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  1. I also have the tab facing up. No accidental knock offs so far. As I said, I liked the Match Technical but it seems to get cruddier faster.
  2. I like the Match Technical cap, good seal and easy to use...but, after trying the Q cap, I find I like it better. Nice seal and even easier to remove/put on. Also attracts less lint than the Match Technical cap.
  3. I find the thumbs up and the Lim's case with grip indispensable.
  4. In reviews I’ve read that the monochrome version of the Q2, along with higher ISO capability and better dynamic range, also shows better resolution. Given that the lens is identical as is the pixel count, how can that be? The only thing I can think of is that individual pixels in the colour version are dedicated to red, green or blue and won’t record detail for colour that they’re not sensitive to whereas in the monochrome version, each pixel responds to the light intensity regardless of colour. Can someone educate me?
  5. Trying to understand why here in Canada I need to pay almost $300US for this battery which costs $170US in Australia (converting the local currency). Any idea? What is it in your country?
  6. That’s a lot cheaper than in Canada. I tried to order one from the UK but they won't ship batteries. LOL it just bugs me having that nice Leibfritz 2 battery box half empty.
  7. OK, I sprung for one spare. Seems more than adequate for me. But, I also have this amazing M. Leibfritz battery box that holds two batteries. So...I’ve been tempted. 🤔 How many batteries do you have?
  8. I just assumed you were really tall...😁
  9. I’m in Canada but did in fact buy it from Leica Miami. It’s worth it it IMO.
  10. The Lim's Q2 half case has arca plate built in. You'll miss the vertical but less bulk. The Leibfritz case is, to me, less obtrusive than say a floppy case like Think Tank because it’s smooth and compact. Also way more functional.
  11. Even though the Leibfritz box holds two batteries, it is the best thing I’ve found, just perfect. Used to use the Think Tank but this is way better. So far I’ve resisted the temptation to buy a second spare battery.
  12. I guess Lim's shade to slow easier filter attachment?
  13. I have found these very useful: -Match Technical thumb grip -Lim's Q2 case -M. Leibfritz battery box -Q cap anybody else use these? Am I missing anything good?
  14. +2 for Lim's. I use that plus the Match thumbs. Great combo.
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