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  1. I only have the SL and CL, but have been using the Pan 20-60 on both for over a year now and am 100% happy with it, in fact although I have several genuine Leica zooms i prefer the Pan as I find the wider 20mm ends so very useful and though not long 60mm seems long enough for almost everything else for me. So I rate the Pan 20-60 VERY highly. Don
  2. I cannot find any differeces at all. Sorry, Don😒
  3. Much as I love my SL, CL and for that matter my Leica Q I still find I need also to retain a Canon 5D Mk3 outfit simply because of the occasional need for TTL electronic flash and where the Canon flash guns are so good, whereas whenever I read about any of the Leica guns I get the impression they cost a lot but do not actually do what they are suposed to do? Any comments and advice about any TTL electronic flash guns which genuinly do work on such as the SL especially would be most welcome . Don
  4. I have owned a 50mm f2 Summar for several years which when extended and locked into the taking position has the aperture settings upside down although the rangefinder focus is accurate. Obviously someone has had it apart over the years and then re assembled the optical unit upside down and it annoys me. Am wondering if anyone knows a easy way of correcting this problem please?: Thanks, Don
  5. I have just chanced across this thread and am VERY surprised as I have the Pan 20-60 which I use almost all of the time now on my Leica SL as it is super sharp, and I have also been just as pleased with it on my CL and TL2 even when compared to my genuine Leica TL type lrenses, so am wondering if you might somehow have just been unlucky and simply got hold of a faulty Panasonic 20-60 lens? Try sending it back as I promise I could not be more pleased than I am with mine, and as a former lifelong Pro I promise I do know what I am talking about and am also a high definition freak. Don
  6. I have one and am delighted with it, small,light, very fast focusing ans sharp enough for me, indeed it handles and works so well on my SL I suspect it will stay on my camera for at least 90% of the time. Don
  7. Hello Dunk, I would love this adapter to work and did buy one to try on my SL,TL2 and CL but could not get it to work with any of them. I contacted both Leica and Sigma for help. Leica were sniffy saying they did not comment on non Leica products, Sigma at first said it should work then later changed the advice to it will only work on post L alliance products, whereas the SD, TL2 and CL are all pre L alliance. Basically that is that although I do think the Sigma Web site could be more helpful. Best regards, Don
  8. I agree, it is a vastly improved camera now with Firmware 4, thanks Leica, though its a pity it took three years. Don
  9. Sorry but what other companies? In my experience the cameras and sensors they make are all still working. Don
  10. And that makes two of us as I agree 100%. Don
  11. I lost all of my profiles, but then again nothing unusual about that as I always do whenever i have to update my CL's firmware, must be something I am doing wrong??
  12. I so agree with you. There are cameras I enjoy using and sadly other cameras I have come to hate and for me the CL falls very firmly into the latter category, and for exactly the same problematic reasons as you have specified, though being bloody minded I have kept my CL outfit rather than let it beat me, but love it or like it? Sadly never. Don
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