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  1. Went to area focus and made the rectangle the smallest size. I had trouble finding the crosshairs. This is much better for me.
  2. Excellent thoughtful answer. I think the Q2 Monochrom JPGs really are that good and I agree about film day limitations, the old expose for the shadows, develop for the highlights days. Now as long as we don’t blow the highlights, we can recover the shadows nicely. For what I do JPGs are fine 90+% of the time.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I took a few more photos and I do see better shadow detail in the RAW. I’ll continue to shoot both as I too am more deliberate.
  4. Is it my failing eyesight or are the Q2M JPGs really pretty good? I got my Q2M yesterday and shot 10 or so RAW + JPG. In several cases after working on the RAWs in LR, I liked the JPG (with just minor adjustments) just as much as the processed RAW. Maybe I’ll see more differences as I proceed but I was impressed with the JPGs. As for the camera...totally love it... Your thoughts on the JPGs?
  5. Never mind, I found my error!
  6. I don’t like the crosshairs spot focus point on the Q2 Monochrom. My Q2 has a small rectangle which I find easier to see. I guess there isn’t a way to change to rectangle? Even a different colour crosshair would help.
  7. Thank you! I guess I found the terminology confusing. It’s still a 28mm lens but with a larger image circle that can be revealed by choice of raw developer. What people mean is that it has a wider field of view that can be extracted.
  8. Remember seeing something here about getting more from the Q 28mm lens using Capture1? Can someone please remind me?
  9. So...you dual owners...what’s wrong with converting the colour files in the Q2 to Black &White? (he asks not so innocently 😏)
  10. On a tripod, results will be perfect as long as you manual focus and expose and keep the same settings for each shot. Watch for changing light conditions. A simple $30 slider rail to position your lens correctly over the rotation axis and a rotating head are all you need.
  11. Speaking of crosshairs, I find I can’t see this very well in bright sun. Is there a way of changing it to a small rectangle?
  12. Luckily my wife still sort of likes me 😏😁
  13. If you are careful (and I’ve done this many times) you can take several frames hand held and stitch them with excellent results. I use PTGui. The trick is to rotate the camera lens center about an imagined stationary vertical axis in front of your chest and not PAN with your arms. With a slider rail and pano head, results are perfect.
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