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  1. So... You didn't see my post right abovc yours? I've included a link for a .DNG download of my image file. I got my lens on Monday Jan. 03/2022 Lovely build quality, decent (as expected) image quality and HUGE bang for my bucks! Regards Sam
  2. It's been ages since I last posted in the Forum. My TTArtisan 28mm f.6 arrived this morning and the weather here is so dark, cold and unpleasant I opted to try it around the house on my M9 I will give it a go outdoors on my 240 later. It's dark in my basement, hence 1600ISO The corners improve some stopping down from f5.6 to f8.0 but remain mushy. I didn't notice much change in centre sharpnessbetween the two. Using the hood would have reduced flare from the overhead lights. I selected an Elmarit 21mm lens code but intend on experimenting with others. Post was done in ACR 9.1.1I have no complaits about distortion. I feel I have gotten more than my money's worth. Here's a link to Wetransfer where you can download my DNG file to play with: https://we.tl/t-bvBJryqRDu Wishing everyone a happy and productive 2022
  3. They could dump the video function and make some of Us happy.
  4. squarenegs

    The rose

    You sound dissatisfied. A tighter crop might be all it would take to make it really work.
  5. ...M9 and now a 240 but I'm still unable to sell my two m8 bodies. They are great for black and white as well as IR, but I still use them for colour too. I particularly like the 32mm crop when using a 24mm lens; wider than 32mm but somehow without the wide 'look' of a 28mm I dunno... I still love the M8 and find the crop factor useful when using several focal lengths.
  6. Wilson The day after my last post here and after firing off that email shown above. I got grovelling phone calls from two 'customer care' people at Leica in N.J. These were the same people who never picked up a phone or returned a call in the past. My camera was discoverd parked in shipping and I was given a UPS tracking number within hours. Someone in Germany must have lit a fire in New Jersey and I thank them for doing so. Why had I been ignored for so long? Did they think I was going to forget about a camera body in their possession worth the price of a used car? I won't name these two people, but they are easy to find as, so called, 'customer care' people in New Jersey. I hope to have my camera back repaired this week, though I remain a doubter when it comes to Leica New Jersey. I'll be sure to let everyone on the Forum know if this 6 month ordeal has been concluded or is to continue. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please. Regards Sandy (Samuel J) Fairbairn Canada
  7. I am still waiting for my M9 to be returned from Leica service in New Jersey. They have had it for 6 months and in that length of time I have had only one useful communication from them. In all that time, nobody at Leica N.J. has ever answered a phone or returned a voice mail, ever. Staff there have been so elusive that I am now regard my M9 as having been lost or stolen while in their possession. If anybody on the Forum has any ideas for me, please forward them. I am desperate and angry. Here is the whole story as sent to the Leica Owners' Area of their website, in the hope that it might be forwarded to some, anyone who could get my camera returned to me: I reluctantly trouble you with this but hope that you can pass my message on to those at Leica who can assist me in the following matter: I sent my M9 sr. #3838593 for sensor replacement to Leica New Jersey U.S.A., because of the sensor corrosion issue. It was sent in July of 2016 In an email dated September 28 2016 William M Weier, Customer Care Manager stated “The camera should be done shortly.” That same day I was sent a .PDF copy of my service estimate (no charge) #10031560 However, this document was two months old, dated July 27 2016 I was patient. I did not contact Leica N.J. again about my M9 repair until December 27 2016 Emails from Mr. Weier and Ms. Roxana Lynch told me operations were closed for the holiday but would resume on January 03 2017 and I would be informed about the status of my repair at that time. It is now two weeks on and I have had no information about my camera. I have never been able to reach anyone at Leica N.J. by telephone. My experience is that Leica N.J. does not answer telephones, ever. My camera has been out of my possession for so long that I must now consider it to be lost or stolen. I have been given no information since September to indicate that it is not. I have been a loyal and enthusiastic Leica customer since 2008 with the purchase of my first M8 I own 7 Leica lenses, though not all are listed in the owners’ area, 2 M8 bodies, 1 M type 240 However, unless someone at Leica can tell me otherwise, it seems I longer am the owner of M9 body sr.3838593 Were it not for my large investment in Leica lenses I would have abandoned Leica brand cameras by now. I am now a very unhappy customer. It is unreasonable for a repair to take 6 months but it is outrageous for there to be so little useful communication during that time. Leica wants to be regarded as an upper echelon brand but my customer service experience at Walmart has been far, better than with Leica New Jersey. Please, I am asking for assistance in determining the whereabouts of my M9 and having it, or a replacement, returned to me in good order. Samuel J. (Sandy) Fairbairn Canada
  8. Bob "...Terrible communication: emails go unanswered, calls go unreturned..." That's my experience too. They've had my camera for two months and the only confirmation that it is even in their possession is Canada Post tracking info. saying my M9 body was 'delivered' back in July. I've bought and owned quality photographic gear of different brands for nearly 50 years and I've never experienced so little for a piece of kit costing so much. I am not happy with Leica NJ. I've gotten better customer service from Canadian Tire. Regards and fingers crossed for both of us... Sam
  9. I do use more than one FL on my M8 but most often it's the 24mm Elmarit. Recently, I acquired a 25mm CV Though slow, the IQ is excellent and the size is lovely-small compared to the Elmarit. My best wishes for 2016 to everyone on the Forum
  10. I own a 240, bought used. But a new 262 would have been my first choice, had it been available back then. Like most posting here, I have seldom bothered with live view and only ever shot video by accident.
  11. I can't bring myself to sell my M8s. God knows I've tried! I have an M9 and now a 240 but I still continue to use the M8 bodies and not just for IR, though they do a killer job in that capacity. Yes, the shutter is loud compared to other Leica bodies but not the rest of the herd. ...no pun, really! In a quiet room my R-D1 would have heads snap towards me like it was an SLR, not so the M8. I'm certain it is tone or frequency range rather than just volume that attracts attention. Use the 'discreet' advance option and remember that it only sounds loud up against your face. Best regards to all on the Forum.
  12. It's the glass. I've got a variety of kit and lenses and as good as some of my other lenses are all my Leica lenses are in a whole other class. 10Mp from an M8 rendered with any Leica lens compares favourable with everyone else's 16Mp of DSLR capture. ...So, when I read that again, it does sound like it's the IQ and well yes, it is a body a love to run my hands over and around.
  13. AF = "Ah fuck it!" As in, "If at first you don't succeed, ah fuck it."
  14. I loved all the analogue controls on my EPSONs and especially loved and now miss the flip-screen. Turn it in and get that ol' film feeling when the mood strikes BUT.... No screen at all? Did I sleep in? Is it April 1st?
  15. I'll put it this way. I own both Japanese and German Camera kit, some of which I have had since my student days in the '60s. If I could only rescue one body from a burning camera bag it would be my Leica M8; the silver one.
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