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  1. This whole implementation for magnification by Leica is lacking. Most cameras you just double tap on the live view screen to magnify then you can switch to the EVF if you want. View stays magnified. Leica only allows a double tap for magnifying in playback mode. You should be able to use AF then double tap the screen to check it. Making sure you have the tap for AF turned off as an option for the LCD. Again like you Nikon or Canon and Fuji allow for. Paul
  2. If you print large the more resolution you have the better. I have found the following from using multi shot in the SL2. The files will have better shadow details. Shadows will be cleaner and you have more push. This seems true for ISO 100 to 1600. The highlights can clip easier thus I tend to under expose a bit with multi shot. Accurate focus is critical. This is probably the single most important issue. I tend to manually focus when using the feature. Resulting image of a good capture at 300dpi I feel I feel is much superior to Adobe super re
  3. It's interesting to note that right now in the US, they appear to be out of stock everywhere again, as they were in the Spring. As one of the most expensive camera batteries I know of, not sure why Leica can't keep them in stock, especially since they are not of the best milliamp rating, and thus with. SL2 or even Q2, you will need several of them for a days shoot if you do a lot of review of files or attempt to use the Fotos app. Paul
  4. Thanks for the correction. Paul
  5. Surprised by the Leica store answer. Have you tried a camera reset? And or reload the 3.0 firmware? Seeing the exclamation point during shut off does imply the camera is seeing something it doesn’t think is correct. Also might try a different card and or reformat current card in camera. For some reason is Leica Fotos connected? I have gotten some strange behavior with my Q2 if connected to Fotos and I turn off the camera before disconnecting from Fotos Paul
  6. Thanks for the tip. I agree it can be a bit tricky to align with just the tiny red dot. Paul
  7. I use mostly the Adobe "landscape" profile, would love to see other profiles available as you can do in C1, but as I understand it, LR/ACR only will let you browse for a user created profile, where as C1 allows you to consider all of it's profiles. The main issue I have with LR/ACr, no matter what the profile used is the shadow recovery is very limited, and images load into LR/ACR with very harsh shadows. C1 allows two things that can help on this, the use of the "liner" profile, and their shadow recovery is 100% better than LR/ACR. C1's Prores profile for the SL2 is a very good starting po
  8. I opened a case with Lecia support on this on the Q2, and they implied that it may become a possibility with a future update to fotos. but at the same time I didn't get any impression it was something they were to concerned about. As much as I like the SL2 and Q2, I find the design limitations within the cameras to be strange. The fact that fotos "takes over" the camera and disallows the ability to change in camera menus is to be a huge oversight. It's an all or nothing solution. They should be able to quickly add this capability to the fotos app, as it's just a matter of adding
  9. I would contact Leica support on this. I have a SL2, and have used it for video quite a bit, and it switches over with no sound, or knocking. Which lens are you using? I have mainly used the 24-90 with latest firmware. If you have the 24-90, check to see if it has the latest firmware installed. There was an issue with the 24-90, making a noise when the zoom ring was move, more of a grinding noise, which was fixed with the 2.1 firmware. The fact that when you switched back to photo mode and the noise continued, implies that the camera may need to go back to Lecia. or be
  10. Are you sure you can fire the SL2 in exposure bracing mode with fotos? On the Q2 with fotos you can’t use any in camera settings only those allowed by fotos and it only allows single shot mode. Even if the camera is set to exposure bracketing. Paul
  11. Received an answer from Leica. Currently it appears that fotos over rides the current camera settings. This is why you get the error screen on the camera when connected to fotos if you try to make any changes to camera settings via the camera. And Fotos will only allow you to fire the camera for a single exposure. IMO a huge oversight. At least you can use the self timer to fire the bracketing which can’t be done in the SL2. Paul
  12. I have the Q2 with 3.1 firmware. Connects to Leica Fotos on iPhone no problem. However if I am trying to fire the shutter with the Fotos app and camera set to exposure bracketing the camera only takes a single shot. As if fotos is over riding the in camera setting. Has anyone figured out a way to use fotos with the Q2 to fire camera remotely and get a exposure bracket? Thanks Paul
  13. Similar experiences with SL2 until you start using multi shot. Which I use a lot. Very noticeable drain on the battery. Paul
  14. Sorry. I did not realize SL was the camera. You are correct as I showed a SL2. If the SL has no port USB-C then it would not work. Paul
  15. There is the option to attach a USB-C external battery. This charges the main battery while the camera is in use. In effect acting like an external power source. You can run all day with one battery internal charging as the cell will never drop below 100 percent. Does not seem to add any extra heat.
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