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  1. I just have had my 2nd experience with DAG Camera in the last 6 months and both were outstanding. The most recent was a rebuild in a 1958 M2, he did an amazing job!! the total time from shipping to receiving was about 4 weeks, I was expecting a much longer turn around time.
  2. I am a professional photographer and carry insurance on all of my camera equipment used for business. I do have several old Leica cameras that are more valuable that what my business policy my will cover. Replacement cost valuation for a film camera is not very high. I am interested in finding out what insurance companies are available in the United States. any suggestions?
  3. Agree, there is something magical about hold a Leica, regardless if it is an M2, M6 or even a M10-R. I have shot Canan professionally for 20 years but when I hold an M camera in my hands, I feel more creative. The reason I do not shoot like a professionally is the software is too clunky and my clients are normally on site viewing images through an iPad or a laptop.
  4. Update: Rather than waiting weeks for a part replacement for the M10-R, Dan Tamarkin of Tamarkin Camera was able to convince Leica to send a new camera instead of making me wait weeks for a repair of a camera that I just purchased in April. If you have not done business with Dan or any of the staff at Tamarkin Camera, I highly recommend them, they are the best! They have a customer for life!
  5. M10-R update. Hi All, I received an email today from Leica informing me they I have the problem but the part is out of stock. Not good for a camera that is only 3 months ago. They did not elaborate rightThey did not elaborate on the problem. a bit of their email: ‘During the repair of your Leica product, the technician found that apart required to fully repair your equipment to Leica standards iscurrently out of stock.Our colleagues and worldwide suppliers are working together to resolvethis issue as quickly as possible. However, this will most likely delaythe completion of the r
  6. Sent it back to the Dealer to see if it may be ‘user error’ but they quickly realized it was the camera and shipped it back for repair or replacement. it’s a bummer since I may be without the camera for much of the summer. I still have a Q2 or can live on the edge and shoot film.
  7. I will follow up on this post once I hear back from Leica
  8. Wasn’t a lens cap issue, by this time I had already been snapping away for at leas 30 to 45 minutes. thank you for taking time to respond.
  9. Discussed it this afternoon with the dealer. The camera is only four months old so it is covered by a warranty. It looks like I may not see it for a while. the shutter is definitely working but the sensor is not, the images are all black, no signs of light anywhere in the shot.
  10. Update, I have tried all of your comments and have downloaded images from the card, unfortunately all the images that had a blue flashing screen are all black on the computer. When I started the session the images all looked great, then it gradually started with the blue screen and alternation between photos and a black images. I repeated the steps with multiple lenses, tried a different card and even reset the camera back to factory setting. I even tried updating the firmware and am finding it does not want to update, Maybe because it was updated a couple of months ago and currently u
  11. I’m a fairly new owner to the M10-R. I felt that I’ve been pretty successful up to this point but now I’m having an issue with a flashing blue screen after I take photographs. The live view has been turned on and you can clearly see the image but once I click the shutter the screen starts flashing blue. When the play button is pressed to review what was just photographed, it also pops up as a blue screen. I have photographed the live you as well as the flashing blue screen if this helps. on a final note, I have tried several different lenses, changed out the SD card and even taking the
  12. It is not an Elmar M but an M mount lens and was looking at an older Elmar for the same reason you mentioned. Reading through the responses, the safest thing is not to collapse the lens once on the M10-R. Thank you for your reply.
  13. I found an old ELMAR-M 50mm F2.8 (about 1963) collapsible lens. Before spending money having it cleaned and repaired, I wanted to know if it could be used on a new M10-R? It looks like it will everything but the depth appears to be very tight. Will collapsing the lens while on the camera cause damage to the camera? thanks
  14. According to this YouTube video the 999’s are brass. https://youtu.be/03GCOhaxIOw
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