😂 ....... NIKE !! @WeiterWinkel
  6. where do you find all these birds? 🙃🧐🤔 nicely done
  7. yes, @cabe Carlo, I suspected it was the case ... I found it difficult to maintain close and intimate contact with the sitter in such a distance for full figure portraits but it's good when you want to avoid it, like street photography 👻😂
  8. meerec

    SL SVE 16-35 hood

    All SVE 16-35 owners: do you use the hood it gets delivered with ... or do you replace it with another hood (say: B+W 82mm Screw-In Metal Wide Angle Lens Hood #970)? The reason I ask I find the hoods on 24-90, 90-280, and 16-35 too bulky and too ugly to carry. On my 90-280, I installed a Sensei Pro metal hood that works wonderfully and offers me good protection of the front element (which I care most about, not so much glare). With the 16-35 zoom, I am bit more careful as at the widest zoom, the after market hood, even the B+W I quoted above, may cause vignetting. Even the B+W (Schneider Optics) website here mentions "Model 970 provides a large opening for wide-angle lenses with up to 70° image angle" but that is about 24mm FOV. In a way I've answered myself already but would like to hear from others ... What is your experience and advice?
  9. Nice shot, Carlo, @cabe And it was easy because your model is screaming for nice shots. How far were you away to compose? I ask as I have the 75-SL and chose it over 90 because wanted to be closer to my subjects.
  10. Northern Beaches. You can most likely recognise some of my location shots I post on SL and CL sections.
  11. meerec

    Printing Large Prints -- 5 feet by 3.6 feet

    Well done, I remember your pic and story just some days ago. Looks good. Keep it up (shooting!) and on the wall 😀
  12. meerec

    50 APO vs 50 // can’t see any difference

    Hey @Panda2 I looked at my test comparison images on a Retina display as well and I even put my reading glasses on, which I normally don’t require ... still couldn’t see much difference, only insignificant touch. 😂😂 I’ve made these points already and will say it again: 1/ summicron 50 v5 that I own is a very good lens, 2/ summicron 50 APO that costs 3.5 x more delivers fantastic results but this incremental goodness isn’t worth $7,700 — to me, 3/ summicron 50 APO will deliver more visible results on Leica MM than what I’m able to see on my SL. That’s what I have learnt in the last 24 hours. And it has been an interesting discovery.
  13. meerec

    50 APO vs 50 // can’t see any difference

    I’m not in the same boat with you @Stuart Richardson. I sail with CL and SL not S and for my purpose 24 MP has been okay. But at the same time, I’d like to see excellent results produced by those lenses. The results, in my opinion, do NOT depend on the number of MPs in the sensor. Some 18 years ago I acquired my very first digital SLR. It was a Canon D10 [not 10D ... that came so much later]. It was a 3.2 MP body (three point two megapixels). I still have many images in my Lightroom catalogue shot with various L lenses from Canon with that body, and even today, these images are not short on beauty.