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  1. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised with the performance of the standard zoom at 50mm, as I was... which I was comparing hand held on the SL to a tripod mounted 50APO on the M240.
  2. i have a monopod consisting of fairly chunky aluminium sections, which is great to carry as a security device ...But seriously, I have not used it in years and instead now use a lightweight carbon fibre tripod with a loosely tightened ballhead with the legs folded in and used as a monopod sometimes, but mostly used as a tripod.
  3. I too am keeping an ear to the ground on the X1D, but I have to say, with some diminishing interest. But, in the meantime bought an SL with the lower range zoom primarily for the autofocus, and which I am really pleased with. I kept hold of the M240 just in case I did not get on with the SL. I cannot seeing myself replacing the M240 with the M10 just for the hi iso. If I did replace it for whatever reason, with what is currently available, it would probably be another SL. ​​
  4. Very happy for you in every way. Enjoy all!
  5. I wondered whether you had been experimenting with 'grunge' treatment to some of your portraits :-)... thank you for answering.
  6. Both images are fine, but the final one has more indication that they are travelling together and sitting on the same something.
  7. Absolutely great image... care to share what post processing you applied? Thanks
  8. I have both M240 and A7r and use both for different purposes. The M240 definitely gets used more, but when i do use the A7r, i am always impressed by the dynamic range of the sensor. There is the WA lens performance issue, but there are many more options now for sony/zeiss lenses on the A7r and ofcouse the cost difference when compared to leica glass, that issue is now becoming a non issue for me.
  9. jedi996sps

    Sleepy rider!

    Excellent... afraid he has lost all of his macho credentials :-)
  10. jedi996sps

    hole mender

    Really liking your vietnam series.
  11. Hey Adam, if you do happen to visit, then yes, do get in touch and we'll see if we cant arrange a meet. Will send you pm.
  12. jedi996sps

    smoking lady

    liking all 3 images...
  13. Excellent. And good on her for being such a sport!
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