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  1. What a dream team! ***CONGRATULATIONS*** Can you describe the finish of the M10-R black paint in comparison to the MP? Is it the same shiny deep black paint or more of the common matte black paint of the M type 240 or M9? Thanks in advance! Robert
  2. Als ich die Ankündigung sah, hatte ich hinsichtlich der M11 den gleichen Gedanken. Die M10-R als Variante in Schwarzlack ist ein eindeutiger Hinweis auf das nächste Gerücht aus Wetzlar für diesen Herbst...
  3. Du hast recht. Aber ich gestehe, dass ich dieses "Spiel" gerne mitspiele
  4. Two years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Wetzlar manufacturing facilities of Leica. The head of the manufacturing department told me that the MP and M-A run through a manufacturing process with one (!) person while the M10 as the digital pendant runs through a manufacturing process of more than 10 stations with 10 different persons. The effort in teaching this one person for the analogue models is much higher than the 10 persons for the shorter manufacturing stages of the M10.
  5. You're absolutely right! That's the problem with our "internet age". Hypothetically spoken: if the internet would have been present in the second half of the twentieth century the M3´s, M4´s and M6´s wouldn't have got the reputation they nowadays have. And the people with flaw camera models are more active in the internet than the ones with flawless camera models.
  6. Leica M9 with Thambar-M Ruin
  7. Hi everybody! The new leatherette for our beloved MP is in production since Summer 2020. Robert
  8. Hi, nice to meet you! In the book from Dennis Laney "Leica Collector´s Guide 2. Edition" of 2004 there is information of the batch from 2752423 to 2752511 (88 pieces) called the "MP Nullserie" from 2002. Apart from this information in an interview with Stefan Daniel he said that during the development of the improved successor for the M6 Leica searched for the right name. In the end Leica decided to give the successor the name "MP" for mechanical perfection. More than 50 components (not only pieces) of the original M6 (nowadays better known as the "M6 classic") were improved for the MP.
  9. Great photo! I love the landscape of Norway. I have been there twice and i was very impressed by the powerful nature. Cheers Robert
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