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  1. Yeah, that keeps happening to me too. I think I’ll bring my Q2M AND my Sony when I go to out to shoot B&W just in case a good colour opportunity presents…but the primary focus (hah!) will be B&W. Or vice versa. IOW, get a bigger case and take both but go out with a mindset for one that day but prepared for the serendipitous other.
  2. Those of you that shoot both, when you go out do you look for both or have a dedicated colour or B&W day? Or better yet, take just the Q2 Monochrom or Q2? (assuming you have both, I don’t)
  3. If yes, I’d like it be exactly like like the Q2Monchrom for markings and finish but with a black dot logo where the red dot is on the Q2. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for replies. Nice photographs! Your Flickr photo "Near Bradwell" is the look I am after…
  5. Any advice on how to achieve the look of a platinum print digitally to make a book of such photos? Any software that can do the job? The Lightroom sepia sim is OK but not quite right. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Those of you that like making books, which service do you use? I’ve tried Blurb and Photobook. Blurb quality OK but it costs to remove their logo and they don’t offer a debossed cover option, which I like. Photobook quality is variable, mostly not great but price is good. Customer service bad and no matte paper option the last few months and ongoing. No company logo though and a nice debossed option. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  7. Wish they would offer this as an option for the Q2.
  8. Colours looked dull, especially yellows.
  9. I have looked at my older files taken with Sigma Quattro dp0 and I have to say I’m impressed. Colour and black and white. At the pixel peeping level (yes, I know!), Quattro Foveon is amazing. Their monochrome conversion is great too. Crappy haptics and interface but the sensor is great. Anyone here done comparisons with Q2? Thoughts?
  10. Those of you that make books (not professionally published), what service do you use? I’ve tried Blurb and Photobook but am not overwhelmingly impressed. Thanks!
  11. Went to area focus and made the rectangle the smallest size. I had trouble finding the crosshairs. This is much better for me.
  12. Excellent thoughtful answer. I think the Q2 Monochrom JPGs really are that good and I agree about film day limitations, the old expose for the shadows, develop for the highlights days. Now as long as we don’t blow the highlights, we can recover the shadows nicely. For what I do JPGs are fine 90+% of the time.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I took a few more photos and I do see better shadow detail in the RAW. I’ll continue to shoot both as I too am more deliberate.
  14. Is it my failing eyesight or are the Q2M JPGs really pretty good? I got my Q2M yesterday and shot 10 or so RAW + JPG. In several cases after working on the RAWs in LR, I liked the JPG (with just minor adjustments) just as much as the processed RAW. Maybe I’ll see more differences as I proceed but I was impressed with the JPGs. As for the camera...totally love it... Your thoughts on the JPGs?
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