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  1. As a side note, the pre-FLE tends to have a pretty loose aperture ring. Sherry Krauter tightened mine as much as she could, but she said it was a common problem with this lens. It helped but not as much as I hoped. This was over 15 years ago though. Maybe someone has figured it out by now.
  2. I tried the 50mm f2.4 and found it pretty boring. Size was great, but that’s about it.
  3. FLE is expensive, but I just love that focusing tab. Once you use it for a couple of years, your finger will know exactly where it should be, even before you raise your camera up to your eye. That’s one huge value to me. If that’s not important to you, maybe Norton will do.
  4. My favorite 50 was Summilux Pre-ASPH until it developed haze. They are so expensive now that I can’t bring myself to spend 3+ grand on a good one (50mm is not my most used focal length). I’ve tried the 50 Summilux ASPH, but the ninja stars really bothered me because I don’t always shoot wide open and love shooting into the light. I’ve tried the latest Summicron, but the one I got had a bad focus shift at f2.8-f4.0. Now, I’m without a 50. I hope to try a CV f1.5 ASPH at some point and see if it does it. I like the size and weight of it, especially since 50 is not my go to.
  5. I would also love an m11 with the SL2-S sensor. But….I know Leica will do whatever it needs to make money. If m11 sales tank within a couple of years, they will make an m11-s. If m11 keeps selling well, they will not do anything except for putting out more “collectible” m11 variants.
  6. Yes, there are definitely plenty of options for high tech cameras that can do everything and do it so much better than an M. This is why I use them more than an M for work, even though they are bigger and heavier. All I really wanted was a faster operating M10 with a better sensor and better battery life. I really believe that Leica will be able to sell enough cameras with every new iteration if they just update these kinds of basic things. Even a much better sensor (not just more pixels) will do the trick, I think. I’m definitely not shelling out 9 grand for the M11. I don’t get it.
  7. How’s 50 Lanthar’s vignetting wide open compared to 50 APO Cron’s?
  8. If you really want to have a great time with film, find a way to print in a darkroom. No digital experience comes close to watching your images (especially when time passes and you forget what’s on your negatives) appear in a tray of developer. Scanning film is ok, but real fun is in darkroom printing.
  9. Hi, No, never sent it to them. I wasn’t comfortable sending it since I didn’t get any feedback about this vendor.
  10. It's a funky lens. I like it! Since it doesn't stick out too far from the camera, how's the balance while carrying it? Thank you!
  11. Definitely part user error . I don't get very long battery life with it on all the time and when I carry a film M with an M10, I tend to forget to turn the M10 off at all, and it ends up having a completely dead battery sometimes. Of course, I carry a spear battery, but having to carry 3-4 batteries is a hassle to me.
  12. Maybe for the way you use an M. The way I use it, no other camera can come even close to how fast I can snap a fleeting moment than I can with an M. I've just been very disappointed with how slowly the digital Ms wake up and ready for action. If M11 doesn't fix it, I'm not buying one for sure and will continue using what I have.
  13. I'm away from my home base for several years and only have small portable hard drives with me, so hard drive space is important. I usually don't photograph landscapes or still life or any static things, and shoot in challenging lighting conditions. To me, high ISO performance, dynamic range, small files are all priorities. I was hoping for an M camera with Sony a7 IV sensor or even an SL2-S sensor. Hopefully, M11's 36 and 18Mp DNG files are not crippled in any way.
  14. It looks identical to the M10’s. I have one and hope it can be used on future models.
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