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  1. Problem solved: It helps if the FlashQ camera unit is in the hot shoe the correct way round A very neat little device. However, it's a simple Bluetooth trigger. Thus, the flash exposure must be set manually - but no big deal. I've set my SF40 set to 24mm lens and 1/128. So far, so perfect.
  2. My FlashQ arrived and I fitted it to my Q and my Leica SF40 flash. No matter what I try, I cannot get the flash to fire during camera exposure. What am I doing wrong? I've tried all the settings on the SF40 (i.e. TTL; A; M; SD; SF and video) - no effect. I've tried all the various SF40 sync speeds in manual - no luck. I've tried Auto on the Q, manual speed, manual aperture and both manual speed and aperture - no flash. If I press the test button on the FlashQ flash unit, the flash fires instantly - so there is a connection there. If I press the test button on the FlashQ camera unit,
  3. What is a directional pad? Take a look at the post titled; "Q lens rattles, is it normal?!". Might this be your issue too? There are several similar posts and responses are all reassuring
  4. Sorry folks, ignore my post above - I somehow missed the already exhaustive discussion on the FlashQ! Oops! When mine arrives I'll let you know how I get on with it.
  5. To overcome my horror at yet another ding or scratch I call this increasing scruffiness my 'tempura finish'. The more battered my camera becomes, the more it becomes MY camera. It's shared in all my adventures and boldly bears the scars. The important thing is it still works perfectly. I've heard it said that the old Land Rover Defender was designed as a series of square boxes so that owners could put in the curves. That's a good philosophy.
  6. Has anyone tried the 'FlashQ' yet? https://www.lightpixlabs.com/ It's relatively cheap, very compact and looks ideal for the Q - right down to its coincidental name! Update: I just ordered it - report in due course.
  7. Just a tiny blob of Sugru should do the trick! If you've never used the stuff, prepare to become obsessed - go here: https://sugru.com It sticks determinedly, but can be prised off easily at any time in the future, leaving not the slightest trace. Simply amazing and almost any colour you like.
  8. The more I look at this beautiful shot the more I like it, technically and aesthetically. Nothing in the image pulls attention from that pin sharp, perfectly rendered robin, but at the same time, the rest of the image adds so much interest and depth. Love it!
  9. Thanks Brian. It definitely won't tighten to square. I suspected it to be faulty and your reply confirms it. I've also just been viewing a number of images of the camera on this forum, all of which show the hood to be a nice, aesthetically pleasing square fit - dammit! So now the horrible thought - is it the hood or the lens barrel that's faulty? My fingers are crossed it's the former!
  10. When I fit the lens hood and tighten fully, it sits at a 20 degree angle from square. Can this be correct? It irrationally irritates me! For me, this angled rotation also raises the question of why the hood is such an odd shape anyway! Is flare a problem only in four 'corners' of the lens? Would a fully round hood cause vignetting? If so, then I guess the funny angle is quite deliberate ... but I remain to be convinced! Am I the only angled hoodie on this forum, or is this a common (or compulsory) Q condition?
  11. Thank you all for the interesting and varied responses. They're fuel for thought and made me pause on the brink of making the leap. I had already decided I wanted (perhaps more than needed) the T system. I still desire it and no doubt (when 'her indoors' isn't paying close attention) I'll invest. But you're all right in your advice - I'll keep the M8 because it takes damn good pictures. I may also keep the CV 15 because creatively, I love it and nothing of the size and price produces images quite like it. The 90mm will go (I never liked it much anyway) together with the 24mm and 5
  12. I've reached a difficult decision. I love my ageing M8 and its incomparable lenses, but it is doesn't get used enough. It's maybe too bulky, a little to slow, perhaps a little dated. Whatever the reasons, I've finally decided to swap it for the T system and an M lens adapter. The question is, what lenses do I trade / sell and which do I keep? I have to choose to lose at least some of the following: Elmarit M 1:2.8 24 mm Summicron M 1.2 50mm Summarit M 1:2.5 90mm Summicron 1:2 35mm Voigtlander CV15 Which of these wonderful lenses would be great on the T? The ones I k
  13. I love my Luigi case in every other respect, but I cannot recommend the integrated tripod mount for two reasons: First, it makes the business of removing the half-case (for battery or SD card changes) a longer process than necessary and second (and more significantly) - on numerous occasions I've jammed my tripod in this mounting because the mounting unscrews from the camera before the tripod unscrews from the mounting! The only way to then separate the two, involves the application of a powerful set of pliers to the Luigi mounting screw thread - generally not a good idea.
  14. Speenth

    Leica E ?

    There's a few of you being a bit tough on this. Personally, I think it's great and I congratulate Elizabeth for not allowing convention to cloud her imagination. Who cares if it's functional (nor even if it's handsome). It is a design exercise and as such, she's probably put heart and soul into it. So good luck to her and I look forward to her first offering when she's made chief designer at Solms (but please, Elizabeth, can you just tone it down a bit ... after all, this is a Leica and it has to be a little bit conservative and, er um, traditional ... know what I mean).
  15. You've answered your own question: It is a mass-produced tool. People are individuals (especially those who aspire to the creative jewels made by Leica). People + Creativity = Originality. What's wrong with that? I reckon this M9 takes way better pictures now - this owner is inspired every time he lifts the camera.
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